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G.I.Joe Resurgence Cobra BAT, Wall Cloud and Gyro Viper with Cobra Venom Chopper

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank Days 21 and 22 have been posted by Oreobuilder, Bucky and Dusty 79! Wait until you check out the latest additions to the G.I.Joe Resurgence Custom Project!

Day 21 brought us a fan favorite troop builder, the Cobra B.A.T.


From the desk of Oreobuilder:

The BAT came about because we felt that Cobra was lacking for troops. The build came together quite quickly. However, I went back and forth on the color scheme a few times. In the end, although red is a pain in the butt to paint, I settled on the Inferno BAT color scheme


Day 21 also brought us Storm Cloud, the G.I.Joe Airborne Assault Trooper

From the desk of Bucky:

Wall Cloud was pieced together very quickly. As soon as I had found an "air" type name, I knew exactly what I wanted him to look like. I painted him up to "look" like a storm, with greys, blacks, and the yellow. He is topped off with a Renegades Ripcord head, donated from the original concept for Tango that I accidentally destroyed. A happy accident, as it gave me the opportunity to create two diverse characters as opposed to just one.


Today, day 22 brought us yet another amazing vehicle entry. This? This is friggin' KILLER. Check out the Cobra Venom Chopper and it's pilot, Gyro-Viper!

From the desk of Oreobuilder:

The Cobra Transport Chopper from the original Marvel comic run is one of the most requested never-produced vehicles. About 8 years ago, I had the idea of combining a junker Tomahawk with a HISS IV as an attempt to create a modern version of the old Cobra helicopter. I had all the necessary parts. However, at the time, I was just starting to customize and did not have the knowledge, experience and tools to take on such a project. The parts were sold off in a purge and the project was shelved.

Since then, I have taken on many vehicle customs, so I felt comfortable finally putting this vehicle back on the table. This project was a perfect opportunity. It is not meant to recreate the Marvel Cobra Copter, but I wanted it to have strong Cobra vibes. In the end, it turned out pretty much as I imagined it 8 years ago.

The Gyro-Viper is a straight up ME version of the 1987 figure. I tried to stay as true as possible to the original.


You can check out the latest entries by joining us after the break!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 883

Hasbro Collaborates With Shapeways To Sell 3D Printed Artwork

21Printing1-master675_1405956805 Hasbro just announced a partnership with Shapeways regarding a new initiative where Official and Fan Art will be 3D Printed and sold as official Hasbro products. The announcement first came from Hasbro's 2014 2nd Quarter Financial Conference Call and Shapeways followed it with an official statement from their end. Though the initiative begins with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the company plans to expand into other Hasbro brands which [hopefully] might include G. I. Joe.

"Once we have filled our 3D printers with community designed ponies, we will continue to work with Hasbro and the Shapeways community to enable more Hasbro branded content to be created, 3D printed and sold.

This is a major step forward in realizing the creative potential of 3D printing, to make products on demand that might otherwise never make it into people’s hands. Hasbro has been incredibly forward thinking and open minded, to realize that the existing unmet demand within their fan base can be satisfied with the help of those very same fans. We expect to see many more partnerships like this, to enable user generated content to be 3D printed based on existing intellectual property, with fair attribution and compensation for all parties involved. We've seen this model work successfully in the digital realm, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge in the physical."

The designs (Fan Art) must be cleared with Hasbro to ensure they are not obscene, violent or hateful, but otherwise, the artists largely have free rein. Even the price for the figurines will be set by the artists.

For more info, visit SuperFanArt.

News Post Image: Figurines inspired by Hasbro’s My Little Pony line and printed at Shapeways.
  Views: 716

G.I.Joe Resurgence Weekend Round Up!

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo---Hisstank It's Sunday, so it's time to re-cap the awesome G.I.Joe Resurgence custom entries that have been shared over the weekend. Hard to believe that we're already through days 18, 19 & 20! It's been a fantastic month of customs so far and these latest 3 entries are no exception!


Day 18 brought us Tango, a new G.I.Joe Jungle Warfare Specialist!

