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Storm Shadow Is Joining Arena Shooter Cyphers

Storm-Shadow-Cyphers---Hisstank In video game news, reports that Storm Shadow of G.I.Joe fame will be joining Cyphers, an online shooter from Nexon. From the source -

Cyphers, the online South Korean shooter from Nexon, is adding G.I.Joe’s Storm Shadow to the game as part of an official collaboration with Hasbro. This is interesting since Storm Shadow is played by Korean actor Byung Hun Lee in the recent G.I.Joe movie.

While the game is billed as a shooter, most people inside straddle both long-range and short-range weaponry with tendencies for one or the other.In Storm Shadow’s case, he tends to the close range, using leaping attacks, fast slashes and what appears to be an electric storm attack. From long range, he can also throw his shurikens.

Check out a clip of in-game action here -

Credit: SiliconEra Views: 824

NJCC 2014 Custom Giveaway Reveal Night Viper H.I.S.S. Tank

NJCC-Night-Viper-Tank-13 With the Summer NJCC 2014 just 1-week away, we wanted to share our full reveal of the custom Night Viper H.I.S.S. Tank that will be given away 1-per hour at the show to attendees. The custom single carded driver giveaway will be revealed the day of the show at the Summer NJCC 2014!

We have also included updated images of the NIGHT MORDLE designed by Kevin Watts and the NJCC Crew, that will be available for purchase at the show in limited quantities.

The Mordles are back! Torn from the year 1985, the Mordles have returned to wreak havoc once again in the worlds of men... and beyond! Collect all the Mordles to build your Mordle army and infest the universe with their vermin!

Make sure to check out

When and Where Is The Next New Jersey Collectors Con?

Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Join us on FaceBook New Jersey Collectors Con

Check out all the new images of the Night Mordle & Night Viper H.I.S.S. Tank after the jump.
  Views: 1,739

How Chris Pratt Almost Became A G. I. Joe

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Official-Photo-Chris-Pratt-Quill-Star-Lord-Intro Everybody's talking about Chris Pratt these days. Why? Because he's the great Star-Lord.

Seriously though, critics and fans are phrasing his role in worldwide hit; Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy. But he recently revealed a secret; He has auditioned for G. I. Joe: Retaliation.

Speaking to Esquire, the actor said…

"When Guardians of the Galaxy was pitched to me, I said, "I don't think so." I just didn't picture myself getting the role. I didn't want to go and embarrass myself like I did when I auditioned for G.I. Joe a couple of years previously. I went in there, and halfway through I saw the director's eyes just glaze over. It made sense—I was a little heavy and out of shape. I was not gonna play someone from G.I. Joe. I did not look like a G.I. Joe action figure come to life."

We do not know whether he'll return, it's highly unlikely. But who knows? Maybe he will, may be he won't.
Credit: Slaughter's_Marauder of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,115 Sponsor Update 8/8/14 Big Sale! Reduced Prices!

1gi-joe-custom-new-york-excluisve-bbq-cookout-2014-prime-cut-moc-1 Guru Planet - Big Sale! Reduced Prices!

BBQ Cookout 2014: Prime Cut New York Exclusive! Modern Action Figure!
GI JOE Custom New York Excluisve BBQ Cookout 2014: Prime Cut mint on card

GI JOE 2014 50th Anniversary Action Figure
GI JOE 50th Anniversary IN-Stock
GI JOE 2014 50th Anniversary Action Figures

GI JOE 2014 Exclusive Cobra Action Figures FSS 3.0 Series
GI JOE FSS 3.0 Series Club Exclusive Figures
GI JOE 2014 Exclusive Cobra Action Figures FSS 3.0 Series

Vintage 1980s Action Figures ARAH Real American Hero!
GI JOE & Cobra Vintage 1980s Classic Series 1 through 10 * SALE!

2014 GI JOE Convention Action Figures from Dallas, TX!
2000-2014, 2014 G.I. Joe Real American Hero Convention Exclusive Toy Action Figures.

