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Thundra by Dravenheart

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Crimson Guard

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Thundra by Dravenheart

I ended 2012 with some obscure characters and highlighted my week with Abbey Chase. I wanted to follow that up by starting 2013 with a bang. When I first saw the She-Hulk figure, I knew there was so much potential with the body. And my first plan was to make Thundra. I always liked her. Mother of Lyra, from the future where women dominate men, and has a soft spot for the Thing.

There's a few more pictures of her up on Facebook. More poses of her with She-Hulk and Hulk both. Check them out:
Thundra Album

The Hawkeye legs swapped out perfectly with the She-Hulk legs, and overall the figure was a general repaint. However, a lot of the details were rather delicate. Jagged yellow lines on the legs, and white stitching on the chest. Due to the legs mostly, she doesn't stand as my proudest figure to date. Though, I am happy calling her at least a first draft. Every image had her designed differently, including the size of her little tiara thing. I sized it based upon another image, but ended up going back to this reference picture as my color basis.


Body - MU She-Hulk
Lower Legs - MU Hawkeye
Hands - GI Joe ROC Gen Hawk, I think


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Dr. Vile
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Sweet, great work, good character.

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pig iron grenadier
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Hot diggity Dog! That's great!

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