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Selling my GI Joe collection :-(

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Old 01-27-2010, 02:26 PM   #1
Cobra Viper

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Selling my GI Joe collection :-(

So I’m deciding to sell my entire collection, both vintage and current as indicated in the beginning of this post. It looks like the wisest thing to do is to sell the figs either individually or in lots. So, I’m going to go ahead and take the advice given and list them that way. Each modern era fig listed is still carded and may have some imperfections due to minor shelf wear etc but they have been kept safe in a smoke free home and either displayed in my game room or boxed in its closet. So I will list the figs with a corresponding $ amount. Shipping will be at buyer’s expense and vary based on number of figs/vehicles selected. Thanks for looking. Remember, I am open to counter offers if you feel that the asking price is “high” and I’m not here to mark items up with shipping fees(we are all too smart for that here)….I just want ALL shipping charges to be @ buyer’s expense. Thanks again and here we go

Wave 1
Flint-20 sold- Scarlett002
Snake Eyes-10 sold-Scarlett002
Storm Shadow-10
Cobra Commander-10
Cobra Officer-10
Complete wave-55

Wave 2
Beach Head-9
Lady Jaye-9
Cobra Trooper-9
Complete Wave-39

Wave 3
Sgt. Stalker(non-variant)-8
Shipwreck(shark tattoo)-24 card is a little bent sold-Scarlett002
Shipwreck(anchor tattoo)-8 card is a little bent sold- Novacaine
Zartan-(color changing face on card)-8
Red Ninja x 2-7
Complete Wave with both Shipwrecks and 1 ninja-60

Wave 4
Cobra Commander-8
Storm Shadow-9
Cobra Air Trooper-8
Complete wave-60

Wave 5
Snow Job-8
Snake Eyes-9(Card has a minor bend on one corner)
Sgt. Flash-9
Crimson Guard-8
Complete Wave-38

Wave 6
Cobra Commander-7 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Sgt. Rock and Roll-7
Lt. Torpedo-7
Complete Wave-19

Wave 7
Wild Bill-6
Cobra Viper-6
Cobra Hiss Driver-6
Snake Eyes-7
Duke with J.U.M.P-7
Complete Wave-37

Wave 8
Snake Eyes arctic-7
Tiger Force Flint-7
Cobra Commander with mass device crystals-8
Major Bludd-7
Python Patrol Officer-7
Complete Wave-47

Wave 9
B.A.T x 3-8 each
Snow Serpent x2-7 each
Strom Shadow x3-7 each
Complete Wave-38

Wave 10
Tiger Force Duke-6
Mutt & Junkyard-7
Para Viper-7
Cobra Bazooka-6
Croc Master-7
Wraith variant only-(carded)-27 sold-Novacaine
Wraith loose with card-4
Complete Wave 58(with both variant and loose versions of Wraith)

Wave 11
Matt Tracker x 2-8(one card is pretty beat up)
Sgt Airborne-7
Pilot Scarlett-7
Cobra Flint-7
Cobra Eel-7

Wave 12
Ripper x 2 -7(one has a pretty beat up card)
Cobra Ninja-7(on Canadian card)
Cobra Diver-7(On Canadian card)
Cobra Trooper -6
Python Patrol Crimson Guard x 2- 7(one card is pretty beat up)

Wave 13
Cobra Commander Resolute-7 sold- Novacaine
Duke Resolute-7 sold- Novacaine
Torch-7 sold- Novacaine

Mail Away Doc-20 obo

Comic 2 packs
Hawk/Scarlett-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Duke/Cobra Commander-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow-8Sold to anthonyjkiller
Ripper/Torch-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Breaker/Destro-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Ace/Wild Weasel-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Tomax/Xamot-9Sold to anthonyjkiller
Crimson Guard/Cobra Officer-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Snake Eyes (Battle Damaged/Storm Shadow cloaked)-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Duke/Red Star-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Shipwreck/Copperhead-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Firefly/Storm Shadow-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Falcon/Nemesis Enforcer/Immortal?-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Tripwire/Cobra Commander-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Destro/Iron Grenadier-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Snake Eyes/Hard Master-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Beach Head/Mainframe-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Scrap Iron/Wild Bill-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Rock & Roll/Deep Six-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Gung Ho/Cobra Commander-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller
Tunnel Rat/Storm Shadow-8 Sold to anthonyjkiller

Hiss Tank Blue-14 Sold to Black Llama
AWE Striker (Green) 14 Sold to Black Llama
Night Spector x 2 – 13
Rattler -20
X -30 -20 Sold to Black Llama
Tiger Rat -20
Ultimate Battle Pack -50 Sold to Black Llama
Armadillo vs Serpentor -14 Sold to Black Llama
Ram Cycle vs Trouble Bubble-14
Hisstank Black-14
Desert AWE Striker-14
Fang and Claw -14 Sold to Black Llama
Sting Raider -14 Sold to Black Llama
Ghost H.A.W.K x 2 14 each 1 sold to Black Llama
F.L.A.K Cannon and Claw- 14 sold to Black Llama
Stinger Jeep -14 sold to Black Llama
Arctic Hiss -14 sold to Black Llama

All items are sealed unless otherwise noted
Defense of Cobra Island set -30 sold -Novacaine
Attack on Cobra Island-30 sold-Novacaine
Snake Eyes vs Red Ninjas-15 Sold-Mainframe
Original G I Joe 5 pack with Duke/Roadblock/Scarlett/Snake Eyes/Gung Ho-18
Resolute 5 pack-18
DVD Battle pack 3 Pyramid of Darkness with Quick Kick-20
DVD Battle Pack 4 Arise Serpentor with Dusty(has webgear)-20
G I Joe Senior Ranking Officer 3 pack w/Star/Sky duster-12
G I Joe Senior Ranking Officers 3 pack with Cutter-12
Iron Grenadier Senior Ranking Officers-12

This should just about cover it. I do have some vintage stuff that I will be listing on evil bay/condition of figs/parts/vehicles vary unless anyone is interested here. I will post some pics tonight of everything. Lots of Flagg parts/pieces too. If you want, please make an offer for the ENTIRE lot, I do not want to keep any of this….the wife will kill me  Thanks for looking guys and gals and have a great day!

Oh yes, & Mods….please move this to the BST thread…..I messed up and don’t want to offend anyone. Thanks

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pm sent

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Old 01-28-2010, 09:20 AM   #3
Cobra Viper

Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Texas
Posts: 120
Bump.....PM's eplied to and awaiting confirmation on some stuff

Will add pics, vinatge items and all ROC items if anyone is interested.

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Old 01-28-2010, 09:24 AM   #4
He says he's not dead

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pm sent

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Cobra Viper

Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Texas
Posts: 120
PM's answered...awaiting pymt on a few items

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Cobra Viper

Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Texas
Posts: 120
Updating list with ROC figs and vehicles tomorrow

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Cobra Viper

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Location: Texas
Posts: 120

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Ruler of Cobra-La

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PM sent

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Crimson Guard

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PM sent

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G.I JOE Dentist

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Pm sent -

Carded Needs
Original 25th Anniv Cobra/Gi-Joe 5packs
New COBRA/GIJOE packs (w/o music boxes), Resolute Set
WAVE 13: Complete Wave
Mighty Muggs: Destro, Baroness
ROC Bobbleheads
Defense of Cobra Island / Extreme Conditions 7-packs (Arctic & Desert)
Hall of Heroes: BATs
ROC Vehicles
My feedback:
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