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The Transformers Collectors' Club Figure Subscription Service Serpent OR Final Reveal!

TFSS-Serpent-OR---Hisstank The Official Transformers Collectors Club revealed the final color sample for their G.I.Joe/Transformers Crossover Serpent O.R. figure today and in this reporters humble opinion, it's FANTASTIC!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the character, Serpent O.R. (Organic Robot) is a humanoid bio mechanical construct from the Generation One continuity. He is also called Serpentor. Serpent O.R. was created in secret by a rogue group in the U.S. Military using captured Decepticon technology, including the remains of Megatron. Here are the details straight from the Club -

A very interesting figure that has appeal to fans of both Transformers and G.I. Joe, this character is a mix of the greatest military minds from throughout human history meshed with Cybertronian technology - Serpent O.R.! As a reminder, the order period will be open through October 2nd, 2014.

You'll need to be a part of the subscription service (and in that respect, a member of the Club) in order to obtain this figure, a single pre-orders across many online vendors have already sold out! You can check out more details here - Transformers Club Website

Are you planning on adding this cool cross over to your collection? Sound off on the Forums!
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G.I.Joe Battleground A Plague Of Plots Now Online!

GIJOE-Battleground-Hisstank The Joes' time in WarSim is over, but Cobra has not been idle.

Zanya, Zartan's daughter, has materialized at the Joes' doorstep, claiming to be a defector. Mercenary Wraith has sabotaged Joe operations on numerous occasions, and the talented and deadly spy is still at large. Across the globe, Repeater has his hands full protecting civilians as teh plague-trooper leader Guillotine rallies Cobra troops for operations unknown. A veritable plague of plots breaks out across the globe, and only G.I.Joe can contain them!

Battle with your strongest G.I.Joe squad to contain the thread of the enemy, or command a terror team of Cobra agents and realize your goal of global domination!

  • Epic to Legendary Reward - 4 Star Legendary Repeater!
  • Rare to Epic Reward - 4 Star Mercenary Wraith!
  • PVP Battles!
  • Stats Boost +40%!

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
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The Hub No More - Discovery to Rebrand the Hub and Take Larger Stake

hub-hasbro-x-out Deadline is reporting that The Hub, a joint venture with Discovery Networks and Hasbro, is no more. The channel will be re-branded in "Discovery: XYZ" fashion, most likely Discovery Family. They will also be taking a larger stake of the channel by acquiring Hasbro shares. Hasbro will retain some interest and continue to provide programming from 9 AM - 3 PM, so we should still see Transformers and other programming on the station. Whether or not they will also get prime time slots for first run episodes, not mentioned here. Check the full details over at Deadline and discuss on the forums!
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Buster Jones (Voice Actor for Doc and Zap) Passed Away (1943-2014)

Buster-Jones---Hisstank Sad news to report today as Buster Jones, the voice actor known to G.I.Joe fans for his roles as Doc and Zap, has passed away at the age of 71. This news comes way via Noblemania. Buster Jones was also known for his work as Black Vulcan on Transformers Generation One as Blaster, Superfriends and Winston Zeddemore on The Real Ghostbusters. Some fans were fortunate enough to meet Buster Jones at BotCon 2012 where he shared some of Blaster's most memorable lines with hundreds of Transformers fans.

Your contribution to this franchise will always be remembered. Rest in peace Buster Jones.
Credit: Geewunner of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 684

G.I.Joe Battleground Nanzhao Showdown Leaderboard Now Available

GI-Joe-Battleground-Nanzhao-Showdown-Leaderboard---Hisstank The Joe training inside WarSim comes to a close with G.I. JOE narrowly ousting the new Cobra from Nanzhao, but their experiences, from the slaughter in Springfield to the destruction of the Pit, have given them much to think about...

Congratulations to our winners! Enjoy TRIPLE XP leading up to Global Warfare! We'll see you on the Battleground.

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
Credit: Mobage Views: 749 Mini Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank With Lights And Sounds Now Shipping

cobra-mini-hisstank-amazon A small bit of cool news for the G.I. Joe Collecting Community today. The Mini-H.I.S.S. Tank is now in-stock and ready to ship. This kit includes a miniature replica of the fearsome Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank and a 56-page booklet featuring in-depth profiles on members of the G.I. JOE team and the forces of Cobra. Mini Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank With Lights And Sounds
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G.I. Joe Kre-O Terror Drome Photo Shoot

001-Kre-O-Terror-Drome-GIJOE-Hasbro It's finally here....The Cobra Kre-O Terror Drome! has just posted up 30+ images of this awesome G.I. Joe Kre-O set. There were a few hiccups with the set like Tomax and Xamot both having a scar but over-all the best G.I. Joe Kre-O set to date.
  • Terror Drome set has 855 pieces
  • Includes Kreons Serpentor, Xamot, Cobra Scar Trooper, Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy, Gung Ho and Blaine "Mainframe" Parker
  • Fits Cobra Firebat and Cobra Ferret ATV

I really hope that Kre-O stays around as a brand. With the news that Hasbro's Kre-O brand will not be producing the Jurassic World brick sets and lots of Kre-O sets going on deep clearance at TRU lets hope it's not a sign of things to come. With the announcement that LEGO is now the #1 Toy Maker in the world, it would be hard to see the logic in Hasbro walking away from brick sets. Lets hope that Toy Fair 2015 is full of Kre-O news.

