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G.I.Joe FSS Grunt 25th Anniversary Style High-Res Images

We have just updated our G.I.Joe database with new images of the FSS Grunt. "You have to lead your troops by setting the example right on the battlefield, not by barking out orders from behind them!"

Grunt FSS 2013 - 25th / Modern G.I. Joe Figures G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern

Grunt believes that constant training and education are the keys to staying one step ahead of the enemy, and he constantly qualifies with the latest infantry weapons and equipment. To that end, on rare occasions he will strap on a personal winged glider backpack for silent attacks into enemy territory, though he prefers to keep boots in the mud.

View many more FSS Grunt images after the jump.
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G.I.Joe FSS Grunt 25th Anniversary Style High-Res Images

Grunt FSS 2013 - 25th / Modern G.I. Joe Figures G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern
neapolitan joe:
Nice figure!
I've been largely impressed with all the FSS 1.0 figures.....until the Grunt arrived. I think he looks terrible.
Colt Blue:
I like my Grunt, has an international vibe to him.
Laird McCullen:
The unpainted neck is an issue. I view this as something that could easily have been in a Dollar General wave. For $6-7 I would have bought a few. For $40 I'll skip it, even though I genuinely like the figure.
I was excited for this figure when they released the first images. Then I saw the first pictures of what people were getting and thought that he didn't look very good. Then he came in the mail and I was like whoa he sucks. Then I opened him and said WTF!?!?

1 out of 5 stars - disappointing...
the odinson:
such a terrible, terrible figure. unbelievably bad.
Yeah, Grunt is a really crappy looking figure. I liked most of the FSS except for Gunt and Iron Claw. I just don't like either one.
Turtle Master:
You have to thank tan Grunt every time you gaze lovingly at Big Boa.

This was definitely a cost-subsidizing figure.
I really, really wanted to love this figure, but the final product is meh/just ok. Obviously, there's the unpainted neck issue, which I already fixed by painting it. Then there's:

-head seems too big for the body
-eyes are painted weird
-odd skin tone
-helmet is too big for the head, doesn't stay on. I put a little fun-tac inside so it won't fall off.
-That M-16/Shotgun combo thing is too large. Replaced it with the standard M-16 that came with the DG Duke.
-They probably should have went with the DG Duke/Zap legs. Not a big fan of the 25th Original 13 legs with the knife sheath on the right thigh...the knife always gets in the way of the webgear (or the other way around). Maybe replacing the knife with a smaller one will fix it, I haven't tried.

Now, obviously none of this is "end of the world" material (or even "end of collecting Club Joes"), but at $25+ for a 3 3/4" figure, it should be pretty close to perfect.
Yeah this figure was probably the most boring out of the FSS1. The unpainted neck doesnt bother me too much. I wish though I would have at least gotten one painted neck version. I think he would have peg warmed if he had been released at retail (like the original plan for him during the 25th anniv line).
The glider is kinda neat homage. I def wont be opening him.
I dunno, I kind of like it. Better than the official Grunt, and he's RAH-accurate enough for my tastes.

Not gonna go out of my way to get it though. Hopefully a subscriber will trade me one.
A step above Sure-Miss, errr, Sure-Fire. That's the worst figure of Sub 1.0 IMHO.
Okay, my Grunt finally came in and the whole bit about his neck not being painted and how upset a few are with the Club...

I seriously could not tell just by looking through the bubble at first glance. Even my wife, not being told about his neck, could not see anything wrong, even when I told her after she still had a hard time seeing it. I can see how this got by. Still sucks, but I can see how it happened.
I am totally underwhelmed. Anybody want mine? I'd trade for a Rock Viper or two.

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