New Custom Action Figures! Pimp Daddy Destro!
Custom GI JOE Action Figures & Vehicles GI Joe Action Figures

Annika Customs! - New Annika Custom Figures! Female Action Figures GI Joe Action Figures

GI JOE Retaliation 2013 Movie Cobra Action Figures Toys
GI JOE Retaliation 2013 Movie Cobra Action Figures Toys GI Joe Action Figures, G.I. Vintage 1980s Toys & More GI Joe 30th Anniversary Collectibles!

GI JOE 30th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, Rise of Cobra 2009
GI JOE 30th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, Rise of Cobra 2009 Movie Line

Artwork, Posters and Signed Material!
GI JOE Special Items Toy Action Figures GI Joe Action Figures, G.I. Vintage 1980s

GI JOE & Cobra Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat Action Figures
GI JOE & Cobra Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat Action Figures

GI JOE All Real American Hero Vintage & Recent Vehicles
GI JOE All Real American Hero Vintage & Recent Vehicles
  Views: 1,024

Larry Hama to attend 2014 Canadian Action Figure Expo

larry-hama-1 The Godfather of G.I. Joe himself Larry Hama will be a guest at the 11th annual Canadian Action Figure Expo on September 28th, 2014. Mr. Hama will be signing and meeting with the attendees all day long at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel and Conference Centre – 6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario.

The show features a huge selection of vintage 80s toys and all the latest releases from today such as Transformers (vintage and Japanese imports), Star Wars (new and vintage), GIJoe (vintage and modern), Masters of the Universe (vintage and modern), Super Heroes (Marvel Universe/Legends, DC Universe etc), Wrestling, and tons of other Action Figures and collectibles.

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G.I.Joe Battleground Takedown Event - The Serpent Writhes Now Live!

GI-Joe-Battleground-The-Serpent-Writhes---Hisstank The Joes, shaken by the events simulated (or, perhaps, foreseen) by WarSim, have no choice but to once again enter Mainframe's ultimate training simulator. This time, they find themselves in a newly-rebuilt Pit, but the moment they "arrive" the alarms go off—Cobra is attacking!

Under the cover of a full-scale frontal assault, Zartan and Storm Shadow infiltrate the Pit and wreak absolute havoc! Their goal is anyone's guess, but as Zartan impersonates a seemingly endless parade of friends-turned-enemies, Storm Shadow makes his steady, deadly way towards their objective...

Can G.I. JOE's best operatives—bolstered by Elite agents Dojo, Firewall, and Helix—repel the Cobra attack? What could cause The Enemy to mount such a bold attack on the headquarters of their greatest foes? Find out what happens when "The Serpent Writhes," the exciting Takedown Event on now!

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
Credit: Mobage Views: 1,257

Instock From Sideshow Cobra Sixth Scale Baroness

Sixth-Scale-Baroness-by-Sideshow-001 Sideshow impressive looking Baroness Sixth Scale Figure is now instock. Check out the details on this 12" collectors figure below.

Baroness - Sideshow Exclusive Edition
Sixth Scale Figure
Item Number: 1000041
Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles
Price: US $179.99
Item Status: Pre-Order
Est. Ship Date: January 2014

Baroness, a pivotal figure in the COBRA hierarchy, is equally ruthless and beautiful; a highly efficient killer skilled in espionage and well versed in international terrorism. Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Baroness Sixth Scale figure, the newest addition to our growing collection of COBRA operatives. Well-armed and fitted with a black fabric bodysuit and detailed body armor, Cobra Commander's right hand woman stands as one of COBRA's chief architects of terror.