Check out all the new G.I. Joe Kre-O Cobra Terror Drome images after the jump.
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SyFy Reality Series Face Off Serpent Soldiers Sneak Peek!

SyFy-Face-Off-Serpent-Soldiers---Hisstank On Tuesday, September 16th, the SyFy Reality Series Face Off will be airing an episode based on the World of G.I.Joe! The challenge for the artists is to create a mutated Serpent Soldier that would fit in to the G.I.Joe universe. How cool is that?!

SyFy has provided a promo video along with a sneak peak that you can see here -

SyFy Face Off Serpent Soldiers - Trailer
SyFy Face Off Serpent Soldiers - Sneak Peek

Will you be watching? Sound off on the forums!
Credit: Steevy Maximus of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,196

Kre-O G.I.Joe Wave 5 Kreons Now Available On!

Kre-O-GI-Joe-Wave-5-Kreons---Hisstank Heads Up! For those of you that collect the Kre-O G.I.Joe line of building block toys, then you'll want to get your wallet out! A few days ago we reported that Wave 5 of the G.I.Joe Kreons was found at retail. Well, for those of you without a Toys'R'Us close by, the assortment has also been posted on the TRU website! You can get your fill here:

Kre-O G.I.Joe Wave 5 Kreons

Go get your fill before they're sold out!
Credit: dakele Views: 1,230

G.I.Joe Battleground - Remake a Joe or Cobra!

GIJOE-Battleground---Hisstank Is there a Joe, Cobra, or Dreadnok that you love that just isn’t cutting it for you in the Battleground? This week only, with a comment posted here on the official G.I.JOE:BATTLEGROUND Facebook page, you can vote for a character that you would like to see REMADE! Choose from any of the following characters currently in G.I. JOE BATTLEGROUND:
(All suggestions are Rare cards or better)

· Lowlight
· Countdown
· Budo
· Jinx (Blitz)
· Flint (Ambush)
· Falcon (Stunning Blast)
· Dice
· T.A.R.G.A.T.
· Mutt and Junkyard
· Salvo
· S.A.W. Viper
· Daina
· Snake Eyes (Bullet Storm)
· Zartan (Onslaught)
· Destro (Royal Rockets)

In the comment, include:
· The full name of the character
· Any description you think is required to pinpoint which character you mean
· Your mobage ID
· Any suggestions you might have for skills/stats (This does not mean the rebuilt card(s) will have your suggestions implemented)


· Post ONLY once. If you post more than once, even in response to another post, your vote(s) will be ignored.
· Post your votes BEFORE Monday, September 15th, 10AM, (PDT). Voting CLOSES at that time. Any posts coming after that time will be ignored.
· Posts where the character(s) voted for is/are unclear will be ignored.
· 100 lucky posters (who vote before the campaign closes) will be randomly chosen to receive one one-star version of one random new card that is remade as part of this campaign!
· No swearing and no harassment.
· You *can* vote for a character that is not on this list, but we will not guarantee that we will remake that character, so in that case be sure to also make a clear selection from this list!

You can view the full details and vote for your wanted remake here: G.I.Joe Battlegrounds
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G.I.Joe Battleground Takedown Event - Nanzhao Showdown Now Live!

GI-Joe-Battleground-Nanzhao-Showdown---Hisstank Inside WarSim, the attack on entrenched Cobra forces in Nanzhao continues.

Can G.I.JOE strike a blow in Cobra’s burgeoning new power base, or will their thirst for vengeance after the loss of so many agents cause them to make a fatal misstep? With the new Cobra Commander gunning for them personally, the body count is sure to rise! But the Joes are undeterred, and elite agents Rip Cord, Heavy Duty, and Super Trooper take on the growing Cobra threat while the world's greatest ninjas fly inexorably towards each other on a collision course years in the making! Who can say which Arashikage will be left standing after the dust settles on the Nanzhao Showdown, the exciting Takedown event on now!

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
Credit: Mobage Views: 470

Kre-O G.I.Joe KReons Wave 5 Hits US Retail!

Kre-O-GI-Joe-Wave-5-01---Hisstank Good news, Kre-O G.I.Joe Fans! Wave 5 of Kre-O G.I.Joe Kreons has been found at U.S. retail! This particular sighting and subsequent purchase was made by forum member bigredmachine17 in the great state of Utah.

Now, you have may have some questions, so we'll do our best to address them -

Where's Wave 4? - Don't know. Hopefully it's being released sometime soon as well, perhaps there was a shipping error/issue and the waves were swapped...but this is all speculation on our part. Either way, new Kre-O G.I.Joe figures are here, so who cares what order the waves are in!

What are the bag codes? - Well, after finding out that blind bag codes were removed from Transformers Kreon packages, we knew it wouldn't be long before the same happened on our side of the fence. Wave 5 is confirmed to have no blind bag codes! Looks like there's going to be a lot of trading and eBay selling going on.

