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Information on how Ray Park was chosen to play Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe:Rise of Cobra!

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Cobra Viper

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Information on how Ray Park was chosen to play Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe:Rise of Cobra!


When I attended Dragon-Con in Atlanta this year, I went intending to get a signed pic of Snake-Eyes. So I jumped in line and I couldn't believe how short it was. Still there were a few getting the SE figures signed but I thought that he would be as big as Sean Astin who had a line 3 times as big at the other table. When I got up to the table to decide which photo to purchase so he could sign, Lex Luthor himself , Michael Rosenbaum with a full head of hair, hovered over Ray and introduced himself and began to ask him what movies he had been in. It was funny to hear Rosenbaum say "So, by the looks of the pics you play all of the badasses." Then he looked at my photo of Snake-Eyes I was getting signed and asked, "Who is this guy?" I jumped in then and the proud geek I am came blaring out as I asked Rosenbaum...."who is this? what do you mean who is this?.....This is Snake-Eyes!...How could you not know?" Rosenbaum started to tread backwards in his steps as he began to apologize profusly to me for offending me because he didn't know who Snake-Eyes was. Funny incident. I embarrassed him.

But anyway, I was a little overwhelmed talking to Ray about getting the part. I praised him for getting a part that I dearly wanted only him to get. He explained that he had always wanted to play Snake-Eyes and that when he heard that there was gonna be a movie made, he and his friend went out to shoot a short film of him playing Snake-Eyes. He was also interested in the part of Storm Shadow as well. So he shot a short film doing both parts and sent it in to Paramount. When it came time, the director invited Ray to come out to talk about the movie. So pretty much, its a no brainer, he got the part! Then I began talking to him about how he was scripted to have a few lines but when Larry Hama was on set those were scrapped. He def said he wanted to say a few lines and he was excited about that, but he understood that it would be an abomination to fans. He seemed very understanding and he didnt seem pissed about it. He was very polite and warm. I told him that I met him before when I wanted a Darth Maul pic signed about 5 yrs ago and def made my day pretty cool when he said..."yeh, I thought I remembered you! You looked familiar." Whether or not he did remember me, that was still pretty cool.

As for Michael Rosenbaum, I went back by to apologize for embarrassing him at Park's table to which he replied..." no man, you didnt' embarrass me. The only way you woulda done that was if you walked up behind me and pulled my shorts down in front of everyone." Needless to say I got his autograph and told him I'll miss him on Smallville.

-I also forgot to mention something else that was confirmed. I brought my girlfriend along who actually looks in a way like Rachel Nichols who plays Scarlett. Her head has a red dye in it and I said to Ray that Snake-Eyes and I have another thing in common.......We both go for red heads. He laughed and replied that that might be so, but there are no love interests in the movie for Snake-Eyes. I was bummed. I said to him that maybe in a future sequel he and Scarlett may hit it off. Thats all he really spilled.

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Let me guess because he can do kicks.......

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Ash Talon
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I don't think you embarassed him. I think you scared him. Big difference.

I don't know how any American man in his late 20s or early 30s doesn't know Snake-Eyes on sight. Especially from a guy that must have been exposed to this kinda stuff at conventions and such.

I'm not completely sold on Parks playing SE. Mind you, I don't mean to say he's wrong for it. I just think he's the only martial artist in film that geeks can identify. There are plenty of partial artists with film experience that could pull off the role. I don't see why someone with name appeal (how many people really know who Ray Parks is?) had to play the role. His face is covered up, so we don't need some recognizable.

They didn't want him playing SS, since he's not Asian. And his voice is awful for film. Pretty much a no-brainer there.

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Woah, Ash replied to ash...

I think if someone has the ability and skill and the love for the role, as Park apparently does, it's a match made in heaven. Mind you, this doesn't always work with speaking roles, but covered face, no lines. He just needs to do what he does.

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proud YoJoeSexual

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Originally Posted by Ash Talon View Post
his voice is awful for film.
i agree with that quite a bit....not really a badass voice.

i knew ray's maul was dubbed over by a british actor/comedian, but hadnt a clue it who it was until i saw shaun of the dead.

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Ray Park...bad ass skills for martial arts, Ray Park...bad ass on acting behind a mask, Ray Park...bad ass mofo for knowing who Snake Eyes was and did a stint of his own on video when he heard about the movie. I don't care if the movie will be good or sucks as I know for sure with Ray Park as Snake eyes, it will be his best movie to show off more of his martial art skills.

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Not Hasbro approved.

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Originally Posted by Ash Talon View Post
(how many people really know who Ray Parks is?) .
If that was an attempt at irony, the attempt was successful.

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Eopie Herder
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Man, I wish I could have gone this year. I've wanted to go meet Ray the past couple of years and it seems like every time I plan to go, something comes up and I can't. Would have loved to meet Rosenbaum too.

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Captain Carstein
Cobra Intel

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Any chance Michael Rosenbaum was being sarcastic when he was back pedaling and apologizing? Either way, it sounds like you had a pretty cool experience. Good to hear.

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The Conflict
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how tall is ray parks? he seems really short. i have always envisioned se being very tall. plus,do anyone know what martial arts or styles parks know/does? he seems to be acrobatic but i dont really reconize any particular style.

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