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GIJOE AcidFree New Screenprint Images of Snake Eyes and Duke

GIJOE AcidFree has released new screenprint images of Snake Eyes and Duke including how the 3 poster set will look with the already released Scarlett.

Acidfree starts with the foundation of high quality printing and adding global creative efforts from artists worldwide. Bringing together these incredible talents and high quality printing, you get an invaluable source of extraordinary works from every corner of the globe.

Acidfree Gallery | Facebook

More images of the GIJOE AcidFree sets after the jump.
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Additional Images
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GIJOE AcidFree new screenprint images of Snake Eyes and Duke including the 3 poster set side-by-side.

Acidfree Gallery | Facebook
Duke looks like Guile from Street Fighter.
I have a theory: people are not going to buy these.
I like the idea of these, but I don't like the artwork.
I like the one with Scarlett
gotta say.. not a fan of this artwork even a little bit...

And why did they go w/ the Rise of Cobra version of Snake Eyes? Ugh..
I'd love to get into a line of Joe artwork, but these are just bad.
Yeah, not quite doing it for me either.

I'd love to see something from Tom Whalen though. I still wouldn't mind a set of the TF prints he did for NYCC.
These arent bad, just dont know where i would put them at? Def not something i need to get right now.
Originally Posted by DPrime View Post
Yeah, not quite doing it for me either.

I'd love to see something from Tom Whalen though. I still wouldn't mind a set of the TF prints he did for NYCC.
There was some stylized cover art that Whalen did for IDW recently that was pretty bad-ass and would make excellent prints.
Python Viper:
I have the Scarlett print, its cool overall but not amazing. I dunno if I will get the other 2, thats another $120 investment.

The Baroness Acidfree just released is fantastic!! They should make a 3 part set with that poster. If the Scarlett was as good as the Baroness I would buy this set (Joes) no problem.
My biggest problem with the Joe prints is the poses. The character's just look awkward.
Not a fan of the art. I think I'll stick with the Atkins prints I got at Coil Con.
These are now on-sale for anybody who wants one.

Artists - Grzegorz Domaradzki - Acidfree Gallery LLC
Who cares about Duke and Snake? Scarlett looks sexy, especially with her hair covering her face and that tight suit.

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