From the desk of Bucky:

Tango was originally named ocelot, and was built off of a Renegades Ripcord. He was to be the team’s jungle trooper, and he was to have a tiger. His first incarnations and gear fitting was very much a Recondo vibe, which I kind of wanted to get away from. My customizing o.c.d. had started to kick in with this figure, as I was trying to get a unique look and color pallets for him. This o.c.d. of mine also affects how I build my customs, and if I can't move the shoulder without paint chipping, I'm going to go a different route. While trying to sand the shoulders down, I destroyed the ripcord with a dremel.

Back to square one, I chose the burnout figure. I sanded the hair down, and a lot of the rest started to fall into place. I changed the name to Tango at this point. The camo took awhile to figure out what I wanted and the striping like he has was kind of just a happy accident.


Day 19 brought us yet another amazing Figure & Vehicle combination. Check out the G.I.Joe Barnstormer and it's pilot, Tailspin!

From the desk of Bucky:

Tailspin is another one of those names that was jotted down in a notebook for years, to be used for a pilot. This project gave me the reason to finally use so many of the names I'd write down through the years. I wanted to go with a WW2 vibe, which is where avacs lab's helmet piece came into play. He was one of the first 5, and varies very differently than his first incarnation, which was horribly out of proportion.

The Barnstomer jet was originally going to be an iron man 2 jet, but not being a great vehicle customizer, I ruined it. Badly. It was pretty much unsalvagable, so I looked for another jet and remembered the Avengers jet with the opening in the back. I had just missed it at TRU on clearance, so ended up getting one from Amazon. My initial paint job wasn't coming out so well, so a local friend of mine stepped in and did the body paint. He had to sand quite a bit for the paint to stick to the soft plastic, and it turned out really well. I think I perhaps overdid the stickers, but that's a minor gripe.


Last but not least is todays entry, Day 20. Who wants a new Dreadnok? Well then check out RIFF-RAFF, a deluxe figure with over 15 weapons and a rather unique play feature! Riff-Raff is displayed with a custom card back as well, so this is one you won't want to miss!

From the desk of Bucky:

Riff Raff was originally going to be a completely different character named pit stop, a fat Dreadnok with the chubby Asian guys head from mib3. However, literally a couple days after getting the head, forum member bcost came up with the same idea, and it looked incredible. I didn't want to pretty much do the same custom he did, so I came up with something different, a Dreadnok that is kind of a homage to all the goofiness of the cartoon, with a record of cold slither, a vial of element from the mass device, and a beat up old discarded mcguffin device amongst the trash. The dumpster came from a wwe playset from the late 90's that had sat in a fodder box for years. All the graffiti is Easter eggs for episodes of the cartoon. I really tried to capture an 80's vibe with him. As Trekker was sending my filecards back, I was reading them with a smile on my face and would get a good chuckle out of them, but I'm not lying when I tell you I literally laughed out loud when I got Riff Raff's bio back. Trekker nailed it.


You can view the latest entries, along with the entire G.I.Joe Resurgence project by joining us after the break!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,051

G.I.Joe Resurgence Iron Master and General Warhorse with Crusher Tank!

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank The G.I.Joe Resurgence custom project marches on with new entries for Day 16 and Day 17. Day 16 brought us a new Arashikage Sensei, Iron Master! Check it out -

From the desk of Oreobuilder:

Like it or not, GI Joe is not just military equipment and soldiers. It’s also giant robots, terror –inducing waves, weather-altering machines, Pyramids of Darkness, ghosts, ancient Greeks and, of course, ninja clans. Halfway through this project, Bucky and I realized that we had not included a ninja in our line-up.

To correct this oversight, I immediately started working on a ninja apprentice named Banzai. The challenge was to make him different from the millions of previous ninjas that have been done over the years. Try as I might, all my attempts turned out pretty generic. I ended up turning to an obscure existing character that has never had a figure. The Iron Master is featured in the Ninja Battles DVD that was released during the Valor vs Venom days.

