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Night Force Week Day 4 And 5 By Phoenix Customs

Night-Force-Night-Star---Hisstank Night Force Week by the team at Phoenix Customs marches on with Days 4 and 5! If you've been following the fun this week, then you're well aware of the amazing Night Force customs we've seen so far. Day 4 and 5 are certainly no different! Check it out -

Day 4: Heavy Weapons
TEAM Heavy 2-Pack

Big firepower, big destruction and the big brains that know what to do with it! Team Heavy brings us new Night Force versions of Short Fuze and Barricade!

Day 5: Air Operations

Today brings us the Night Force Air Operations Team, comprised of the Night Force Night Tomahawk with Lift-Ticket and the Night Force Night Star with Blast Off!

When Night Force needs to get in - and out - of the twilight LZ in a hurry, Lift-Ticket and his new Night Hawk are the solution. When teamed up with Tracker's innate sense of strategy and direction, COBRA will never see - or know - what hit them!

There are Stealth Fighters...and then there's the Night Force Night Star. Able to launch in to high atmosphere and then drop down undetected on COBRA targets, this is one bird that no snake can see, hear or touch!


You can check out a full gallery of these amazing customs and catch up on the rest of Night Force week after the break!
Credit: Phoenix Customs of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 521

G.I.Joe Transformers Crossover Headmasters Hardhead By Phantro

GI-Joe-Transformers-Crossover-Headmaster-Hardhead---Hisstank I don't know about you, but I'm an absolute sucker for anything base on G.I.Joe vs Transformers Crossovers. What's not to love about two fan favorite properties facing off against one another?

That's why my jaw always drops to the floor once Moderator and Master Customizer Phantro shares his custom crossovers with us. This time around, Phantro tackles one of the latter year Transformers releases, HardHead! If you're not familiar with the Autobot Headmaster Soldier, check out what the TF Wiki has to say -

Hardhead is a soldier to his core. A soldier with a stubborn streak a megamile wide. He's stubborn to the point of rejecting outright any path but his own, any idea that goes against his natural instinct or inclination (namely fighting), and any advice he didn't come up with himself. He doesn't talk much, and when he does, it tends to be blunt and terse, if not outright rude. A soldier doesn't waste time on social niceties when there's a war to fight.

Perhaps surprisingly, given his limited social aptitude, Hardhead has found a good companion in Duros, his binary-bonded Nebulan partner, who enjoys warfare just as much as Hardhead does. The two mesh so well, it's been said that theirs may be the best match among all the Autobot-Nebulan teams.

The latest incarnation of Hardhead finds him taking on a new role as the Scorpion Tank for the G.I.Joe team. You'll want to join us after the break to read Phantro's take on his latest creation and to see more images of this amazing custom!
Credit: Phantro of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,263

Night Force Week Days 1 through 3 By Phoenix Customs

GI-Joe-Night-Force-Night-Devil---Hisstank The newly assembled team at Phoenix Customs have shared the first three days of their fantastic Custom Night Force Week! In case you missed the notice of this project posted earlier, I'll let OreoBuilder bring you up to speed -

Remember Project 96? It was the original name for what morphed into GI Joe Resurgence. We won’t bore you guys with the details again (you can read about it here if you like: Oreobuilder's Blog: GI Joe: Resurgence Starts July 1st), but this sub-line was meant to be a part of the larger project. We picked Night Force because, in 1996, it would have made sense, from Hasbro’s perspective, to bring this theme back to support a more ‘’back-to-basics’’ approach. So, we set out to pick characters that could have been repainted at the time.

Now, let's take a look at the fantastic offerings posted up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!


Day 1: Team OG13 and the Night Shift Cycle w. Smokescreen

Not just the original Joes - But the best of the best, ready to take it to COBRA old school!

The first reveals in the project bring us amazing Night Force updates of Breaker, Stalker and Smokescreen, the Night Force Ram Driver.


Day 2: Emergency Response

These Joes are the best at what they do and what they do is Protect and Serve.

Day 2 brought us another pair of fantastic Night Force updates; This time comprised of G.I.Joe Intervention Specialist, Bullhorn and the G.I.Joe Fire Fighter, Barbecue.


Day 3: SEAL Operations

Prognatus Caligo Lumen is the motto of G.I.Joe's Night Force Night Ops team. Meaning "born to create blinding light," these Joes excel at making COBRA afraid of the dark!

Today's amazing assortment of Night Force Customs introduces us to the Night Force Night Raft with Tracker and the Night Force Night Devil with Shipwreck!


You can check out a full assortment of pictures and share your thoughts on these amazing customs after the break!
Credit: The Phoenix Customs Team of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 699

Night Force Week By Phoenix Customs

Night-Force-Stalker---Hisstank Night Force Week by Phoenix Customs

‘’When the sun goes down, the GI JOE NIGHT FORCE squad is ready for action! NIGHT FORCE is a covert team specializing in nighttime surveillance, reconnaissance and defensive operations. Missions conducted in the darkness have special problems, which the NIGHT FORCE squad has overcome with enhanced skills, sophisticated hardware and advanced technology. They use the element of surprise to vanquish Cobra, striking under cover of darkness and disappearing into the night, mission accomplished!’’ – Text adapted from original Night Force mission statement

Why Night Force?

