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White Mortal and Cobra Mortal with Athena 25th Anniversary Customs

Thanks to boards member Turner for posting up images of his customs from Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil! The new figures include:
  • White Mortal
  • Athena
  • Glenda
  • Cobra Mortal

Many more Images after the jump.
Credit: turner
Views: 2,986
Additional Images
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Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil in one post!

First up is a character from Venezuela, White Mortal! I know some of these characters are not as widely known, so I included some information on their 80's counterparts.
(small photo is of a reproduction from ebay)

Head, Torso, Arms-Snake Eyes
Web Gear-Snake Eyes and Flash type belt combination
Upper Legs-Cobra Commander with added leg pouches
Knees-training Snake Eyes
Lower Legs-Televiper
Feet-Indiana Jones dovchenko or russian soldier

Next up, from the Brazilian Commandos in Action, Athena!
(photos from yojoe)

Athena and Glenda!

With Scarett!

Head-Pilot Scarlett with slightly modified roc Dial Tone hair
Torso, Legs, Arms, Weapon-Scarlett
Gloves-Pilot Scarlett
Next up is Cobra Mortal! This is actually my second version of this character from Argentina, and I'm still not happy with it. I'm thinking I would have liked it better if I had used the same upper legs as I did on the White Mortal, but then I would have needed two more parts chromed...

Comparison and info:
(photos from yojoe)

The bad guys!

With Cobra Invasor!

Chrome team!

Head, Torso, Arms, Left Upper Leg-Snake Eyes
Web Gear-Snake Eyes and Flash type belt combination
Right Upper Leg-Hit n Run
Knees-Training Snake Eyes
Lower Legs-Televiper
Feet-Indiana Jones Dovchenko or Russian Soldier
Very nicely done!!
Those look good. I love the Chrome.
Darth Cantu:
Nicely done!
Wow! I love em all!
Great job. Where or how'd you get all that chrome done?
Dod Ear:
Absolutely nailed them. Paints on Athena seem better than factory and there has never been a better Cobra Mortal. Fantastic work man - thanks for sharing.
Great job! Now go to gijoe club and tell them we want the box set or baby's 7 pack hurry!
Originally Posted by Dod Ear View Post
Absolutely nailed them. Paints on Athena seem better than factory and there has never been a better Cobra Mortal. Fantastic work man - thanks for sharing.
I was thinking the same thing. I wanted to say, "wow!, these look factory!" and then quickly realized that wasn't good enough.

I think the proper complement is, "wow!, they don't look factory!"

they are much, much better.

are you using water slide decals for the logos? they are astounding. any chance you could recommend a tutorial?
freaking love the international characters, great job on them
Owner of a Lonely B.A.T.:
As much as a straight man can say this...I love you turner.
superb customizing...very faithful to the originals,well done!
Wow Turner! Now that is some mighty fine work!
All three are works of beauty but I think you know where I stand on the sheer awesomeness of the chrome cobra mortal.
Thanks everyone for all the comments! I appreciate it!

To answer the questions posted: the chrome was done by chrometech usa, and they do FANTASTIC work, very professional, and very reasonably priced. One word of caution though, the more rubbery parts don't seem to hold the chrome as well (arms...). As for the decals, no it wasn't waterslides, I actually used cobra and cut them VERY close to the edges.

Thanks again for the comments guys, I'm still not happy with the Cobra Mortal, but short of having some different parts chromed, I'll probably never get him 100% right (if then).

And of course, I wouldn't be able to hold a paint brush if it weren't for the blessing of the Lord.
Beautiful work on all of them turner!
Wow, so glad I decided to look at the pages beyond page 1. These are awesome. I wanted to rescue this thread from Finished Customs back page obscurity.
Excellent Work! These are amazing customs!
Cloud Strife:
I like that you make your customs so accurate to their ARAH counterparts. The chrome you have done for some of the figures is too cool, and your paint work is always top-notch. Excellent customs!
very nicely done.
Great job!
I was going to buy the bootleg o-ring versions of these on ebay, but now I want those.

They turned out great!
I don't like when they steal other's ideas, but man I wish they would take a hint from you.
Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate it! I'm so unhappy with the cobra mortal though, I was thinking of using his web gear for another project.
Turtle Master:
Is it just me or was anyone else hoping for a white Cobra Mortal like this in the con set?

