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Modern Era Cobra Hydro Viper By Swizzlesticks

Modern-Era-Cobra-Hydro-Viper---Hisstank Check out this incredible Custom Modern Era Cobra Hydro-Viper created by forum member Swizzlesticks! The attention to detail here is absolutely amazing, down to the scale-like suit and highly-detailed air tank and Harpoon gun.

The Cobra Hydro Viper, aka the Demon of the Deep is Cobras Elite Underwater Trooper that have been selected from EELs who volunteer to be surgically enhanced to withstand the effects of deep sea diving. They have webs implanted between their fingers and fat injected in to their bodies to provide insulation.

This is an amazing update to a fan favorite troop builder! You should join us after the break to check out more pics and to share your comments!
Credit: Swizzlesticks of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,067

Custom Modern Era Cobra Mega Marines Bio Viper by Tankster

Custom-Modern-Era-Mega-Marines-Cobra-Bio-Viper-Monstro-Viper---Hisstank 1993 introduced us to a rather unique addition to the G.I.Joe Universe - The Cobra Bio-Viper. Alongside the Cobra Monstro-Viper, these beasts were the reason the G.I.Joe Mega Marines came in to existence - To repel and destroy Cobra's Mega-Monsters!

From the evil labs of Dr. Mindbender come the hideous, genetically enhanced cobra Mega-Monsters. These soldiers are the toughest troops COBRA has ever come up with.

Although odd, there was something about the Mega Monsters that made them a lot of fun to play with. Thanks to forum member Tankster, we can now see what a Modern Era Cobra Bio-Viper may look like...and it's all sorts of Bad #*$.

Join us after the break to check out more images of this amazing Custom Mega-Monster!
Credit: Tankster of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,566

Custom Modern Era Cobra Combat Controller By TR1ER

Cobra-Combat-Controller---Hisstank Check out this amazing custom Modern Era Cobra Combat Controller created by forum member TR1ER! As with all of his amazing work, this piece has a "Real World" feel to it and makes you believe that you could see COBRA operatives on actual battlefields.

You can check out more images and share your thoughts on this COD-esque piece after the break!
Credit: TR1ER of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,498

Cobra Recoiled Custom Figure Event Week In Review!

Cobra-Recoiled-Hisstank forum member icecreamman and the customizers behind the Cobra Recoiled Custom Figure Event have been sharing fantastic pieces all week long! We're here to bring you up to date on the cool custom pieces that have been shared since the project kicked off on December 1st. Check it out! - Week 1 of this custom project has officially come and gone! Join us after the break to give kudos to all the customizers involved and to share your thoughts on the Cobra Recoiled customs shared so far!
Credit: icecreamman of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,342

Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Vs Cobra Ninja Force By Letal

GI-Joe-vs-Cobra-Ninja-Force---Hisstank Ah, good old Ninja Force. Depending on your take on Ninjas, you either loved the concept or hated it. Regardless of what side of the debate you fall on, there's one thing we can agree on - the concept introduced some pretty cool characters to the G.I.Joe universe. forum member Letal has done an incredible job of recreating both the G.I.Joe and Cobra Ninja Force teams in modern format. He didn't tackle one or two figures, he tackled ENTIRE SQUADS! There's so much custom goodness here, it's been split in to separate threads - one for the Modern Era G.I.Joe Ninja Force Team and one of the Modern Era Cobra Ninja Force Team. We've linked back to the Joe thread, but feel free to leave comments in both!

Included in the assortment of customs are -

  • Dojo
  • Nunchuck
  • Banzai
  • Bushido
  • Scarlett
  • Snake Eyes
  • Dice
  • Slice
  • Zartan

Share your thoughts on this amazing assortment of Ninja Force customs after the break!
Credit: Letal of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,293

Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Pac Rat By KnightStryke

Modern-Era-GI-Joe-PacRat---Hisstank The PAC/RAT weapons platform was originally introduced in to the G.I.Joe arsenal back in 1983. PAC/RATs (Programmed Assault Computer Rapid All Terrain) platforms were advertised as Modern Army Action Weapons based on the U.S. Army's most sophisticated designs. There were three platform types - Machine Gunner, Flame Thrower and Missile Launcher. forum member KnightStryke has given the PAC/RAT platform a much needed updated and has built a system that incorporates two weapons platforms, while making this latest incarnation highly mobile and ready for today's combat environments!

