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The Transformers Collectors' Club Figure Subscription Service Serpent OR In Hand Images

TCC-FSS-Serpent-OR---Hisstank The Official Transformers Collectors Club revealed in hand images for their G.I.Joe/Transformers Crossover Serpent O.R. figure on the TCC Facebook Page.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the character, Serpent O.R. (Organic Robot) is a humanoid bio mechanical construct from the Generation One continuity. He is also called Serpentor. Serpent O.R. was created in secret by a rogue group in the U.S. Military using captured Decepticon technology, including the remains of Megatron. Here are the details straight from the Club -

A very interesting figure that has appeal to fans of both Transformers and G.I. Joe, this character is a mix of the greatest military minds from throughout human history meshed with Cybertronian technology - Serpent O.R.! As a reminder, the order period will be open through October 2nd, 2014.

You'll need to be a part of the subscription service (and in that respect, a member of the Club) in order to obtain this figure, as single pre-orders across many online vendors have already sold out! You can check out more details here - Transformers Club Website

Are you planning on adding this cool cross over to your collection? Sound off on the Forums!
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Target Canada To Close All 133 Stores

No-Target-Logo---Hisstank Bad news for our friends in Canada - Word has been received through several media sources (including Fortune, quoted in this piece) that Target Canada has decided to close all of it's stores across the Country. In total, Target Canada employs roughly 17,000 people across 133 stores, this news will definitely come as a blow to Collectors and families alike.

Granted, Target Canada was known for not having what shoppers wanted in stock, or worse, having that stock and charging anywhere from 2% - 8% more than it's competitors. Besides all that, this means one less outlet for Canadians to purchase their favorite Modern Army Action Figure. The only positive here is that all Target Canada stores will of course liquidate their stock, saving a pretty penny for shoppers.

From Fortune -

The stores will remain open during the retailer’s liquidation process. As a result of the move, Target is expected to report about $5.4 billion of pre-tax losses on discontinued operations for the fourth quarter of 2014, driven primarily by write-downs for the company’s investment, along with costs associated with the exit from that market. Cash costs to discontinue the Canadian operations will be $500 million to $600 million, most of which will occur in the company’s fiscal 2015 or later.


You can share your thoughts on Target Canada's decision to shut down operations after the break.
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G.I.Joe Honor Now Available On Kindle Worlds!

Bill-Nedrow-GI-Joe-Honor---Hisstank forum member and friend of the board, wedge1968 stopped by to share some great news with us! wedge, better known as Mr. Bill Nedrow, has just published G.I.Joe Honor, a follow up to his first title, G.I.Joe First Salvo.

Cobra has taken control of Sierra Gordo and Trucial Abysmia, but these countries are just the opening gambits in Cobra Commander's plans. Deep in the jungles of Sierra Muerte, General Colton has evidence that the terrorist organization's plans are more ambitious than anyone would suspect. Can he escape the agents who pursue him long enough to warn General Hawk and the G.I. Joe team?

Meanwhile, Snake Eyes has left the team to embark upon a mission of his own. In the U.S.S.R., Daina embarks on a similar journey across Europe. Their actions will forever change the lives of the men that they pursue.
Building on the action of G.I. Joe: First Salvo, G.I. Joe: Honor raises the stakes and expands the roster to include the '83 Joes, General Colton, Kwinn, Shadow Tracker, the Oktober Guard, the Dreadnoks, and more.

Make sure to check out G.I.Joe Honor and then join us after the break to share your thoughts on wedge's latest release!
Credit: wedge1968 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,884

G.I. Joe Snake Eyes 6 Inch Black Series Styled Images

001-Snake-Eyes-Black-Series-6-Inch-Marvel-Legends-Hasbro Well it's the start of a brand New Year! Hopefully 2015 brings lots of new ideas, action figures, vehicles and a new size class to G.I.Joe. We would like to dedicate this photo gallery to the new G.I. Joe Brand Manager Mark Weber.

There was a lot of talk in 2014 about a new size class and G.I. Joe needing to change to meet the challenges of the current market and collectors needs. Not everybody wanted a new size class but in the end the G.I. Joe Fans Voted In Favor of such a line.

While this 6-Inch Snake Eyes Black Series styled figure is NOT OFFICIAL, it does give the fans a base, for what such a line could look like. We hope everybody keeps an open mind if we do get a 6-Inch line in the future. I personally look at it as an opportunity to bring in new fans and collectors to G.I. Joe as well as a complement line to the dominate 3-4 inch collection.

