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What's in these cases?

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Old 05-08-2013, 03:23 AM   #1
Cobra Viper

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What's in these cases?

I have these 2 cases from the ROC line that I want to sell. I want to sell them factory sealed but I can't remember which figures were in what cases. I know that kamakura was in one of them. Could anyone help tell me what figures came in these cases. Thanks!!!
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Cobra Soldier

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Not 100% sure but based off the W4 & W5 on the boxes I'd suggest looking up what figures came out in waves 4 & 5 from the ROC line. I know that Kamakura was in wave 4 but that's all.

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Steevy Maximus
Snarky Siegie

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Bah, all the listings got pulled from all the etailers at this point.

But wave 4 (the first box) will feature Charbroil, Kamakura, Nano-Viper, Night Fang Ninja and Night Adder, plus some carryovers. Couldn't tell you how many of the "new guys" or who got carried over (probably at least a Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in there, maybe a Baroness variant or something)

Wave 5 (the second box) had (I THINK) 2 each of Duke (City Strike), Ripcord (Jungle Assault), Snake Eyes (City Strike, aka, REsolute), Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault) and Desert Viper, plus a couple carryovers.

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Cobra necromancer

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The rarer figures are the Kamakura, Nano-Viper, and jungle Ripcord.
In additiion, you MIGHT have in the first box the whitecoat variant Dr. Lewis, Unmasked SS, and blue tattoo Night Adder.

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"Blindfold Master"

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Wave 4:
Red Fang Ninja
Night Adder

Wave 5:
Duke (City Strike)
Ripcord (Jungle Assault)
Snake Eyes (City Strike)
Storm Shadow (Arctic Threat)

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Crimson Guard

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You would almost be better off opening the cases and spinning off the good stuff. You'll make more in the long run. My 2 cents.

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