View Full Version : Figures 6" Cobra Trooper

05-05-2012, 05:51 PM
Since i wanted to do some more 6" figures, i started digging through my fodder to find some appropriate stuff, and this guy seemed like the easiest to start with. Its a longshot torso with black spidey forearms, Bucky hands, movie Reed Richards boots, Forge head with Judge Death helmet. Some sculpting done and a WW2 Cap webgear thrown on, and he's done. Tried to arm him similarly to how the PoC Cobra Trooper is armed, but i didn't have a dragonov or a rpg, so he got a bazooka and AK-47 instead. A happy accident happened with his chest symbol: the zipper on the body required it to be spaced apart in the middle, and i think it ended up looking like two cobras facing eachother, instead of one cobra looking out from the outfit, which i think is pretty cool. The blue background does not compliment him well.






05-05-2012, 05:57 PM
That is so cool nice work :)