Day 17 brings us a Delta Class vehicle and it's Commander, General Warhorse with the Crusher Tank! Check it out -

From the desk of Oreobuilder:

One element that has been missing from recent Joe lines is a full-size good guy tank. We almost got one during RoC. Before then, the most recent Joe tank was the MoBAT re-issue during the 25th anniversary. I tried to remedy that with the Crusher. It uses a MoBAT base, so it is still compact. However, the turret can seat two figures.

General Warhorse started out very differently than where he ended up. Originally, the character was to be named Blitzkrieg, wore a beret and a tanker’s jacket and headset. The recipe wasn’t working for me and I struggled to find a color scheme that made sense. In the end, I reworked the whole figure. I went with a WWII/Korean War look and feel. I wanted to give the sense of a grizzled veteran of many wars who had risen up the ranks.
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,005

G.I.Joe Resurgence Sun Devil, Cobra Viper and Sea Bastian with Cobra CRAB

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank The G.I.Joe Resurgence custom project marches on with new entries for Day 14 and Day 15. Day 14 brought us a new G.I.Joe Desert Operations Trooper, Sun Devil and a fan favorite classic, the Cobra Viper! Check it out -

From the desk of Bucky:
Sun Devil was another of the first 5 I had pieced out. While trying to find ideas for the SEAL approach (figures covering sea, land and air) I started to focus on climate specialties. A new desert trooper was on my list, as the joes don't have too many on the roster. I decided to make him Hispanic, and wanted him to look unique. The colors and name are a nod to Arizona State University. I chose to not add more camo to him so he didn't look like Dusty in the end. Justin from did an awesome job bringing the Character to life.

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
Even when re-inventing the line, some classic elements can be kept as touchstones. The Viper in one the most iconic Cobra troops ever created. I tried to update the look while keeping the classic elements intact: the short sleeves, the helmet and the tactical vest. At the same time, I wanted to streamline and modernize the look somewhat. Like the fila card says, these Vipers are leaner and meaner. They are not your father’s Viper.

Day 15 brings us not only a new character, but a new vehicle as well! Check out the Cobra C.R.A.B. and it's pilot, Sea Bastian!

From the desk of Bucky:
Sea bastion was one of the first brainstormed characters that popped into mind while thinking about another project a couple days after new sculpt was finished up.
The name was a play on Sebastian, which is the crab from the little mermaid, which I was watching with my daughter while brainstorming other ideas. I thought it'd be a fun character to do and give him a boat called the crab. A side note, that head, minus the hair, has been done for years, and was sitting in a bag that was supposed to be a voltar that was never completed.
The crab was one of those clearance price finds at tjmaxx I think. It was on sale for around 8 bucks, and I picked it up knowing someday I would do something with it. That was late 2012. Better late than never.

Check them out after the break!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,499

G.I.Joe Resurgence Weekend Round Up!

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo---Hisstank The G.I.Joe Resurgence Custom Project by forum members Bucky, Dusty 79 and Oreo Builder is in full swing! We've rounded up the weekend's submissions for your to check out.

Day 11 brought us Breacher, a G.I.Joe Urban Assault Trooper. Not only is the custom amazing, but a custom card back has been included by a project supporter and WOW, it's all sorts of awesome!

Day 12 introduced us to the evil Cobra Scavenger and Cobra's new stealth aircraft, the Cobra Vulture!

Last but not least, today, day 13 brings us Glitch, the Cobra Computer Specialist!

There's just way too much awesome in this latest round up, so make sure to join us after the jump to check out all these amazing customs for yourself!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 858

G.I.Joe Resurgence Day 9 and Day 10 - Landslide, Throttle and LCV

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo---Hisstank Day 9 and Day 10 of the G.I.Joe Resurgence project are available for your viewing pleasure. Check it out! -

Day 9:


From the desk of Bucky:
While having a list of all the different specialties, a mountain trooper was one that hasn't really been explored outside Alpine. With Landslide, I focused mostly on how to make unique looking webgear, as the base body of the Rock Viper I wanted to leave, I liked the way it looked. The helmet fit the
Retaliation Duke head perfectly, and I added the little facial hair to set him apart from a regular Duke head. I didn't have any cool mountain type gear for him, but found a Star Wars grapple hook that I was able to then able to get to attach to the backpack. It ended up being my favorite accessory piece I made for the entire project.