You can see this updated PAC/RAT in all its glory and see what parts were used by joining the discussion already in progress after the break!
Credit: KnightStryke of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,143

Custom Cobra SNAKE Armor By DevilDawg

Cobra-SNAKE-Armor-MkII---Hisstank Check out this cool custom Cobra S.N.A.K.E. Armor by forum member devildawg! He's provided an official press release drafted and released by COBRA and M.A.R.S. Industries. Check it out -



Decades ago Cobra Commander dominated the battlefield with his S.N.A.K.E Armor. Destro convinced him to abandon the idea of man in machines and introduced him to the B.A.T. The BATs continually disappointed the Commander so when Justin Hammer was arrested for treason Cobra Commander used this opportunity to seize a Hammer drone and outfit it as the new.....Cobra S.N.A.K.E Armor (prototype).

The new S.N.A.K.E Armor is outfitted with a mini gun, mech blade, mini rocket launcher and a flame thrower. It has a propulsion system capable of short flights and has solar panels on the hood to back up power and life support systems. It is common called the "Silver Serpent" by the cobra troops. M.A.R.S Industries is set to have these in full production by 01/2015.


You can check out more images and share your thoughts on this cool custom piece after the break!
Credit: devildawg of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,390

Custom Twelve Inch Cobra Shock Trooper By SharkyRivethead

12-Inch-Cobra-Shock-Trooper-01---Hisstank Check out this super cool Custom 12" Cobra Shock Trooper that was shared on the Official Facebook Page by forum member SharkyRivethead! This piece is beyond awesome and does a great job of resembling it's 4" counterpart! Here's the scoop from Sharky himself -

Hey everyone, it's SharkyRivethead here. Sorry, haven't contributed much lately. I'm still working on my At At. But! In the meantime. I did decide to give a try at 12" modding. This here is my Cobra Shock Trooper. I really tried to heed as much attention to detail. I even managed to find an oversized spaz 12. Almost all the packs and clothing were bought individually and as close to what I saw. I did embellish on the vest. I went with all black. Trying to find everything in that bluish hue was proving impossible.

The doll is a 21st Century toys Parton doll. (Who knew Patton was moonlighting ) I have an M4, MP5K, a sledgehammer and glok17 for a side arm. I will scratch build a riot shield for him. In any case, enjoy!


What are your thoughts on this cool 12" custom? Sound off after the break!
Credit: SharkyRivethead of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,109

Custom G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Arctic SLAM And Winter Environment Dio

50th-Anniversary-Arctic-SLAM---Hisstank Take a look at this amazing custom 50th Anniversary G.I.Joe Arctic S.L.A.M. tank by forum member tommyboyhiss! So, listen to this - Not only is this his first custom, but the guy knocked it out of the park with the inclusion of an Arctic Environment Dio as well! Before we get in to that, let's talk about the S.L.A.M. (Strategic Long-Range Artillery Machine)

The attention to detailed invested in this small, yet versatile piece of battlefield equipment is immediately noticeable. From painted controls to hand painted camo, Tommy really did pay attention to every detail you could think of. For those of you that remember the SLAM, those little orange missiles were a thing of nightmares, as they'd always fall off and some how magically sprint across the room, fitting in to the smallest opening they could find. The Arctic SLAM's missiles are individually painted, so it's crew of G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Snow Job and a custom 50th Anniversary G.I.Joe Arctic Flint will have a tough time losing them in the snow while anchoring the SLAM's Stabilizer Legs in to place.

