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ROC based Command Center

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Old 12-29-2012, 02:03 PM   #1 (permalink)
Iron Grenadier

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ROC based Command Center

I built this a few years ago, when the ROC movie was out. I always thought the control room in the PIT was pretty cool and wanted to make my own. It's pretty much the only custom thing I have made, but I thought it was cool and wanted to share it. Some of the panels have started to come loose, but I'm not sure I can take it apart to repair it without doing damage. For the time being I have decided to just leave it be. One other neat detail...Although you can't tell in the pics, all of the chairs are mounted on wood bases and have dial pins that allow them swivel. In the background, you can see bits of pieces of my Joe room, I want to do a post showing that too, but everytime I try to upload pics from it, they fail or I get an error message. Hopefully I can get that issue worked out soon so I can share my room with everyone. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the command room.
Attached Thumbnails
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-001.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-002.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-003.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-005.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-006.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-008.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-010.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-011.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-012.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-013.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-004.jpg
ROC based Command Center-custom-command-center-009.jpg
ROC based Command Center-command-figures-001.jpg
ROC based Command Center-command-figures-002.jpg
ROC based Command Center-command-figures-005.jpg
ROC based Command Center-figure-1-rs.jpg
ROC based Command Center-figure-2-rs.jpg
ROC based Command Center-figure-3-rs.jpg

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Crimson Guard

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Super-cool control room. Very slick. Great job. And your Joe room looks very cool in the background. My Joe room was featured recently on an episode of Hoarders.

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Awesome dio.

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Crimson Amoeba

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Real sweetness! love the control panels!

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Awesome!! Great Job.

Originally Posted by 5h4rK View Post
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Hola, I hope you are doing very well, this is Wonderful!!! Thanks a lot for sharing! by the way, Happy New Year to everybodxy in God bless you all- Saludos desde México

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Crimson Guard

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Superb dio! Hasbro can we get dioramas like this please?

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This is my user title.

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this thing is so cool, I wanna play with it.

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Free the Punisher

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Looks great, but it needs figures for best display.

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Iron Grenadier

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Originally Posted by RolandofGilead View Post
Looks great, but it needs figures for best display.
I may add a few pics with figures.

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