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All G.I. Joe News News Sponsor Letter 4/14/14

KREGJ3350199-2 Marvel, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Game Of Thrones, Captain America, Walking Dead, StarWar & More @Dorksidetoys

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Newly restocked GI JOES! Some harder to find classics plus we managed to get even more of the ultimates so be quick as these always fly out the door. Lots of great looking collector focussed GI JOE FSS 2.0 figures, classics from recent GI JOE Retaliation, plus older Renegades & Kre-o's.
GI JOE Figures -

From Comic to TV, from Bobble heads to vinyl collectibles, we have plenty of characters, comic packs, and tons of brand new super deformed awesome Walking Dead Funko figures.
The Walking Dead -

Guardians Of The Galaxy continues to be one of our most popular pre-orders recently. Given shortages of Black Series Stormtroopers & Black Widow-take an inside tip from a toy store that's been in business for near ten years-PRE-ORDER! Stop paying silly money later on, hunting endlessly and finding nothing, be smart and pre-order now. We don't charge your credit card until your goods ship, so no excuse not to be safe and ensure you get great figures at good prices.

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Marvel -

Brand new Black Series 3.75 inch are still up for pre-order at excellent prices too and proving to be incredibly popular. We've ordered extra to keep up, but they really are super in demand and the best of the 3.75 black line to date. Make sure you order now and ensure you get this wave, in mint condition and at a great price.

We also have New Star Wars Funko Fabrikations, vehicles, Jumbo Kenner and older Hasbro figures starting from only $3.99. More Black Series six inch wave 3 are coming soon, follow us on our Google+, Twitter & Facebook pages for alerts.
Star Wars -

Cool Batman & DC Collectibles from Arkham Asylum, City & retro cool Batman 1966 carded or loose heroes & villains. Plus now the NEW Fabrikations & NECA 1/4 scale Joker Dark Knight & Batman Arkham origins figures.
DC Collectibles

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Funko BTTF

So happy here at Dorksidetoys HQ that Game Of Thrones is back! You've been loving these excellent looking figures too it seems and rightly so, these are looking very good indeed. Get all your favourites from the smash TV show, plus waves, singles and more in our Game Of Thrones section, available to pre-order now.
Game of Thrones Funko Legacy
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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Series 1

001-Boss-Fight-vitruyian-hacks-wave has just received new images of the full Series 1 Highly Articulated Character Kit System coming winter 2014/2015 from Boss Fight Studio.

Check out the full list of figures below.
  • Immortal Hero
  • Celestial Warrior Medusa
  • Celestial Warrior Perseus
  • Pre-Curse Medusa
  • Gorgon Army: Ringneck
  • Undead Warrior
  • Gorgon Army:Coral Snake
  • Cursed Gorgon Sister: Medusa
  • Spartan Warrior
  • Cursed Spartan Warrior
  • Athenian Warrior
  • Gorgon Army: Green Snake
  • Eldest Gorgon Sister: Stheno
  • Underworld Warrior
  • Gorgon Army: Black Racer
  • Youngest Gorgon Sister: Eurayle
  • King Leonidas
  • Myrmidon Warrior
  • Immortal Hero

Check out all of the new Boss Fight images after the jump.
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Kokomo Toys Dealer Wholesale ARAH Parts Lots On eBay

Kokomo-Toys-Logo---Hisstank Are you or someone you know looking for G.I.Joe A Real American Hero parts? Are you a dealer and looking for parts in bulk? Need to bolster your store inventory? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you're in luck!

Our friend Sudelaya stopped by to share an HUGE update - Kokomo Toys will be posting large lots of ARAH parts that are priced to MOVE! Check it out -

We are happy to announce that we are starting our first ever parts lots auctions today. These will be collector grade vehicle parts from 1982 - 1994. Each lot will consist of one vehicle. Example, you will be able to bid on large bags of various vehicle lots such as 2 pounds of Hammerhead parts, 3 pounds of Stun pieces, 5 pounds of Maggot parts, etc. etc.

These are all over flow parts we have had in storage. These will be great for dealers in need or parts, customizers or anyone with lots of shells. If you are interested in getting into the parts business, these auctions will be a great start. Most of these pieces sell between $0.25 to $2.00 a piece. Sometimes more. We are happy to be able to pass these lots on to others in the community and hope everyone has a chance to bid on what they need.