The Baroness Sixth Scale Figure features:

• Fully articulated female body
• Detailed Body Armor and holsters
• Tailored Fabric Body-Suit
• High-heeled Boots
• Bull pup Assault Rifle
• Knife
• Sub-machine pistol
• Multiple gloved hands for various poses and accessories
• Sideshow Exclusive: Additional head with alternate hairstyle and glasses
  Views: 8,392

NJCC 2014 Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle Designed by Kevin Watts

NJCC-Exclusive-Night-Mordles NJCC is proud to announce our next Exclusive for the August 17th Action Figure Toy Show! In collaboration with TOYFINITY TOYS - The NIGHT MORDLE designed by Kevin Watts and the NJCC Crew, will be available for purchase at the show in limited quantities.

The Mordles are back! Torn from the year 1985, the Mordles have returned to wreak havoc once again in the worlds of men... and beyond! Collect all the Mordles to build your Mordle army and infest the universe with their vermin!

Make sure to check out

Check out all the new images of the Night Mordle after the jump.
  Views: 981

TheToySource 8-7 Weekly SourceNews! Bandai Tamashii, Unique Toys, Masterpiece and More

TheToySource 8-7 Weekly SourceNews! Bandai Tamashii, Unique Toys, Masterpiece and More!

Greetings Sourcefans!
This week on theToySource we have new instock items like MP-08X Masterpiece King Grimlock - with Throne Accessory, Unique Toys - G02DX - Mania King - Vintage Color Version, Warbotron - WB01-C - Sly Strike, Soul of Chogokin - GX-59 Daltanious, and MECH iDEAS - Gauntlet and Piston! We also have new preorders for New Bandai Tamashii Nations Luigi & Playsets, Saint Seiya - Myth Cloth EX - Pegasus Seiya (New Bronze Cloth) - Masami Kurumada 40th, Masterpiece Optimus Prime with Trailer - Asia Exclusive Reissue, TFC Toys Phobos and Hydrant, FansToys FT-06 Sever, Old Time Series - OTS-02 Brawny and OTS-03 Backland, S.H. Figuarts - Sasuke Uchiha, and Soul of Chogokin - Ultimate Combining SF Robot - Fujiko F Fujio Characters! All this and more in this week's SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. New Bandai Tamashii Nations New Preorders!
2. Now instock - Unique Toys Mania King - Vintage Color Version!
3. Now Instock - MP-08X Masterpiece King Grimlock - with Throne Accessory!
4. Fanstoys Sever - Updated photos and extended early bird pricing!
5. Now up for preorder - TFC Toys Phobos and Hydrant!
6. SDCC Exclusives - Now up at theToySource!
7. New preorder up - S.H. Figuarts - Sasuke Uchiha!
8. Now back instock - Soul of Chogokin - GX-59 Daltanious!
9. Now Up for Preorder - Chogokin - Ultimate Combining SF Robot - Fujiko F Fujio Characters!
10. Now Instock - Warbotron - WB01-C - Sly Strike!
11. 3rd Party Customs Update!
12. New Fansproject Preorders and Restocks!


You can check out the full newsletter after the break!
Credit: zoltaire of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 358 News Sponsor Letter 8/07/14

NECA12408-1 New Breaking Bad, Marvel, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Chicago Wizard World & More In Our Dorksidetoys Newsletter

Dorksidetoys will be at Chicago Comic Con 2014! Come join us and meet our newest recruit to team Dorkside- FLYGUY. Some great stars at the con from The Walking Dead, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Stan Lee & more.

Guardians Of The Galaxy rocked! Great movie, great soundtrack and excellent figures with six inch legends starting from only $7.99. We also have Guardians Mini Mystery & POP!
Most waves of Marvel Infinite Avengers are also in stock. We also have some cool Marvel Select in stock such as Deadpool & Red Hulk. Don't forget to check out Marvel Minis, classic Marvel Universe, Iron Man & many more in our Marvel super section.
Marvel -

The new Black Series 3.75 Wave 4 are out and if you haven't yet, make sure you pick up Luke & Yoda to recreate the Dagobah training scene. New Rebels pre-orders are incredibly in demand so don't miss out. The Biker Scout and Jabba deluxe are due to arrive shortly so make sure you pre-order and don't miss out on what are likely the Star Wars toys of the year. We also have Saga legends, Mission Series, Mafex Vader, Jumbo Kenner & cool POP! Star Wars vinyl.
Star Wars -

With some of your favourite characters from just about every cool franchise available, Retro reaction figures are highly collectible at an excellent price. From Horror to BTTF, The Crow, Predator, Buffy, Goonies, Pulp Fiction and more.