Day 10:

Recon Sled – Bravo Vehicle

Advance deep into Cobra territory in this superior armored LCV (Low Crawl Vehicle). Throttle operates the sled visually through the dashboard –mounted HUD. Includes GI Joe driver Throttle.

From the desk of Bucky:

Not much to say on the recon sled, I was just browsing the toys at tru one day trying to find something unique to use as a vehicle for the project. I found this, and had never seen it before. The minute I saw it, I thought "updated recon sled" and that is the story behind it. I used cobrastickers and some others to spruce it up. I really like the way it turned out.

From the desk of Dusty79:

The design of this figure was a definite collaboration between myself and Bucky. I was shown photos of the Recon Sled and asked to design a driver for that vehicle created by Bucky. As soon as I saw the Recon Sled, I immediately knew I wanted to create a figure with integrated body armor that would make him seem to become a part of the vehicle. There was a lot of part swapping and bouncing ideas back and forth and from head to toe, the gauntlets, the leg recipe, the backpack mounted weapons, the radically modded helmet, there were more changes to this figure than during any other custom I have ever done. The helmet alone had four different versions. Neither of us wanted to let this one go through until it was just right. I honestly don't think I could have come up with this one on my own. It was definitely a case of two heads are better than one and Bucky offered great suggestions and pushed me just enough to get this figure exactly where it needed to be.

You can check out images of these awesome customs after the break!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,089

G.I.Joe Resurgence Day 8 - Cobra Eel and Cobra Sea Sled

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank These guys are KILLING IT! Check out the latest addition to the G.I.Joe Resurgence project by members Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79. They've been introducing us to new members over the last week, but now, now they're taking it old school and giving us a fan favorite Cobra Troop Builder, the Cobra EEL! Check it out -

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
Although this project depends heavily on injecting new blood into the line, this is the first of a few ''remade'' characters that will appear. The thinking is that Hasbro would mix in some known characters into the line as well to tie it with what came before.

The Sea Sled vehicle was finished early on in the project. Originally, it was called the Swamp Sled and was to include a Swamp-Viper. I went back and forth trying some new recipes for this character, but since I have one in my custom collection that I made for the Create-a-Con Set project (Oreobuilder's Blog: Create A Con Set), I did not feel the need to make another. However, I struck on the idea of updating the classic Eel using the Ultimate Snake Eyes mold, so I ran with it.

You can check out images of this and other G.I.Joe Resurgence custom figures after the break!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,230

G.I.Joe Resurgence Day 7 -

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank Day 7 of the G.I.Joe Resurgence Custom Project by Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 is now available for your viewing pleasure!

The start of the new work week brings us Bulkhead, the G.I.Joe Naval Technician and Pyro-Viper, a new Cobra Flamethrower! Check it out -

From the desk of Bucky:

Bulkhead was a name I had picked out last summer, and was going to be a navy trooper with a dg shipwreck body. After I had it pieced together, I decided the name didn't fit, and that particular body of work became my non dive suit deep during my lbc week last July.

I brought the name up again for this project, and Bulkhead was one of the first 5 that were started. I went on to try a lot of different combinations until I found a proportionate looking figure that was physically larger than almost all of them out there. I wanted a "big guy" for the project, and Joe's navy crew doesn't have a big guy yet, so it kind of all worked out. He's a very large fig.

From the desk of Oreobuilder:

Yet another idea that has been rattling around in my brain for years, Pyro-Viper is actually the first character that I thought of for this project, but the last one that I finished. I tried several recipes and color schemes and I don’t think I’m still 100% satisfied with the result. This is one that I will certainly revisit at a later date. That being said, the concept and Trekker’s fantastic filecard have brought the character to life for me, so my next attempt will almost certainly better.

You can see all of the customs showcased so far after the break.
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 853

G.I.Joe Resurgence Independence Day Weekend Round-Up!

