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Does anyone know the name of the character that was at the communications console at the end of the first episode of Revenge of Cobra? He looks like a 'green shirt' with Breaker's gear, but I was surprised that he got a few lines of dialogue.

I like the idea of having more named characters in support roles around the base and I'm considering a quick and easy custom figure.

Take a look and let me know if you know his name:
YouTube - The Revenge of Cobra 1 01 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wgwLSShBhU&feature=player_detailpage#t=442s)



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Yeah, I found that on Joeheadquarters.com (GI JOE CHARACTER LIST (http://www.joeheadquarters.com/charlist_joes4.shtml#SPARKS)) but do you know if that naming was a hindsight decision, or was the character intended to be Sparks all along?

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The charchter was intended to be named Sparks, however, he was a Sunbow made character and Hasbro asked Sunbow to stop using him because he took away from characters that had toys made of them (Breaker, Dial-Tone, Mainframe, etc...)

I think I read that in the Writer's guide on Joeguide.com


EDIT: OK ignore what I wrote above. What I read was in an interview with Buzz Dixon on Joeguide.com

Here's the specifics of Sparks:

DT: Several Joes who appeared during the first season and the miniseries, like Sparks, Col. Sharpe and Admiral Ledger, were never turned into toys. Did Hasbro actively discourage you from creating Joes, Cobras and vehicles that repeatedly appeared in the stories?

BD: Well, they certainly didn’t encourage us. Sparks, I think, was originally meant to be part of the product line but got dropped before his toy was produced; by that time I think he had been written into a couple of scripts already and, when we needed a commo guy, we just kept using him until a new commo character was introduced. (I believe he was the retired Joe I mentioned earlier). Sharpe and Ledger, as I recall, were created to fill particular story needs when there wasn’t an existing character who fit in properly.

There was one semi-recurring character Hasbro let us use, provided she didn’t appear too often. That was Mary L, who was occasionally seen on the flight deck prepping jet fighters. Hasbro wanted a few more female characters in the series than were in the product line and let us use her occasionally for small parts. (The "L" by the way, stood for "lesbian," an in joke at the Sunbow Westwood offices since she looked so mannish.)

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Thanks a lot for the info, guys. I see a lot of other Tankers have made some pretty cool customs of Sparks.


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Thanks a lot for the info, guys. I see a lot of other Tankers have made some pretty cool customs of Sparks.


There's also a Convention exclusive one as well.
YOJOE.COM | Alex "Sparks" Verdi (http://www.yojoe.com/action/07/alexsparksverdi.shtml)

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Hmmmm, didn't catch that was sparks. I guess now I'm gonna have to get the set he came in, =)