The backdrop created here is amazing, simulating a real Arctic (or some parts of Michigan) Environment. From snow to trees to an 50th Anniversary G.I.Joe Arctic Skyhawk waiting for deployment, this custom really does have something for everyone. You can check out more pics and share your thoughts after the break!
Credit: tommyboyhiss of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,120

Cobra Recoiled - A Custom Figure Event By Icecreamman

Cobra-Recoiled---Hisstank Sounds like December is going to have a lot of killer customs in store for us, as forum member and customizer icecreamman just shared word of his upcoming project, COBRA RECOILED!

After COBRA's defeat in G.I. Joe Reloaded, the surviving snakes scattered all over the world to hide and to recruit new soldiers to build a new COBRA empire.Who leads COBRA now? Who are these new COBRA operatives? Find out in December...

Sounds like it's going to be fun! We'll bring you more news as the project kicks off next month!
Credit: icecreamman of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,669

Custom Acid Rain World Tanyas Mech By BymanStudio Graphic

Acid-Rain-World-Tanyas-Mech---Hisstank-03 If there's one thing you can always expect to see when visiting the Official Acid Rain World Facebook Group Page, it's amazing customs. Be it Custom Figures, Diorama Environments or Mechs, there's always something to whet your appetite for Acid Rain Goodness!

We wanted to share this amazing Custom Mech creation by Bymanstudio Graphic as it captures the essence of the Acid Rain World perfectly. The mech, named Tanya's Mech, is a biped that looks like it can kick all sorts of Soil Ghost tail! One could easily see Tanya's Mech along side a platoon of Raptor Speeder Mk-I quads or providing back up to The Bucks Team as they charge an enemy position.

What do you think about this awesome custom mech? Sound off on the forums!
Credit: Bymanstudio Graphic Views: 1,960

Custom ARAH Style Mortal Kombat 2 Figures By Sean Wang

Custom-ARAH-Mortal-Kombat-Shao-Khan---Hisstank FINISH HIM! are the thoughts that first come to mind after checking out forum member Sean Wang's amazing custom A Real American Hero Style Mortal Kombat 2 figures. If you've never seen Sean's work before, wait until you feast your eyes on the assortment he's provided. His work looks like something we could have expected to see on shelves back in the 90's.

Join us after the break to check out incredible ARAH Style customs of -

  • Kung Lao
  • Reptile
  • Raiden
  • Sheeva
  • Shao Kahn
  • and More!

Thanks again go to Sean and in the words of Shao Kahn, Shao Kahn: You will die, mortal!

You weak pathetic fool! Is that your best? Feel the power of Shao Kahn!
Credit: Sean Wang of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,682

Custom Modern Hi-Tech And Warhound UGCV By TheGabrielAngel

Hi-Tech_Warhound_Hisstank Check out this amazing custom Modern Era Hi-Tech with UGCV by forum member TheGabrielAngel! Here's the backstory on these amazing pieces -

Hi-Tech is the G.I. Joe Team's Operations Support Specialist. His real name is David P. Lewinski, he was born in St. Paul, Minnesota.
His primary military specialty is Armament Research & Design. His secondary military specialty is Telecommunications.

Although he is more likely to be wielding a soldering gun than one that shoots bullets, Hi-Tech can be depended on to pitch in during a real fight, by taking control of any number of complex technological weapons systems used by the G.I. Joe team as they battle the nefarious forces of Cobra. A good-natured soul who can't bring himself to say "no," Hi-Tech spends most of his off-duty time repairing the personal vehicles of G.I. Joe teammates, fixing their TVs and stereo systems, and troubleshooting their PCs and laptops. He doesn't mind it a bit. He says it's all good practice for when a key piece of a weapons system fails during a real fight.

His latest work involves developing the Warhound UGCV (Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle), a robust, compact, unmanned, autonomous, multi-purpose ground reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) vehicle system possessing a scouting and direct engagement capability. It provides the G.I. Joe forces with remote reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition, nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance, obstacle breaching, and direct fire capability to neutralize threats and reduce risk to the G.I. Joe fighter.


