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vadersquest 11-30-2009 12:16 PM

Official Iron Grenadiers Recruiting Thread
You guys know the drill....

kneroh 12-16-2009 12:29 AM

Welcome to Castle Destro.

We are the Iron Grenadiers of the official HISS Tank Forums GIJOE game.

The purpose of this game is to facilitate friendships and fun among our forum members. We are of the utterly biased opinion it is unreservedly the best place on the Tank for camaraderie and contacts.

The game itself is very easy to play. Our veterans are always eager to assist new players in learning the ropes. We welcome new members into our fold.

To join the game is also simple: All one need do is post in the team thread of the organization in which you are interested in joining and a member of the command staff or a veteran will contact you by pm with relevant information.

Here in Castle Destro, we are the good bad guys. We have admiration and respect for our opponents who prove their worth in battle against us. Our virtues are efficiency, excess, honor, humor, loyalty, luxury and ruthlessness. We are the army of Destro, so we mean business on the battlefield, but we also are committed to not taking ourselves too seriously, as you will discover. The most important element of this game to us is that everyone enjoys themselves and develops enduring friendships with fellow fans and collectors.

Our creed:

To us, war is man's most natural state. The fittest survive and the greatest technological advances are made. We respect the COBRA and GIJOE team's skills in combat, but abhor them for wasting those abilities on the absurd objectives of global conquest and world peace. We of the Iron Grenadiers have little interest in ruling the entire planet as such responsibility would interfere with our capacity to enjoy our luxurious lifestyles, and we certainly have no desire for the apathy and decay promoted by peace. Change and chaos creates innovation and inventiveness. We are dedicated to insuring that no force on Earth accumulates so much power they can control the destinies of all. To this end, we sell our state-of-the-art armaments to any faction able to meet our prices, even our enemies, as it pleases us to test our mettle against our own exceptional equipment wielded by our foes.

kneroh 12-16-2009 12:31 AM

speedocub 12-16-2009 12:32 AM

Sign me up!!!

Steelgrave 12-16-2009 12:32 AM


dustycarlisle 12-16-2009 12:32 AM

Looks like you need some soldiers...id love to join

kneroh 12-16-2009 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by Steelgrave (Post 1265687)

Steel, you were on my short list of players that were unfairly burned that I wanted to reach out to. We'd be honored if you joined back up with us!


Originally Posted by speedocub (Post 1265686)
Sign me up!!!

Of course! *bows in gratitude*


Originally Posted by dustycarlisle (Post 1265689)
Looks like you need some soldiers...id love to join

DUSTY!?! No way!?!?! One of my favorite tankers from back in the early game before we even joined the game. I am floored by this! Signed up and commended! Thank you brother! You've been missed!

Zefram 12-16-2009 12:37 AM

How many days a week do you need to be online to play?

kneroh 12-16-2009 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by Zefram (Post 1265706)
How many days a week do you need to be online to play?

It's one post a day for about 1 week per month. As a master of the poster and a tank God we'd love to have you aboard. The learning curve seems steep but orders are clear, and it's not nearly as daunting as it looks.

Lifeline_MD 12-16-2009 12:42 AM

You guys had better start up a roster. Your going to need to keep track of the newbies.

Good luck to you.

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