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Phizz127's B/S/T List!!!!

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Phizz127's B/S/T List!!!! FSS Added CHEAP!

I'll update by B/S/T List with dates each time an item is added or removed from the list. All figures are MOC/MIB unless otherwise noted. Feel free to PM offers for any Sale/Trade items listed. I'll try and update on a regular basis.


Updated: 06/27/13

Entire POC/30th Collection, all MOC/MIB with variants for sale. - Post #2!!!!

***PRIORITY WANT*** SDCC Star Wars Black - Boba Fett w/ Han Solo in Carbonite. This is my Highest Priority want right now, and since I can't make SDCC, I'm looking to trade or buy for this. PM Me if you can help. _______________________________________

SALE/TRADE: PM for prices or make offers if no prices listed. Prices do not include shipping.

Club FSS - All MOC (Would love to trade for JoeCon Nocturnal Fire Viper's, but prices sales are good as well)
TNT - $30

Marvel Universe - All MOC/MIB
Wolverine Vs. She Hulk Comic Pack - $30
Bastaar (Regular version) - $15

Marvel Legends -
Spider-Man (Classic w/ web backpack) - $15
Spider-Man Classic Hobgoblin - $18
Series 4 - War Zone Punisher - $30

Superheroes -
Batman - $10
Robin - $11
Loki - $8
Hawkeye - $10

G.I. Joe -

Vintage -

Devilfish - missing 1 hose - $8

25th -

B.A.T. (single carded version) x5 - $10 each
B.A.T. (DVD battles version (red mask) - $10
Snake Eyes (from Hard Master Comic Pack) Loose/Complete - $8
Snake Eyes (from Resolute multi-pack) Loose/Complete - $10
Roadblock (from DVD Battle Pack) Loose/Complete - $4
Duke (from 5 pack) Loose/Complete - $5
Scarlett (from 5 pack) Loose/Complete - $6
Nemesis Immortial (from Falcon Comic Pack) Loose/Complete - $12

Serpentor (from DVD set) Loose/Complete w/ added features, including staff, cobra and bladed weapon + Air Chariot from Armadillo set - $25


Exclusives -

PoC -

Blowtorch - Loose/Complete - $10
Destro (Arctic) Loose/Complete - $5

30th Anniversary/Renegades - MOC (I have multiples, just ask)

Ren. Duke - $7
Ren. Cobra Commander - $7
Ren. Storm Shadow (Amazon) - $12
Ren. Snake Eyes (Amazon) - $12

Black Dragon VTOL (loose/complete) - $10

Dollar General -
Shipwreck MOC wave 1 - $8

RoC -
Kamakura - Loose/Complete - $30
Red Fang Ninja - MOC - $7
Ice Viper - MOC - $7
Heavy Duty - Loose/Complete w/FC - $5

Sand Serpent - MIB (no pilot) - $18
Lava Pod (MIB, no Viper) - $5
Tiger Claw ATV (no Leatherneck)- $8

Retaliation -
Swamp Trooper - $10

Customs - Pics can be seen from the link below.

Dragonfly XH-1 - re-painted G.I. Joe 2003 Locust w/ cobrastickers repro set applied (Canadian) Pics emailed upon request. Locust was fresh from box when customized - $45 shipped

Star Wars -

Force Unleashed!
Maris Brood - loose/complete - $20
Rahm Kota - loose/complete - $25
Battle-Damaged Darth Vader - MOC - $15
Evo Trooper - MOC - $6
Juno Eclipse - MOC - $10
Shadow Guard - MOC - $25
buy the set for $95 shipped!

Bail Organa (Legacy) - MOC - $8
Juno Eclipse (removable hat TRU set) - loose/complete - $8

TAC Shadow Stormtrooper - MOC - $10
TAC Mace Windu (Gold foil & coin) MOC - $7

Clone Wars Clones and Vehicles - Loose/Complete

***Clone Wars action figures***
Lockk (Kmart) - $10
Fives (1st release) - $8
Echo (1st release) - $7
Clone Trooper (dirty variation with symbol on left arm) - $8
Clone Trooper (212th) x2 - $8 each
Clone Trooper (Coruscant Security) - $11
Clone Trooper (501st, Walmart) - $8
Commander Gree - $6
Commander Cody - $5
Denal - $10

***Clone Wars vehicles***
V-19 Torrent Fighter (MIB- red/white CW box) - $20
Slave I w/ Boba Fett - $45
Armored Assault Tank - $15
Droid Starfighter x3 - $4 each
Barc Speeder x2 (different colors) - $8 each

__________________________________________________ _____

*Note, some things I will accept loose, just ask*


Zarana - both versions - MOC or Loose - need a pink most right now
Jinx - both versions - MOC
Sgt. Slaughter - both versions - MOC
Captain America TFA mini bust

BBI Apache - Need for custom style Dragonfly. High Priority!
BBI Black Hawk - Need for custom style Tomahawk. High Priority!