New Walking Dead TV & comic figures are in stock, plus pre-orders, classics, full waves and singles too. Make sure you check out Mystery Minis & POP! Vinyl as well.
The Walking Dead -

Lots of new figures for pre-order including Arkham Knight and newly restocked DC Collectibles, including Injustice figures and restocked Arkham figures. MAFEX Dark Knight Joker & 1/4 scale Joker & Batman are also available, plus very cute Fabrikations!
Batman & DC Collectibles Dorksidetoys

GI JOE FSS 3.0 figures are all up for pre-order and they will just look gorgeous on their cardbacks. Each one comes with a free star case to protect the card back and let you immediately display what will be yet again killer G.I.JOES. We also have FSS 2.0, KRE-O's, and lots of classic Retaliation figures too. Check out AFA graded GI JOES as well.
GI JOE Figures -

Game Of Thrones figures are here and they are excellent figures which are proving very popular. Grab them quick as stock is thinning. Buy in singles or waves.
Game of Thrones

Robocop, Predator, Aliens, Halo, Game Of Thrones, Pacific Rim, The Simpsons, Assassins Creed, Magic The Gathering, even Furby & My Little Pony are just some of our range... Take a look through the store for a huge range of products, from POP! Vinyl to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Plus, a huge clearance section.
General Action Figure SelectionDorksidetoys
  Views: 460

BBTS News - Arkham Knight, SH Figuarts Luigi, Iron Man, Figma Thor, Funko and More

BBTS-logo HissTank sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has sent along their news letter for the week. Check out some of the highlighted pre-order below, with the full update after the jump.

-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

Four figures have been listed from upcoming Batman video game: Batman, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow and Arkham Knight. Each figure is listed at $21.99, $3 off MSRP. Search


Mario's brother comes in his signature green shirt and blue overalls, and includes a red shell, a brick block, and display stand and more. He is priced at $32.99.
S.H. Figuarts Nintendo Super Mario - Luigi - Nintendo Figures


This pre-painted kit requires some assembly, and when finished will be an Iron Man Mark VII 1/9 scale figure with interchangeable hands and posing, as well as a Hall of Armor display that lights up and can be attached to future Hall of Armor kits in this line. This set is listed at $199.99.
1/9 Scale Hall of Armor Iron Man Mark VII With Light Up Hall - Vignette - Iron Man 3 (2013 Movie) Model Kit


Two new figures, Arrow and Deathstroke, have been listed from the hit show Arrow. Each figure is $21.99, $3 off MSRP.
Arrow (TV Show) Toys, Action Figures, and Collectibles


This first piece in PopCultureShock's new line stands 29" tall and has He-Man in his signature harness with his hair blowing in the wind. It is listed at $679.99.
Masters of the Universe 1/1 Scale He-Man Bust - Masters of the Universe: Modern Statues & Busts
  Views: 453

Entertainment Earth News - TMNT, Batman, KISS, Statues, ReAction and More

Here's the latest update from our friends and sponsors at Entertainment Earth.


Figures Toy Company Sale
Buy 1, Get 2nd 40% Off!

Get Free U.S. Shipping!
Order $79+ of In-Stock Stuff and It Ships Free!

Retro Kenner-Style Action Figures


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Action Figure TARDIS Box Set      Escape from New York Snake ReAction 3 3/4-Inch Figure       Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bebop Pop! Vinyl Figure        Batman DKR SDCC Bat-Pod and Catwoman Pre-Assembled Model KitMetroid Prime Samus Light Suit 1:4 Scale Statue
Entertainment Earth

  Views: 314

G.I.Joe First Salvo Kindle Worlds Launch Custom Contest!

