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Retaliation Wave 4 not being shipped to major retailers?

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Old 07-13-2013, 01:49 PM   #151

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Originally Posted by BIGJIM View Post
Everyone settle down.
Target will have Joes in a few weeks.

If they weren't going to, this wouldn't be in their system...
I heard they only put that there for profiling reasons.

Originally Posted by sbartek1974 View Post
Both your avatar and sig bothers me.
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Crimson Guard

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So glad I have decided to get out of the Joe business. I pretty much am only going to collect Cobra Commanders and Snake-Eyeses from now on, but I guess I won't be getting those ultimate editions, which is probably for the better.

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Old 07-13-2013, 03:17 PM   #153
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Originally Posted by JamesBenjamin View Post
Your understanding is not correct. Ross/TJX/Marshalls buy directly from the manufacturers. Target clearances out their products in their own stores.

Easy proof: For the past 6 months those Marvel 4" comic two packs were stagnating at every target around. All of a sudden a few weeks ago all the targets got 4-5 more cases of them from the warehouse and they went on immediate clearance. Same with the Joe Hiss tanks (and whatever else was in that wave) and the figures. Stores near me had 2-3 Hisses for months, then all of a sudden they get in 2 new cases each right when the clearance starts. Those godawful spinner things are the same way.

If your way was true, all that stuff in the warehouse would have gone to TJX (et al), not out to their stores.

Also, Target's clearance methods: They mark down everything every week (different depts each day). Toys are mostly Thursdays. So every week (or sometimes every other week) prices drop from 15%, to 30%, to 50% to 70% and sometimes 90%. But sometimes they'll have 5 zillion of something and it will go 15, 30, 50, then they all disappear. That happens when they (the clearance teams) pull the product and ship it to Goodwill. Not your local goodwill store, but to the Goodwill distro center for whatever area. That's how they say they "donate 10% of income to local charities", they credit the full retail price of clearance stuff on their taxes (totally legal and legit).

tl:dr ver: target clearances things in stores and if they dont sell they give it to charity. They *do not* sell stuff to TJ Maxx (et al). The discount stores buy directly from Hasbro (or clothing companies, kitchen companies, whatever).

It is simply too cost prohibitive to take clearance merchandise from stores and ship it to a warehouse, inventory it, find someone to buy it (discounters in this scenario), ship it to them, they confirm the inventory, price it, re-ship it to their own stores, and sell it.
Your information about Target is very informative. Seems like you know a thing or two about what Target does. With the way you have described how Target does charity makes me kind of annoyed how Walmart does not. I am remembering working there and always having to clean that aisle of clearance crap and that stuff would be kept for seasons. I love how Target does it, put up or shut up.

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Old 07-13-2013, 03:22 PM   #154
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From what I know about that particular retailer and their clearance method, yes that's pretty spot on. I would just like to know whether or not they will be getting the new wave of figures, because right now it seems like they might not.

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Old 07-13-2013, 03:25 PM   #155
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Originally Posted by Python_Puckman View Post
Unsubstantiated fantasy! Lies, lies, LIES!

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Originally Posted by SubZero View Post
? WTF ? There are a lot of us out there waiting for the figures we grew up with to be made. I want my Sub Zero and Grid Iron. I am appreciative of the Tomahawk and most of the figures but could care less about Kwinn, Ultimate CC, Ultimate SE, or Ultimate SS. I want 1991 Cobra Commander with red face mask or 1991 Sci Fi. My point is that I don't give a crap about rehashing pre 1987 stuff. Hasbro didn't kill the line. it's people claiming they want something and when Hasbro makes it then don't buy it.
You can buy the original 1991 version of Sci-Fi MOC on eBay right now for under $10. But you won't be happy with Hasbro until they put the 1991 version of Sci-Fi into a new production release? WTF, indeed.

Conway, Plastic Ninja!
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Old 07-13-2013, 05:12 PM   #157
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Steevy Maximus
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Originally Posted by Conway View Post
You can buy the original 1991 version of Sci-Fi MOC on eBay right now for under $10. But you won't be happy with Hasbro until they put the 1991 version of Sci-Fi into a new production release? WTF, indeed.
It's the whole "vintage style vs modern style" issue. A vintage figure would not "fit" with the modern stuff people have been buying the last few years.

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Originally Posted by TheRealDubya
Any sort of panic at this stage is just pure unsubstantiated reptile brain stem fear.
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Originally Posted by SmokePants View Post
This thread has gone off on several tangents. All the OP said was that Wave 4 wasn't showing up at major retailers -- not Wave 3.5 and not the Eaglehawk.

Any questions about the future of the line should be answered next week. No point in discussing it now.
Hey guys, this guy said to stop talking about this stuff here, so lets all listen to him and shut up because he sounds REALLY, REALLY, important.

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everyone heres so down. maybe this will cheer you up

my last video post. for a while

Everything I touch turns to rust, then to dust
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