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Custom Modern Era MASK RHINO With Bruce Sato

Custom-Modern-Era-MASK-Rhino---Hisstank Wait until you take a look at this custom 1/18th scale Modern Era M.A.S.K. Rhino with Custom Bruce Sato figure, created by forum member Toyphilia. It's HUGE! Using a KO Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime as the base, this piece looks factory made and has many of us wishing that Hasbro would produce more M.A.S.K. items to go alongside our Modern Era Specialist Matt Trakker Figure! From toyphilia -

This custom has all the features of the original Rhino. What seems to look like a regular 10 wheeler is actually a tank filled with surprises. From the power ram front bumpers, smokestacks becoming high powered laser cannons, doors that open, a mobile command center with a powerful spring action missile launcher, to the all terrain vehicle equipped with bulletproof shield canopy, front mounted vibration cannons and an additional missile launcher with spring action.


Join as after the break to see a full assortment of images and to share your thoughts on this amazing M.A.S.K. RHINO custom!
Credit: toyphilia of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,090

Custom Modern Era ARAH Rock N Roll v2 By Ska Lives

Modern-Era-Rock-n-Roll-v2---Hisstank Check out this spot on Custom Modern Era rendition of the G.I.Joe Gatling Gunner, Rock & Roll v2! Created by forum member Ska_Lives, this awesome custom piece stays true to it's original roots while giving a breath of fresh life to this fan favorite G.I.Joe character! From Ska -

I wanted to keep it as close to the original source material as possible, yet still update and tweak a few items. The harness is completely scratch built, and outside of the color and lack of grenades, is pretty spot on IMO. The side rifle was tricky. I was hoping to find an extra one in my travels, yet never did so I opted to use something from the more modern figures. I then modified a holster to hold it. The originals molded on knife is now a usable machete as well.

I had a lot of fun making this figure and I hope that you guys enjoy it as well!


You can check out more images and a full parts list after the break!
Credit: Ska_Lives of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,544

Custom Spaceport Playset By Empire - Update!

Empire-Custom-Spaceport---Hisstank You may remember the absolutely amazingly Custom Spaceport Playset Diorama that forum member Empire a couple of years back...but then again, how could any of us forget? It has always been an awe inspiring piece, causing many an hour to be lost just looking over all the nooks and crannies and living vicariously through the eyes of Empire's kids.

To quote forum member Short Bus Kustoms, Empire has moved the bar off of the moon and shot it across the galaxy, into another dimension. Now no one could ever hope to reach this level of awesomeness.

From Empire -

Well, it's been a long time since I posted an update to the Spaceport. All the ebay playsets and commission pieces have kept me stupid busy but I do occasionally try to squeeze in time to dabble with the "finished" city. I tore out all the original LED strand lighting and replaced it with probably 7 or 8 sets of LED Dioder lights from IKEA. These are perfect as they are plug in so no more replacing batteries and they are bright and super thin at .25". They actually look like a ceiling light fixture. The Blue Waffle Lounge now has flashing color changing lights to give it a more night club action feel to it. I also added additional wall panels/modules and landing platforms along with more drop towers to the ceiling of the actual room this beast is in. The playset is now officially part of the house. But when you walk into that corner of the room it really does feel like you have entered a miniature city.

And yeah, I'm still working on it....


Do yourself a favor - Join us after the break and check out the latest updates to this won't believe your eyes!
Credit: Empire of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 10,082

Custom G.I. Joe vs Transformers Crossover Double Dealer

Double-Dealer-product-shot-5 Forum Moderator and Master Customizer Phantro is at it again, unleashing his G.I.Joe vs Transformers goodness on the boards!

This time around, Phantro shares an amazing commissioned piece, converting an oversized Transformers Power Master Double Dealer in to a Rolling Thunder update, or a Decepticon Alt mode that is reminiscent of Voltar's pet Vulture!

