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Kre-O G.I.Joe Assortment 30% Off At ToysRUs!

Kre-O-GIJoe-Banner---Hisstank Great news for you Kre-O G.I.Joe Collectors! Earlier this week, forum member SubZero gave us the scoop that all Kre-O G.I.Joe items at Toys'R'Us are on sale for 30% off their listed price! The sale applies to both In-Store and Online purchases, so there's never been a better time to fill in holes in your collection or start a new one all together!

Here's a list of everything that is on sale. Don't forget, shipping is FREE for larger orders, so make sure to fill your cart! Once you've gotten your shopping done, join us after the jump to let us know what you were able to grab!
Credit: SubZero of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 270

G.I.Joe Battleground Takedown Event - Earths Darkest Day Part 3 Now Online!

GI-Joe-Battleground-Earths-Darkest-Day-3---Hisstank G.I.JOE's victory in the Arctic is short-lived as new intel suggests there are THREE more Cobra Control Cubes being set up across the globe! If Cobra manages to activate these devices, the entire world will be at the Enemy's mercy as all electronics on Earth are shut down! As Global Warfare breaks out, new Super-Soldiers Dial-Tone and Tele-Viper deploy and direct Joe and Cobra squads from the field while Torpedo and Legendary Doc perform covert ops and keep their soldiers patched up. Will G.I. JOE dismantle the Cobra plot in time? Find out in the exciting Global Warfare event, on now!

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
Credit: Mobage of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 351

Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Series 1

001-Boss-Fight-vitruyian-hacks-wave has just received new images of the full Series 1 Highly Articulated Character Kit System coming winter 2014/2015 from Boss Fight Studio.

Check out the full list of figures below.
  • Immortal Hero
  • Celestial Warrior Medusa
  • Celestial Warrior Perseus
  • Pre-Curse Medusa
  • Gorgon Army: Ringneck
  • Undead Warrior
  • Gorgon Army:Coral Snake
  • Cursed Gorgon Sister: Medusa
  • Spartan Warrior
  • Cursed Spartan Warrior
  • Athenian Warrior
  • Gorgon Army: Green Snake
  • Eldest Gorgon Sister: Stheno
  • Underworld Warrior
  • Gorgon Army: Black Racer
  • Youngest Gorgon Sister: Eurayle
  • King Leonidas
  • Myrmidon Warrior
  • Immortal Hero

Check out all of the new Boss Fight images after the jump.
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G.I.Joe Battleground Takedown Event - Earths Darkest Day Part 2 Now Online!

GI-Joe-Battleground-Earths-Darkest-Day-pt-2---Hisstank Operating out of the U.S.S. Flagg and acting on intel gathered by Shipwreck, the Joes roll headlong into an Arctic battle against an army of Cobra B.A.T.s and Snow Serpents! But these B.A.T.s are being led by none other than Overkill, the deadly and implacable android leader! Can the Joes battle through the snows and past the android army to dismantle the Control Cube, or will the Earth be plunged into technological darkness by the device's strange power? Find out in Earth's Darkest Day, part 2!

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
Credit: Mobage Views: 964

The Custom Action Figure & Modeling Guide by Zartanman

terror-drome-cobra-custom Jeremy Davis AKA Zartanman has been making custom action figures professionally since 1996. He has been an action figure collector since 1977 with the conception of the Star Wars Kenner figures. As a child Zartanman was a huge G.I. Joe collector and fan.

The Custom Action Figure Guide will walk anyone step-by-step through creating custom action figures and vehicles. The guide will cover painting, sculpting, casting parts, kitbashing, adding lights & sounds as well as creating dioramas and custom stands. This guide will focus heavily on 4in Joe Scale action figures but will also include Transformers, Vehicles and other popular action figure genres.

The guide will be in .pdf format and the donation amount for the PDF guide is only $5. For $25 you can gain access to the optional tutorial videos, the videos will cover each chapter of the book as well as many projects that will be step-by-step from start to finish.

This customizing guide is something Zartanman has been wanting to create for over five years. Zartanman is currently finishing up his Bachelors degree and will be looking to enter the workforce again soon.

However his ultimate goal is to start a Toy & Game business known as Tesseract Toys & Games. Zartanman hopes that by starting small with this campaign he can get some of the funds necessary to start his business.

The Money from Kickstarter will be used to create and finish many of the projects that will be used as Tutorials for creating this book. As well as put towards the start of Tesseract Toys & Games.

If this campaign is successful there will be more to follow to help launch Tesseract Toys & Games.

Once this project is completed Tesseract Toys will be hosting tutorial videos on their website for a monthly subscription fee of $5.00 per month. However, anyone who is a contributor to the Kickstarter Campaign of $25 or more will receive a lifetime free membership to the tutorials. Zartanman intends to host one new tutorial per month.

Zartanman's Kickstarter Page

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Wall Street Journal Showcases Larry Hama

NY-CX703_NYHAMA_G_20140328164515 The Wall Street Journal has posted a piece on Larry Hama. The article's focus is on The new Marvel Novel, Death of Captain America. Here is a brief clip from the article:

Larry Hama is a mild-mannered, 64-year-old comic-book writer, editor and illustrator—but he has the résumé of 10 men.

Born in Queens, he studied judo, archery and swordsmanship as a child. He got into comic books at age 16 and has worked on such well-known characters as Batman, Wonder Woman and Wolverine, though Mr. Hama is best known for spearheading Hasbro's official G.I. Joe comics in the 1980s (there's even a character named Tunnel Rat who looks like him).

You can view the article in it's entirety here: Larry Hama - He even killed Captain America
Credit: WSJ Views: 693

Community G.I.Jeff Public Service Announcement Teaser

NBC's Community will be airing their G.I.Jeff episode on Thursday, April 3, 2014. They have posted a PSA and the associated commercial on YouTube.