Remember Project 96? It was the original name for what morphed into GI Joe Resurgence. We won’t bore you guys with the details again (you can read about it here if you like: Oreobuilder's Blog: GI Joe: Resurgence Starts July 1st), but this sub-line was meant to be a part of the larger project. We picked Night Force because, in 1996, it would have made sense, from Hasbro’s perspective, to bring this theme back to support a more ‘’back-to-basics’’ approach. So, we set out to pick characters that could have been repainted at the time.

In our planning, we mapped out a main line, mail away products and a retailer exclusive line. When we put together the Resurgence order of battle, we quickly realized that we could not fit Night Force within our 31-day time frame and that the theme and characters no longer fit our overall objective of a ‘’soft reboot’’ of the line. However, we had all these customs already made. Therefore, we decided to split it off.

Our approach was simple. These figures are meant to be repaints and kitbashes from existing figures and vehicles. Contrary to Resurgence, which would have had a lot of hypothetical new tooling, Night Force would have been assembled from existing parts and represent existing characters. Like the originals, we planned them out to be a series of thematic 2-pack and vehicles. Once again, GITrekker lent us his services to flesh out these characters and Sam is back with some awesome brand new packaging.

We’ll be rolling out our complete line-up all next week starting on Monday the 27th. Sit back, enjoy and comments are always welcome!

Phoenix Customs

Phoenix Customs? What is that? Quick answer, it is our small group of customizers started by Bucky, Dusty79 and Oreobuilder. The three of us have started working on so many common projects that we decided we needed a name for our little gang. Also, aside from GITrekker and Sam Panico that have been contributing regularly to our projects, we will also be adding new members to our team shortly. We have enlisted some help from two others very recently for a large project next summer.

Given all of this, we figured it would be simpler to have one name to round up everyone. It’s easier and it makes custom thread titles much shorter! Each one of us will continue posting our own customs separately on occasion, but for our large projects, expect to see Phoenix Customs.

We’ll be kicking this off with a brand new project starting tomorrow and lasting a whole week.
Credit: Bucky, Dusty79, Sam, GITrekker and OreoBuilder of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,418

Custom Cobra SuperFANG Assault Helicopter By LoyalCobra

Cobra-SuperFang-Assault-Helicopter---Hisstank We've been showcasing a lot of amazing custom figures from our Custom Forums, so it's time for a vehicle and a rather awesome one at that!

Check out the Custom Cobra SuperFANG Assault Helicopter by forum member loyalcobra. This piece just screams COBRA, but we'll let LC tell you about it himself -

Loyalcobra and MARS Industries proudly present - the CAH-14 SUPERFANG.
To me, one of the worst offenses related to the Rise of Cobra movie and toyline was the Cobra Gunship. If Cobra had tech that advanced at their disposal... the whole plot of the movie instantly comes apart. Anyway, I've done my best to fix this with a traditional helicopter gunship that incorporates the ROC design elements without trying to be too sci-fi to be believed. I'm not going to post a parts list, because I committed some terrible atrocities with my collections to make this. I hope you enjoy!


Check out more images and share your thoughts after the break!
Credit: loyalcobra of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,503

Custom G.I.Joe Cobra Commander By Contraband And Outbackman

Custom-GI-Joe-Retaliation-Cobra-Commander---Hisstank Wait until you get a load of this custom Cobra Commander, named simply The Commander, by forum members Contraband and Outbackman. The detail put in to this piece is incredible, from his menacing uniform to the chrome leaf on his mask. Check out the parts list -


Head:Modified Wave 1 Retaliation Cobra Commander
Legs:Wave 1 Cobra Commander(black variant)
Torso:Modified Wave 1 Dollar General Cobra Commander
Arms:Wave 1 Dollar General a Cobra Commander
Hands:Retaliation Ultimate Cobra Commander


Coat: Ice Dagger Loki from Avengers line.
Side Arm:Retaliation Ultimate Cobra Commander

You can check out more pictures of this incredible custom after the break!
Credit: Contraband and Outbackman of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,272

Custom G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary Spirit By Ceraurus

GI-Joe-30th-Anniversary-Spirit---Hisstank 1984's A Real American Hero assortment introduced us to Spirit, aka Spirit Iron-Knife, the G.I.Joe Tracker. It's easy to see how/why this character became a fan favorite, especially in earlier Sunbow episodes, when he would battle the Cobra Ninja, Storm Shadow.

We've received 3 versions of the character in Modern form so far - The 25th Anniversary version, The Pursuit of Cobra version and finally the Slaughters Marauders (POC repaint) version. With that said, none can hold a candle to the fantastic Custom 30th Anniversary Spirit created by forum Moderator ceraurus. It's a perfect update, combining both his classic and 25th anniversary looks, while incorporating an updated feel, similar to what you've come to expect from POC and 30th offerings.

