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Official HISSTANK G.I.Joe vs. Cobra Forum Game - Rules and Regulations

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Win, Lose or Die

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Official HISSTANK G.I.Joe vs. Cobra Forum Game - Rules and Regulations

Official HISSTANK G.I.Joe vs. Cobra Forum Game
Welcome to the Game! This thread will be used to inform all players of the format and rules of the game. Any questions, suggestions or feedback can be posted in the War Council, found here:

All players, please read over the rules carefully prior to playing the game. This would not have been made possible without the many games that have come before this. Thanks goes out to Texasdoom, Pyroclasm, and everyone else associated with previous games for paving the way!

The GM will be direct by the GM. All decisons are final and binding. Please repect this.

This thread is for viewing only, please DO NOT reply to it.


The purpose of this game is to have fun, and make friends. Although the game is competitive, please respect all of the players and people that work very hard to bring this to you. If you don’t have something nice to say, do not say it. Good natured ribbing and teasing can be fun, and is encouraged, but there is a line that will not be crossed. Players that continue to ignore this will be warned, and ejected from the game, if necessary.

All of Hisstank’s rules and regulations apply here. This game will be moderated, so behave yourself. If you decide to play this game, you do it with the acknowledgement that you will play fair, and not start trouble. Any problems or grievances should by taken to the GM. Your issue will be handled, and will be followed up on as well. Please help make this enjoyable for everyone. And thanks for playing!

Introduction to a Forum Game:

Some of you may have played a forum game before, and some may not. For those who have not, this is a little bit about how to play a forum game.
Each player chooses a team that they’d like to be on, either G.I.Joe or Cobra. Each team has its own recruitment thread.



You can go to either team’s thread to sign up. Just post that you are interested in joining, and someone will contact you!

Playing the game is simple: Each day, you are required to go the game thread. This is where the actual game takes place. Your team Leader or Squad Leader will PM you "orders" each day. You then carry these out, making a "hurt", "heal", or "move" action. It’s that easy!

Each game is considered 1 "Act". These Acts all interconnect, forming a story within the game. In essence, you control how the story goes. That is it in a nutshell. Feel free to talk to any current players, and they can fill you in and explain it in more detail.

Now, onto the format and rules. They will be broken down into sub groups, with examples as well. Feel free to ask questions you might have in the War Council Thread not answered here.

It is strongly suggested that all players familiarize themselves with these rules. Each team Leader is responsible for their teams. Leaders, Co Leaders and Squad Leaders are not permanent positions, and may be changed each game, if the team likes. It’s up the teams. All leaders are responsible for making sure their teams are well informed.

First off, each team member will be assigned a class by their Leader. Leaders, Co Leaders and Squad Leaders receive a "Field Commander" bonus, and may only be Soldiers or Medics. The rest of the team may be assembled from the rest of the classes available.

Battle and storyline threads:

All game posts will take place in the Battle Thread. This is where all the action happens! Each act will begin with a storyline intro, followed by a scenario posting. Once the game begins, the storyline is decided by the player's actions. The battle thread can be found here:

Also, the previous Acts of the game storyline will be posted for those players who'd like to catch up. You can find it here:

Player Classes:


The Soldier is the backbone of your army. This will be the class you have the most of, and there is no limit on the amount of soldiers you may have.
Soldiers may post a Move Action (Move+2) or a Hurt Action (Hurt-2). They may also post Split Actions (Move+1, Hurt -1) or (Hurt -1, Hurt -1).

Cobra Solider Hurt Duke -1, Move +1
Cobra Soldier Hurt Duke -1, Hurt Stalker -1
Cobra Soldier Hurt Duke -2
Cobra Soldier Move +2


A very important part of your army is your medics. When characters are injured, it falls to these players to keep them alive! You may have one medic per every three soldiers. This number may be adjusted depending on each scenario.

Medics may post a Move Action (Move+2) or a Heal Action (Heal+2) . They may also post Split Actions (Heal +1, Move +1) or (Heal +1, Heal +1).
Standard medics do not the ability to hurt.

