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Low-Light Jungle Camouflage Custom

Thanks to boards member Whargoul44 for posting up awesome images of his Jungle Camouflage Low-Light.

Entire figure: Slaughter's Marauders Low Light
Goggles: POC Zartan
Gun: Marauder custom
Backpack: BBI WWII paratroop

Check out all of the Jungle Camouflage Low-Light after the jump.
Credit: Whargoul44 of the Hiss Tank Forums!
Views: 2,916
Additional Images
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Last week I completed my 30th Cross Hair update and decided to do a Low Light to be his partner/spotter. Here he is. He's a simple repaint of the Slaughter's Marauders figure. Let me know what you think. I've included a couple pictures of the two together and the original Cross Hair custom.

Entire figure: Slaughter's Marauders Low Light
Goggles: POC Zartan
Marauder custom
Backpack: BBI WWII paratroop

Some pics in the field

Mr Hebime:
Great camo work. I like it!
Oh no you di' int!!!!

Awesome work! Love the camo!
Total kick ass! I want both!
I think it's badassery
he doesn't look like a generic sniper you managed to make him stand out
Damn that's hot
love the camo work! You teach me camo and I'll teach you metallic and jewel tones.
awesome it!
I like the concept!
Nice custom!
I would buy this if Hasbro put Low Light out in this camo.
That is freaking awesome! Love the camo.
Now do an arctic and desert one please!!!!!!
Both Lowlight and Cross Hairs are awesome. I'd buy these if Hasbro put them out in a second.
Sweet! He really is Tom Berenger from Sniper now!
bin aflac?:
lazy, incompetent, brain dead Hasbro wouldn't take their time to do anything like this because, as you well know, collectors, enthusiasts & some of general public might actually buy them! Oh no you don't, here's another Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes & Cobra Commander for you wretched cretins (us)!
Troops of Doom:
Wow. I never expected this to get front paged. I'm honored. Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate them.
Why do you have four pictures of just grass?

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