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank We hope you all have been enjoying your Independence Day Weekend! What better way to unwind on a Sunday afternoon than with all the amazing G.I.Joe Resurgence customs by Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 that have been posted over the weekend!

Day 4 brought us Eagle Eye, a G.I.Joe Ranger.

From the desk of Bucky:
For Eagle Eye, I wanted a 15 minutes into the future type soldier, similar to the ghost recon games I always see artwork for. He went through several name changes and I went back and forth on them for the longest time. My initial Codename for him was Ironhide, as a nod to the fact that sometimes transformers and joes shared the same name. That didn't pan out though, as Ironhide is too familiar a transformer to get away with that. After many weeks and emails back and forth about the project, I sent a list to OB with several names on it, and he liked Eagle Eye the best, so Ironhide became Eagle Eye.

Day 5 introduced us to an updated G.I.Joe PAC/RAT (programmed Assault Computer/Rapid All Terrain) and Tracer

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
I always loved the PAC RATs when I was a kid. I had the missile launcher and the flamethrower back then. These days, the concept of remote-controlled battlefield robots is no longer sci-fi, it is entrenched in our everyday lives. I thought it would be good to include one in our line. I went with a vintage style for the robot itself while trying to modernize the operator. Tracer is loosely based on the ‘’Future Soldier’’ concept.

Finally, Day 6 brings us Deep Freeze, a G.I.Joe Extreme Cold Weather Trooper!

From the desk of Bucky:
Deep freeze was figure zero for me, the first kitbash/idea I had made while still hammering out details of how we were going to go about the project. A very simple kitbash, that stayed very simple til almost the end when I added some of the ammo clips and other do-dads to the vest. While an easy build, Trekker's filecard helped flesh him out so he didn't just become another "snow guy".

You can check out all the amazing figures showcased in G.I.Joe Resurgence after the break.
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 627

G.I.Joe Resurgence Day 3 - Cobra SCRAMJet with Exo-Viper!

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank The G.I.Joe Resurgence Custom Project by Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 is now in it's third day...and check out the awesomeness that has just been posted!

Day 3 brings us the Cobra Exo-Viper and the Cobra SCRAMJet! Both are sure to spell trouble for G.I.Joe! Check it out -

From the desk of Oreobuilder:

This set is an idea that I’ve had kicking around since the Star Brigade Redux Group Project in 2011. At the time, I could not figure out a recipe and color scheme that I liked, so the concept got shelved. Fast forward to March this year. Bucky started talking about his project idea. I immediately started dusting off old ideas that would fit the project and a new Cobra troop type came out of it. GITrekker did a great job creating the back-story for Exo-Viper.

You can check out images of the latest G.I.Joe Resurgence custom after the break!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,742

G.I. Joe Resurgence Day 2 - Stink Bug and Splashdown Now Online!

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank The G.I.Joe Resurgence Custom Project by Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 is now in it's second day...and if this is what we can expect from these fine Gents, well then July is going to be chock full of awesome!

Day 2 brings us Stink Bug, a Cobra Non-Lethal Chemical Weapons Specialist and Splashdown, a G.I.Joe Combat Astronaut! Here's a breakdown on both characters:


From the desk of Bucky:

StinkBug was one of the first 5, and was originally going to be a viper, the stink viper. I'm not sure why, but I decided at some point to make him a unique cobra trooper. I tried my best to mod the vest and helmet piece to get away from the hazard viper look, and GITrekker's filecard really helped give him personality to make him stand out a bit. He was a fun figure to build.

From the desk of Oreobuilder:

The GI Joe tapestry has always had strong sci-fi threads. The team got its first astronaut in 1987 with Payload and got a few more members along the way. Still, since the ‘90s, there have been few, if any, astronauts added to the team. The initial intention of this figure, back when this line was still ‘’Project 96’’, was to add a realistic Astronaut to the Star Brigade sub-team. He started his life as a Data-Viper repaint with Iron Man gear, but when I saw Mr Freeze on store pegs, I picked one up right away and changed him into Splashdown.


Want to see a bunch of killer images of these 2 new characters? Well then join us after the break for these characters and more from G.I.Joe Resurgence!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,161

G.I. Joe Resurgence by Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 Kicks Off Today!

