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3DJoes Vehicle Box Art Posters - Kickstarter Now Live!

3DJoes-Kickstarter---Hisstank Friend of the site and fellow G.I.Joe Nerd Extraordinaire, 3DJoes stopped by to share some news on an exciting new project! You know those awesome posters of G.I.Joe figures that 3DJ brought to us?

Well, check this out - 3DJoes is proud to announce a new Kickstarter campaign for posters of G.I.Joe Vehicle Box Art! Say whaaaat?! This would be the perfect compliment to your G.I.Joe of the 80s and 90s posters! Here's the official press release -

The 3DJoes KickStarter campaign is live and there is something for everyone!

There are three new 24"x36" posters, three 4"x6" postcards, embroidered 3DJoes logo hats (black, white, or grey), and a Signature Series poster (limited to 25 copies) signed by Larry Hama and Kirk Bozigian!

Pledge your support and together we'll make some posters! Thank you all for supporting 3DJoes.

3DJoes Vehicle Box Art Posters - Kickstarter

Check out these stretch goals!
  • $3,300 one new poster (every contributor gets a vote).
  • $6,600 two new posters (every contributor gets a vote).
  • $9,900 all three new posters!

3DJoes is just under $900 of reaching goal, so let's show'em some love and push this project over the top! You can join us after the break for discussion already in progress!
Credit: 3DJoes of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 504

G.I.Joe Resurgence Cobra BAT, Wall Cloud and Gyro Viper with Cobra Venom Chopper

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo-Hisstank Days 21 and 22 have been posted by Oreobuilder, Bucky and Dusty 79! Wait until you check out the latest additions to the G.I.Joe Resurgence Custom Project!

Day 21 brought us a fan favorite troop builder, the Cobra B.A.T.


From the desk of Oreobuilder:

The BAT came about because we felt that Cobra was lacking for troops. The build came together quite quickly. However, I went back and forth on the color scheme a few times. In the end, although red is a pain in the butt to paint, I settled on the Inferno BAT color scheme


Day 21 also brought us Storm Cloud, the G.I.Joe Airborne Assault Trooper

From the desk of Bucky:

Wall Cloud was pieced together very quickly. As soon as I had found an "air" type name, I knew exactly what I wanted him to look like. I painted him up to "look" like a storm, with greys, blacks, and the yellow. He is topped off with a Renegades Ripcord head, donated from the original concept for Tango that I accidentally destroyed. A happy accident, as it gave me the opportunity to create two diverse characters as opposed to just one.


Today, day 22 brought us yet another amazing vehicle entry. This? This is friggin' KILLER. Check out the Cobra Venom Chopper and it's pilot, Gyro-Viper!

From the desk of Oreobuilder:

The Cobra Transport Chopper from the original Marvel comic run is one of the most requested never-produced vehicles. About 8 years ago, I had the idea of combining a junker Tomahawk with a HISS IV as an attempt to create a modern version of the old Cobra helicopter. I had all the necessary parts. However, at the time, I was just starting to customize and did not have the knowledge, experience and tools to take on such a project. The parts were sold off in a purge and the project was shelved.

Since then, I have taken on many vehicle customs, so I felt comfortable finally putting this vehicle back on the table. This project was a perfect opportunity. It is not meant to recreate the Marvel Cobra Copter, but I wanted it to have strong Cobra vibes. In the end, it turned out pretty much as I imagined it 8 years ago.

The Gyro-Viper is a straight up ME version of the 1987 figure. I tried to stay as true as possible to the original.


You can check out the latest entries by joining us after the break!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 496

First Official SDCC 2014 Comic Con Kick-Off Images

comic-con-sdcc-banner-2014-gotg It's that time of year again...... SDCC 2014 has officially started for our network! Check out our first images from Comic Con 2014 showing off the popular arts with Guardians of the Galaxy and of the San Diego Convention Center. Keep your eyes open all week long as we bring Comic Con 2014 right to your computer screen.

You can expect live updates of all the goings on at SDCC 2014 as they happen from the show room floor. We expect G.I. Joe news from Hasbro, IDW and some unexpected news may also be unveiled for ARAH collectors.

As always you can head over to for all of your Transformers News and if you think you can keep up with the flood of pop culture action figure news head on over to for live coverage of all the major Toy Company's that will be set up at Comic Con 2014!