GIJOE Medic Heal Duke +1, Move +1
GIJOE Medic Heal Duke +1, Heal Stalker +1
GIJOE Medic Heal Duke +2
GIJOE Medic Move +2

Combat Medic:

Combining the best of both worlds, Combat Medics are an important part of any army.
Combat Medics may post a Heal Action (Heal+2) or a Hurt Action (Hurt-2). They may also post Split Actions (Hurt -1, Heal +1) or (Heal +1, Heal +1).
Combat Medics do not have a move option.

This class is limited to one per every ten players. Combat Medics count toward your total medic number.

GIJOE Combat Medic Heal Duke +2
GIJOE Combat Medic Heal Duke +1, Heal Stalker +1
GIJOE Combat Medic Hurt Firefly -2
GIJOE Combat Medic Hurt Firefly -1, Heal Duke +1


Each team will often have one or more vehicles attached to it. There is one driver per vehicle.

Drivers may post a Hurt Action (Hurt-3 against vehicles or Hurt-1 to 3 characters) or a Move Action (Move+3). They may also post Split Actions (Hurt -2, Move +1). Split Actions may only hit a vehicle.

Once the vehicle is lost, the Driver will gain the option of being a Soldier or a Medic class. They must announce which, and it cannot be changed once done.

Cobra Rage Driver Hurt Mobat -3
Cobra Rage Driver Hurt Duke -1, Hurt Doc -1, Hurt Stalker -1
Cobra Rage Driver Move +3
Cobra Rage Driver Hurt Mobat -2, Move +1


The Saboteur is a highly trained class, and is capable of vicious attacks.
Saboteurs may post a Hurt Action (-1 to up to three characters or -2 to one character). They may also post a Move Action (+1). They may also post Split Attacks (Hurt -1, Hurt -1, Move +1).
There class is limited to 1 per every 10 players.

GIJOE Saboteur Hurt Firefly -2
GIJOE Saboteur Hurt Firefly -1, Hurt Tomax -1, Hurt Xamot -1
GIJOE Saboteur Move +1
GIJOE Saboteur Hurt Firefly -1, Hurt Destro -1, Move +1

Weapons Specialist:

Pretty self explanatory. Weapons Specialists do not have a Move option, but make up for this by doing tremendous damage. Highly trained and deadly, Weapon Specialts are an impotant part of your army.
Weapons Specialists may post a Hurt Action to one character or vehicle (Hurt-3). Doing this necessitates a "recharge" of said special weapon, so every other turn must be a (Hurt-1).

This class is limited to 1 per every 10 players.

Turn #1: Cobra Weapons Specialist Hurt Duke -3
Turn #2: Cobra Weapons Specialist Hurt Duke -1
Turn #3: Cobra Weapons Specialist Hurt Duke -3


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Win, Lose or Die

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Leader Bonuses:

Each team will choose a character designated their "Field Commander". This will be done by the Leader, Co Leader or Squad Leader and sent to the GM via PM. The Field Commander character grants the Leader, Co Leader and Squad Leader a +1 to their classes main attack. This would make a soldier -3 to hurt or a Medic +3 to heal. The Leader, Co Leader and Squad Leader may not be a specialized class.

Once the Field Leader is Ko'd or RIP'd, the Leaders no longer recieve this bonus. The Field Commander is known only to the GM, and it is up to the opposing team to figure out which character it is. Choose this character wisely!


Each team will be allowed to designate one player as a Captain. This player will then be allowed to step in and make command decisons in the event a leader is not present. This is up to the teams themselves, and they do not have to assign this position if they do not want to. Captains are simply used to back up their command structure, in the event a decison need s to be made. A Captain's post is official, and may not be edited or undone by a Leader's post. Again, choose this person wisely.

Posting in the Game Thread:

The game thread is for in game posts and storyline progression ONLY. Please refrain from posting comments or things not related to the actual game in this thread. After one warning, the team will be assessed a penalty. There will be other threads to interact with both the opposing team and your own team, so please abide by this. It makes it much easier to sort through posts, when only in-game posts need to be dealt with.

