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G.I. JOE Mini Series From The LOYAL SUBJECTS!

Under License from Hasbro, Inc The Loyal Subjects is proud to announce our first collectible vinyl mini figure release, in conjunction with Hasbro

G.I. JOE Mini Series!

Series 1 is our first release and it’s packed with some of your favorite characters. COBRA COMMANDER, DESTRO, Hooded COBRA COMMANDER, DUKE, SNAKE EYES, ZARTAN, STORM SHADOW, GUNG-HO, SNOW JOB and TWO Chase figures!

The G.I. JOE mini series is 3” tall (a bit bigger than the rest of the minis on the market). There are multiple points of articulation. Each character has sculpted features. Each character has accessories and weaponsand all weapons are interchangeable. The blindbox series will come in a 16 count pre-pack shipper with a pop up header card. Individual figures and the pre-pack will be available for purchase. The figures will retail for $12.99/ea. The G.I. JOE mini series will be available at Newbury Comics, other fine retailers, and this coming February and March 2013. Pre orders will start on Black Friday, November 23rd, 2013! Be the first on the block to capture your favorite G.I. JOE! “YO JOE!”

The G.I. JOE mini series was designed by the ever so talented Les Schettkoe.
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G.I. JOE Mini Series From The LOYAL SUBJECTS!

G.I. JOE Mini Series From The LOYAL SUBJECTS! - GI Joe News
Preorders will start Black Friday Nov. 23rd 2013??? Don't you mean 2012???
Reminds me of Mini-Muggs
Reminds me of no-thanks.
Originally Posted by Troynos View Post
Reminds me of Mini-Muggs
^ ditto. Meh, easy pass.
Zarana X:
Hmm. Interesting.
neapolitan joe:
Nice guys!
So I guess I read right. 3" blind box figure for $12.99? Is the price right? Seems way high. I was thinking $5.99.
12.99 for a tiny 3 inch figure? let alone they come blind boxed and random. seems a bit get all 8 is over $100+

these should be only be about $6-7 each
Kinda cool to see another Joe item out there, but it is a bit pricey, and if they're blind-boxes, that makes it even worse. Reminds me of the Disney vinylmation figures. I'm gonna pass, but I am curious as to what the two chase figures will be.
crock master:
this reminds me of everyone i see on craigslist trying to sell Mini-Muggs. apparently the people that collect these actually think they are rare and worth outrageous money.
even in my hight of buying joe related items i never bought anything similar to these items
the odinson:
geez, these are like soooooo 2007.
People buy this?
Originally Posted by TheRealDubya View Post
Reminds me of no-thanks.

I concur!
Yah I have wayyyyy too many mighty muggs sitting in my closet collecting dust. (shakes head) what was I thinking.....
I liked the Mini Muggs designs.

These... not as much. I won't go out of my way to get them. Maybe if I see a few boxes, though.
I hate to be the pessimistic one, but who really thought these were a good idea? They are pretty much copy of a previously failed Mighty-Muggs line. You can get away with these if they were Star Wars characters because some Star Wars collectors will buy anything. But GIJoe is a much smaller group of collectors and we have reputation for being cheap. I think this line failed already and they haven't started selling them yet.
I like them. I just pre-ordered them on BBTS. Call me foolish, but they're cool in my eyes.
I love these, but HATE the idea of blind boxes in general and especially when they're an f'n crazy price like $12.99. You can get Mini Muggs for half the price and actually know which character you're buying. Blind boxes are the latest trend to rip-off collectors and I despise them.

I will either pass or find a retailer who displays them in an area where I can covertly open the boxes and peek inside before I buy. I don't play this blind box BS, especially for such an outrageous price.
Originally Posted by Kujo View Post
I like them. I just pre-ordered them on BBTS. Call me foolish, but they're cool in my eyes.
One man's trash is another man's treasure.

I do like these myself. I may just buy a few.

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