Check out more images and share your thoughts on this killer custom after the break!
Credit: TheGabrielAngel of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,645

Night Force Week Day 7 By Phoenix Customs

Night-Force-Team-Mystic---Hisstank Day 7 of Phoenix Customs' Night Force week was yesterday, but being in a candy induced coma, I missed it. No better time than the present to rectify that oversight!

The final day of Night Force week brought us the Mystics and Terror theme, along with an amazing Night Force styled G.I.Joe Raider, renamed and repurposed as the G.I.Joe Night Force Night Terror with a Night Force themed driver, Hot Seat. Here are details on the 2 pack, named Team Mystic:

Airborne by Oreobuilder
Airborne was one of my first Joes and has remained a favorite of mine over the years. The Night Tomahawk was the first thing I wanted to do for this project (I had more than enough spares since the TRU clearance sale), so making a Night Force Airborne seemed like a natural fit. It was a good opportunity to update the recipe a bit with some modern parts and give the chopper a crew.

Spirit by Bucky
I like Spirit. I'm not a die hard Spirit fan by any means, but he's probably in my top ten. I hadn't realized it, but upon looking, I've done a Spirit custom every year since 2012. (Regular, air commando, and now Night Force).
I tried to go with a look that is easily copied, doing absolutely no modifications on the figure. It's just parts swapping and paint. I struggled with the webgear for a bit, until deciding on the Outback vest, giving him a unique look that isn't usually associated with Spirit. Getting the skin tones to match and keep the figure fully poseable wasn't going to be an option, so I went with the painted face route, which has been seen a couple times on some great customs. I'm very happy with how he turned out.

Night Terror w. Hot-Seat by Dusty79
This started out as just an idea to add some other Night Force vehicle to the lineup and I was all for it, but in a project like this, that turned out to be tougher than it sounds. We didn't want to simply do a remake of a Night Force vehicle done by Hasbro and we wanted it to be something unique that Hasbro has not reissued multiple times. Then you have to think about is the vehicle compatible with modern Joes and by the time you sort all that out it makes it pretty tough to find a vehicle that fits and I hit a few dead ends. After combing through and much thought, Bucky and I decided on the Raider. It is a vehicle that has plenty of space in the cockpit for modern figures, it has not been reissued, and it was never a Night Force vehicle. The fact that it had a driver that had not been updated was a bonus.


OreoBuilder has posted up new images of all the amazing customs shared throughout the course of this past week, so make sure to join us after the jump to get your fill of Night Force!
Credit: Phoenix Customs of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,699

Night Force Week Day 6 By Phoenix Customs

Night-Force-Team-Ex-By-Phoenix-Customs---Hisstank Wow, has this week flown by or what? Hard to believe that it's already day 6 of Night Force week, brought to us by the recently formed Phoenix Customs team! Today bring us even more awesome updates of classic characters. Check it out -

Day 6: Ex-Cobra Agents

TEAM EX 2-Pack
Filecards by GITrekker
Packaging mock-ups by Sam

Mercer by Bucky
I have bought many of the BBTS 7 packs in the last couple years, as the price for them is pretty fair and the parts always come in handy. As a result of that, I have numerous Mercer pieces laying around. I thought he would be a fun addition to Night Force, and went with a slightly different route with the lower legs, using BAT. Ones, in a slight nod to the vipers that came out around 2001-2002. After he was finished and painted up, he ends up being my favorite one I did for the project. He just flows very smoothly.

Storm Shadow by Bucky
I'm not a big ninja lover, so I usually buy them for parts and pieces. With that, I had pieces from the dark ninja from retaliation, and the dollar general storm shadow. Once I popped that blue head on the dark body, the rest fell into place, creating a unique look for Storm Shadow.


Make sure to check out these latest additions to the project, plus catch up on Days 1 through 5 after the break!
Credit: Phoenix Customs of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,471

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