Storyline, Posting Guidelines:

The game will include a running storyline. Each player is encouraged to include some bits within their post moving the storyline forward. Story bits must be done at the time of your post, and actually relate to the story. Please include actual characters involved, and have fun with it! Story bits are encouraged, but each player MUST have a properly word "action post" as well.

GIJOE Weapons Specialist
Hurt Firefly -3

It is important the players post 3 important things:
Who they are (GIJOE Weapons Specialist)
What they are doing (Hurt -3)
Their target (Firefly)

Posts may not be edited after an update has occurred. Edits or Reposts will be allowed in the event a player hurts or heals a character that is not "legal" (i.e.: A character that is already capped HP wise, or a KO’d character being targeted for attack). If that happens, it is up to the team leaders to address this. It may be noted on an update, but it is the players responsibility to pay attention to what is going on.

Dropping/Adding a Player:

This must be formally requested before 8pm. Any request posted after 8pm will be addressed the following day. A dropped player may post their final move before reset. New adds take affect at reset on the following day. Reset is 12 midnight, est. All adds or dropsmust be approved by the GM.
Only Leader and Co Leaders may add or drop a player. This cannot be done by a Squad Leader or Captain. It is recommended that if a team plans to add or remove a player, they PM the GM prior before they post it. Doing this usually means your add or drop will be approved faster.

Player Amounts:

There is no set amount of players a team must have. You can have 5, or 50. But the teams must be even, within 5 players. So if the Joes have 20 players, Cobra must have at least 15 players. If the teams are not even, but within 5 players, the team missing players will be allotted "fodder".

This may be standard troopers (blue shirts) for Cobra, or standard troopers (green shirts) for the Joe team. These "fodder" players can only be soldiers, and will posted at different times throughout the day. These posts will be done by the GM, and at random. "Fodder" characters can not be given orders. These cahracters "die" as soon as a team adds a new player.

PerCep Points:

Each team will also have a "Perception Number". This number adjusts depending on decisons the teams make throughout the game. How your team is perceived by the characters around you can help, or hurt you. How evil is Cobra? How heroic is G.I.Joe? That, is up to you. This number will also be used for penalties. Should a team do something to start trouble (flaming, baiting, etc.), you may be penalized. Please see the above section on sportsmanship. In the unlikely event a teams PerCep number reaches 0, the team is dissolved, and the game is over. The only possible way something like this would occur is "out of game" problems.

Armor Class:

This is used for damage reduction. Every vehicle starts with an armor class(AC) of 2. The higher the AC, the more damage is reduced. All vehicles have 40 HP. Once a vehicle’s HP reaches 30, it drops to AC 1. Once it reaches 15, it drops to AC 0.

Cobra Rage - 40 HP/ AC 2

A Driver makes his attack (GIJOE Mobat Driver, Hurt Rage -3).
The Rage’s armor absorbs 2 points, but the 3rd gets through, causing 1 damage.
Vehicles cannot be healed. Once damage is done, it’s done. Upon destruction of a vehicle, the play has the option of becoming a Solider or Medic. Once that is decided, it cannot be changed.

For characters, armor can be found during the game, via the move action. There are a limited number of armor pieces that can be found. A move action must be used. Once a random number of move points are accumulated, a team Leader, Co Leader, Squad Leader, or Captain may "equip" a character with the armor. Characters cannot "trade" the armor, and all body armor absorbs a maximum of 5 damage.

In order words, Duke gets equipped with armor.

Duke - 30HP/ AC 1 (5)

He takes a hit (Cobra Solider Hurt Duke -2).

His armor absorbs 1 Hp of damage, and the other goes through.

Duke - 29HP/ AC 1 (4)

Once his armor absorbs 5 hits, it is useless, and his AC returns to 0.

A character cannot wear more than one piece of armor at one time. There will be a number of armor pieces scattered throughout the game. Finding them are up to the players. There is no time limit on equiping armor, but a post cannot be edited to equip it. If this is done, that post is considered void.

