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UD Replicas G.I.Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes Museum Quality Leather Replica Teaser Image

Our friend DAVIDYR1 from UD Replicas stopped by to share this awesome teaser image of their G.I.Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes - Museum Quality Leather Replica. This image represents the Final Pre Production Prototype in final stages of assembly.

UD Replicas offers many more G.I.Joe inspired products, such as museum quality Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes replica helmets, an Armored Jacket like the one worn by Snake Eyes in G.I.Joe Retaliation and more.

Are you excited to add high quality replica pieces to your collection? You can share your thoughts and see more images after the jump.
Credit: DAVIDYR1 of the Hiss Tank Forums!
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We now have confirmation that UD Replicas has scored the GIJOE Retaliation and Rise Of Cobra License to produce original clothing from the movie.

The first two products are Cobra Commanders Jacket and the GIJOE Leather Battle Jacket.

"UD Replicas - Universal Designs Ltd. has been licensed by Hasbro for the G.I.JOE Movie Franchise, consisting of 'Rise of Cobra' and it's soon to be released sequel 'Retaliation'.

You can expect to see very detailed and highly accurate movie replica uniforms, that will not be exclusive to biker wear well as leather outerwear, textiles and generic garments designed around the G.I.Joe franchise.

As such, we're entertaining the introduction of our first line of movie replica helmets and masks as the perfect accessory to compliment these future 'Movie Replica Uniform' releases."
While quite cool,I would be somewhat learry of any company has not released any product. All of their stuff is preorder only with future delivery dates
07GT500 COBRA:
I like the jacket with the ROC logo. The CC coat looks cool too. Not sure if I'd wear it other than occasionally like Halloween though.
Originally Posted by bountyhunter69 View Post
While quite cool,I would be somewhat learry of any company has not released any product. All of their stuff is preorder only with future delivery dates
? they have several buy it now products up on their site, just no GIJOE.

the CC jacket would be good for the goth clubs
Originally Posted by knoxvelour View Post
the CC jacket would be good for the goth clubs
What doesn't look like? I cant find a pic of it.
Originally Posted by Clobbertron View Post
What doesn't look like? I cant find a pic of it.
It's on the front page.
UD Replicas Gets GIJOE Retaliation Prop License - GI Joe News
Hmmn... They confirmed their license last April. At that time they showed off the Joe jacket. Just recently did they show off the CC jacket. David, from UD has also stated that they are doing the full SnakeEyes suit as well as StormShadow.

Officially Licensed: G.I.JOE Retaliation - Movie Replica Uniforms. Updated 1/7

Originally Posted by bountyhunter69 View Post
While quite cool,I would be somewhat learry of any company has not released any product. All of their stuff is preorder only with future delivery dates
They do stuff in an extremely limited run so they take preorders for everything and only make a few extra. They have tons of product in the hands of consumers, just very little of it in stock on their site. Mostly superhero stuff so far that's "in the wild" like their Wolverine, Dare Devil and Batman Begins leathers along w/ the Tron suits.
I like the Cobra Commander jacket, dont know where i would wear it at. I dont think it would be cool to walk up into the VA Med Ctr wearing that and talking with patients all day.

I also like the jacket with the ROC logo on it.
Would like to see Firefly's Jacket as well.
The CC coat is pretty cool. Don't know how often I'd wear it, but it would still be great to own.
That gijoe jacket would make for a DAMN NICE biker jacket...I love it.
The fat guy dressed up as Snake Eyes is solid gold.
Been looking for that Joe Jacket for a long time now.
I own two of their batman jackets. Their stuff is amazingly high quality (because it is intended to be MOTORCYCLE riding gear, armor included; NOT for cosplay). the note is that it is also intended to be worn like bike gear (incredibly skin tight), so if you do order, ensure your measurements are correct or on the large side, because they don't do take backs! (it forced me to lose some weight, which was a plus).
Hello Everyone!
This is David and I run UD Replicas. I was thrilled to find this thread here discussing our GI Joe Licensed goods, and I'll be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding this soon to be released product line.

Yes, we made the license announcement last year but with the film being pushed back until 2013, we proceeded to just take our time and make these goods as nice and 'accurate' as humanly possible. Where I originally felt like we'd have to rush through product, we've had close to a year to do it all and do it right.
We even went as far as to work directly with the costume FX studios that created the actual costumes featured in Retaliation, and that's pretty darn exciting.

We'll be releasing goods for pre sale shortly....and in the meantime if there's any questions you'd like me to answer just fire away!!

Yo Joe! ....or Cobra! ;)

Sergeant Major:
Thanks for stopping by and answering questions, David! We're really excited here to see what you and the team at UD Replicas are cooking up!
this is just depressing I so want that Joker goon top but man is it pricey !!! but looks like its worth every penny
Just a few updates....
Cobra Commander's beautiful leather trench coat is done!
For reference, here's an already released image from the film...

Snake Eye's armored uniform is in the works... are a few others from Retaliation but do expect something special from the first GI JOE film too, like Baroness's beautiful leather trench coat from the Paris scene.

Same with General Hawk's jacket...

As for the Helmets...both Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes from Retaliation already in the works too.