G.I. Joe -

Vintage -
Cobra Condor Z-25 (complete, bp's, pilot and FC not necessary)
Iron Grenadier D.E.M.O.N. (complete, bp's, driver and FC not necessary)

2005 -
G.I. Joe Hydrofoil (camo Moray, complete)

25th -
SDCC Sgt. Slaughter (Loose or MOC, both versions)
SDCC Cobra Commander (Blue Jacket) - MOC
SDCC **** Daddy Destro (Both Silver and Gold head) - MOC
IGT Roddy Piper - MOC or Loose


PoC - Loose/complete preferred.
Wave 4 - Destro, Low Light
Wave 5 - Blowtorch (Green/Yellow variant)
Wave 6 - Rock Vipers, Cobra Vipers, Croc Master (Red variant)

Minotaur w/ Desert Scorpion
Mountain Wolf w/ Alpine
Armored Panther w/ Outback
Cycle Armor w/ Ashiko MIB
HISS Scout w/ Driver MIB

30th Anniversary Collection -

2011 Mission Brazil II exclusive set
2011 PP Stinger w/ Motor Viper
2011 PP Water Moccasin
2011 PP Tele-Viper w/ Parachute
2011 Dial-Tone MOC
2011 Python Patrol Specialists 2 pack
2011 Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander Silver
2011 Joe Con Armadillo
2009 Crimson exclusive set - Bagged or boxed

Star Wars -

The Clone Wars figures and vehicles! Message me with what you have. My son loves the stuff and I can't collect just for myself There are lots of things I'd like to get for him, both figures and vehicles.

SWTOR Trooper - Loose or MOC
Any SWTOR figures coming out.
Bastilla Shan - MOC
Darth Revan - Loose or MOC
Darth Malak - MOC
HK-47 - Loose/Complete
HK-50 x2 - Loose/Complete
Aayla Secura (Clone Wars) - Loose or MOC
Jabba the Hutt w/ Droid (Clone Wars) - Loose or MOC
Darth Sidious (Clone Wars) - Loose or MOC
Felucian Battle Rancor w/ Rider - MIB
Rahm Kota - MOC
Maris Brood - MOC
TRU Force Unleashed multi-figure packs (All 3)
Shaak Ti (Legacy, Force Unleashed version) - Loose or MOC
Jaina and Jacen Solo - Loose or MOC
Vader's Secret Apprentice 3 pack - MIB
Sith Legacy 3 pack - MIB
Mouse and Basso in disguise Comic Pack - Loose or MOC
Dark Luke and Clone Emperor Comic Pack - MOC
Sigel Dare and Darth Krayt Comic Pack - MOC
Legacy BMF Millennium Falcon - Complete, Loose or MIB
Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma - Comic Pack
Clone Turbo Tank - Complete, Loose or MIB
Joker Squad - MIB
Assault of Ryloth 4 pack - Waxer, Boil, Clone Trooper, Mace Windu - Loose or MIB
Yoda and Coruscant Guard 4 pack - Yoda, Coruscant Guard x3 - Loose or MIB

Marvel Legends - * = wanted most
BAF - Giant Man *
BAF - Ares
BAF - Sentinel
BAF - Fing Fang Foom *
BAF - Galactus
BAF - Brood Queen
BAF -Apocalypse

Marvel Select -
Ultimate Hulk
Ultimate Thor
Ultimate Iron Man
Captain America (Ultimate's WWII version)
War Machine (Borders exclusive IM2)

Marvel Universe - will take any loose or MOC unless noted.
Dr. Strange (Astral variant)
Ms. Marvel (Modern, Carol Danvers)
NYCC Archangel (X-Force)
NYCC Compound Hulk
Gigantic Battles wave 2 Savage Frost Giant - Loose preferred, no need for Loki.
Goliath (Blue) from Gigantic Battles wave 1. Loose preferred, no need for Iron Man.
Warpath (X-Force costume)
Vision (Solid)
Havok (Classic Variant)
Galactus (Ultimate Alliance Dark Variant) MIB
Sentinel (Classic colors)
SDCC Invader's Set (Captain America, Red Skull, Namor, Torch)
Old Man Logan
Moon Knight and Ant-Man Comic Pack
Blade, Elektra, Mysterio, Rhino (new sculpt)
Shadowland Daredevil, Iron Fist (White costume), Spider-Man (Bag Head)
Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer Comic Pack
Cyclops, Colossus and Emma Frost 3 Pack
Thor, Executioner and Valkyrie 3 Pack
TRU X-Factor 6 pack - Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey, Angel
SDCC Super Helicarrier (Or just Maria Hill figure)

Captain America -
Captain Britain

DC -
Arkham Asylum series 1 set (Scarecrow, Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman)
Arkham Asylum series 2 set (Bane, Poison Ivy, Zzasz, Batman)
Arkham City - Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Riddler

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MOC/MIB Pursuit of Cobra & 30th Anniversary collection for sale: Updated 06/17/13**

Shipping is not included in prices. I will cut a bit of a discount for multiple items purchased. And please note, these figures in this list below are NOT associated with the BST list above. So for example if you see a name below that is SOLD and the above name is still priced, it means I have or had both.

I may have some loose versions of figures, and some not mentioned, in the above post.


POC Wave 1)
“Desert Battle” Snake Eyes - $8
“Desert Battle” Storm Shadow - $8

POC Wave 2)
“Arctic Threat” Destro - $7
“Jungle Assault” Jungle-Viper $8 x2
“Jungle Assault” Snake Eyes - $8

POC Wave 3)

POC Wave 4)

POC Wave 5)
“Jungle Assault” Blowtorch - $12
“City Strike” General Hawk - $20

POC Wave 6)

30th Wave 1)

30th Wave 2)
Techno Viper - $14

30th Wave 3)




*Cobra Black Dragon VTOL with Air-Viper - $20
Cobra Black Dragon VTOL (loose/complete) - $15

*Crimson Cobra H.I.S.S. with NEW Crimson Horseman Driver - $25

*Sky Striker Jet with Captain Ace Pilot - $30

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General Aquino

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just sent you a pm

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Update bump.

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Added 25th carded figures.

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More vintage added.

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