Check out the first round of images live from Comic Con 2014 after the jump.
  Views: 751

Gentle Giant LTD Dropping G.I. Joe ARAH Hints Via Facebook

Gentle-Giant-Logo Looks like Gentle Giant LTD has started to drop hints about possible involvement with the G.I. Joe brand. It what could be viewed as a subtle hint to an upcoming announcement they have posted up this G.I. Joe ARAH video via Facebook.

Looking back at Toy Fair 2014
Hasbro and 3D Systems Announce Co-Venture To Deliver 3D Printing Play Experiences

Gentle Giant LTD Facebook Page
  Views: 501

NJCC New Jersey Collectors Con August 17th 2014 Toy Show Update

newjerseycollectorscon-logo_1358862156 New Jersey Collectors Con Announces Mark Bellomo As Guest!

Mark Bellomo will be attending NJCC Sunday, August 17th 2014 as a special guest, promoting his work on the new book G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection, the full run of original Real American Hero, Special Missions, and Yearbook tales, placed in proper reading order and collected in handsome hardcover volumes.

Mark Bellomo has written more than 150 articles for ToyFare, Wizard Magazine, Lee’s Toy Review, Tomart’s Action Figure Digest, and most recently for Toy Shop Magazine, where he served a lengthy tenure as their Action Figure Columnist. He has written a number of composition/rhetoric texts, has published critical literary articles, and has authored a number of bestselling books on action figures and pop culture: Warman’s Action Figures Field Guide, Transformers: Identification & Price Guide, Warman’s Field Guide to Transformers, The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe: 1982-1994 (1st & 2nd editions), and the recently-released Totally Tubular 80’s Toys.

Announced NJCC Door Prizes! This list will grow as we get closer to convention time....
  • G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Danger At The Docks
  • G.I. Joe Retaliation Eaglehawk X3
  • G.I. Joe Sideshow Collectibles Storm Shadow
  • NJCC MEGA DOOR PRIZE Unique Toys War Lord
  • All Three S.H.Figuarts Super Mario Sets
  • Transformers SDCC Dinobot Special Edition Set
  • Kre-O Transformers Kreon Class of 1984 SDCC Exclusive Set
  • Transformers Generations Metroplex
  • Early Bird Coffee Mug Build-On Brick Mug
  • Kre-O-Tor Custom Giveaway
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Press Box

When and Where Is The Next New Jersey Collectors Con?

Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Join us on FaceBook New Jersey Collectors Con

More Updates Coming Soon…….
  Views: 176

IDW G.I. Joe vs Transformers 7 Page Preview

gijoe-transformers-comic-sdcc-2014-2 IDW G.I. Joe vs Transformers 7 Page Preview!

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #1
SPACE WAR I! Earth makes contact with an alien race—and G.I. JOE is on the front lines of first contact! But when the TRANSFORMERS arrive—their version of “peace” does not match our own…

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #1 will be released this Wednesday, July 23, but you can check the preview out after the jump if you don't mind some spoilers.
  Views: 812

Hasbro Collaborates With Shapeways To Sell 3D Printed Artwork

21Printing1-master675_1405956805 Hasbro just announced a partnership with Shapeways regarding a new initiative where Official and Fan Art will be 3D Printed and sold as official Hasbro products. The announcement first came from Hasbro's 2014 2nd Quarter Financial Conference Call and Shapeways followed it with an official statement from their end. Though the initiative begins with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the company plans to expand into other Hasbro brands which [hopefully] might include G. I. Joe.

"Once we have filled our 3D printers with community designed ponies, we will continue to work with Hasbro and the Shapeways community to enable more Hasbro branded content to be created, 3D printed and sold.

This is a major step forward in realizing the creative potential of 3D printing, to make products on demand that might otherwise never make it into people’s hands. Hasbro has been incredibly forward thinking and open minded, to realize that the existing unmet demand within their fan base can be satisfied with the help of those very same fans. We expect to see many more partnerships like this, to enable user generated content to be 3D printed based on existing intellectual property, with fair attribution and compensation for all parties involved. We've seen this model work successfully in the digital realm, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge in the physical."

The designs (Fan Art) must be cleared with Hasbro to ensure they are not obscene, violent or hateful, but otherwise, the artists largely have free rein. Even the price for the figurines will be set by the artists.

For more info, visit SuperFanArt.

News Post Image: Figurines inspired by Hasbro’s My Little Pony line and printed at Shapeways.
  Views: 661

Boss Fight Studio's Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Underworld Queen Update!