Lots of GI JOE outerwear, uniforms and helmets to come!

Updates to follow....

Hi David,

Loving the Joe jacket as many people told makes a great normal day bike jacket I would even say it almost makes a casual jacket for anyone not riding a bike.

Regarding Cobra Commander's helmet any idea of the price tag. If you could reveal that and also the Joe jacket by the way.

Thanks and nice products
The Overlord:
Any chance for a Firefly Retaliation jacket?
Hey Guys!

Yes that Hawk Jacket is a very easy to wear everyday jacket...rider or not...and keep in mind that the inner biker body armor is removable so if you dont ride, just slide the armor out of the jacket and away you go!

Some of the garments are just about ready to go up for Pre-Orders so in that respect, yes...prices and all details are not far away.

The helmets though are still in development and we'll need more time to finish them off. My goal is to have bang on replica helmets...and I can assure you that they're both very VERY complex in their own we just need more time there.

As for the Firefly jacket....Hells to the Yea that one is coming too...probably from wave II though.

Yo Joe!
....or COBRA!!

The Overlord:
Thanks for the quick response and great info. Firefly jacket preordered as soon as it is available without a doubt.
Ye thanks David I hope I can afford them lets wait and see

By the way will you be proving overseas shipping didn't look into detail regarding this matter in your website.

Originally Posted by Grippen View Post
Ye thanks David I hope I can afford them lets wait and see

By the way will you be proving overseas shipping didn't look into detail regarding this matter in your website.


Yes! I can confirm that GI JOE will be sold direct to consumer worldwide!

.......and I can also confirm that the Cobra Commander Helmet is going to be incredible! ;)

Teaser from UD Replicas' latest Photo shoot.
GI JOE: Retaliation - Cobra Commander Leather Trench Coat.
Coming Soon!

....and there's a lot more where this comes from.
The Commander:
Ohhh snap that looks NICE!
Dead Man Walkin:
David, do you travel to any conventions with the product? It all looks great, but I can't seriously consider buying it without trying it on.
dang- that jacket is slick. can't wait to see this stuff all up- looks freakin' amazing. Let me know if you need to send out free samples for people to wear around town
Hey Folks!
Here's some long overdue updates...

The Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes 'Prop' Helmets from G.I.JOE: Retaliation now move into their next phase as we gear up for the worldwide product launch.

Both Helmets are Wearable 1:1 Scale (Not DOT Approved)
Prototypes shown as final products may vary.

And here's a look at the SNAKE EYES: GI.JOE RETALIATION Armored Jacket:

We're still working on the final prototype, but in the meantime here's another behind the scenes photo showing our first test fitting of this remarkable garment.
Rest assured, this incredible Movie Replica - Functional Biker Jacket - is now in the final stages of ready for more updates!
Not only, but the Retaliation: STORMSHADOW is nearly ready too.
GI.JOE RETALIATION - More coming!!

That Snake Eyes helmet is so very tempting...
I'm anxiously awaiting news of a movie accurate Firefly jacket.
GIJOE Retaliation: Stormshadow - Museum Quality Leather Replica test fitting 1.
More images to come...and Snake Eyes is not far behind. Currently being assembled as well.
Very exciting time for GIJOE fans ahead.

Sergeant Major:
Great stuff, David!
You're going to need to put longer straps on that SS vest if you want it to fit the majority of Joe fandom (sadly, me included).....
GIJOE: Retaliation - Snake Eyes 'Museum Quality' Movie Replica.
Final Pre Production Prototype in final stages of assembly.
Can you spot where we hid the access zipper for opening and closing this 'jacket'?
The wait is nearly over...;)

GI.JOE: Retaliation - Snake Eyes.
Museum Quality, Movie Replica Leather Jacket is just about done!
While we finish up the Pants, Gloves and's another really cool teaser to enjoy.
This from the most recent test fitting.
Nearly there folks!

Regarding the helmets, no new news yet...once ready we'll reveal full pricing and details.

Snake Eyes Gloves literally finished moments ago.
The pants and boots are basically done, pants more than likely by tomorrow.

GI JOE: Retaliation Snake Eyes and Stormshadow.
Stormshadow's boots are nearly done...and if you look closely you'll see the leather mask too. ;)
Snake eyes is finally done...Jacket, Pants, Boots and Gloves all ready to go!
Helmets are still in production, and once there's more news I'll update that accordingly.

Wait until you see these bad boys in wont believe what we've done this time.

Snake Eyes has just been added to the website.

Here are a few images:

More details at:
G.I.JOE Retaliation - Snake Eyes Movie Replica - Functional Suit - is now HERE!

Wow...that is freaking awesome!!! This would look great as a motorcycle jacket.
GI JOE: Retaliation
Cobra Commander & Snake Eyes Prop Helmets nearly ready for Pre Sale!
The images below show the helmets in the final stages of finishing and paint work. Once complete, pre sales will be announced prior to their actual release date. Be ready...they're expected to sell out fast!
More to come shortly!

STORMSHADOW from GI. JOE: Retaliation Pre-Orders Open By End of September!!

...or as Matthew McConaughey would say..."Well all white, all white....All-White - Leather!"


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