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Argentankers assemble! Us who hail from the distant lands of Argentina. The few, the proud!
42 7 18,092 6
08:48 AM
A group for a New Yorker. Here, we talk about local happenings, events and network with one another to make toy hunting easier for us all!
35 3 2,849 6
10:57 PM
A place for fellow Hiss Tankers to post pics of their artwork done in any media. From Drawing to Sculpture, to Photography, to CG.
71 2 61 98
07:17 AM
A place for ARAH fans to discuss their collection and engage in BST without having to weed through endless modern era items.
25 3 9 0
07:27 AM
This is for all the fellow Tankers that like to participate in a little extra curricular activity.
38 20 310 4
08:49 PM
If you didn't just play with the toys... but signed the dotted line and lived the dream. (active duty or veteran) Make yourself heard hear.
20 2 30 0
04:14 PM
A place for those with a talent for customizing.
280 10 171 452
09:58 AM
So, as always we don't have any REAL rules In the 82nd Headquarters. You can still rob, stab, steal, kill, shoot, murder whoever you want. Cobra did send us some new guidelines on etiquette. Last week A recruit was caught talking about Cobra Commander when he wasn't around, Naturally the Baroness was within earshot and sold him down the river. Guidelines are as follows. 1. No 82nd Alley Viper may speak poorly of our division Or anyone in the Cobra Legions (Yes, Even B.A.T.S. are off limits) Or they will be breaking rocks in the new "Tundra" project. 2. Be respectful of your brothers (They may save your life one day)
21 1 152 8
10:41 PM
A group of fellow tankers who like the Python Patrol despite their appearance and also believe they should get more positive recognition.
31 1 16 0
10:36 PM
The group for those guys that like to debate/discuss things. Could have gone with the name "Master Discussers" but that is just not as hilarious.
9 3 19 0
08:18 AM
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