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Custom Modern Era MASK & VENOM

Your fellow HISS tanker Bad Sociologist made these custom modern era MASK & VENOM figures.

Included are: Alex Sector, Buddy Hawks, Dusty Hayes, Hondo MacLean, Matt Trakker-RHINO Uniform, Nevada Rushmore, Cliff Dagger, Floyd Mallory, Miles Mayhem, Sly Rax & Vanessa Warfield.

Click the Discuss button for all the pics & details.
Credit: Bad Sociologist of the Hiss Tank Forums!
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Bad Sociologist:
Not sure if I ever posted these guys here, but I had a few people ask me to post them again.


Alex Sector

Buddy Hawks

Dusty Hayes

Hondo MacLean

Matt Trakker-RHINO Uniform

Nevada Rushmore

Bad Sociologist:

Cliff Dagger

Floyd Mallory

Miles Mayhem

Sly Rax

Vanessa Warfield

Viperscout 7:
awesome just awesome
very awesome, where did u get those helmets?
This is so f'n sweet!!!
Love them all!!!
CaR KiLLa:
Wow, just freaking wow. Same questions as others. Did you have a WIP section on your building of these? Next to Joes, this was my next favorite and biggest kept collection of toys.
Bad Sociologist:
Sorry, didn't take an WiPs. These were built around the time RoC figures were getting leaked on eBay.

The helmets and most of the head sculpts were from Trigate/ Slayer. To my knowledge the molds wore out and I doubt any more could be created.
great work! , I sculpted all the helmets and head sculpts for SDS , .. and I have plans next year to make a new set .. this time with more detail and better desing
These are great.
Originally Posted by KREXX View Post
great work! , I sculpted all the helmets and head sculpts for SDS , .. and I have plans next year to make a new set .. this time with more detail and better desing
I can't wait! I will buy them all!

Great customs! I resurrected some other MASK threads last week trying to figure out if the casts of the masks were still available.
is sly rax related to tom savini?
Awesome!! Love 'em!!
Thanks for posting these again, and krexx, looking forward to more.
I love the paint job!
Outstanding job on these. Top quality work.
Bad Sociologist:
Krexx, there are a few helmets I'd love to see, keep us in the loop.
Awesome, love them all. But no Bruce Sato with Lifter mask?
Bad Sociologist:
Couldn't get the body parts I wanted to makes him. I still have the heads and helmet.
Originally Posted by Bad Sociologist View Post
Couldn't get the body parts I wanted to makes him. I still have the heads and helmet.
Can you provide a parts list for Miles Mayhem?
This line needs to be made asap. Awesome work
They are BEYOND cool!

Trakker and Mayham were my favorites as a kid!

I'd love to get a hold of a few of those helmets!!

I hope you do Gloria Baker!
Bad Sociologist:
I believe Miles is a heavily reworked Crimsson Guard with Shipwreck legs. The head and Viper helmet at KREXX's
Seriously though - Hasbro could make something like this and we'd all go nuts for it.
Those are very cool/ My 2nd favorite toyline of all-time behind G.I. Joe.
Very nice great job.

Not Saying anything bad about the customs or MASK I love them both, I always liked my Matt Trakker from the rescue boat set.

But man some of the MASKs themselves were downright weird.
Front paged
Wow! Nicely done!
07GT500 COBRA:
Floyd Mallory looks like Gary Busey!!! LOL!

These are awesome!
Epic. I wish I posessed even the remote ability to pull something like this off.
Awesome awesome job!!!
superb work on all.
Love 'em.
Steve T:
Very very cool. I love the colors.
Love them all. Very nice work.
Absolutely brilliant work!
I love these. Hasbro could make a bomb if they released these under their own MASK line. But im certain they wouldnt look as good as your ones.
Unbelievable. Those are so awesome and brilliantly done. I haven't felt the thrill of seeing a beloved classic '80s toy updated into modern style like this for a long time. Hasbro would make a killing on these if they put them out. I'd love to own them.
Wow, AWESOME work! Super impressed!
46 Zone:
Very nice work!!! Well done!!!
A much-deserved front-pagedness. These are beyond awesome.
Freaking awesome man! I've been working on ideas for 1/18 ish scale vehicles, inspired by of course the 25th Matt Trakker. Of course, my main problem is finding plastic Camaros in that scale. I can find die-cast ones all day long, but find it a bit harder to work with than plastic. Anyway, I'll probably post some WiPs once I get some actual progress other than brainstorming Again, excellent work! Hasbro really needs to get their crap together and get more MASK stuff out in the Joe-verse, IMO.
Awesome work. I had most of the collection as a kid and I wonder why we haven't had MEs of any other character besides Matt Trakker..
No matter how many times you post these guys, I love seeing them.
Gives me Inspiration!
Inspiring work. Are vehicles next?
All of these look awesome! great job!
Absolutely awesome work. Easily my favorite custom project of the last couple years.

I have to admit that I actually wondered for a minute why you didn't do the original Matt Trakker. I had completely forgotten that he came out with the 25th line - duuuurrrr.
Tall Creeper:
Amazing work!! Thanks for sharing these customs!!
WOW, I'm assuming you painted the chest piece on Nevada Rushmore? Did you use a microscope? Great paint apps all around!

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