Also, check out Cobra Invading the new shop here

Follow us on Facebook for updates:
Kokomo Toys on Facebook

Make sure to head over to Kokomo Toys on eBay to get your bids in NOW!
Credit: Sudelaya of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 391

Acid Rain 88th Sand Division Product Reveal

Acid-Rain-World-Logo---Hisstank Our friend Mr. Kit Lau has been quite busy on the news front this weekend! On Friday, we were introduced to the upcoming Bucks Team via the Acid Rain Blog. Yesterday, our own haradrel posted up a fantastic interview that he held with Kit. The interview gave us a real look inside the Acid Rain World.

Just this morning, the Official Acid Rain World Blog was updated with images of the 88th Sand Division Troopers, Speeder Mk II and Stronghold! The new troopers look fantastic, with new web gear, skirting and killer weaponry. We've mirrored the images here so join us after the break to get your fill an discuss all things ACID RAIN!
Credit: haradrel and Kit Lau of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,419

JoeCon 2014 - Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS and Booth Images

Boss-Fight-Studio-01---Hisstank It goes without saying that one of the main highlights of the 2014 International G.I.Joe Convention was, of course, Boss Fight Studio. Not only was BFS showing off their amazing G.I.Joe work, including head sculpts, custom figures and artwork...but they also had their upcoming Vitruvian HACKS action figure line on display.

HACKS - Highly Articulated Character Kit System

The first figures on display were Medusa (with different versions present), a Corporal Snake figure and of course, the kick @ss Spartan Warrior that was shown alongside Medusa not too long ago. We've collected around 20 images from their booth and displays (Thanks BFS & Davestro!) and have mirrored them here for your enjoyment.

It's also Boss Fight Studio's Anniversary, so make sure you stop by their Booth or their Facebook Page and show them some love!
Credit: Boss Fight Studio, Davestro of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,586

JoeCon 2014 Convention Exclusive Steel Brigade Delta And VTOL

Steel-Brigade-Delta-VTOL-01---Hisstank As JoeCon 2014 slowly winds down, forum member Davestro has brought us another grouping of images, this time of the JoeCon 2014 Exclusive Steel Brigade Delta Pilot and VTOL.

The VTOL, based on the Pursuit of Cobra Ghost Hawk was apparently well received, as this set is one of those that sold out pretty early during the show. Davestro snapped a few images of the set, so make sure to check them out after the break.

We'll be with you until the end of JoeCon, as there's still images of the FSS 3.0 figures to share with you, so stay tuned!
Credit: Davestro of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,586

JoeCon 2014 - Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Figures Revealed

GIJCC-FSS-30-Crimson-Guard-Immortal---Hisstank Earlier today at the 2014 International G.I.Joe Collectors Convention, the G.I.Joe Club revealed the line up for the next Figure Subscription Service (3.0). Ready or not, here they come. The FSS will include:
  • Alpine v2
  • Bombstrike
  • Psyche Out (Original Colors)
  • Repeater (Original Colors)
  • Hit & Run (Concept Case Version)
  • Muskrat (Original Colors)
  • Spearhead (Original Colors)
  • Big Ben
  • Crimson Guard Immortal (Concept Case Version?)
  • Slice
  • Night Creeper Leader
  • Vypra

The next Incentive Figure will be Dr. Mindbender in Arctic Gear. The Club Exclusive Vehicle will be the Cobra Wave Crusher (SHARC Repaint) with Sub-Viper.

Special thanks go to forum member Davestro for the slide images. So, what say you on FSS 3.0? Sound off on the next grouping after the jump!
Credit: Davestro of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 5,181 Sponsor Update 3/31/14

cobra-la Guru Planet will be attending the official G.I. Joe Collectors Convention in Dallas, TX! On display they will have Some Rare Annika Customs!

Convention Exclusives 2014 JoeCon!
2014 G.I. Joe Real American Hero Convention Exclusive Toy Action Figures.

Convention Updates!
GI Joe Action Figures, G.I. Joe Vintage Toys & GI Joe Collectibles - Guru-Planet
  Views: 1,437

The ToySource @ Joecon

ToySource-JoeCon-01 Joecon 2014 is under way, and we wanted to update with a quick round of pics from site sponsor The ToySource. They sent over shots of the new 3.75 Lost Planet figures, on display at their booth. Check the details and a note from them below:

We have the Toy Notch Lost Planet figures on display and the feedback so far has been great, we encourage everyone to stop by and say hi to theToySource team and check out the quality on these figures in person. We hope to be listing the Lost Planet preorders very soon as well. We also have the HIYA Toys Our War US Army and German figures on show special, great figures for customizing your Joes. Also samples of Citizen Stack and Unique Toys Soundmixer are on display, for those 3rd party Transformers fans.