Boss-Fight-Studio-Vitruvian-HACKS-Tartarus-Guard---Hisstank For those of you that joined the Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter (and I mean, c'mon, who didn't?)...You'll remember Underworld Queen. Well, our friends at BFS have posted an update on their Facebook Page! Check it out -

SO...When we added the "Underworld Queen" to the Kickstarter, we had done it so quickly and rushed that we threw a stand-in deco and name on her. We never intended for it to be the final name and deco as we were in a rush and knew we would make it even cooler when we had a few minutes to breath. So with that all she deco, new accessory compliment, and new title: "Tartarus Guard". Enjoy!

It seems as though the awesomeness that is the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. project just never ends! You can join us after the break to discuss this new update!
Credit: Boss Fight Studio of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,506

G.I.Joe Resurgence Weekend Round Up!

GI-Joe-Resurgence-Logo---Hisstank It's Sunday, so it's time to re-cap the awesome G.I.Joe Resurgence custom entries that have been shared over the weekend. Hard to believe that we're already through days 18, 19 & 20! It's been a fantastic month of customs so far and these latest 3 entries are no exception!


Day 18 brought us Tango, a new G.I.Joe Jungle Warfare Specialist!

From the desk of Bucky:

Tango was originally named ocelot, and was built off of a Renegades Ripcord. He was to be the team’s jungle trooper, and he was to have a tiger. His first incarnations and gear fitting was very much a Recondo vibe, which I kind of wanted to get away from. My customizing o.c.d. had started to kick in with this figure, as I was trying to get a unique look and color pallets for him. This o.c.d. of mine also affects how I build my customs, and if I can't move the shoulder without paint chipping, I'm going to go a different route. While trying to sand the shoulders down, I destroyed the ripcord with a dremel.

Back to square one, I chose the burnout figure. I sanded the hair down, and a lot of the rest started to fall into place. I changed the name to Tango at this point. The camo took awhile to figure out what I wanted and the striping like he has was kind of just a happy accident.


Day 19 brought us yet another amazing Figure & Vehicle combination. Check out the G.I.Joe Barnstormer and it's pilot, Tailspin!

From the desk of Bucky:

Tailspin is another one of those names that was jotted down in a notebook for years, to be used for a pilot. This project gave me the reason to finally use so many of the names I'd write down through the years. I wanted to go with a WW2 vibe, which is where avacs lab's helmet piece came into play. He was one of the first 5, and varies very differently than his first incarnation, which was horribly out of proportion.

The Barnstomer jet was originally going to be an iron man 2 jet, but not being a great vehicle customizer, I ruined it. Badly. It was pretty much unsalvagable, so I looked for another jet and remembered the Avengers jet with the opening in the back. I had just missed it at TRU on clearance, so ended up getting one from Amazon. My initial paint job wasn't coming out so well, so a local friend of mine stepped in and did the body paint. He had to sand quite a bit for the paint to stick to the soft plastic, and it turned out really well. I think I perhaps overdid the stickers, but that's a minor gripe.


Last but not least is todays entry, Day 20. Who wants a new Dreadnok? Well then check out RIFF-RAFF, a deluxe figure with over 15 weapons and a rather unique play feature! Riff-Raff is displayed with a custom card back as well, so this is one you won't want to miss!

From the desk of Bucky:

Riff Raff was originally going to be a completely different character named pit stop, a fat Dreadnok with the chubby Asian guys head from mib3. However, literally a couple days after getting the head, forum member bcost came up with the same idea, and it looked incredible. I didn't want to pretty much do the same custom he did, so I came up with something different, a Dreadnok that is kind of a homage to all the goofiness of the cartoon, with a record of cold slither, a vial of element from the mass device, and a beat up old discarded mcguffin device amongst the trash. The dumpster came from a wwe playset from the late 90's that had sat in a fodder box for years. All the graffiti is Easter eggs for episodes of the cartoon. I really tried to capture an 80's vibe with him. As Trekker was sending my filecards back, I was reading them with a smile on my face and would get a good chuckle out of them, but I'm not lying when I tell you I literally laughed out loud when I got Riff Raff's bio back. Trekker nailed it.


You can view the latest entries, along with the entire G.I.Joe Resurgence project by joining us after the break!
Credit: Oreo Builder, Bucky and Dusty 79 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 1,018

Exclusive StylinOnline Comic Con 2014 Merch

boba-front-left Friend of the site and site sponsor StylinOnline dropped us a line to let us know of their SDCC 2014 exclusives line up. Exclusives for anyone can be hit or miss, but this year's items from StylinOnline are pretty bad ass, even if not G.I. Joe related.

