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Infestation 2 GI Joe #2, Cobra #11, And GI Joe Retaliation Prequel #3 Previews

Infestation 2 GI Joe #2, Cobra #11, And GI Joe Retaliation Prequel #3 Previews
Three GI Joe Comics will be released tomorrow by IDW and we've got the previews for them!

Cobra #11
'COBRA COMMAND' CONCLUDES! This is it-the final battle as the JOEs struggle to survive. Everything changes here! Who lives-who dies-who wins? The answers aren't what you expect, and the foundation for the future of G.I. Joe starts here!

GI Joe Retaliation Prequel #3
THE PREQUEL TO THIS SUMMER'S MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE STRIKES AGAIN! Snake Eyes-a deadly ninja. Roadblock-an unparalleled commando. Now's the time for them to match skills and throw down. Who'll win in this battle of fighting styles? It's no holds barred brawling with the bad guys in the middle-plus, new secrets of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are revealed!

Infestation 2 GI Joe #2
Unspeakable madness seeps out of the portal Cobra has opened, and it threatens to take over the entire Cobra base... and then spread across the globe! The only hope for survival lies in an unusual alliance between Snake Eyes and master-of-the-occult Crystal Ball. And who knows what role Storm Shadow will play! Pulse pounding horror excitement awaits!
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Infestation 2 GI Joe #2, Cobra #11, And GI Joe Retaliation Prequel #3 Previews - Additional Images
























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Colder Soldier:
Damn, the Baroness image on Cobra #11 cvr is hot.
Shin Densetsu:
Originally Posted by Colder Soldier View Post
Damn, the Baroness image on Cobra #11 cvr is hot.
That catfight of hers in the beginning of that issue is beast.
Loose Cannon:
Snake Eyes gets a gun and a knife. Roadblock gets a Hand-Key! (Wax on, Wax off)
Yeah, more Joe goodies to read tomorrow.

I just love how the Baroness is just a cold-hearted bitch in the IDW universe. I mean the way she started taking out the "council" in Cobra Command Part:6 and last years Infestation. I love it!
why is the movie deadpool in gi joe???
this shit is hilarious
The Baroness continues to be the absolute best character in the Joe books since the IDW relaunch.
Looks good! The Cobra series is fantastic. Infestation is better than I expected. I am not thrilled with Retaliation, but it is not bad.

Artwork on Cobra looks excellent! Could not ask for a better cover!

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