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo---Hisstank Introduction

GI Joe: Resurgence

It is the year 2015. Following years of relative peace, the ruthless terrorist organization known as Cobra has resurfaced by staging several bold attacks on high profile targets all over the World. Returning to active duty, General Hawk enlists the help of his most trusted acolytes – Duke, Beachhead, Stalker and others. Together, they recruit a new group of soldiers and rebuild the World’s ultimate special operations unit: GI Joe.

Coming in 2015, GI Joe: Resurgence brings back famous GI Joe members from all eras and introduces many new faces to the team. It also marks the return of Cobra Commander and his army of evil henchmen bent on World domination! Collect them all and create your own battles.

Day 0:

It’s funny how the creative process works. Sometimes, you start off with something, an idea and through brainstorming, playing with fodder and working with a creative partner, the original idea organically morphs into something new. This project started out very differently than where it ended up. When we were wrapping up Project New Sculpt, Bucky started talking to me about a project that he had been thinking about for a long time.

As most Joe fans know, the original ARAH line ended in 1994 and GI Joe disappeared from store shelves for three years. Most of us have probably seen the concept sketches for the 1995 Battle Corps Rangers line and wondered what GI Joe would have looked like if it had not been cancelled. So why am I giving this brief history lesson?

Bucky’s original idea was called ‘’Project 96’’. The basic premise was hypothetical: What if GI Joe’s 1995 toy line had been released and been popular enough to stop the franchise’s decline? What would the 1996 line have looked like? We started from there.

We set about creating our own toy line for GI Joe. After some brainstorming, some initial painting and consulting a few people outside of the project, we realized that creating a whole 1996 line in modern era format was counter-intuitive. We decided to reboot GI Joe for 2015 instead and GI Joe: Resurgence came about. As we reveal the project, some traces of the former Project 96 are still evident in some of the characters choices, paint colors and general themes.

Although the project evolved since we started in March, our original intention has remained the same: We wanted to create a rebooted version of GI Joe our own way using most of the elements that have made us fans.

New characters mixed with old favorites
Military feel with some sci-fi/fantasy elements
A variety of cool vehicles
A strong sense of nostalgia

Since we don’t know what, if anything, Hasbro has planned for our favorite brand. Bucky, Dusty79 and myself decided to show off our view of what GI Joe could be. We were helped along the way by many others: Patrick ‘’Notpicard’’ Stewart, Justin ‘’General Hawk’’ Bell, Mayor, GITrekker and, of course, Kirk Bozigian. This project would not have been possible without their help, time, effort and input. Thanks guys!

We’ll be rolling out our complete line-up during the whole month of July. Sit back, enjoy and comments are always welcome!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 785

Custom IDW Inspired Cobra Commander By Stronox

IDW-Cobra-Commander---Hisstank Check out the latest custom awesomeness from forum member Stronox! His work is always spot on and this specimen is definitely no different. Check out Stronox's take on Cobra Commander as seen in the IDW G.I.Joe comics.

This piece is awesome, right down to the cloth cape and figure stand!

You can check out more images of this cool IDW inspired custom after the break.
Credit: Stronox of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,259

Custom G.I.Joe vs Transformers 4 Inch Grimlock Figure By Airmax

GI-Joe-vs-Transformers-Grimlock---Hisstank forum member Airmax is up to his old tricks again! This time around, he shares an amazing 1/18th Scale Custom Dinbot Commander Grimlock figure!

As with all of Airmax's G.I.Joe vs Transformers customs, this is another home run! Check out the parts list -
  • Head: Snake Eyes v51 (moded)
  • Body: Destro v27 (moded)
  • Upper Arms: Trakker (shoulder pads Cobra Trooper v16)
  • Lower Arms: Storm Shadow v28
  • Hands: Duke v43
  • Gauntlets: frankensteined parts-bin fodder
  • Upper Legs: Duke v34
  • Lower Legs: Sci-Fi v5
  • Feet: Sci-Fi v5

You can view more images and check out all the details after the break!
Credit: Airmax of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,607

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