Who is in wave 5? - The Kre-O G.I.Joe Wave 5 assortment consists of:

  • B.A.T. (Battle Damaged)
  • Ninja Ku
  • Stinger Driver
  • Techno Viper
  • Tele Viper
  • Zarana
  • Bullet Man
  • Dial Tone
  • Leatherneck
  • Lifeline
  • Iceberg
  • Outback

We've mirrored some cool images that bigredmachine17 has posted up. You can check them out and join in on the discussion after the break.
Credit: bigredmachine17 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,279

Jurassic World Hasbro and LEGO Toy Listings

Jurassic-World-Logo Thanks to Toyark forum member Demoncarnotaur, we have new listings for upcoming Jurassic World toy listings from Hasbro and LEGO. the listings come courtesy of and The Hasbro toy listings come from the Toys "R" Us computer system, while the LEGO Jurassic World listings don't feature the set names, and give us New Zealand pricing. The two questions that remain for G.I. Joe fans: What is the future of Kre-O? Will the brand end after the last G.I. Joe and AOE Transformers waves? The second question..... Will Modern Era G.I. Joe vehicles and figure molds be used for the Jurassic World toys?

Hasbro Jurassic World Listing
  • JP BAD BOY Feature Dino #231792- $29.99
  • JURASSIC T REX, #607463 $29.99
  • Jurassic Hero Mash Bad Boy, #596164, $29.99
  • JURASSIC DLX VEHICLE, #608494, $21.99
  • JP CAPTURE VEHICLE #231595- $19.99
  • JP HERO MASHERS TREX #596269- $19.99
  • JP BRAWLASAUR BATTLE SET #231366- $19.99
  • JP CHOMPING Dino Head #231660- $19.99
  • JURRASIC PARK RAPTOR CLAWS #596385- $19.99
  • JURASSIC WORLD GAME, #496734, $19.99
  • JURASSIC SFX CHOMPER DINO, #607180, $14.99
  • JP HERO MASH HYBRID DINO #596143- $14.99
  • JURASSIC TRACKER DINO, #607741 $9.99
  • JP BRAWLASAUR VERSUS 2 PK #231447- $9.99
  • JP HERO MASH DINO #596170- $9.99
  • JP 1 PACK BRAWLASAUR #231616- $5.99
  • JURASSIC STMP CHOMP DINO, #607145, $4.99
LEGO Jurassic World (prices in NZD)
  • $49.99 - PT IP B 1
  • $79.99 - PT IP B 2
  • $109.99 - PT IP B 3
  • $149.99 - PT IP B 4
  • $219.99 - PT IP B 5

Sound off about the Jurassic World new after the jump
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G.I.Joe Battleground Capture Event - Long Live Cobra Commander Leaderboard

GI-Joe-Battelground-Long-Live-Cobra-Commander-Leaderboard---Hisstank With their new commander leading them, Cobra repels the Joe attack, maintaining the Enemy's foothold in Nanzhao. Both sides regroup for the inevitable confrontation that will decide the fate of this country, and possibly the course of freedom world-wide.

Congratulations to our winners! Enjoy the XP boost and the break! We'll see you on the Battleground!

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
Credit: Mobage Views: 770

Kre-O G.I.Joe Terrordrome Available for Pre Order At!

KRE-O-GI-Joe-Terror-Drome-01---Hisstank Great news for fans and collectors of the Kre-O G.I.Joe Line - The Kre-O G.I.Joe Cobra Terrordrome is now available for Pre-Order on Toys'R'! This offering is the biggest we've seen so far from the Kre-O G.I.Joe line and comes with a ton of play features!

Here's the official product description -

Build your own G.I. Joe adventures with this awesome Terror Drome set! You can build a Terror Drome and 6 KREON figures with the 855 pieces in this set. The Terror Drome's dome opens and a Cobra Firebat vehicle (sold separately) will fit inside! A Cobra Ferret ATV vehicle (also sold separately) can drive in through the opening panels. With 2 swiveling cannons and panels that open, the Terror Drome is the perfect headquarters for the battle between your Serpentor, Xamot, Cobra Scar Trooper, Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy, Gung Ho and Blaine "Mainframe" Parker KREON figures. It's going to be a G.I. Joe-Cobra throwdown with this Terror Drome Set!

KRE-O, G.I. Joe and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
  • Terror Drome set has 855 pieces to build G.I. Joe adventures
  • Terror Drome has opening panels, rotating cannons and command room
  • Includes pieces to build Serpentor, Xamot, Cobra Scar Trooper, Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy, Gung Ho and Blaine "Mainframe" Parker KREON figures
  • Fits Cobra Firebat and Cobra Ferret ATV vehicles (sold separately)
  • A8604000
  • “R”Web#:085927
  • SKU:38FE8D67
  • UPC/EAN/ISBN:653569975144
  • Manufacturer #: A8604
  • Product Weight:5.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions (in inches):23.5 x 15.0 x 2.9

You can get your Pre-Order in here:

Kre-O G.I.Joe Cobra Terror Drome Set

After you've placed your order, join us after the break for discussion already in progress!
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