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Ohio G.I. Joe Sightings

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Old 10-16-2007, 12:06 AM   #11 (permalink)
Cobra Soldier

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Originally Posted by ceraurus
Thanks for the posting, Clutch. I'm here north of Cincy (exit 24 off of 75). Have you been able to track down all of the waves yet? I have everything but a green stalker. A kroger right next to me just stocked up with some wave 3 yesterday - there are still some fireflys, zartans, and shipwrecks.
I've only seen what I've purchased so far (SS, SE, CC, & CS). So I'm real far behind lol. I'm gonna try to make a road trip for that Kroger down your way to get cought up. Thanks for the tip!

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I live in Columbus Ohio and I have found all the JOES so far. A couple quick things to know Clutch.

Target Stocks on Monday mornings. You can take the tag to the nearest employee and they can tell you whether its in stock or not.

Walmart stocks on Mondays in the evenings (between 8-10). They also get shipments on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Walmart can be great with telling you whats in tock or when it will be, just ask.

These things can vary store to store. Just ask one of the employees, they are usually nice enough to help.

Check out some of my customs:
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Awake and Alive

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Originally Posted by Clutch
I thought abotu adding this to the KY/S.IN thread but figured this is far enough for it's own.

I check when I can in the southern Dayton OH area. here is what I saw on the shelves most recently for the 25th stuff:

Sunday 10/14/2007
Target (Sugercreek) - Joe and Cobra 5packs, 1 Storm Shadow single. Otherwise, 4 empty pegs.
Target (Dayton Mall) - Wiped out, maybe some 5 packs. 4 empty pegs.
Target (Fairfield Mall) - Same as above, maybe 5 packs (stopped paying attention to them they are everywhere), and 4 empty pegs for singles :(
Kmart (Beavercreek) - nothing, only 1 peg tagged 25th.
TRU (Dayton Mall) - 3 mixed 5-packs. 1 peg for singles, empty.
TRU (Fairfield Mall) - Same as above TRU.
Meijer (Kettering) - nada, no pegs reserved either
KB toys (Dayton Mall) - Nothin, they don't even have room to try lol

Monday 10/15/2007
Super Walmart (Kettering) - 4 pegs reserved. Has 2 storm shadows and 2 snake-eyes. Didn't notice any 5 packs.

I'll keep updating as I do my rounds. So far target has been my best luck. I got my first Snake-eyes and Stormshadow there, and later snagged CC and Cobra Soldier. Usually everywhere is wiped clean of singles though. A worker at target said that the 25th has been very popular and that they get a truck stock 5 days a week. So new inventory can get pegged any day of the week.

I've never hunted anything before but these joes were so damn awesome I just had to try to start
Let me add to this 10/13/07
Huber Heights Wal-Mart 7 figure Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes
Huber Heights K-Mart nothing
Wal-Mart Troy Cobra Legions Set and Joe 5 packs
Target Salem Ave nothing
Kmart Salem Ave two Joe 5 packs keep an eye on this one. I got 3 of the wave 1 single packs here.
As far as the above stores you mentioned I had the same issues zero. Sorry I would have posted over here, but I didn't know there were some many members from Dayton, Ohio here. You can check out this link for pictures from the Cobra Legions Set. I would have posted them here, but I get a message telling me I can only post 4 pictures, funny because I was trying to post 3

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I finally found Wave 3 at Target in Fairfield, Ohio!

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Old 10-19-2007, 01:40 AM   #16 (permalink)
Cobra Soldier

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I got the chance to hit some stores tonight. I managed to add 2 more to my small but slowly growing collection

TRU (Dayton Mall) - 2 Joe 5pk and 1 Cobra 5pka. CC, SS, CS and Serpentor. I snagged Serpentor and Cobra Soldier.
Walmart (Dayton Mall) - 1 joe 5pk
Target (Dayton Mall) - 2 joe 5pk
Walmart (Sugercreek) - 1 Joe 5pk
Target (Sugercreek) - nothing
Kmart (Beavercreek) closed 2 minutes early doubt they had anything anyways

I've don't get the chance to check often and it's usually late in the evening after everything had been sitting on the racks all day. Tonight is the first time I've seen Serpentor and the 2nd time I've seen Cobra Soldier, which I purchased both. I've not seen anything else from wave 2, never seen wave 3, and have not seen a Cobra Legion pack yet. Also still have yet to find Flint and Cobra Officer. I'm hoping to make more wider rounds this weekend to visit the area's mentioned in northern Cinci

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Old 10-20-2007, 12:33 AM   #17 (permalink)
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I have a little story to tell.

My morning started off real bad when I woke up late and had to drive the kids to school because they missed their bus. Since I was out of the house earlier than normal, I decided to stop by that Kmart that closed 2 minutes early on me the night before. I hardly every see anything at Kmart, and they are always behind on everything. But to my complete and total suprise, I saw a peg full of single carded 25th! First one on the peg, Zartan! Next was Stalker, then Red Ninja, Shipwreck, and Firefly! I was stunned to see the entire wave 3 right there for my purchasing pleasure, yet there was still a few more. I parted past the oh so common Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow only to have my jaw drop to be staring at the last one on the peg - Cobra Officer.

So now in one completely random stop at a time I would normally be racing to get ready for work, I instead doubled my current collection by obtaining all of wave 3 and a missing item from wave 1. I now only have 4 more singles to hunt down. I was so excited it didn't bother me that I was 5 minutes late to work because they had to hunt do the cashier to check out the guy with the 10 inch grin on his face

Only bad news is, they only had one of each so there are none left for anyone else. Just a SS and SE.

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Old 10-20-2007, 12:45 AM   #18 (permalink)

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I've been all over looking for a green stalker. If any Dayton or Cincy sees one they don't want, could you let me know or pick it up? I'll be glad to make a trip and pay for it or make a trade.

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Old 10-20-2007, 04:47 PM   #19 (permalink)
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Just finished a full circle of the southern Dayton area today. here's the list of what's out there:

Kmart (Beavercreek) - 1 SS, 1 SE
Target (Sugercreek) - nothing
Walmart (Sugercreek) - 1 joe 5pk, 1 SE
TRU (Dayton Mall) - 14 joe & cobra 5pk. no legion packs. I asked the guy stocking, he said they got no 25th singles in.
Walmart (Dayton Mall) - nothing
Target (Dayton Mall) - nothing
Walmart (Kettering) - 2 joe 5pk and 1 legion pack (I bought the other )
Walmart (Fairfield Mall) - nothing
TRU (Fairfield Mall) - 10 joe and cobra 5pk, no singles or legion set.
Target (Fairfield Mall) - 2 Legion pks, few joe 5pks.

This is the first time I've seen Legion packs in the area. I'm a bit baffled by the 2 TRU I visited though. They always have some 5pks on the shelf and never singles. Now it seems both stocked up a on even more 5pks but still no singles? crazy ~

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Old 10-20-2007, 05:20 PM   #20 (permalink)
StarJoes Chuck

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I live in northeast Ohio and wave 2 and 3 have been spotted n Elyria OH, in Parma, only some wave 1 and 5 packs, Cobra Legion also. Buddy of mine picked up an extra Stalker for me in Elyria, this is my onle wave 3 Joe. I have wave 1 and the 3 five packs. and 1 extra SE with timber. If anyone needs a 5 pack, all 3 are here on shelves. just let me know.

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