Example: A GIJOE player moves 2, putting them at 15MP. They find armor, but need to wait for a Leader or Captain to post the character to recieve it. The Leader logs on to make their hit, but misses the armor post, and makes his/her normal hit. Three hits are made on the character after this, and the Leader, realizing their mistake, goes back and edits their attack post, also adding the armor to the character than had been hit. This would NOT be a legal post, and it would be disregarded. The easy way to avoid this is to check out what has happened before you post. Take a minute, and see where your team is at.

It’s a Trap!

Using the move ability has the chance to get you armor, to help your team. Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls to moving as well. When a random move number is hit, traps will spring. It may be something that affects everyone, or just one team. Want armor? It’s a risk you take. But remember: the team that never moves makes itself a much easier target to hit.

Hit Points, Knock Outs, and Kills:

All vehicles begin with 40 HP/AC 2
All "name" characters begin with 30 HP/ AC 0
All "generic", or "support" characters begin with 20 HP/ AC 0

Characters may be healed over their starting HP total, but they may never go above 40 HP.

When a character reaches 0 HP, they are considered "knocked out" (KO). That character is no longer able to receive heals or hurts. They may be revived, by finding or using a med kit (depending on the scenario). A character that is hit for more than -2 past their HP is considered "killed" (RIP).

Duke - 1 HP/AC 0 is attacked.

Cobra Squad Leader Soldier
Hurt Duke -3

The first -1 KO’s Duke, and the remaining -2 cause enough damage to kill the character. Each team is allow one RIP per game, so if you decide to off someone, choose wisely. A killed character is removed completely from the storyline and may have consequences for one or both of the teams later on.


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Med Kits:

During the course of the game, teams may come across Medical Kits, to help keep their teams alive. These are found by reaching the corresponding move goal (random). Med Kits can be used once, and only by a medic or combat medic.

When a player is KOd, instead of their normal turn, a player (medic) may choose to use a Med Kit.

Cobra Combat Medic
Use Med Kit on Firefly +5
Doing this replaces a players normal Turn.

A Med Kit grants a KOd player 5 HP, and the character is instantly revived. Once revived, that character can be targeted and healed once again. This must be done within 10 friendly (your team) posts of the KO. If it used after that, it does not work, and is lost. When a Med Kit is found, the Team Leader, Co Leader, Squad Leader or Captain must designate which player will hold it. Only that player may use it. Once this decision is made, the post granting the med kit can NOT be edited. Doing so nullifies it, and the Med Kit is lost.

In other words, a Cobra Soldier posts a move, bringing the teams total to 10MP. The team finds a Med Kit, and the Squad Leader posts which player is now in possession of the Med Kit. It is handed off to that player for later use, and stays in his/her possession until it is used. Decide wisely who you give this to, as it may not given or traded to another player.


During the game, the teams may encounter non combatants, called civilians. When you reach a specified move amount, your team will encounter a civilian. When this happens, the team will receive 3 options:


Each of the choices has benefits, but may also have repercussions. Some have both. A Leader, Co Leader, Squad Leader or Captain must post what theyd like their team to do. They have to do this within 10 friendly (your team) posts. If this is not done, the action will automatically be IGNORE. How each team deal with civilains affects their PerCep number. Be advised, sometimes the most obvious course of action may have unexpcted results!

GIJOE Squad Leader Soldier
Save Civilian

GIJOE Leader Soldier
Kill Civilian

GIJOE Leader Medic
Ignore Civilian

Once a response is posted, it cannot be edited. Doing so voids the post. Doing this does NOT take the place of a Leaders or Captains turn. Each civilian is different, as are their responses.

Other Items:

Besides Med Kits and Civilains, there are other items found throughout the game. These items may differ with each scenario. Or they may no no additional items. Some similar items may do different things. Whenever an item is found, the teams will be given instruction on how to use them, limits, etc. This will be posted n the Battle Thread, so the teams will do well to pay attention.

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