View Full Version : How did you get into G.I. Joe and why?

10-25-2008, 07:44 PM
How did you get into G.I. Joe and why? I am just asking this. I hope you don't mind.

10-25-2008, 07:47 PM
Started in 82 cause the figures were damn cool.

10-25-2008, 07:51 PM
1984. Got some for my birthday.
Then later it was the cartoon and the comics.
Needless to say I was hooked. That is unitl 1988 when BF2000 showed up.

10-25-2008, 07:52 PM
I forget why I started originally, but it probably had something to do with my dad.

The second time around was in 2003. I was at Botcon in Chicago and there was a guy there with a bunch of loose figures for $3 each and DDP was there with the new Transformers Vs GI Joe comics. When I got home, I realised I had more Joe stuff than I did Transformers :)

10-25-2008, 07:53 PM
a 6 year old in 82, the newest coolest toys out, and having the most awesome dad on the planet (yes, he was better than yours) haha

10-25-2008, 08:05 PM
I blame my grandfather for this. He was in the Army and served in World War 2 and I always love Military movies and being a cartoon fan I guess this was a perfect marrige as it were.

10-25-2008, 10:34 PM
Personally, I think that it was because of the Cartoon and comics. Also, to get something that my cousin didn't have at the time. He got everything he wanted...Transformers, Robotech, Masters of the Universe. He flaunted it...my parents afforded what they can and that was 50-60 cent comic books, gobots and Secret Wars figures were what they could afford and sure enough, GI Joe.

Cousin started getting into GI Joe soon after but it was cool to have something that he didn't have for once.

10-25-2008, 10:38 PM
By accident. I was into Star Wars and I had every fig released up to 82 and with nothing new out, I went looking for a new toy and saw a Zap. A few days later, issue 1 of the comic came out and I was hooked from then on.

10-25-2008, 10:46 PM
Had a few figures but really became hooked because of the cartoon. Everyday after school I would rush home to catch it. Soon after other kids on the street got into them and we would all bring out our figures and have massive battles.

10-25-2008, 10:54 PM
By accident as well. I never used to watch the cartoon in favor of Thundercats. This was around 1985, I was 7. I always figured anything to do with "real life" i.e... Military... Had to be for older kids so I stuck with the fantasy side of things. Then for whatever reason Thundercats wasn't on so I switched over to watch GI Joe instead of the adult programming my grandparents wold surely turn on were my brother and I not to have any further cartoons to watch. Lo and behold, GI Joe was the coolest thing in the world and far better than I thought. From then on in, I was ok with watching big kid programming and figures followed shortly thereafter.... Incidentally Christmas 1987 was the best ever as I had a Transformers - Joe haul that included the Defiant Space Station... Tnence forth I have been a nut for Joes...Except for the Re-envisioning of Joe v. Cobra and the VvV and other lines using new molds sans the O-ring. They were just plain bad. The 25th line has restored my faith in Hasbro and GI Joe as a whole.

10-25-2008, 11:09 PM
I start to play with Gijoes in 1982. I has a few StarWars figures but Gijoes looks better. At christmas and my birthday, i received Snake Eyes, Flash & Hal, Cobra Officer and Clutch & Vamp.

10-25-2008, 11:16 PM
The imagination of it just grabbed me as a kid.
The idea of a motor cycle with a vulcan cannon being ridden by a solider chewing bubble gum was cool. I loved that first toy commercial!

10-25-2008, 11:21 PM
I start to play with Gijoes in 1982. I has a few StarWars figures but Gijoes looks better. At christmas and my birthday, i received Snake Eyes, Flash & Hal, Cobra Officer and Clutch & Vamp.

Not omly looked better but had better accessories and articulation. Kenner may have popularized the 3-3/4 Figure with Star Wars but GI Joe owned it.

10-25-2008, 11:30 PM
It was Nov of 82 I got several figures for my 10th birthday. I had a big collection of Star Wars figures but these to me were so much better. I was all out from there until 1989 when G.I. Joe started to head in a different direction.

10-25-2008, 11:37 PM
I remember I got a few figures in my kindergarten class, (one of them was cold front). I really liked the figures a lot cause of the originality and articulation. There's nothing I like more in a figure than decent articulation. Other than the selective few figures I had I didn't really seriously start collecting joes until 2002. I was mainly collecting star wars figures until GI Joes took over.

10-25-2008, 11:41 PM
My mom bought me Grunt when they first came out at the drugstore in '82. I used to run home after grade school to catch the Cartoon in the afternoon. It was inevitable that this would be my favorite toy. Now that I'm grown up I have a chance to collect all the Joes I can get my hands on!

10-26-2008, 12:25 AM
My uncle was the one who got me into G.I. Joes, and alot of the toys and cartoons of the 80s, when I was a young kid. He'd let me play with his G.I. Joes, Transformers, Star Wars, and all the other great toys of that decade.
I think he as well as my mother bought me some of my own. Sometime in the 90s I fell out of G.I. Joes, only getting the occasional figure at a thrift store or yard sale.
In 2001 my uncle once more got me back into G.I. Joes with the Devils Dew Publishing G.I. Joe comic.
I picked up some of the early G.I. Joe vs Cobra toys, and the VvV figures but stuck mostly to the comics till I found out about the 25th Anniversary Collection.

COL Abernathy
10-26-2008, 12:34 AM
I was not allowed to play with guns or military toys.
So my grandma took me shopping and I saw Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow on the shelf and convinced her they were ninjas, not military.
20 + years later I've got a huge Joe collection and I'm a 9 year army vet.
Thanks, Mom.

10-26-2008, 01:02 AM
I remember going to school at the age of 7. I was only collecting star wars and brought 2 or 3 figures to school. A friend of mind saw what I had and said star wars suck and I saw what he was playing with and it was an army figure that I didn't know what it was. The very same day after school, my mom and dad went grocery shopping and yes it was at the infamous HEB where I got all wave 10 from, I finally saw what it was and it was G.I.Joe so I grabbed couple figure which I remember what it was still as the first joes as snow job and snake eyes with timber. Ever since then, I had tons of fun that I was actually begging my older brother, sister, mom, dad and basiclly everyone in the family to get me joes everyday. I remember I had tons of joes by the beginning of summer. As I got older, my mom divorced my dad and we had to move in the middle of night leaving all my joes behind. I remember the maggot was the last thing I brought cuz the next day I moved leaving everything behind. 2 or 3 years later I finally came back to the house where my aunt was living then had threw out all my joes. It was a sad day for me. As I reached to the age of 29, I was buying mocs and misb off ebay till I came across a site on the internet that a 25th anniversary was coing out which excited me. The very 1st day it was released, I scored everything and to this day, I have and still am buying vintage and modern era joes. Will probably contintue to collect G.I.Joe, Thundercats, MOTU, Star Wars, Spawn, Hot Wheels, Battle Beast, Robotech, and many other as it became a hobby for me to collect em moc and misb.

10-26-2008, 01:34 AM
WOW I'm impressed.

10-26-2008, 01:35 AM
How dare you ask.

Heh, nah I don't mind.

I got into it because my mom let me buy a Tiger Force Duke in 1988. The love hasn't stopped since. (For my mom or for Joes!)

10-26-2008, 11:17 AM
My mom took my to the local Drug Store as a child in 1982, down the street from my Grandma's house. She wanted to get me a coloring book and we got G.I.Joe Giant Sized Issue #1. I read it cover to cover all weekend and was hooked. I especially loved the full-color adds for the toys and the filecards in the back. I was in love at age 9 and it's been going strong ever since.