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Undisputed Ninja Master Custom Joe Cobra Contest VOTE NOW

HISS member Daremo has given the green light to go ahead & vote for HISS Tank's Undisputed Ninja Master !!!

PLEASE NOTE(from daremo):
Only Hisstank members in good standing with at least 25 posts as of July 7, 2009 at 12:07 am EST may vote.

Click the Discuss button for all the details, rules and entries !
Credit: daremo of the Hiss Tank Forums!
Views: 22,202
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Sever gets my vote but there are so many great customs! Everyone who entered did an incredible job!!
klinton: are people seriously expected to pick just one? That stuff is amazing.
07GT500 COBRA:
I vote Tenchu.

Very impressive custom and seemed to involve more tedious craftmanship with the clothing and styrene work.
Originally Posted by kingphilbert View Post
I interested in knowing where both unmasked Jinx heads came from. More so this one:

Bultar Swan - Star Wars Jedi Legacy set. It might have been released elswhere too.

I'm not sure about the other one, looks modded.
Damn now that is some ninja goodness nice work to all!
Fierce Krypton:
I gotta go with Yamabushi although there are a TON of FREAKING SWEET tyos here!!!! Amazing work! Wish I could do a top 5.
Originally Posted by daremo View Post
Bultar Swan - Star Wars Jedi Legacy set. It might have been released elswhere too.

I'm not sure about the other one, looks modded.
Thanks much. I know nothing about modern Star Wars or where to even begin looking.
TEK Ninja is my Fav - Totaly awesome
I gotta say tho, I realy like Alt reality SE, Those colors and paterns realy suit him. Dragon Gawd was awesome, but a wee bit over the top for me.

But, my vote goes to Slash.

I was hoping to see one of the Three Storms, the Chang Sing, Wing Kong or best yet, Wang Chi. But alas.........

Congrats to all!
CX-86 !
How you gonna stop that sucker !!!???
Dragon God, although there were MANY amazing ones.
Urban Tanaka Ninja ((Modern day Tanaka Ninja)) gets my vote
Tek Ninja. Simple and effective.
I have to say I really like Kamakura, but then I have always liked snake eyes first apprentice.
Originally Posted by daremo View Post
Good luck to everyone who entered, you are all Ninja Masters!
I could not agree more. The work is outstanding from ALL who entered. I hate to vote for one but if I have to then I pick:

Tek Ninja

but again, all were insanely good.
I vote for Urban Tanaka Ninja

now this one is so badass being a mythical ninja cant see how you could stop this one
got my vote

i just copied ur Slash in 1.1 seconds lol hes incredible and so easy to make all i have to do it paint the head and his lower torso piece
i had all the parts right here

thats super clean love customs that look good & use such little paint

now my question would be out of all them who would win in a mortal kombat type fight?
Urban Tanaka Ninja ((Modern day Tanaka Ninja))

Tough to choose! They all look really sick.
they all look great, where is the poll?
Hit n Run:
Jinx 1 gets my vote. Had to keep it in the joe verse for me, and the hand sewing and artwork is hard to beat.
Dragon god
so many awesome works but i gotta go with "SEVER" just something about him
~Synder Corps.~:
Jinx 2...

Jinx one is hot, but too scantilly clad with fabric clothing (not that it's a bad thing)
Joe Fan 4 Life:
Kamakura. Definitely.

Great work by all though.
Sever is my Favorite
Urban tanaka ninja ftw
Thal J.:
Tenchu is where my vote goes.
Hideo Tanaka ((Future Tanaka Ninja))
All of them are incredible, so many choices and such a hard decision but this one really took the cake. Great detail, clean lines, excellent parts choice, great customizing, and fantastic paint job. Win.
I flipped a coin to narrow down my top 2 and Jinx with the sewn clothes is the winner.
There are so many nice customs in this thread, good job all of you.
Tenchu gets my vote!

I'd buy that in a heartbeat. I'm just hoping there's an extremely nobody looking guy or gal underneath that cloak, thet would make it even more ninja-esque.

Tek Ninja and Hideo Tanaka were also really good. The tanaka stuff had a greatly woven in backstory. So kudos!
yambushi and tenchu look like clear favourites.
Arrow Nite:
Kamakura all the way!!!!!!!!!!!
1st: Urban Tanaka Ninja ((Modern day Tanaka Ninja))
tenchu close second, all others were very good.
Loose Cannon:
Wow really Tough I'm blown away. I say Sever gets my vote, as he is most intriguing.

followed by Urban Tanaka who looks flawless

then the all black Tek ninja

then Kamakura
My vote is for the "dragon god" "hideo tanaka" cleanest and coolest detail of all.. but all participants are great! congrats to all!
Some really nice stuff in there by everyone!

In the end, I'm going with the Tek Ninja.
Urban Tanaka Ninja (Modern)
I vote for Kamakura.

But tons of awesome and creative entries here.
State Trooper:
This guy is totally awesome!

Number 2 is the Urban Tanaka Ninja.
Tek Ninja
pig iron grenadier:
I liked all the Tanaka ones and CX-86 best, but I gotta go with Hideo sweet and clean with great points of interest throughout the character. Urban Tanaka was close.
Urban Tanaka that was a hard choice.
Big IV:
YAMABUSHI is my vote.
I did like the futuristic/urban ninjas as well, but that mask is rockin' on Yamabushi.
I like CX-86 that guy just looked waaay cool to me. But if I have to choose one I would say...TEK NINJA. Total bad ass and I wish I could have one!
Daremo you ever do a Strider Hiryu custom?? If not do one!!! please.

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