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GI Joe Renegades Possibly Canceled

According to a new press release by The HUB, GI Joe Renegades is not listed as one of the returning series for 2011-2012. We'll keep you posted, in the meantime, is Renegades something you would like to see return?

*Update: HISS Tank boards member General Hawk spoke to HUB PR and they relayed the following info:

were very pleased with the performance of G.I. JOE RENEGADES on The Hub. The series will go on hiatus at the end of season one while the second installment of the G.I. Joe movie franchise is being produced so Hasbro and Hasbro Studios can ensure the creative and storyline continuity that fans of the films and the series expect. Well have original episodes into the summer and we envision resuming new animation following the movie.

So there you have it folks, Renegades is on hiatus so Hasbro can focus on GI Joe 2. How do you feel about this? Join our ongoing discussion and share your thoughts!
Credit: Scorpion, BCYOJOE, Freedom, General Hawk of the Hiss Tank Forums!
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This link was posted on tfw2005
The Hub Television Network Unveils Robust 2011-12 Program Schedule, Building on Success as Destination for Kids and Their Families | Business Wire
...mentioning new and returning shows to the HUB...They mention what of their shows will return with new seasons, but G.I. Joe Renegades is not on the list. Mistake? or really not returning?
Bravo Sierra:
Rut roh Raggy!
Hmmm... That is interesting. I imagine we will know definitely after JoeCon. I can't imagine Hasbro spending a lot of money on toys only to cancel the show after one season. May have been an oversight.
Tuga Viper:
I wouldn't worry until they officially confirm it. I remeber at last years' JoeCon them saying that they have everything planned out for, I think, 2 seasons. So we'll have to wait and see.

Also they'll be at the Con this year so someone can ask them the question.

I think it was more like five seasons that they had planned. Also, weren't they saying that the benefit of having their own network was that they could be more patient with shows based on their own properties?
I don't know, it would be weird to me if they were to cancel it already, especially since the times I've looked the ratings seem to be pretty good.
I'm thinking oversight, but let the panic talk begin.
Has anyone sent an email to either of the contacts given? I would, but my email is blocked at work (which, coincidently, is the company that link goes to.)
It sure doesnt look like its going to continue for another season, as Im looking at the Hasbro website announcement page right now.

That's too bad if that's true.

You could either wait for the convention to find out in about nine days, or ask Mark Kern or J.P. Shields @ by calling 818-531-3670/3672.
It would be a huge oversight . But to re new Dan vs and not renegades just seems bizarre !! In starting to panic. That would not be giving it any time to build at all. It had good ratings for that little network so that seems strange
Lets hope its just an oversight issue. It would be silly to nix the toon now yet renew thinks like the haunting hour and such.
that's for POC...not Renegades!!!!!

but I agree that it is premature to worry, the title is more tongue in cheek and I still wanted to get the info out there.
Well I'm guessing it would be a name change so not renegades but why not list it under the new shows then??
Originally Posted by Blade View Post
Lets hope its just an oversight issue. It would be silly to nix the toon now yet renew thinks like the haunting hour and such.
Of course we don't know how much the different shows cost to produce. If something like the Haunting Hour gets half as many viewers as Joe, but cost a quarter as much to produce they would probably cut the more expensive show if they needed to cut something last minute.

I sure hope not though. I really like Renegades.
Renegades has been laying down building blocks for most of the run so far. They're building to something. And like it was said already, Hasbro are in the position where they're can bide their time a little rather than just having to pump out self-contained syndication friendly programing.
Hub revealed plans for 2012. No G. I. Joe: Renegades listed as continuing...

The Hub Television Network Unveils Robust 2011-12 Program Schedule, Building on Success as Destination for Kids and Their Families | Business Wire

Returning series with new episodes on The Hub for 2011-2012: (in alphabetical order)

“The Adventures of Chuck & Friends” (Produced by Hasbro Studios)

“Animal Mechanicals” (Produced by Halifax Film, a DHX Media Ltd. Company)

“Dan Vs.” (Produced by Film Roman in association with The Hatchery, LLC)

“Family Game Night” (Produced by Hasbro Studios)

“My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” (Produced by Hasbro Studios)

“Pound Puppies” (Produced by Hasbro Studios)

“R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series” (Produced by The Hatchery, LLC, in association with Front Street Pictures)

“Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures” (Produced by American Greetings Properties)

“Transformers Prime” (Produced by Hasbro Studios)

“The WotWots” (Produced by Pukeko Pictures LLP)
When I called each of the Hub TV contacts today, I could only listen to their voicemail messages. Mark Kerns secretary recorded his, so I get the impression that he might be harder to reach. Since J.P. Shields recorded his own message, instead of a secretary, he might be easier to get a response from.