GI-Joe-First-Salvo---Hisstank There's some pretty cool news from around the site to share with you! forum member wedge1968 has published a book on Kindle Worlds. The book, entitled G.I.Joe First Salvo can be found here -

G.I. JOE: G.I. Joe: First Salvo (Kindle Worlds) - Kindle edition by Bill Nedrow. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

To celebrate the launch of his book, wedge is running a contest that has been shared here with you! Check out the info shared with us by joerhyno -

My friend Bill released his first GI Joe novel through Kindle Worlds earlier this month. If you're a fan of the Joes from the 80s, you'll love the book(I finished it the other day), even if you didn't grow up with the 80s Joes, you'll still fall in love with the characters and experience the start of Cobra and the GI Joe team.

So what's up with the contest, you ask? Well here are the details:

Bill Nedrows G.I.Joe Novel, G.I.Joe First Salvo Official Facebook Page


1) Must be a new custom, made just for this contest.
2) Must depict a character as described in the novel G.I. Joe: First Salvo.
3) You must submit up to five pictures of the custom. One can be a diorama shot, but only the figure will be judged. Figures can be posted here or emailed to All emailed entries will be posted here.
4) All entries must be received by midnight (central time) of September 30th.
5) The winner will either be selected by a fan poll or judged by me.
6) The prize will be a blank body figure from Boss Fight. Because Boss Fight will not be shipping their product until February, the winner will not have the prize mailed until after that time.

If there are any questions, feel free to post them to this page or contact Bill at

Here's a breakdown on the prizes -

First Prize: Winner's choice of one of the two original Atkins sketches (Duke or Viper), winner's choice of one of the three autographed books (Robert Atkins Declassified, Atkins: The Art of Declassified, or Snake-Eyes: Cobra Civil War), a Boss Fight blank body, and an AngelForge custom parts package.

Second Prize: A Robert Atkins original sketch, choice of one of the remaining two autographed books, a Marauders figure, and an AngelForge custom parts package.

Third Prize: The final autographed book, a collection of Robert Aktins prints, and a $25 BigBadToyStore gift certificate.

Fourth Prize: A collection of Robert Atkins prints and a $15 BigBadToyStore gift certificate.

Fifth Prize: A Robert Atkins print.

Join us after the jump to check out the full story! We wish Wedge the best of luck with new novel!
Credit: wedge1968 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 486

WordBurglar To Perform At Orlando Nerd Fest 2014 This Weekend!

Welcome-to-Cobra-Island---Hisstank Our friend Burg, better known as the lyrical wordsmith and MC Extraordinaire, SJ-The Wordburglar will be stateside to perform at the Orlando Nerd Fest in Orlando, Florida, August 8th through the 11th!

If you're unfamiliar with what the Nerd Fest is, here's that same question answered on their Frequently Asked Questions Page -

What is the Orlando Nerd Fest?

The Orlando Nerd Fest is a 4 day long celebration of nerd music and culture. The festival is commonly referred to by it’s acronym ONF. (ie. #ONF2014)

If you're in the Florida area or ANY area and are able to attend, let's show up in force and support the Rap-Viper himself! Make sure to pick up Burg's latest hit album, Welcome to Cobra Island Album now!

You can get all the details on ONF by visiting the Official Orlando Nerd Fest Website.
Credit: burg of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 2,120

GI Joe A Real American Hero #205 Preview

GI-Joe-A-Real-American-Hero-205-Preview-01 Another issue of IDW's GI Joe A Real American Hero is due out tomorrow and we've got the preview!

GI Joe A Real American Hero #205
Torpedo and his team race against the clock in the mountains of Olliestan, with Dr. Adele Burkhart in tow. Will they make it out in one piece or will the pursuing insurgents take down our Real American Heroes?

Read on to preview this issue!
  Views: 1,334

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