You can check out more images of this awesome G.I.Joe vs Transformers Crossover Custom after the break!
Credit: phantro of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 6,414

Custom Modern Era Cobra SNAKE Armor v2

Custom-Modern-Era-Cobra-SNAKE-Armor---Hisstank Check out this amazing Modern Era update to the Cobra S.N.A.K.E. armor! Created by forum member grimdizel, this awesome update looks like it would be pure hell on the battlefield!

Before you ask, YES, it does open with plenty of room for your favorite driver/pilot inside! There's a bunch of great images to check out, so join us after the break for more of this awesome Cobra S.N.A.K.E. Armor 2.0 update!
Credit: grimdizel of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,916

Custom Construx Cobra Terrordrome By Edgewise

Custom-Construx-Cobra-Terrordrome---Hisstank Check out this feat of engineering and imagination! forum member Edgewise created a true-to-form Cobra Terrordrome completely from Construx! In case you aren't familiar with the name, Construx were a construction style toy by Fisher-Price in the 80s. There was a TON of stuff that could be done with Construx and Edgewise has just proven that theory to be true yet again 30 years later.

From Edgewise -

It came out to be nearly the same dimensions as a real Terrordrome, though I hadn't planned that. The Firebat launch silo raises and lowers the Firebat by a winch/string, though the silo doors do not automatically open along with that. One the lower level of a real Terrordrome are 2 gun bays, and I've recreated those. There's a bay for the elevator handle and I've recreated that as a bay with the winch along with it being the 'powerplant' of the Terrordrome. There's also a stockade bay in this version. The real Terrordrome has one empty bay but in place of that I have a bay with a staircase leading to the top level. Finally the real Terrordrome has 3 vehicle bays/refueling stations. I've made 2 bays like that with a third bay being a multi-purpose bay for vehicle or troop storage.

There are over 40 images to feast your eyes on, so join us after the break to check'em out and to join the discussion already in progress!
Credit: Edgewise of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 4,783

Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Paranormal Squad Ghostbusters

GI-Joe-Paranormal-Squad-Ghostbusters---Hisstank Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

This is beyond awesome. Check out this custom G.I.Joe Paranormal Squad, aka the Ghostbusters! forum member Iron Will hit a home run with his custom renditions of Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore.

The awesome doesn't stop there though! Iron Will reworked a G.I.Joe VAMP in to a new ECTO vehicle! There's even a Stay Puft and of course, Slimer!

Check out more images and share your thoughts after the break!
Credit: Iron Will of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,937

Modern Era Prof Appel Crimson Guardsman By MSWI

GI-Joe-Modern-Era-Prof-Appel---Hisstank Check out this amazing custom of Prof Appel from the original A Real American Hero Comic Series, created by forum member mswi!

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the character, Prof. Appel is the father of Candy, who also happens to be Ripcord's girlfriend. In issue #43 of the original Marvel ARAH comic series, Candy was kidnapped by the Dreadnoks and Ripcord is in pursuit. We later find out that Appel, who is also a Crimson Guardsman, is unaware of the kidnapping. I recommend checking out the issue to find out what happens next!

As always, mswi's custom work is top shelf, really capturing the character as one would imagine him. You can check out more images after the break!
Credit: mswi of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,525

Custom Modern Era Riverine Ops Muskrat By Boris Ping

River-Ops-Muskrat---Hisstank Board Member and Customizer Extraordinaire BorisPing has shared yet another one of his amazing custom creations. This time around, his focus is on the G.I.Joe Swamp Fighter, Muskrat!

Muskrat looks absolutely amazing, with Boris granting the figure a realism that is unmatched by any other "official" offering of this specific character. Check out more images and share your thoughts on this amazing custom piece after the break!
Credit: BorisPing of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,817

Modern Era Cobra Hydro Viper By Swizzlesticks

Modern-Era-Cobra-Hydro-Viper---Hisstank Check out this incredible Custom Modern Era Cobra Hydro-Viper created by forum member Swizzlesticks! The attention to detail here is absolutely amazing, down to the scale-like suit and highly-detailed air tank and Harpoon gun.

