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Custom Display Cabinet Plans & Questions

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Smile Custom Display Cabinet Plans & Questions

I am looking at building a custom cabinet to display my RAH collection. I am on my third design and finally think I found something that will hold my collection and looks nice.

I have posted the plan as attachments. It's going to be a top and bottom cabinet that can be moved individually but secured once stacked so it's easy to move. Kind of like a hutch or mirror on a dresser.

It will measure 80" tall and 72" wide. Each top "cubby" will be about 23" wide, 11" tall, and 15-16" deep. Bottom "cubbies" are about 34" wide, 22" deep, and 16" tall on the very bottom, and 12" tall on the second shelf.

I've labeled them so you can see how I plan to use them. Haven't made up my mind about doors or lights yet. But the design allows for them.

I am wondering if anyone has done something like this and would care to give me pointers or shoot holes in my design. Appreciate the help!

Thanks guys!
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That looks sharp! Those little LED strips would be awesome on the inside for direct lighting. Plus you could put gaskets on the back of the doors to keep the dust out.

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