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Argentankers assemble! Us who hail from the distant lands of Argentina. The few, the proud!
42 7 18,145 6
08:27 AM
I am a new father of a baby girl named Scarlett. I am full of heart, but is it wrong I still want to sit in the toy room instead of her nursery??? Support group for Mom and Dad Tankers. I'm gonna need yer help! Oh and that's not my kid in the picture, I just thought it was funny considering my new experiences with explosive, fountain like, yellow seedy liquid poop... :)
23 3 18 0
09:34 PM
For all of us who come from the great white land up north! Home of the beaver, polar bear, Eskimos, universal health care, and hot women. Canadian Sightings Thread:
93 1 749 23
12:22 PM
A group for a New Yorker. Here, we talk about local happenings, events and network with one another to make toy hunting easier for us all!
35 3 2,860 6
06:40 PM
This is for all the fellow Tankers that like to participate in a little extra curricular activity.
38 20 311 4
05:29 PM
Philly? Pittsburgh? Allentown? Easton? Bethlehem? Poconos? and all surrounding areas...feel free to join!
14 4 7 0
12:09 PM
This social group is for all the Tankers who live in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland.
67 7 957 42
01:52 PM
Hi, join if you like zombies in your Joe verse. And if you don't then go step on a nail. Just kidding...rusty nail haha ! Zombie this place up with your Joe verse zombies be they factory or custom units.
63 5 17 22
12:37 PM
Your one tank-stop shop to discuss your OTHER favorite fantasy would. May the force be with you!!
43 3 59 4
06:15 PM
A group of fellow tankers who like the Python Patrol despite their appearance and also believe they should get more positive recognition.
31 1 17 0
02:23 PM
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