Credit: Aberration of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 567

G.I. Joe Kre-O 50th Anniversary Outpost Defense

001-Kreo-GIJOE-Outpost-Defense-50th-Anniversary The Kre-O Outpost Defense - 97 pcs; Includes Outpost, Cobra Ferret, Beachhead and Storm Shadow Kreons. If you're looking for the new Toys R Us Kre-O kits and Blind Bags they are now shipping out to local stores. We have taken the time to build out the Outpost and show a short video.

Check out all the new G.I. Joe Kre-O Outpost images and make sure to "Like" our Kre-O Facebook Page.
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Boss Fight Studio Female Figure Sculpts Preview Exclusive

Female_turn_teaser1-1 Boss Fight Studio has revealed another new preview image. The newly released pic gives us an exclusive look at the digital turns for the female base figures. These sculpts will be what each new female character they release will be built around, allowing for a fantastic amount of articulation throughout their releases.

Read on to check it out.
Credit: Boss Fight Studio Views: 1,667

Additional G.I.Joe Items On Sale At Toys R US This Week!

GIJoe-Tomahawk---Hisstank Over the weekend, we brought you news that The G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary Cobra Crimson H.I.S.S. Tank and Black Dragon VTOL were on deep clearance at Toys'R'Us stores.

The deals continue this week, as the G.I.Joe Special Ops Eaglehawk (better known to us as the Tomahawk) has been tagged at 40% off! Depending on what your TRU has these priced that, this should bring the cost of this iconic and must have vehicle down to roughly $26 - $30 (depending on your local taxes, etc). The sale also includes Children's Role Play items and 12" G.I.Joe Retaliation figures such as Roadblock, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

So, if you were on the fence or waiting until this piece was marked down before adding one to your collection, now's the time!
Credit: Master Chief and MegsTriggerMan of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,729

Boss Fight Studio Reveals Weaponry For Assortment 1!

Boss-Fight-Studio-Logo---Hisstank Our friends at Boss Fight Studio have revealed an assortment of weaponry that will be included with their first wave of offerings coming out way soon! The announcement came via Boss Fight Studio's Facebook page.

You may recall that BFS invaded NJCC and had a ton of amazing things to share with the attendees, including details on their original Greek Mythology based series!.

Needless to say, these weapons look MEAN and will surely compliment the amazing figures Boss Fight Studio has in store for us. We've mirror the image here on the Tank, so you can check it out and share your excitement for this line after the jump!
Credit: Boss Fight Studio of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 838

G.I.Joe Battleground Event - Earth's Darkest Day Part 1 Now Online!

GI-JOE-Battleground---Hisstank COBRA is attacking G.I.Joe's Supply Shuttle, the DEFIANT! Join the battle and win the new 4-Star Epic-to-Legendary DUKE, whose skills POWER UP with each promotion! You can also recruit Rare Shipwreck that can be promoted to EPIC SHIPWRECK!

COBRA springs a surprise attack on a Joe rocket-launch-in-progress meant to resupply Space Station Alpha. But TWIST! The attack is really just to cover up an infiltration of the station led by the brilliant and ruthless GENERAL MAYHEM!

G.I.JOE rushes to fight them off! Will they succeed before Mayhem turns the station's lasers on an unsuspecting Earth? Defeat and capture the forces of the enemies and add their power to your squad!

  • Rookie Level - Cobra Aqua Robot
  • Veteran Level - Fatal Fluffy
  • Lethal Level - General Mayhem

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
Credit: Mobage of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 709

G.I. Joe Kre-O 50th Anniversary Wolverine Photo Shoot

001-Kreo-GIJOE-Wolverine-50th-Anniversary The Kre-O Firebat Attack - 292 pcs; Includes Firebat, Wolverine, Recondo, Bazooka and AVAC. If you're looking for the new Toys R Us Kre-O kits and Blind Bags they are now shipping out to local stores. We have taken the time to build out the Firebat and show a short video.

Check out all the new G.I. Joe Kreo Wolverine images and make sure to "Like" our Kre-O Facebook Page.
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Community: Details on the 'G.I. Jeff' Animated Episode

gijeff A small bit of news to pass the time as we wait for JoeCon registration.

Community: Details on the 'G.I. Jeff' Animated Episode

"Given that knowing is half the battle, it’s about time you received more intel about Community‘s animated episode. Airing April 3, “G.I. Jeff” pays tribute to the ’80s animated series G.I. Joe, and you can take your first peek at the Study Group reimagined as figures of action in the photos above and below: There’s Jeff (Joel McHale) as Wingman (yes, he has a backpack with wings), Annie (Alison Brie) as Tight Ship, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) as Buzzkill, and Shirley as Three Kids."

Check out the full story with images after the jump.
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Girls of The Finest's Update

Holy Moly Everyone! We are 78% funded!

With 24 days left to fund the 2015 Girls of the Finest Calendar we are so close to meeting the goal!

We cannot put into words how exciting this is! Thank you so much to everyone who has shared, tweeted, or funded the project so far! We definitely CANNOT do it without YOU Guys! So far we have raised over $5000 dollars, which is beyond AMAZING!!!!, but we still need to meet the $7500 dollars to meet the goal, or everyone will get their money back and the calendar and perks will not be made BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY we will not be able to give back to real heroes. It’s not only a wish coming true but it will be an amazing honor to be able to give back to the military personnel who put their lives on the line and sacrifice so much.

Over the next 3 weeks please consider again or for the first time talking about, sharing, tweeting, or helping fund calendar! Click the link so support the campaign/use the link to spread the word:

Girls of The Finest 2015 Calendar | Indiegogo
We even have Cobra Commander promoting us. Check it out:

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
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