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G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary

Actor Patrick Stewart Gets Quizzed On G.I. Joe

patrick-stewart1 It's always wonderful to hear Sir Patrick Stewart talk.

It so happens that National Public Radio interviewed Sir Stewart to ask him about G. I. Joe.

SAGAL: Here we go. Now G.I. Joe - I'm sure you've been in the United States long enough to know what these are. These are these eight inch dolls that look like soldiers, G.I. Joes, yes?

STEWART: Yeah, yeah, I know what they are.


SAGAL: I'm sorry. I need to shrivel now for a bit.

STEWART: No I didn't mean that to be patronizing.

SAGAL: Too late.

STEWART: I do know what they are and I even know what G.I. stands for.

You can read and listen to the rest of the Interview where Sir Patrick Stewart answers three questions about G. I. Joe brand at National Public Radio.
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G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Danger AT The Docks SDCC 2014 Debut

015-GIJOE-50th-Anniversary-SDCC-Danger-at-the-Docks-Comic-Con We were lucky enough to score a copy of the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Danger At The Docks for the online TRU sale. In this our second high-res G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary gallery we get a look at the SDCC 2014 debut of the line.


Flint is armed and ready to stop the Cobra Eel Trooper from slithering onto shore from the sea in this detailed vehicle set. Flint will chase him down in his V.A.M.P. MK-II Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle, but the Cobra Eel Trooper has a fast Night Raft to help him make his escape. Fans can find out who prevails in the fast-moving Cobra-G.I. duel for $30.

Check out all the new G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Danger At The Docks images after the jump.
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G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Eagle's Edge 3 Pack In-Hand Gallery

50th-Destro The G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary figures are trickling out to fans from shared-exclusive retailer and sponsor Big Bad Toy Store. HissTank is happy to start the high res galleries for these figures tonight with the "Eagle's Edge" three pack, featuring Leatherneck, Hawk, and Destro. The Destro pulls cues from the Vault figure seen at Joecon a couple years ago, so it's nice to finally be able to get a hold of him.

Check out our shots after the break and feel free to share your pics over on the forums!
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G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary Crimson HISS Tank and Black Dragon VTOL On Clearance At TRU!

GI-Joe-30th-Anniversary-Crimson-HISS-Tank---Hisstank Great news for those that missed out on G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary Cobra Crimson H.I.S.S. Tank with Crimson Horseman or the G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary Cobra Black Dragon VTOL with Cobra Air Trooper...both have been spotted at Toys'R'Us Stores on clearance for the low, low price of $1.20!

Now, this isn't to say that these items are on clearance at every TRU, so we're counting on YOU to share your findings with us! Both vehicles are a lot of fun, with the H.I.S.S. v5 being an awesome take on an old favorite and the Black Dragon VTOL giving off a real FANG II vibe.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, grab a few more for your collection and then let us know where you found them either after the jump or on the Sightings Forum!
Credit: Ford of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,725

Running Press G. I. Joe - Cobra H. I. S. S. Tank Collectible Kit

HISSTANK Publisher Running Press is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of G. I. Joe by releasing a Cobra H. I. S. S. Tank Collectible Kit for the fans. The kit is now available for pre-order from Amazon and the info is as follows:

This deluxe light-and-sound mini kit includes a replica of the H.I.S.S. (High Speed Sentry) Tank, the most iconic vehicle from the Cobra team from the 1980s animation, G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO, along with a 48-page illustrated book. This collectible kit is a must-have for G.I. JOE fans of all ages.

Product Details:
  • Publisher: Running Press Miniature Editions
  • Release Date: September 23, 2014
  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0762454520
  • ISBN-13: 978-0762454525
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GI Joe Basic Wave 2 Sighted At Marshalls

GI-Joe-Basic-Wave-2-Cobra-Commander The 2nd wave of GI Joe Basic Figures, originally destined for Dollar General stores, has now turned up at Marshalls for $4.99 each. This entire wave features repaints of the 1st wave figures. GI Joe Basic Wave 2 includes:
  • Duke
  • Snake Eyes
  • Shipwreck
  • Cobra Officer
  • T'Gin Zu
  • Cobra Commander
These figures may prove easier to find than the previous wave, now that this series has hit Marshalls(and possibly TJ Maxx soon). Happy hunting!
Credit: lightmedic & Rodimus88 Views: 8,506

Dollar General T'Gin-Zu Auction

GI-Joe-Dollar-General-TGin-Zu-01 Earlier an auction was posted earlier by viperskingdom for the currently unreleased Dollar General T'Gin-Zu GI Joe Basic figure. Viperskingdom has ended the auction but we have mirrored the new images here. Click on the headline to check out the images.
Credit: Fire_Fly of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 7,043

Dollar General G.I. Joe Basic Figures Now At Christmas Tree Shops

gi-joe-basic-arashikage-storm-shadow_1336892343 The Basic G.I. Joe Figures exclusive to Dollar General have now turned up at Christmas Tree Shops. Unfortunately these shops are only available in:
  • Concord New Hampshire
  • Nashua New Hampshire
  • Bensalem Philadelphia
  • Meriden Connecticut
  • Leominster Massachusetts
  • Braintree Massachusetts
Cross your fingers that these figures will be made available to other outlets so that they will be easier to find. Thanks to HissTank boards member gijoeben1 for the heads up!
Credit: gijoeben1 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 4,607

New Hasbro Trademarks Hint Upcoming G. I. Joe Figures

USPTOHasbro_1285763982 Whenever Hasbro apply for a Trademark at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, it usually means we get to see a toy real soon. While there may not have been many G. I. Joe Trademarks recently, Transformers Trademarks are proving this point.

