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Custom Sky Striker To F14 Tomcat Conversion - Ver Nath

No you are not looking at a completed model kit. HISS Tank boards member nath1977 has been hard at work with his custom Sky Striker To F14 Tomcat Ver Nath project. After all his hard work, we can see the fruits of his labor. This project resulted in 1 one of the most realistic Sky Striker customs ever seen. The Ver Nath Sky Striker features:
  • 2 seat cockpit
  • Light up engine nozzles
  • Interior cockpit lighting
  • External lighting
  • Generous amount of weathering
  • Custom flight stand
  • Wings able to sweep independently of the landing gear
Well enough words, check out the Sky Striker Ver Nath after the jump!
Credit: nath1977 of the Hiss Tank Forums!
Views: 5,201
Additional Images
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its finally finished, My first Entry for 2012!i would like to thank this oppurtunity to thank all you guys who supported my wip thread and gave theire comments and feedbacks!to all who are up to the challenge to customize a sktstriker, goodluck! Thanks again to superflanker who first initiated the build, such an inspiration. To my friends, thanks again.

i always wanted to have a skystriker even when i was a kid but never had the chance to get one, seeing it in cartoon commercial really made the jet really cool!as time goes by had money to buy a 1:18 JSI jolly rogers tomcat but hesitated to buy because of its price . Today, i hit 2 birds in 1 stone..having my very own CUSTOMIZE skystriker in jolly rogers tomcat scheme!HOW COOL IS THAT?!

may i present to you..g.i.joe SKYSTRIKER TO F14 TOMCAT CONVERSION (jolly rogers): 2 SEATER ver nath

ENJOY!pics galore!



With Pilot "ace"


I really wish I had your skill! That is beautiful. Too bad Hasbro couldn't make this.

Yours puts my 2-seater Skystriker conversion to shame.
Wow! Now that's a thing of beauty! Love it!
TOP GUN!!!! An awesome tribute to the greatest fighter aircraft ever to cruise the skies. Why they ever mothballed the F-14 I will never understand because it is the mightiest jet ever!
that is fantastic. Are your hard points and weapons systems all scratch built?
finally see this amazing Masterpiece completed with the pilot. Have been following your W.I.P. closely. The pics really look so much like the JSI version. You are one of the few Super Talented customizers that I idolize. Looking forward to see more of your Masterpieces.
Sgt Humpty:
Any praise I could offer would be insufficient. This is just awesome!
that is RAZR sharp!
Absolutely amazing! Did you airbrush this?
Wow That is very amazing Great, great job!
DAMN NATH!!! And I thought this thing looked awesome when it was half way completed. Right now it's just plain MIND BLOWING!!! It puts the original Sky Striker to shame. I hope people from Hasbro see this and get inspired to release a Sky Striker 2.0 based on this.

Great Work.
Un freaking believable...amazing work.
that looks phenomenal, I like my joe stuff a little less real world, but that is the tops.

I did have to go back a look at the Cobra g.o.l.e.m. pics and the G.I. Joe Ice Mammoth pics. so much greatness.
Speechless.. I will just sit here and applaud.

Outstanding work.

This needs front page love!

Seriously, wow.

Incredible work. A piece of art.
Very, very cool.
masonic master:
That is a thing of beauty. Well done.
very nice.
woah!mind blowing feedbacks!thanks guys!its really an honor posting my works here, and sharing what has been given to me.i'll try to answer some of the questions here..
-yes.all hard points and miscellaneous items are scratch built, most of them made from stryreen sheets and rods.
- @vince chua, thanks man!im glad to hear im one in your list,
i hope i will not dissapoint you in my other future builds
- @ sgt.humpty , sir!i will never forget your help.your name is literally
posted in the skystriker!hahaha..thanks!
- airbrushed?yes..i did airbrushed using gaianotes and mr.color lacquer paints the whole jet, i also used tamiya spray cans with primers and large areas, AB paints are kinda expensive..hehehe.
- gee..brings back memories..thanks for reposting the cobra golem and ice mamoth.
- and here's a WIP page:

again guys!thank you very much!

cheers to all of you!


At last, someone to give Superflanker a run for his money, lol...

This is a brilliant custom! Great work!
Never thought it possible to see a cooler version of a Skystriker especially customed by you...This is hand's down the best one you've done to date..

My hat's off to you, Sir for a job well done!! This is awe-striking, incredible, and unmatched! Congrats again!

BTW thank you very much for the mention...I am proud to have you as friend as well!
There are only two ways you would recognize that this plane started out as a Sky Striker:

1. The landing gear.

2. And this I really had to look for it, the landing gear/ wing sweep switch behind the cockpit. You did such a great job with the paint, it is barely noticeable.
Front page material for sure. If nath's WIP thread made it...

/just sayin'
Flint Faireborn:
That's just awesome... Great Work.
Snow Wolf:
Frickin' boss customizing. You should be working for Hasbro, cuz you could be showing them a thing or two. I wonder what this Tomcat would cost if produced for retail sales? One other question, whose name is on the back seat behind Ace's?

Holly balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally thought this was the jsi 1/18 scale f-14!

Had to take another look. So freaking cool.
@ freakintiger
- thanks!credit goes to superflanker for the inspiration of making the
build, im just a follower sharing the same interest.

@ Cobraticon
- ey doc!thank you very much my friend!youre putting me too high glad you like my work.yes, definitely one of the most challenging vehicle i made up to date. putting names on the plane of people who help is isnt enough to say thanks to them. glad to be your friend as well john!

@ Ixz72
i will be going back to the vintage skystriker im doing and will be eliminating those noticeable factors..hahaha!for start..i already did relocate those landing gears.i just need some space then ready to go back to it.

@ orezona / Flint Faireborn
thanks bro!

@ Snow Wolf
hahaha!working on hasbro is a different story, im sure they are pretty talented people with few more tricks on theire sleeve.

the name behind ace backseat!hahahaha..

@ lance858a
hahaha!me too..for a moment i thought i own a jsi tomcat!hahaha..really wish i have one of those.but then again, my jet is a pure win!

thanks guys for dropping by!

Damn :O..............
thanks!youre a man of few
the weathering on your lines is amazing.... that to me is what makes this plane realistic and bad ass.... AWESOME
A. Awesome
B. What stand is that?!
Wow! That is a really amazing job!
awesome, must be ALOT of work.
it's amazing wonderfull!
Colonel Bludd:
He killed every skystriker custom that existed before this
Awesome!! Seriously, I'm in awe....
wow. amazing work!!!
Hats off to you. You have raised the level of awesomeness.
Very creative update! And astounding attention to detail! This is a museum quality model!
Your talents are honing to a razors edge!!


Display it well!!!!
Way to raise the bar, your custom is a work of art.
Impressive...most impressive.
That is amazing. Best vehicle custom I have ever seen.
The Muppet Slapper:
the force is strong with this one. . . The cockpit detailing is remarkable. Awesome job.
So badass,great job
Wow, looking at this custom makes you realise just how great the gi joe toy lines are that it would inspire somebody to put so much passion and dedication into craftin what some people would call a mere toy and actually crafting a work of art!!

I take my hat off to you sir, in my limited and humble experience that is the finest custom I have ever seen!
Ultimate Jaburg:

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