Check out all the new Snake Eyes 6-Inch images after the jump and let us know what you think?
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Meet The New G.I. Joe 2015 Brand Manager Mark Weber

mark-Weber-GIJOE-Brand-Manager-Hasbro-Transformers Looks like Hasbro is looking to start the New Year off with some AWESOME G.I. JOE NEWS! According to the new issue of the G.I.Joe Collectors Club Magazine, Mark Weber is the new Brand Manager for G.I. Joe! Fresh off his role on the Transformers Brand where he was chiefly responsible for the Generations and Construct-Bots, as well as most exclusive products.

In his first interview we get our first confirmation that G.I. Joe will be alive and well in 2015!

"For the most part, our biggest plans will be centered around future entertainment - the kind of stuff I can't talk about just yet. We are finalizing our 2015 plans and expect to deliver a lineup constructively similar to 2014 - with popular characters and vehicles, as well as a few NEW Surprises. If things go as planned, we will have an update to reveal at JoeCon in Springfield."

"We want to have stronger, more consistent dialogue with the collectors and fans. We want collectors to have NEW vehicles and playsets to energize the brand to a new generation of kids and a fantastic new feature film that is faithful to the soul of the brand (action, fun, weapons, vehicles). Two things I want to prioritize right away - I want to enable and simplify army building for Collectors, and I want the file cards to be brilliant for our characters."

Sound off about this exciting news for G.I. Joe in 2015 after the jump.
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Ultimate Guide to Star Wars 1977 To 1985 By Mark Bellomo

UltimateSWFiguresBellomo---Hisstank Although we normally focus on our beloved Modern Army Action Figure, we know that many of you are also fans of a little franchise known as Star Wars. As such, we couldn't let the year close out without bringing this to your attention (in case you weren't already aware, that is...but you should be!)

Our good friend, Author Mr. Mark W. Bellomo, has released another must have book to add to your collection.

When Star Wars landed in movie theaters in 1977, it became a popular cultural phenomenon and introduced the world to heroes like Luke Skywalker, super villain Darth Vader, Wookiees, Stormtroopers, Droids, Jedi Knights, Starfighters and Lightsabers. The adventures continued with a toy line that soon followed, starting a hobby that still leaves collectors fascinated almost 40 years later.

The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars: 1977-1985 is the definitive reference to vintage action figures, accessories, creatures, playsets and vehicles. The book features -
  • Identifying details including each character's name and alias, product number, accessories, first appearance, average original retail price and current value on the secondary market
  • Descriptions of each figure/accessory and the storyline it was part of, often accompanied by a direct quote from that character
  • More than 600 detailed color photographs

We've shared a few pages of Mark's new book here to whet your appetite. Mark has also been kind enough to agree to a brief Q&A regarding The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars: 1977-1985, so you can find out how to submit your question, plus check out parts of the latest Ultimate Guide after the break!
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KRE-O G.I. Joe Firebat Attack Set Available Once Again On!

KRE-O-GI-Joe-Firebat-Attack-Set---Hisstank Ever since the Black Friday and Kre-O Cyber Week Sales, Kre-O G.I.Joe offerings have been slim via the Toys'R'Us Website. Thanks to forum member 13thwarrior, we can confirm that one of the more sought after sets has found it's way back in to online inventory - the KRE-O G.I. Joe Firebat Attack Set!

If you don't have this set yet, well then you don't know what you're missing. The KRE-O G.I. Joe Firebat Attack Set, in my opinion, represents everything that is awesome about the Kre-O G.I.Joe line.

Build a firefight between the forces of Cobra and the commandos of G.I. Joe with the Firebat Attack set! You can build a missile-firing Cobra jet and a heavily armed G.I. Joe tank with the 292 pieces in this set. Put your Cobra Pilot Kreon at the controls and launch the jet's missiles at the tank while your Recondo KREON fires back with the anti-aircraft barrage! Will your Sergeant Katzenbogen Kreon take the Cobra jet down with his shoulder-mounted launcher? It's going to be a battle royale with the Firebat Attack set!

G.I. Joe and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.
  • Firebat Attack set has 292 pieces to build a jet, tank and 3 Kreons
  • Build Recondo, Sergeant Katzenbogen and Cobra Pilot Kreons
  • Cobra jet has foldable wings and an opening cockpit
  • Tank has 6 firing missiles and secret weapons stash
  • Set includes 292 pieces and instructions.

