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Star Brigade Lunatrix Alien Empire Predacon, Carcass And Lobotomaxx

Thanks to boards member RATFINK for posting up his take on the GIJOE Star Brigade Lunatrix Alien Empire: Predacon, Carcass And Lobotomaxx! I can't see us ever getting the Modern Era update of these characters but if we did, this is what they should look like.

Carcass and Predacon were recruited by Lobotomaxx to help pillage the backwater planet of Earth. Upon arriving in Earth's solar system, however, all three would-be raiders and their ship were devoured by Unicron.

Recruited into the army of thralls that guard Unicron's vast interior from invaders, Carcass battled Cosmos and Flint when they penetrated the chaos bringer's exterior. Grappling with Flint at Unicron's brain, Unicron spoke to the human through the alien, mocking his insignificance. Flint tossed a sack of metal-eating fungus at the monstrous servitor and detonated it with a blast from his shotgun, spreading the destructive contagion to Unicron himself Carcass's fate in the resulting destruction is unknown.

Many more GIJOE Star Brigade Lunatrix Alien Empire images after the jump.
Credit: RATFINK of the Hiss Tank Forums!
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Additional Images
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All 3 Lunatrix aliens! took awhile to finish but i am happy with how they came out Let me know what you think!




Superb work brother you make me proud to know you
Some of your best work !
good lord.

you're a sick, beautiful man. amazing.
Wow! They look awesome!
Look grreat!
outstanding work brother, they turned out freaking fantastic!
Dude, sick. So looking forward to meeting you one day and getting some pointers. Have to invite some of the KC area tankers over here to show you my collection. Of course, it's nothing spectacular. It's just that I love my Joes. Hopefully, if I start customizing I can get 1/10 your talent.
This I Command!:
These look fantastic! Especially Lobotomaxx a spot on ME representation of something I'm quite sure we'll never get an update of. Great work.
Yeah, these are fantastic. Lobotomaxx had a very eerie feeling about him. Makes me feel like if there are aliens, they'd have that face. Great Job!
Fantastic job on all !
Great work and great detail! Manimals next??
Badass as always dude.
top drawer customizing!
Nice work, very creative approach to them and great part choices!
Your best work! 10/10
I don't think we will ever see these get a modern-era make over but if we did this should be what they look like.
Very nice. You did a great job on them all.
Sergeant Major:
You magnificent bastard, these are FANTASTIC.
neapolitan joe:
Stra-COOL work!
Wow!!! Just WOW!!!!
This is the best thing I've ever seen on the tank - Awsome Work!
My God...'s full of WIN!
Holy crap those are awesome! God it makes me wish for 3 3/4 X-com figures.
" target="_blank">View Post Old 11-12-2012, 12:28 PM
Post Deleted by on 12-31-1969 08:00 PM
Incredible, incredible stuff. Great work.
sick, dude- as usual!
Even though it was a crazy idea to add aliens, I guess it's no less crazy than to add Zombies.. or super ninja professional wrestler Roadblock. Right?

Regardless of the craziness, these are awesome figures. Great job as always!!
these are badAASS!!
yeah beautiful.
Pure awesome!!
Fantastic work as always! Simply amazing!
Production quality. I enjoy that their proportions were kept in check too.
Wow way to make these figures cool again; very nice
Damn .. those look real and not custom
These are all just great. You know I admire all your work, and can't imagine ever doing better. So please understand my modesty when I say Predacon's mid section arms look odd. It's a combination of the bulky shoulder top for those lower arms and a need for the upper body to be just a bit wider. A little bulk on that midsection piece would help. I don't have a good idea for the top though that doesn't involve cracking open the chest, which would ruin the awesome brushwork.

Overall the vision is superb, and beautifully executed for the group. Well done. You are still the best.
Snow Wolf:
Wow! These are fantastic!
These are incredible.

Brings a tear to my eye.

Great work Rat!
damn man those are amazing!
There are just as badass as the Cobra La figures that you made.

Once again, you've made me a fan.
" target="_blank">View Post Old 11-12-2012, 11:23 PM
Post Deleted by on 12-31-1969 08:00 PM
Wow! You took some of the silliest looking Joe figures of all time and made them look awesome. I'd buy all of these in a heartbeat. Very well done!
I'm going to take a moment to stop touching myself inappropriately to say "oooooooohhhh my!". {ok I didn't stop} Alway dig your stuff. Well fricken done man.
Damn awesome! You-the-man! More!
Iron Will:
Amazing!!! I'm not huge on alien style figures, but I'd get this 3 pack!
These are totally awesome!!! Great job on these!! The Lunartix aliens were my 2nd favorite (of course the unreleased Manimals being 1st). It is a shame we will never see ME style of these. Keep up the great work!!
These are just wonderful! I just use various aliens! I would love to see Hasbro do a new line of Joe scale Aliens!
Wow! these are great!
The customs are awesome.

This makes me feel like I totally missed out on the storyline.

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