Hoping it looks better in hand but I hate the lower legs they used.
pig iron grenadier:
Nice Atena..but all of them look great honestly......
Great work! Why can't Hasbro and the Club get pointers and inspiration from you?!!!

You basically made every character I ever wanted to see be remade in the 25/ME genre. WOW!!!!
Originally Posted by turner View Post
Next up is Cobra Mortal!

Head, Torso, Arms, Left Upper Leg-Snake Eyes
Web Gear-Snake Eyes and Flash type belt combination
Right Upper Leg-Hit n Run
Knees-Training Snake Eyes
Lower Legs-Televiper
Feet-Indiana Jones Dovchenko or Russian Soldier
First of all, nice work on the lot. Been watching as you posted these over the last year. Only critique is that Athena is actually more of an "Indian White" than pure white. I also like that the women all three have different heads.

As for the left arm, what process did you use? Was it Alclad, automotive flex chrome processing, or regular?

The only thing I've found for chroming flex palastic is the same process that the auto industry uses to treat trim on cars and such with. I resarched it to chrome a Rom, and it's was going to be pretty expensive...that's why I'm curous.
Thanks for all the comments guys, I appreciate it!

Good point on the white Alyosha, as for the arm, it was done the same way as the torsos/heads/upper leg, by chrometechusa, and as such, there was some flaking on the arm since it is a more flexible plastic.
I also have been using Chrometech for years. When I was planning Rom, I was going to have all the hard plastic parts chromed and was looking at alternatives for the flex parts. Perhaps I'll have the extra scratch after Con this year.

Keep up the good work, and if you need a photo of a real Athena (should you choose to adjust yours custom color even though you don't need to) just let me know and I'll dig out mine for you.
How much do they charge for the process for a few parts? These are amazing!
Mr Hebime:
These are great ME versions of the originals, very nice!
Originally Posted by ChaplainAsst View Post
How much do they charge for the process for a few parts? These are amazing!
Great job bro
Thanks again guys, and thanks for the offer on the athena.

Chrometechusa charged me (best I remember) around 3 dollars each for the heads, upper arm, lower arm, and upper leg. The glenda and mortal torso was 5 each, so with shipping and handling, I think it was about 35 bucks, which seemed pretty reasonble to me for factory quality chroming. Not cheap but not astronomically high. I dig chrome and wouldn't mind chroming a bunch of things.
I think the most I ever spent getting a part chromed was about $7 or $11. It was for a Sky Havoc engine cover that I just played middle man on for someone else. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Chrome Tech USA * * * * * * * * * * ***************** Over 20 Years Experience - Chrome tech usa, Chrome plating service, vacuum metallizing, for plastic on model cars, toys and automotive interior dash pannels

I'm sure many who are purchasing Con sets this year are planning to have a head chromed for their white mortal. One thing to be aware of, is make sure your original part is hard plastic before you do, otherwise the chrome that they use could crack and flake off when flexed to put back onto the figure.
Those are all amazing, great work man.
These look great!
These are amazing! Chrome is the key to making these figures what they are supposed to be! Many of us depend on Hasbro and the Club to do things right but they fail miserably! Especially for the Club's pricing. I have been requesting a fully chromed up Cobra Mortal and Glenda for ages now.

These are great! Please start selling these! I would buy a whole set! Thanks!
awesome work!
Great Work!
How the smeg did you do the chrome?
Nice work, Turner. As always.
hell yeah Turner all those figs are amazing!!! incredible job!
Dear Club: please take note for future references. Thanks.

Seriously speaking...

Mortals are just incredible. Sparta and Glenda look very nice, but Iīm not into their hair though. IMHO you should have used Pilot Scarlettīs hair, it would have looked very well.

Otherwise they are just sick accurate.
I have absolutely no love for the characters, but by Odin's beard, these are absolutely wonderful!! The chrome effects, the paint, the part choice..... As Brave and the Bold's Aquaman would say: "Outrageous!!!"
WOw!! How did you get the chrome on the bodies???
Thanks for all the comments guys, I appreciate it! Chrome was done by chrometechusa, very professional and reasonably priced.

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