KRE-O G.I. Joe Firebat Attack Set (A7392)

Ages 6 to 12 years
Additional Info
Manufacturer #: A7392
Product Weight:1.1 pounds
Product Dimensions (in inches):15.1 x 10.7 x 2.8
Credit: 13thwarrior of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,070

Kre-O G.I.Joe Cyber Week Sale On!

Kreo-GI-Joe-Cobra-Terrordrome---Hisstank Heads Up! Toys'R'Us has started their Cyber Week Sale! Included in the sale are Kre-O G.I.Joe offerings at a dramatic discount! Whether or not this bodes well for the line remains to be seen, but for now, let's focus on what we know - Kre-O G.I.Joe figures, vehicles and playsets are priced to move!

Now, there are a few items that are currently available for store pick up only. You'll be able to enter your zip code to check out what local stores have the set available for you. We'll let you know below which sets are local pick up only (LPUO), which are Ship to Home (STH) or Both (Both) -

Here's your chance to grab these fun building sets at the lowest price of the season! Whether your shopping for yourself, other brick builders or for charity bins, Kre-O G.I.Joe should be under everyone's tree this holiday season! Are you planning on taking advantage of the sale or have you already? Let us know after the break!
Credit: HEAT Viper and Formulazl1 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,969

Kre-O G.I.Joe Toys R Us Black Friday Door Buster Deals

ToysRUs-Black-Friday-Circular---Hisstank If you're in the market to start, complete or add to your Kre-O G.I.Joe Collection, well then you're in luck! Toys'R'Us has posted their Black Friday Sale Circular and Kre-Os are on deep discount!

All Kre-O sets (including Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Cityville, etc) will be marked at 50% off original retail price! The sale starts at 5pm on Thursday and lasts through Saturday at closing time or while supplies last! forum member destro72 also reached out to TRU Customer Service and confirmed that the 50% off price will also be honored on the Kre-O Cobra Terrordrome playset! If you've been waiting to get this uber-fun playset, well then now is the time!

Will you be taking advantage of this sale? Sound off on the forums!
Credit: Racer, SubZero and Skinny of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,515

Kre-O G.I.Joe Quality Control Warning - Watch That Tripwire Hose!

Kre-O-GI-Joe-Tripwire---Hisstank We wanted to give you a heads up on a Quality Control issue that a few forum members have come across so far. If you are a fan and collector of the Kre-O G.I.Joe line, then chances are you have been collecting the blind pack Kreons.

Well, you'll want to take special care with/of your Kre-O G.I.Joe Wave 4 Tripwire. Several reports (including one from yours truly) note that Tripwire's "hose" is snapping right at the base of the ball joint that connects to Tripwire's back pack. So far, there have been no reported issues with the Kre-O G.I.Joe Wave 5 Cobra Tele-Viper that shares a similar construction.

Have you experienced this QC Issue? Sound off on the forums!
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Hasbro Said To End Talks Over Dreamworks Animation

images Well, that ended just as quickly as it started. Earlier this week, we reported that Dreamworks Animation and Hasbro were in merger talks.

Now, the New York Times has reported that Hasbro is noted to have ended talks with Dreamworks Animation. Apparently a sharp decrease in Hasbro's shares after the announcement on Wednesday, alongside a negative private reaction from Disney were enough to shelf any kind of merger talks.

So on that note, it looks like we won't be getting any Shrek vs. G.I.Joe Crossovers anytime soon. What are your thoughts on this latest development? Join the ongoing discussion after the break.
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DreamWorks Animation & Hasbro In Merger Talks?

yilcdfrgozgrthtczb4b_1415852058 A bit of interesting speculation is surfacing that revolves around supposed talks between Hasbro and DreamWorks Animation, a division of DreamWorks Studios. According to one article that has surfaced on Deadline, Deadline reports that "DreamWorks Animation is deeply engaged in two potentially game changing negotiations that could transform the company — including one with Hasbro to forge a family entertainment powerhouse to be called DreamWorks-Hasbro." The report claims that this deal is at least 60 days off, if it even happens, while both companies are not commenting on the matter and dismissing as rumor and speculation. You can read the full article here for more details.

You may recall that DreamWorks was involved in the production and distribution of the live action films Transformers (2007) and Revenge of the Fallen, while being somewhat involved in a lesser role with Dark of the Moon. It's not totally inconceivable that these two companies could potentially be in business discussions.

The biggest question circling around this rumor for now: what does this mean exactly? Is this Hasbro shifting away from physical toys and moving towards more entertainment routes? Will there now be more opportunities for Transformers toys? Are Transformers animation films now more plausible?

