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G.I.Joe Custom Jump Jet Pack Flames DIY

Check out a quick, easy way, to make your Modern Era - 25th Anniversary "Jet Packs", have launching flames. All you need is the very easy to find, and affordable, Star Wars 30th Anniversary R2-D2 and get your self some official Hasbro Jet Pack flames.
  • Stalker
  • Duke
  • Starduster
  • Cobra Air Viper

R2-D2 30th Anniversary Star Wars | eBay

Check out all the new G.I. Joe Jet Pack DIY images after the jump.
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G.I.Joe Custom Jump Jet Pack Flames DIY. With just to cuts you have yourself an official set of Flames for your Jump Jet Pack.

G.I.Joe Custom Jump Jet Pack Flames DIY - GI Joe News

These are very easy to find, and affordable on eBay
R2-D2 30th Anniversary Star Wars | eBay
Or use Iron man blasts....
That doesn't look safe for the wearer!
I use the Boba Fett one, but I'd imagine they are harder to get now...
Good looking! I will definetly be buying a few of these R2-D2 30th Anniversary Star Wars figures for these flames alone! -These flames are great for picture taking and dioramas!
Are the Gold Foil Coin figs so worthless now that they are used for customs? I haven't priced star wars in a while but I thought the gold foil was a chase card.
LOL did this years ago when I found one of those R2D2s stuffed on a clearence shelf at a waamrt in a remote town 100 miles out in rural lands...circa 2008
Fits Iron Man figure's feet also. I have a couple of the Boba Fett version for my Jet Packs.
I made flames from a red plastic comb
Cool stuff.

Flame on!
This is not that new, is it?

I have the 2009 Set with Skyduster and Manleh and Im pretty sure that the flame they come with is the R2D2 one.

Also, Ive tried Shae Vizlas flame for my Aliens flamethrower with excellent results:

I'm not in to Star Wars, so I will ask you guys......
Are these R2-D2's still on pegs?
Originally Posted by boomer77 View Post
I'm not in to Star Wars, so I will ask you guys......
Are these R2-D2's still on pegs?
No those R2-D2s were from 5-6 years ago.

I'm surprised this is front page news, this topic was brought up a few years ago(I'm too lazy to do a search). Someone even casted and sold some in different colors.

On my OG13 display I have Stalker and Grand Slam with the flames I got from the 2007 JoeCon 2pk.
GRAND SLAM (v4), YOJOE.COM | Dedicated to the G.I.Joe of the 80's, 90's and beyond!
EDWARD "STARDUSTER" SKYLAR (v2), YOJOE.COM | Dedicated to the G.I.Joe of the 80's, 90's and beyond!
I like the idea , I will have to grab a couple if those.
Grand Slam Has Always Been One Of My Favorite Joes.
I thought the same thing too.. this is an old mod.. i posted this a while back when the Air Troopers were the newest hottest thing..


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