You can check out more images and the parts list behind this killer piece after the break.
Credit: ceraurus of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,104

Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Repeater By Pugsley

Custom-GI-Joe-Modern-Repeater---Hisstank Check out this custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Repeater figure by forum member Pugsley! This custom does a great job of capturing everything that embodies his A Real American Hero origins. The figure even has a hand painted Universal Camo Pattern Design!

Check out more images and share your thoughts on this custom after the break!
Credit: Puglsey of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 977

Custom G.I.Joe Sigma 6 Dreadnok Zarana By Vanishing Point

Custom-GI-Joe-Sigma-6-Zarana---Hisstank If you love G.I.Joe Sigma 6, then you're no stranger to forum member Vanishing Points amazing Custom Sigma 6 Scale figures. This time around, VP set his eyes on none other than the Femme Fatale Dreadnok Sister of Zartan, Zarana!

What's also very neat about this project is that Zarana completes VP's run of Custom 1982 - 1987 ARAH inspired Sigma 6 Customs! You can check out his other S6 style customs here Vanishing Point's Sigma 6 Customs

Join us after the break to share your thoughts and to see Zarana with her brother Zandar!
Credit: Vanishing Point of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,099

Custom Cobra Strike Viper By Airmax

Cobra-Strike-Viper---Hisstank Since 1986, there's been roughly 30 or so figures to carry the name "Viper" for the COBRA Legions, but you've never seen one like this!

Check out forum member Airmaxs updated Cobra Viper design, aka Strike Viper. Per Airmax, if the Vipers are Cobra's army, these guys would be Special Forces.

Taking his cues from the original design, this new look Viper is a great update to a fan favorite design. You can check out more pics and join in on the discussion after the break!
Credit: Airmax of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,381

G.I. Joe Modern Era Custom Dogfight

15344746939_9d954b96e7_h Thanks to boards member Whargoul44 for posting up his G.I. Joe modern era custom Dogfight.

Dogfight's primary military specialty is Mudfighter pilot, and his secondary military specialty is electronics technician. The combination of his uncanny depth perception, precise hand/eye coordination, and powerful throwing arm got him permanently forbidden from every county fair and carnival in Alabama for winning too many stuffed bears. He now uses those same skills to destroy Cobra's vehicles.

Check out all the custom Dogfight images after the jump.
Credit: Whargoul44 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,025

G.I. Joe Modern Era Dreadnok VooDoo Priest - Damballah

003 Thanks to boards member starwarsgeek for posting up his G.I. Joe modern era Dreadnok VooDoo Priest - Damballah! Check out all the images of this awesome custom after the jump.....

Credit: starwarsgeek of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,534

Custom G.I.Joe ARAH Lightfoot By TrueJoeFan

1988-GI-Joe-ARAH-Lightfoot-Custom---Hisstank So, wondering what you're going to do with all those spare Blowtorch figures you collected going after H.E.A.T. Vipers from the G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Heated Battle set? Well, why not follow forum member truejoefan's lead and use one as the base for a killer ARAH style Lightfoot figure?

Staying true to form, this reincarnation of Lightfoot includes his signature helmet and battlefield robot, of course!

You can share your thoughts and check out more images of this cool custom after the break!
Credit: truejoefan of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,210

Custom G.I.Joe Sonic Fighters Part 1 By OreoBuilder

GI-Joe-Sonic-Fighters-Logo---Hisstank It seems as though forum member and Master Customizer OreoBuilder always has something new and awesome to share with the Hisstank Community and this time is no different!

OB has tackled a subgroup that doesn't always receive much love...the G.I.Joe Sonic Fighters! Here's the word from OB -

The originals were a bit of a strange subset in the early '90s. They did not anything to tie them together except the large sound backpacks. In this project, I tried to re-invent them with modern parts as well as a common color scheme. Also, I structured the project around a made-up mission (that involves a new Cobra super weapon) to give these characters an ''excuse'' to work together in a squad.

Join us after the break to check out amazing customs of:

  • G.I.Joe Sonic Fighters Psyche-Out
  • G.I.Joe Sonic Fighters Dial-Tone
  • G.I.Joe Sonic Fighters Lt. Falcon
  • G.I.Joe Sonic Fighters Zap
Credit: OreoBuilder of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,304

G.I. Joe Modern Era Custom Dodger

GI-Joe-custom-dodger Thanks to boards member sneekpick for posting up images of his custom G.I. Joe Dodger!

When driving high-tech armored fighting vehicles, it is often easy to get carried away and rely heavily on the new technology. Dodger may be considered a techno-nerd for his fascination with the latest in armored fighting technology the likes of which include night-vision, thermal imaging, Doppler radars and computer driven multi-mode displays. But to say that he depends on them is absolutely wrong. He has long been driving tanks and other tracked vehicles since way back that he relies more on guts and instinct to get by battlefield conditions.
Credit: sneekpick of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,276

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