Time will tell, as for now this should be treated as a rumor. Speculate away HISSTANK!
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DeNA Announces G.I.Joe Battlegrounds Mobile Game Ending

GIJOE-Battleground-Hisstank DeNA, the studio behind the G.I.Joe Battleground Mobile Video Game, announced today that the game will be shut down on January 5, 2015. Here's the scoop from an announcement made in game -

An Important Message from the G.I.Joe: Battleground Dev Team

Dear Joes and Cobras,

We have a tough announcement to make. G.I.Joe: Battleground will be shut down on January 5, 2015 (PST).

As of today, November 3, 2014, we will support the game, but we will NOT be creating any new content for it. That means no new events and no new cards. On January 5th the game servers will be shut down and G.I.Joe:Battleground will cease to be.

The shops, the Golden Token Draw, Investigation Steps and Daily PvP have been updated to provide you with lots of Flag Points and resources at rock-bottom prices. November 15 (PST) will be the last time you can spend coins in G.I.Joe: Battleground.

It's been a tough few weeks leading up to this announcement, and there is a lot we'd like to say (and wanted to say) that we can't (and couldn't), but we'll be as open and forthcoming about what led us to this point as we can be. We went through a long period of experimentation this past year, and thanks to your love of G.I.Joe and the resulting support of our game, we were able to run Battleground and keep sharing this amazing IP with you for a relatively long time.

Not all of the experiments were a success. There were some mistakes, but we believe that we met our goals of serving our players well, doing justice to the IP, and correcting any mistakes as quickly and fairly as we could. We believe this because you stuck around and played the game, added to the community and competed to outdo each other with your favorite G.I.Joe characters for over 15 months. Please accept our sincere thanks for your commitment.

Many of you will be very unhappy about this announcement, and with the game shutting down we are limited in what we can do to address that, but we decided internally that we would like to offer something. DeNA Vancouver runs a cartoony military-themed tank tactics game called Super Battle Tactics (SBT), and we have created powerful G.I.Joe-inspired tanks available ONLY to fans migrating from G.I.Joe to SBT. We would be extremely privileged and happy to provide Joe Fans with a starter package to get you rolling very quickly in that game.

If this interests you, follow these steps:

1. Download and launch Super Battle Tactics.
2. On the Login screen, hit the Mobage icon in the bottom right.
3. Log in with your Mobage ID. Or, and only if you've linked your Facebook account to your Mobage ID, you can login via Facebook.
4. Allow 72 for your gifts to reach your inventory.

If you were a Joe player before November 3rd and you complete these steps by Monday, November 10th (PST), you will receive a generous gift package in SBT goods. If you have any trouble please send us a note at and we will hook you up.

That about covers it. With regret, this is likely the last time the G.I.Joe: Battleground Dev Team will be reaching out to you all. Thank you again for your time, patience and passion for G.I.Joe.

Yo Joe,

The G.I.Joe: Battleground Dev Team


There you have it, folks. Some might say that the writing was on the wall over the last few weeks, as there's been no in-game updates and/or word from the team at DeNA.

Join us after the break to share your thoughts on this news and to sound off on whether or not you will be switching over to Super Battle Tactics.
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Happy Halloween From COBRA COMMAND!

Cobra-Command-Logo---Hisstank We here at love us some Kre-O G.I.Joe, so we're proud and beyond happy to announce that we've teamed up with forum member todd_m6d to bring you issues of his hit Kre-O G.I.Joe Comic Series, COBRA COMMAND! Starting this Sunday, November 2nd, we'll be kicking things off with the first issue of COBRA COMMAND and continue bring you a new issue every week for Sunday Funday!

In honor of halloween, there's a special COBRA COMMAND issue now available. Make sure to give a like to the Official TheCobraCommand facebook page then join us after the break to check out the special Halloween issue!
Credit: todd_m6d of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,382

Select Kindle G.I.Joe Books On Sale Through Amazon Kindle Worlds!

Amazon-Kindle-Worlds---Hisstank For those of you with a Kindle, heads up! Amazon is having a sale on select Kindle Worlds titles! The sale is running through November 14, 2014. If you were waiting on picking up a certain book, then there's no better time than now as many books will be on sale for only $1.99!

You can check out the Kindle Worlds G.I.Joe assortment here - Amazon Kindle Worlds G.I.Joe Titles

Are you planning on adding any new books to your Kindle? Join the discussion after the break!
Credit: wedge1968 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,309

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