The Cobra Hydro Viper, aka the Demon of the Deep is Cobras Elite Underwater Trooper that have been selected from EELs who volunteer to be surgically enhanced to withstand the effects of deep sea diving. They have webs implanted between their fingers and fat injected in to their bodies to provide insulation.

This is an amazing update to a fan favorite troop builder! You should join us after the break to check out more pics and to share your comments!
Credit: Swizzlesticks of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,731

Custom Modern Era Cobra Mega Marines Bio Viper by Tankster

Custom-Modern-Era-Mega-Marines-Cobra-Bio-Viper-Monstro-Viper---Hisstank 1993 introduced us to a rather unique addition to the G.I.Joe Universe - The Cobra Bio-Viper. Alongside the Cobra Monstro-Viper, these beasts were the reason the G.I.Joe Mega Marines came in to existence - To repel and destroy Cobra's Mega-Monsters!

From the evil labs of Dr. Mindbender come the hideous, genetically enhanced cobra Mega-Monsters. These soldiers are the toughest troops COBRA has ever come up with.

Although odd, there was something about the Mega Monsters that made them a lot of fun to play with. Thanks to forum member Tankster, we can now see what a Modern Era Cobra Bio-Viper may look like...and it's all sorts of Bad #*$.

Join us after the break to check out more images of this amazing Custom Mega-Monster!
Credit: Tankster of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,118

Custom Modern Era Cobra Combat Controller By TR1ER

Cobra-Combat-Controller---Hisstank Check out this amazing custom Modern Era Cobra Combat Controller created by forum member TR1ER! As with all of his amazing work, this piece has a "Real World" feel to it and makes you believe that you could see COBRA operatives on actual battlefields.

You can check out more images and share your thoughts on this COD-esque piece after the break!
Credit: TR1ER of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,044

Cobra Recoiled Custom Figure Event Week In Review!

Cobra-Recoiled-Hisstank forum member icecreamman and the customizers behind the Cobra Recoiled Custom Figure Event have been sharing fantastic pieces all week long! We're here to bring you up to date on the cool custom pieces that have been shared since the project kicked off on December 1st. Check it out! - Week 1 of this custom project has officially come and gone! Join us after the break to give kudos to all the customizers involved and to share your thoughts on the Cobra Recoiled customs shared so far!
Credit: icecreamman of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,302

Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Vs Cobra Ninja Force By Letal

GI-Joe-vs-Cobra-Ninja-Force---Hisstank Ah, good old Ninja Force. Depending on your take on Ninjas, you either loved the concept or hated it. Regardless of what side of the debate you fall on, there's one thing we can agree on - the concept introduced some pretty cool characters to the G.I.Joe universe. forum member Letal has done an incredible job of recreating both the G.I.Joe and Cobra Ninja Force teams in modern format. He didn't tackle one or two figures, he tackled ENTIRE SQUADS! There's so much custom goodness here, it's been split in to separate threads - one for the Modern Era G.I.Joe Ninja Force Team and one of the Modern Era Cobra Ninja Force Team. We've linked back to the Joe thread, but feel free to leave comments in both!

Included in the assortment of customs are -

  • Dojo
  • Nunchuck
  • Banzai
  • Bushido
  • Scarlett
  • Snake Eyes
  • Dice
  • Slice
  • Zartan

Share your thoughts on this amazing assortment of Ninja Force customs after the break!
Credit: Letal of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,837

Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Pac Rat By KnightStryke

Modern-Era-GI-Joe-PacRat---Hisstank The PAC/RAT weapons platform was originally introduced in to the G.I.Joe arsenal back in 1983. PAC/RATs (Programmed Assault Computer Rapid All Terrain) platforms were advertised as Modern Army Action Weapons based on the U.S. Army's most sophisticated designs. There were three platform types - Machine Gunner, Flame Thrower and Missile Launcher. forum member KnightStryke has given the PAC/RAT platform a much needed updated and has built a system that incorporates two weapons platforms, while making this latest incarnation highly mobile and ready for today's combat environments!

You can see this updated PAC/RAT in all its glory and see what parts were used by joining the discussion already in progress after the break!
Credit: KnightStryke of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,573

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