First, they have a set of 4 Star Wars themed New Era 9Fifty Snapback hats. Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Han Solo each get their own outing. Each hat features classic iconography (Mythosaur Skull, Rebel and Empire logos) with full art on the brim.

On top of the hats, they have 2 exclusive shirts with a very SDCC-centric theme. The first is a Star Wars AT-AT standing in front of the San Diego Convention Center with Tie-Fighters swooping in (pure win). The second features the Avengers and Spider-Man also in front of the Convention Center, though at night.

These shirts and hats will be available at the StylinOnline Tower of T-Shirts booths 415, 5029, 5545 and also in the Lucas Pavilion Star Wars Booth 2913-J.

Check out all the images after the break, and keep an eye on if you aren't hitting the show in case any become available online!

t shirt star wars atat san diego hall
  Views: 456


gijoe-50th-anniversary-sdcc-flint2 Thanks to we have a handful of clear images of G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Flint from the upcoming G.I. JOE DANGER AT THE DOCKS SDCC 2014 Exclusive!

Flint is armed and ready to stop the Cobra Eel Trooper from slithering onto shore from the sea in this detailed vehicle set. Flint will chase him down in his V.A.M.P. MK-II Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle, but the Cobra Eel Trooper has a fast Night Raft to help him make his escape. Fans can find out who prevails in the fast-moving Cobra-G.I. duel for $30.

Check out the new 50th Anniversary Flint images after the jump.
  Views: 2,835

G.I. Joe Marvel Comic Covers Reproduced In Blocks!

G.I. Joe Marvel Comic Covers Reproduced in Blocks!

Credit: minitrue of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 460

G.I.Joe Battleground Capture Event - Arise Maximus Arise Part 3 Now Live!

GI-Joe-Battleground-Arise-Maximus-Arise-3---Hisstank Emboldened by their recent victories under the powerful V-troop overlord, and goaded by a meddling Cobra Commander who sees profit in chaos, prominent Cobra agents launch terror operations across the globe! A bruised-but-unbeaten G.I. JOE team races to meet them, but are any Joes capable of dealing with the impressive first-strike and combat capabilities of Cobra's Supreme Ninja Master, the Night Creeper Leader? And how can you fight an assassin who can take the form of your own allies…? Zarana is out there...

Battle it out in the exciting conclusion to the three-part "Arise, Maximus, Arise" event series with today's Global Warfare event, on now!

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND
Credit: Mobage Views: 594

Triple Points On Sideshow Collectibles G.I.Joe Merchandise!

Sideshow-Collectibles-Cobra-Commander---Hisstank You read that right! Our friends at Sideshow Collectibles are offering TRIPLE POINTS on most of their G.I.Joe merchandise!

Yo Joe! Based on the world's first action figures from Hasbro, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to offer new interpretations of G.I. Joe the Real American Heroes, and their arch nemeses from the evil forces of COBRA! Find all your childhood favorites, from Duke and Snake Eyes to the Baroness, Destro and the Cobra Commander, plus G.I. Joe figures and statues based on the G.I. Joe movies, including G.I. Joe Retaliation and G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra!

The full listing is here Sideshow Collectibles G.I.Joe Merchandise

If you were on the fence about picking up one of the awesome Sideshow G.I.Joe Figures, Environments or Statues, well now is the time! Join us after the break to let us know what you picked up!
Credit: hahoo3 of the Hiss Tank Forums! Views: 477

Acid Rain Raptor Speeder Mk I Loose Images Now Online!

Acid-Rain-Raptor-01---Hisstank Big thanks go out to archieboy from our sister site TFW2005 for posting up images of the newly released Acid Rain Raptor Speeder Mk I! The Raptor comes with a pilot and is set at a $79.99 price point.

The Raptor now joins the Marine Stronghold and the Speeder Mk II on the Acid Rain Battlefield! We've mirrored Archie's pictures after the jump. Don't forget, you can learn more about the Acid Rain World by visiting the Acid Rain World Blog and by joining the official Acid Rain World Group on Facebook. If you're ready to take the plunge, you can grab your own Acid Rain World figures and vehicles at BigBadToyStore.

Join us after the break for discussion already in progress!
Credit: archieboy of Views: 1,367

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