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SideShow Baroness Premium Format Figure Classic Version

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Baroness - Classic Version Premium Format figure. In a Sideshow Store Exclusive release, Cobra's second in command dons a dark blue fabric costume. Crafted in stunning 1:4 scale, this beautiful femme fatale stands over 22 inches tall. Each piece is individually painted and finished with striking attention to detail, an outstanding addition to any GI JOE or COBRA collection.

Baroness - Classic Version Premium Format Figure - Sideshow Collectibles -
Credit: Arbrias of the Hiss Tank Forums!
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I saw this today on BBTS, and I havn't seen any threads about it so I thought some collectors might be interested. It looks like they are re-releasing the Baroness Premium Format Figure (the 1/6 scale statue) with dark blue fabric instead of black, and a silver cobra emblem instead of red. If anybody is interested, Sideshow has it up on their site here:

Baroness - Classic Version Premium Format Figure - Sideshow Collectibles -

At $360 it's a bit out of my desirable price range, but it's a very nice looking item. For some reason I like the colors better than the original.
i saw this a week or so ago...Honestly, I think it's kind of lame of SS. Just because it's blue, doesnt make the costume "classic version". Of course, it gives people a chance to get a Baroness who missed out the first go around...
THe hair being plastic doesn't appeal to me.. plus, I don't know, it just seems a little creepy. Of all the characters, The Baroness is the Premium figure? Why? Do her clothes come off or something? I really don't get it?
Looks pretty cool ...but too expensive for me.
enough with the premium format figures, just make the actual 1/6 figure already!!! They know that it won't be a hard sale for most die-hard fans but personally I just never saw any point in buying the premium format figs solely on the price and the fact that they are in one static pose for eternity. I like being in control of how I can pose a figure and make up my own story/background situations.
News Post: 12 Days of Sideshow - Baroness Premium Format Figure Giveaway

Credit: skinny of the Hiss Tank Forums!
Love absolutely everything about this statue !!
This would look awesome in any collector's room.
A real shame I can't compete ( I live in Europe ) :-(
I could never afford this, so I'm glad they are doing the give-away. At least I have a chance (a remote one but still a chance! ).
I have the black baroness premium format figure. I thought it would be in the smaller scale. Oops! Didn't read that it was gargantuan! Had I known, I would have waited for the smaller one!

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