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Here is my entry for the Sub-team category.

While working on a Cobra project involving the use of Tacion particles, Dr. Mindbender’s machine goes into critical meltdown. Everybody in the room is vaporized including Destro who was curious of this new weapon. Dr. Mindbender and Cobra Commander survive the accident from a shielded observatory room high above the lab.
Unbeknownst to Mindbender the machine actually works and Destro isn’t dead. Nor are the other men who where working security detail in the lab. They have been time shifted to what Destro believes is 1075 A.D.

Lost in the middle ages with no hope of rescue drives the men insane and some loose all hope, others loose their lives to brutal raiders and vandals of the time.

Destro assembles what few remain and offers them a deal. “Follow my command without question and execute every order with precision and I shall have us rescued in 3 years time”. Only 4 men follow and this is their story.

McCullen’s Medieval Marauders:


Archer used to be an Alley Viper. He is a superb knife fighter and a preaty good shot with the bow and arrow. Destro realizes they are still in England (Location of the lab before they time-warped) and sends Archer into nearby towns to gather Intel on their surroundings and travel routes. They start out by raiding nearby caravans belonging to the king, robbing tax-wagons and killing and looting royals and other aristocrats. Archer wears no armor and uses the forest for his deadly urban warfare-like hit-and-run assaults. He often mingles with locals to gain trust and gather information on his targets. His skirmish grows to legend and word is quickly spread and exaggerated of the bow wielding man who stole gold from the rich in the forest and his band of warriors who aided the poor. History would come to know Archer as “Robin Hood”.

Picture of Archer wearing his cloak to conceal his weapons from local royal guard.

Time for an ambush, poor lads never saw it comming!

Crossbow in hand and knife at the ready.

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sounds cool so far.

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Grinder used to be a Cobra Viper. His fellow vipers knew him to be an extreme narcissist Steroid abuser. This meathead’s favorite weapon in a sawed-off dual barrel shotgun to which he still holds on to. He quickly takes to medieval style head-bashing and throat slashing. His weapons of choice: the biggest damn club he can find. He has been know to swing this giant mace at horses heads and dismount knights on the charge. His shield biers no marks because he never uses it! His armor shows the marks of combat and he still has plenty of shells for his dual-barrel since he rather club his victims to death then shoot them. Grinder’s colossal brand of chaos has made him the tale of fear across the land. And as Destro sails with his Marauders south to France and across western Europe into Germany the tales of the “Black knight” spread far and wide.



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It just keeps getting better.

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great so far,but we need more.keep'em coming.

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Beautifully done customs mate...! Not to mention a detailed back story...!

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McCullen and his Medieval Marauders continue on their journey into the Tran Carpathian Mountains, future site of Destro’s Silent Castle. As they go from territory to territory Destro claims to be a heavenly being of unimaginable power to lords and kings. Time and time again he proves his might by killing wave after wave of hopeless troops sent by lords and even the church. Among his men no one is better at killing then Blood.

Blood used to be a Crimson Guardsman. His inability to hold his own in combat without a modern firearm nearly cost him his life and he resorted to using light armor and weapons of maximum reach such as a war pike. He slowly developed a fascination with human blood and Destro taught him how to make packets of gunpowder to use for his hand-held cannon. His ammunition of choice are short wooden stakes which he uses to impale his victims. He rains death before moving in to stain his armor in his enemy’s blood.

Note: Bloods fascination for human blood and his tradition of impaling victims and walking around in blood soaked armor are perhaps the tales of Vlad the Impaler. Although history says Vlad was not born till the 1400’s during the middle ages every country was practically on their own calendar.



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Dusk till dawn styled weapon..niice.. :D

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more please!!!

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Blood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Long Sword:

Long Sword is an Iron Grenadier and absolutely loyal to Destro. After terrorizing Europe for nearly two years, toppling rulers and setting loyalist to Destro as new kings, they now have an army to execute the next phase to the plan. Destro has always told his Iron Grenadier to save his ammunition, trained him in sword combat and polished him as a cavalry raider. He Gives Long Sword command of the army and under order of King Phillip of France Long Sword and the Marauders march onto the Holy Land as Crusaders. Long Sword is giving his nick-name by those who see him shooting enemies from his horse on the battle field (they have never seen a M.A.R.S. rifle and assume it’s a sword). He becomes a Knights Templar and in 1077, under command of king Baldwin IV of Jerusalem leads an assault with just 500 Templar Knights against Saladin’s army. Long Sword wins the battle and King Baldwin is so impressed he offers “William Long Sword” to marry his sister and assume the throne as king after Baldwin’s inevitable death. Destro had planed all this from the beginning!




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Great use of Narnia parts and these are off the hook! Blood is my favorite so far. Great work and story on them all.

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Destro knew of the historical battle of 1077 and knew if Long Sword could get close enough to the king he would earn his trust. Destro has meanwhile manipulated the king of France and the Vatican and has earned himself the title of High Templar. Maybe its his firepower, maybe his knowledge of the future, or maybe the fact that he wears a Gold face! But they all think he is a heavenly being and they fear his demonic determination.
On November 26th of 1075 Destro and the Marauders sack the Templar’s treasure. A bounty that dates back to the conquest of Alexander the Great over Egypt. Into the night they vanish and head back to England. Destro would use this treasure and his influence in Europe to start a secret organization that would last through all of time into our era. The Illuminati is formed and with the Templar’s Treasure they have the funds to manipulate the fate of mankind. Destro writes the scripture of the Illuminati, a book with details on future events, economic formulas and one final order:
“Destroy Cobra, Rebuilt the Tacion Conductor, rescue the Marauders, Kill Mindbender.”




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Holly hell! that was taxing.

Sorry for the long ass posts guys. I hope you enjoy it if you actually read through it all. Its taken me a month of customizing, 3 weeks of story compiling and the help pf my friends and family to get the dates and character to jive.

Special thanks to Tank_Driver. dude thanks for hlping me take better pictures! now I just need a camera with a good lense.

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The figures are great, and the story is amazing!

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I must say, that is one hell of a story line... I can't really decide which is better - the customs, or the storyline, for the storyline has a the makings of a good series of comics...

But since the customs are kick-ass as well, and totally out of this world. With quite a few of the customs here, one can recognize parts used. But with these, I can hardly see the originals!

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Blood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes that one in particular rocks so hard brotha!!!!

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Awesome customs! Awesome Story! Awesome Thread...:D Great Job...

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man it was great, awesome job.

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Very good, both customs and back stories!

Love the last order!

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thats one helluva storyline...imagine..i could actually read? wahahaha

so far im loving blood all the way man....

kudos for the great custom...kudos to the great storyline...screw the bald doctor...:D

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I cant thank you guys enough for the great reviews and for taking the time to read the whole story. I knew from the start what I wanted to do but a couple of my co-workers, Joseph and Carlos really brought it to life. We work at a book store so we had access to all these archives and dates and whatnot. I owe them the cred for most of the character build.

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I really like them, Blood especially is good.

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Awesome story. Really cool way for Clan Destro to set itself up.

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awesome customs! awesome story! great work.

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i like how you tied in the conspiracy theory of the temps and illuminati..