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Custom Sub Zero, Ryu Hayabusa, and Ken Masters!

HissTank boards member TheLongestDay shows us his custom Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, and Ken Masters from Street Fighter! To see the rest of the images, click the thumbnail to the left, and click the discuss button to join the ongoing discussion!
Credit: TheLongestDay of the Hiss Tank Forums!
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Alright geezers!

I realized my other customs thread was all over the place,so this is my "official" one lol.

I will start with my latest creation,Mortal Kombats SUB ZERO!

I decided to do my own version of him,inspired by his many looks.The main ones being his "shredder" look from Deception and his alternate "Mongol" like costume.

When I FINALLY get some ninja Kus (help??trade???) I will probably do a more faithful version based on his "classic" look from the earlier games -plus I would like to do scorpion and reptile too.

Ninja Gaiden-Ryu Hayabusa:

Ken Masters:

GI Flow:
holy guacamole those are sick!
flip wilson:
If you're looking for cheap ninja bodies, a tanker by the name of "bradforj" was selling a bunch of storm shadow from the cobra 5-pack super cheap. I picked up some myself.

Hit him up and see if he's got any left. They're loose, but it beats the hell out of spending 8 bucks on one ninja-ku figure.
Heres some more simple ones:

Snake eyes (before the accident):

and heres my version of a younger Hardmaster:

Another take on young hardmaster...or he could be a whole new character too?

Wow very nice job man good work love this guys
There awesome man. I really like your subzero. You sooo need to do scorpion(my fav MK ninja) next.
nice job.
Cannon Fodder:
Mad props on the Ryu! I so want him in my Joeverse. Excellent job on all.
cheerz guys!
Subzero is awesome! I still like the other ones too.
Thanks daremo,its ok considering the base body is Tomax (same as Ryu but it was more fitting for him) luckily i had some green stuff to help-im looking foward to getting some ninja Kus cuz then I can make some more and make them more accurate...hell depending how many I get I might do SubZero,Scorpion,Reptile,Ermac,Rain,Chameleon,Noob Saibot and
Your customs are spectacular!
love the ryu hayabusa
Sub-Zero is so cool. I'd love to buy one off your hands.
Does anyone know were I can find bubbles for my custom cards?
Great customs! SubZero reminds me that their new game MK vs DC is coming out.
Those are Awesome customs!!!
Sub-Zero is awesome!

Haven't seen to many MK customs.
He's also a good scale to fight the Goro action figure from Jazwares.
(Which I love)
very nice.... so if I send you a couple of Ninja-ku's would you make me one? hehe.
Originally Posted by annihilator View Post
very nice.... so if I send you a couple of Ninja-ku's would you make me one? hehe.
too right i would!!!
hey longest day

I like your customs..

you must like martial arts alot

now do quick kick.....1!!!
Obcenely awesome...nice work!!!!
Originally Posted by Amberbratt View Post
hey longest day

I like your customs..

you must like martial arts alot

now do quick kick.....1!!!
well i think the dodgy pic of me in my sig proves i love Martial Arts! lol

...and I was gonna do a quick kick one,but dont see the point now as he will be out soon!
That Ken custom is absolutely awesome. Think you can whip up a Sagat? Ken and Sagat are my favorite Street Fighters.
Originally Posted by umanumanamo View Post
That Ken custom is absolutely awesome. Think you can whip up a Sagat? Ken and Sagat are my favorite Street Fighters.
thought about it actually! Believe me if i had the parts I would gladly do LOADS,but its quite hard for me to get hold of 25th Joe stuff here :(
added some more quick customs to page 1
snake eyes before the accident and young hard master
Wicked...I could imagine once Quick Kick comes out you could easily do a Ryu(from Street Fighter) custom.
yeh i might just do that! and Akuma too!
added another take on Hardmaster to page 1
absolutely, positively awesome!!...that right there is some custom work to be proud of...great job
"now you face....THE SHREDDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Based on his appearance in the 1st live action movie,but mixed with the comic version a bit too:

I was gonna give him a spear for accuracy but i liked him with the naginata more!
Whoa, that Shredder is amazing!! Does the helmet come off?
unfortunately not-its sculpted on-the whole thing is made of green stuff!

I might make an unmasked oroku saki head to put on there tho
Sweet! Great job on the sculpting.
~Synder Corps.~:
Very f'n cool!!!! I wanna see Ryu from SF!!!!!

Hey D, wern't we just talking about making the turtles?? lol
I will get around to doing a Ryu at some point...working on a Deadpool right now for tanker "DOC"
just got the body done! :P
Shredder is freak'n AWESOME!...i always loved him...

BTW, where are the bare feet from?
Man, you have some wicked customs in here! I love that Ryu Hayabusa.....I have been planning that guy since I saw the commercials for NG 2. Yours has inspired me to get on the ball with it!
Look foward to seeing yours jeditaz! your work is awesome especially that Kamakura!!

Here he is as he appears in "Snake eyes:declassified" when training at the Arishikage temple with Tommy (who is coming soon!)

Very simple to make but i really like how it came out:

and this was the 1st "unscarred" snake eyes in his commando gear

Originally Posted by G.I.Eddie View Post
Shredder is freak'n AWESOME!...i always loved him...

BTW, where are the bare feet from?
Cheerz mate!

The bare feet are from a Pirates of the Carribbean figure,one of the chinese pirates...pretty much used every part of him! his head ended up belonging to shredder too
pics of deadpool coming soon!
here he is,the merc with a mouth....DEADPOOL!!!

this ones goin to "DOC"!
The Mortal Kombat Ninjas are on there way...

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