HISSTANK finds out that USPTO has received new trademark applications from Hasbro on 8th November, 2012. Breaking a long silenceÖ itís G. I. Joe.

First Trademark is Heavy Duty (Trademark Number: 85774331). It appears as though this may very well be a G. I. Joe: Retaliation trademark. But canít tell at the moment.

The next three however, we can clearly tell what they are forÖ

ACTION MARINE (Trademark Number: 85774333)

ACTION SAILOR (Trademark Number: 85774334)

ACTION PILOT (Trademark Number: 85774335)

... No doubt it's the Hasbro 12 Inch Line.

All four trademarks are classified under : "Toy action figures and accessories for use therewith" and you can take a look at the documents at USPTO by clicking on the Trademark Numbers above.
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A G. I. Joe Social Media Game Arriving Soon - G. I. Joe: Special Ops

G-I-Joe-Special-Ops-Destro If you are a fan of Marvelís Avengers Alliance a.k.a Avengers Assemble on Facebook as I am, then you are in for a treat. USA Today is reporting that we will be getting a G. I. Joe Social Media Game along with the upcoming G. I. Joe: Retaliation.

Named G. I. Joe: Special Ops and created by Syfy, this game will feature arena-based action and strategy, plus a battalion of heroes and villains to choose from, including Joe teamers Snake Eyes, Duke and Flint, as well as Cobra baddies such as Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness and Firefly.

"The world will be populated by the heavy hitters from our lore," says Derryl DePriest, Hasbro's global brand vice president for G.I. Joe. The team at Hasbro that worked with Syfy "really understands the power G.I. Joe has with an audience of now-grown men who grew up with G.I. Joe, loved the characters, loved the entertainment behind it, and saw how that translated into a great game experience."

Gameplay will take place in an enclosed battlefield, with a handful of G.I. Joe or Cobra characters you control with friends or the computer. Your mission is to cross the arena and wipe out your enemies, with matches lasting from five to 15 minutes each.

Read more about it on USA Today.
Credit: kennywr22 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,135

SkyStriker Grim Reaper Cobra Stickers Set

001Sky-Striker-25th-Reaper Just a quick update on the recently released Cobra Stickers Sky Striker upgrade sticker sheets. I just received my sets in the mail and came up with my custom mix of Hasbro and Cobra Stickers Grim Reaper sets. If you want a way to have your Sky Striker stick out, this is the way to go.

Skystriker (Series) : Cobra Stickers, Replacement and restoration stickers for classic G.I. Joe vehicles.

Skystriker XP-21F 'Grim Reapers' Addon
Inspired by classic F-14 fighter squadrons, the Grim Reaper squadron set features custom details for the jet nose and bomb, two optional tail wing design layouts, naval markings, optional pilot tags, and more.

The images shown feature the Grim Reaper set applied to a 30th Anniversary Skystriker. Additional stickers provided by our F-14 Generic Markings set (sold separately).

Check out the Grim Reaper 30th Anniversary Sky Striker images after the jump.
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Walmart Listings Reveal Canceled Wave Featuring Modern Flint, Kwinn, Data Viper And More

GI-Joe-Flint The Walmart computers have been glimpses into "what could've been" in the past, showing listings for items that were planned, then subsequently canceled. For example, years back, they had a listing for a Transformers Alternators Cadillac XLR Megatron. That was just one of many other notable items that were listed but never saw the light of day at retail.

HissTank boards member ViperCommando has given us another glimpse into what could've been via the Walmart computers once more. This time we have a list of figures planned for the GI Joe 30th Anniversary line:
You may recall that Flint was actually mentioned in the Toy Fair 2011 GI Joe Press Release. Meanwhile, the Night Viper and Crimson Guard were both moved into the GI Joe Retaliation line.

As for Kwinn, Data Viper and Modern Flint, who knows? Since the Crimson Guard and Night Viper got moved into the Retaliation line, will the 3 unaccounted for figures eventually see the light of day as well?
Credit: Viper Commando of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 6,243

G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 10 Pre Order Available At HasbroToyShop!

GIJoe-30th-wave-4---HissTank The fourth wave of G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary Figures (described by Hasbro as wave 10) has eluded many collectors. Be it Sci-Fi, Lifeline or the uber cool Cobra Zombie-Viper, Collectors have been scrambling to get their hands on the latest release of figures.

Pickings have been slim. Figures are barely showing up at retail and online stores such as Kokomo Toys, Small Joes and BBTS are all but sold out...

But WAIT! There's hope yet! board member Cobra Coffee has spotted the elusive wave online at Hasbro Toy Shop! If you haven't been able to secure yours, well, now's your chance! You can find the wave here - G.I.Joe Wave 10 Case

Happy Hunting, Tankers!
Credit: CobraCoffee of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 12,689

Crimson HISS Tank Photo Gallery

Crimson-Hiss-Tank-057 Check out a full high res photo shoot of the all new v5 Crimson HISS Tank, recently released under the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary line. The tank comes with a driver, now named the Crimson Horseman. Pick this bad boy up if you can. Until then - over 55 images are available for your eyeball consumption after the break.
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GI Joe Is A 2011 Holiday Best Seller

GI-Joe While iPads, video games, and all things electronic seem to be all the rage with kids, toys based on iconic/retro brands are said to be making a come back. According to The Street, GI Joe is one of Hasbro's best sellers during this holiday season:

Toy makers and distributors have long been aware of what Hasbro(HAS_) refers to as the power of a "portfolio of iconic bands." Among that company's best-sellers were some very old and recognizable names: Nerf, G.I. Joe, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony. The company has also benefited from the ever-popular line of Star Wars-related action figures and yet another wave of movie-fueled demand for Transformers.
Credit: Jmacq1 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,178

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