Finally, we’ve put up preorders for all of the GIJOE Con Exclusives here:

Each we have limited stock on, any preorders will ship out mid next week when they arrive back to our warehouse. If figures sell out we will monitor during the show and attempt to acquire more and update adding to the site as we secure any figures that are soldout. With $150 or more orders getting FREE shipping don’t miss out! We’ll also announce on our facebook page as we add more so feel free to check it!

  Views: 1,675

JoeCon 2014 Rescue Ops Clutch And Ice Storm Images

Rescue-Ops-Clutch-Ice-Storm---Hisstank Thanks to Hisstank forum member Davestro for sharing images of the Rescue Ops 2 pack. Included in the pack are Clutch and Ice Storm. Both figures were available at the 2014 International G.I.Joe Collectors Convention. As of the time of this post, the 2 pack has sold out.

Some really neat details are found on these figures; From the homage to the USS Flagg on Ice Storm's jacket, to the cool riot-gear style design of Clutch. You can check out more images after the break.

Were you able to add these guys to your Zombie Initiative Squad? Sound off on the Forums!
Credit: Davestro of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 3,028

Acid Rain World Interview With Kit Lau

Acid-Rain-World-Logo---Hisstank Thanks to forum member and Acid Rain Facebook Group Administrator haradrel, we're pleased to share a fantastic interview that was held with our friend Mr. Kit Lau. Kit is the driving force behind the Acid Rain World line of figures and vehicles that have taken the segment by storm.

The interview is quite extensive and covers many questions collectors have asked, including questions on upcoming characters like the Bucks Infantry, speculation on the Chapel and more clarification on who the real enemy is in the Acid Rain World.

We can't thank & haradrel enough for taking the time to sit down together and get these questions answered for us, as it really shines a new light on the Acid Rain World. On that note, join us after the break and enjoy the interview!
Credit: haradrel and Kit Lau of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 565

JoeCon 2014 Night Force Crazy Legs Parachute Drop!

Thanks to the Instagram of NeptuneNole, we can share a video of the Parachute Drop from the 2014 International G.I.Joe Collectors Convention!

The figure being dropped was none other than Night Force Crazy Legs. If you were one of the lucky ones to catch him, make sure to stop by the G.I.Joe Club Booth to pick up his gear!

Credit: NeptuneNole Views: 1,243

G.I. Joe Pimp Daddy Destro Bobble Head Sale

destro-ee-exclusive Thanks to Entertainment Earth Daily Deals the G.I. Joe Pimp Daddy Destro Bobble Head is on sale today only, for just $4.00. The sale ends at midnight so if you want one make sure to grab it today.

G.I. Joe Pimp Daddy Destro Bobble Head - EE Exclusive - Funko - G.I. Joe - Bobble Heads at Entertainment Earth
  Views: 494

JoeCon 2014 Convention Exclusive Souvenir Reveal Round Up

JoeCon-2014-Logo-Hisstank Thursday has come and gone but the 2014 International G.I.Joe Collectors Convention continues! As most of the Exclusive Souvenirs were revealed last night, we wanted to round them all up for you in one easy to access post. Check it out -

There's still more to come! Night Force Crazy Legs will be available to Con Goers today and there's still the G.I.Joe Collectors Club Figure Subscription 3.0 to be seen! Stay tuned to through the weekend for updates from this year's event!
Credit: G.I.Joe Collectors Club Views: 1,531

Hiya Toys Question And Answer Session With Yonghai Wong

Colonial-Marines-Spitter---Hisstank Newsie r3v3n63 had the opportunity to "sit down" with Yonghai Wong of Hiya Toys for a Q&A session. The session revolves around Hiya's upcoming Colonel Marines line of collectible figures. As you can see from the image mirrored here, YES, they will be in scale with your favorite Modern Army Action Figures!

The Q&A expands to include Hiya Toys' Our War line of Military figures, including both Modern and World War II era combatants. Here's a small taste of the Q&A, where articulation was discussed -

08: Can you give us an idea of what kind of articulation we can expect with your figures and what kind of plastics are going into production?

Marterial for figuring: PVC

Articulation per Alien:
1.Between Neck and Head (1x)
2.Shoulder (2x)
3.Elbow (2x)
4.Wrist (2x)
5.Between Chest and Stomach (1x)
6.Between rear and leg (2x)
7.Knee (2x)
8.Ankle (2x)

Articulation per Soldier:
1.Between Neck and Head (1x)
2.Shoulder (2x)
3.Elbow (2x)
4.Wrist (2x)
5.Between rear and leg (2x)
6.Knee (2x)
7.Ankle (2x)

You can read the Q&A in its entirety after the break. We'd like to thank Yonghai Wong for taking the time to share this information with us!
Credit: r3v3n63 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,328

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