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G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #186 Preview

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #186 Preview
More GI Joe A Real American Hero by Larry Hama is on the way tomorrow and we've got a preview!

GI Joe A Real American Hero #186
DARKLON has managed to get the best of DESTRO and is going forward on his sale of the stolen nuclear trigger device. But when COLONEL FAROUD, the potential buyer of the device, asks for proof that it works, Darklon is forced to make a drastic choice that may put everyone -- G.I. JOE, COBRA and even Darklon himself-in mortal danger! The clock starts ticking in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #186!

Read on to preview this issue!
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G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #186 Preview - Additional Images










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Shin Densetsu:
G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #186 Preview - GI Joe News

GI Joe A Real American Hero #186 Preview
Can't wait for this issue!
Yea, I need to get into the LCS and pick up some back issues. It has been a while since I've been in there!
This issues have been a bit hit or miss, to be honest, but when they're hit they really have the same magic as the '80s comics. For me, it's a treat to still have the same writer writing ARAH after all these years.
SO happy to that Ron Wagner is pencilling!
Originally Posted by necro View Post
SO happy to that Ron Wagner is pencilling!
Oh, WOW! I missed that! I'm happy too now!





and Ron Wagner

This is just oozing with '80s awesomeness. I can't wait to get this.
The last few issues have been a little light since the end of the Blue Ninjas. I'm hoping to see Larry get back into form.
So happy to see my fav Joe 'Leatherneck' again. Finally no ninjas or SE or SS.
neapolitan joe:
The last (now only) title I'll buy.
Mr Hebime:
Now we're getting there! ARAH is back, thank you!
I'm really, really enjoying this series. I buy every issue the day it releases. And every trade paperback reprint as well. It really is fun to read. It's very much like old times. Except that the Tele-Vipers carry smart phones.

The only thing that has me nervous about this issue is that Ripcord looks like he might have had a race-change. I'm hoping he just used some dark camo paint.

I know what you mean. I'm "transported" back to the '80s when I read ARAH. When I see Tele Vipers with smart phones it's like what the hell?

Wondered the same thing on which of the two Ripcords will it be?
Old What's his Face Eightteen years and they still can't remember his code name. It's the little things like that,that made ARAH.
Big IV:
I never thought I would see the Ghost Rider "what's his name" joke again. Funny piece to bring back.
What the hell happened to Ron Wagner? He was the man back in the day but this is just awful. I don't know if it's the person inking his stuff or what but man.....
Originally Posted by neapolitan joe View Post
The last (now only) title I'll buy.
It's the only decent Joe title IDW publishes in my opinion. Although I do have hope for Fred's new book next month.
Decent issue, but yeah, the art was a little bad in some parts. Maybe it was a rush job.

Looks like the next issue will feature Jinx and the return of those lame Blue Cyber-Ninjas.
Looks great to me, i love this continuation after all these years, i would have thought the Ripcord appearance would have been a great chance to stick Freefall in there instead of Ripcord.
Finally picked up my issue. I loved it. Overall, i dug the art. A bit reminiscent of Sal Buscema. I think the inking was a bit inconsistent. Really good in some panels, not so good in others. I agree it didnt look very much like Ron Wagner, but I am pretty sure it was because of the inking. He did some IDW Joe covers a while back and they looked like Ron Wagner. He's a great story teller with his art. Much better than the penciler before him.

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