I know its useless for me to ask either of these gentlemen to call me back in Germany. I guess its up to another Tanker on this site to ask for a call back from the Hub.

Ive still got that feeling that Renegades is cancelled from the new line up.
That does seem like a very significant oversight if that's what it is. That's not the kind of press release you'd hold back info on just so you could unveil it at a minor convention a week or so later.

Or perhaps the second season of Renegades/Whatever it will be after Renegades isn't going to air until 2012 sometime.

That, or maybe (once again) movie plans are forcing Hasbro to change their own plans. Maybe Renegades is being scrapped in favor of something tied into the "movie-verse" to try to build hype for the movie sequel.

Or maybe they really just did leave the info out so they can unveil it all at Joe Con in a week or so. I was under the impression Renegades was rating fairly well in terms of audience numbers, so it would be a big surprise to see it disappear altogether.
Surely, the show hasn't been cancelled.

My guess is it won't be called "Renegades" after this season. Even if they didn't want to reveal the new subtitle, you'd think they would still at least list just "G.I.Joe" for next season.
It does seem very strange. I know I'm an avid fan but to cancel it now doesn't smell right. Toys aren't coming till fall. Maybe it has to do with something like the next season not starting till 2012 sometime? Not sure. If it's really done then I have to say I'm really shocked that hasbro wouldn't renew it's own show with decent ratings fir at least a second season. It's all very weird and quite depressing. I've been calling the two numbers non stop and have left messages but no luck. Going to go cry now!!!
If Prime is outpacing Renegades, that only shows kids tastes have nothing to do with storyline. I liked TFA but I can't even watch Prime. Renegades is doing better - seems silly to consider pulling the plug on it so early, particularly when they own the franchise AND the network.
MB Ferret:
I think Renegades has been as well done as any kid focused cartoon over the last few years. It has plot and character development and a huge backlog of potential storylines that haven't even been touched. It would be a complete shame if we didn't get to see where the vision is going.
Steel Brigade:
Hopefully we'll have a definitive answer @ JoeCon.
.. welp .. renegades is done. It was good while it lasted. I is sad.
With the hours of new programming coming to the Hub, something had to go to make room for it.

This is probably where ratings were critical in making these decisions.

Neither the Facebook or Twitter pages for the Hub TV offer any further information on this. It is interesting to note that each of these pages had less fan interaction and responses for G.I. Joe Renegades than did some of the other programs on the Hub.

No children or family publicity or involvement on those threads were indicated. Perhaps another reason why we should prepare to sound taps for Renegades.
Black Swan:
Canceled already???

I am sorry say but a show not appearing on HUB line up is not a good sign. Add this to the lack of finding Joes at Wal Mart. Good bye Renegades it was fun while it lasted. You will be missed.:'(
Renegades is easily the best televised version of G.I. Joe ever, far outstripping Sunbow crap and Resolute. It would be a terrible shame for the Hub to cancel it now, and it would show absolutely no confidence in their own brand. I would be pretty upset if this were the case.
I hope it's a mistake. The show was just starting to hit it's stride.
As soon as it's confirmed I'm dumping this network asap. This is pure bullshit. Even sigma 6 got a half a season two.
What's next? Canceling the toys? Wouldn't be surprised. Renegades panel should be real interesting. Hey all, shows canceled, enjoy the convention.
End of the line.

Heh heh. 
Hope this is a mistake. This is Hubs best male-targeted show. Prime is ok, but much weaker than Renegades.

