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Cobra #19 Preview

Cobra #19 Preview
Another issue of IDW's popular Cobra series is on the way tomorrow and we've got a preview!

Cobra #19
The Oktober Guard have made the first move, and it's up to G.I. JOE to stop them! But with the main G.I. JOE forces focused on tracking down Snake Eyes, it's all up to Flint and the covert G.I. JOE squad to step in-and take down the most dangerous threat the team has ever faced!

Read on to preview this issue!
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Shin Densetsu:
Daina sure looks a lot like Scarlett?
I'll be getting this tomorrow, as I do with all Joe comics.
Originally Posted by Jinx723 View Post
Daina sure looks a lot like Scarlett?
Daina is Scarlett's Russia counterpart.
Finally, some decent art in this book.
Troops of Doom:
Why the hell would they make Daina look like Scarlett?
Originally Posted by Troops of Doom View Post
Why the hell would they make Daina look like Scarlett?
Or that didn't have yellow for the colorist.
I got confused, too. When I checked out the preview, I was all like, hey, Scarlett was an ice skater! Guess not.

BTW, is this one of the books that are getting cancelled/rebooted/whatever soon? I hope not, since it's probably my favorite Joe book out right now, but if so, I don't see the point of continuing to read storylines that will never be resolved.
The Red head near the end looks like Helix lazy custom anyone?

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