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G.I. Joe T-Shirts

Custom G.I Joe Green Shirts

Your fellow HISS tanker shakka85 made these custom G.I Joe Green Shirts.

"Here are a couple of Green Shirts that I have just finished. I gave them numbers rather than code names, as I always thought these guys had not reached that level yet, so had to be identified by a number designation."

Click the Discuss button for all the pics & details.
Credit: shakka85 of the Hiss Tank Forums!
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Hello all. Here are a couple of Green Shirts that I have just finished. I gave them numbers rather than code names, as I always thought these guys had not reached that level yet, so had to be identified by a number designation.

Green Shirt 107

Green Shirt 119

Love the heads,where did you get those ?
I would troop build these in a second.
Nice work!
Destro's Son:
That Duke was born to be a sweet green shirt! Great work, love the heads!
nice job man
Originally Posted by Daver View Post
Love the heads,where did you get those ?
The Angel Forge Customs:

Male Head #0304

Male Head #0072

Wow, nice parts choices. You found a good use for those Snow Serpent legs. Weathering might be a little strong, but as always your paint aps are very nice. It sure would be nice to find something like these on the pegs.
Cool work.
Those are some of the best green shirts I've seen.
Front paged
Originally Posted by shakka85 View Post
I gave them numbers rather than code names
They Stormtroopers?

Seriously though those are Bad Ass.
These are too bad ass!!!

What technique do you use for the faded look?
Really nice work! Also, didn't Beachhead number his green shirts instead of naming them in the DDP comics?
such a happy set of greenshirts...if only i can get my hands on more DG joes. Great work!
Great idea, and excellent looking figures.
with all that weathering I imagine they are at the ground with a helicopter blowing sand or something around as they move in on their target. I really dig that weathering! anytime some paint apps call to mind other images, it's a good thing.
neapolitan joe:
Great work!
great work,solid customs.
Troops of Doom:
Great paint job, they look like they've been in the field awhile.
diggin the parts combos,Its nice to have diversity amondst the troopers. well done sir , well done !!
Mr Hebime:
Never did care for these guys in the cartoon cause they weren't featured in the comic. Homerun!
Nice work
Nice work, brings back memories of seeing Joes in the wild. That was a long time ago...
Very nice job on your greenshirts! I like the look and the different head sculpts set them apart.
those are some bad ass bullet catchers!!! great work!

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