ZacWilliam worried about this and Symbiotic Titans on CN tow of the best cartoons on and both may not be returning.
captain N:
No No NO NOO! This is a Grate show. Yes the being on the run thing is getting old. But this is a Grate show. It gets better by each ep.
If this is the ending lets hope e'll end in a grate way.
& If this is the end of G.i.joer. Then make a new G.i.joe cartoon.
Give G.i.joer a season2.
NOOOOOOOO. Not only do I like it but my 3yr old lights up when it comes on. Tried showing him the old ones and of course he is not as interested. He Loves the Renegades. We even keep them on the DVR. He used to say "I want to watch Snake Eyes". There was/is a lot of hate for the show which I don't understand coming from all of us who love GI Joe. My thoughts-the more out there for Joes the better for toys. And it's really not too early to panic because this happens to good shows all of the time nowadays. The show is not perfect but it is GI JOE entertaining. I hope it is not canceled for the sake of me, my son and GI JOE toys in general...and all you guys too.
Sucks if true.

The two shows I actually looked forward to dropping on the couch and watching were Renegades and Avengers. Now it looks like Renegades is leaving, and Avengers has been gone for weeks now, only no one's told them. When was their last new show?
That sux! I was really getting into the series and was hoping to see where the story would go. HUB sux balls!
I have to admit that I watched the show in the beginning and I enjoyed it, but since I didn't have cable I relied on the internet and then decided to wait for blu-ray.

For what I saw the show had a lot of potential. If it was canceled my theory would be the lack of product on the shelves. Renegades figures aren't due out until the Fall and stores are dropping POC like crazy. No stores around me carry any Joe product. If a kid sees figures that they like on the shelves that say "As seen on TV" they'll look for the show on TV and vice-versa.

On the other hand, this could just be an oversight.
Just look at the money Hasbro sunk into that movie, and all the cancelled toys that followed. Renegades, and the Transformers cartoon for that matter, IMO, are both flops. They didn't have the same feel as Resolute, and the animation, IMO, was crappy.
I can't imagine they would cancel this series after one season it makes no buisness sense. The toys are on the way so it's hard to sell the toys when the show was cancelled. I think they may change the name from Renegades to somthing else and wanted to leave it off?? I don't think that would be the case on a press release though. It could be they simply left it off the list human error. Seems strange though a decent show that has been slowly getting geared up for somthing could be geraing up for the series finally?? I doubt it but we will see. I would rather have a show based on Resolute then this but I do like the stories, I'm just getting tired of them being on the run meeting a new Joe or Cobra each week and moving on to the next town. At least Zartan returned thus making me think we are headed in the right direction to a Joe team backed by the governement vs. Cobra a terrorist orginization like we are used to.
Lord Norin:
I suspect that even if Renegades may indeed be a goner, there will still be a Joe cartoon on the HUB. Whether it is the old ones or perhaps something new, designed to actually help sell the toys on the shelves, instead of confusing the kiddies who are at Walmart and Target and wanting a Heavy Duty or Tunnel Rat and finding Arctic Destro and scratching their heads...
Ahh, man, I hope it comes back on! I'm just getting caught up, I actually started renting it on Itunes since I don't have cable!
i thought the show was getting kinda weak. its just introducing new characters each week but the story isnt really developing. maybe a second season is what it needs. after all characters are established, the story can go somewhere.
I'm still just shocked. I mean just at Toyfair they were talking about their three year plans. I mean Dan vs, rl stine, but no Joe after 15 episodes you say no thanks?? Nice support!
Meh. Couldnt care less. Dont enjoy the show that much and My collection is pretty complete. I would mind stopping collecting after the 30 for my wallet would be bulkier. hehe
If this cancelled I hope they learn from resolute and produce the toys on schedule and don't wait a year to make sell this awesome cc.
Not surprising at all. This isn't a kid friendly show. It's the 24 of toons. It's too smart and complex for its own good. Put it on Syfy.
Originally Posted by ChaplainAsst View Post
If this cancelled I hope they learn from resolute and produce the toys on schedule and don't wait a year to make sell this awesome cc.
Seriously? The first Resolute toys came out long before the show and most (the comic packs in particular) didn't match the cartoon at all. Then they released the rest in two 7 packs several months after the show had been and gone.

This is NOT good if this is the case.

Also regardless of how many seasons the writers had planned out, if they don't renew it then they don't renew it.

I can't imagine though that Pound Puppies, SS and MLP are more popular though.....of course-they did change the start times around quite a few times for Renegades.

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