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09-01-2008, 06:02 PM
These figures are all from my personal collection. all figures are in wonderful shape in mint/near mint condition. all figures have NO cracks or breaks, NO loose joints, and No paint wear or very minor if that. I will take paypal or money orders. pm me if interested.

backblast moc
headhunter green/black varient moc
alley viper yellow/black moc
alley viper orange/blue varient moc
redstar moc
navy seal shipwreck moc
wet suit v2 orange/black moc
battle corps viper moc

loose joes...

astro viper- 100% complete
croc master- 100% complete with hose
annihilator- 100% complete
cobra eels-99% complete missing breather hose
python patrol copperhead- 100% complete
hydro viper- 100% complete (SOLD!)
undertow v1- 100% complete
laser viper- 100% complete
crimson guard v1- 100% complete (SOLD!)
bats v1- 100% complete (SOLD!)
storm shadow v1- 100% complete w/fc (SOLD!)
decimator- 100% complete
worms-100% complete with antenna
ice viper- 100% complete
cobra mortal- 100% complete
tiger force hardtop- 100% complete
chuckles- 100% complete w/fc (SOLD!)
outback- 100% complete w/fc(SOLD!)
beachhead- 100% complete w/fc
shockwave-100% complete w/fc
hit & run- 100% complete
captain grid iron- 100% complete
bazooka- 100% complete w/fc
lady jaye-100% complete
dusty- 100% complete w/fc and bipod (SOLD!)
desert scorpion- 100% complete
battle armor cobra commander- 100% complete with hose
ripcord-100% complete w/fc
jinx-100% complete
footloose-100% completeete
convention headhunter stormtrooper-100%complete
dialtone- 100% complete w/fc
recoil-100% complete w/fc
hawk-100% complete w/fc
flint-100% complete w/fc
pathfinder-100% complete w/fc
muskrat-100% complete
lowlight-100% complete w/fc and bipod
night viper-100% complete w/fc (SOLD!)
techno viper-100% complete
heat viper-100% complete wfc
python patrol heat viper-100% complete
airbourne-100% complete
dropzone (sky patrol) 100% complete with parachute
knockdown ( battle force 2000) 100% complete w/fc
maverick (battle force 2000) 100% complete w/fc
avalanche (battle force 2000) 100% complete w/fc
blaster ( battle force 2000) 100% complete w/fc
blocker- (battle force 2000) 100% complete w/fc
dodger (battle force 2000) 100% complete w/fc
rampart- 100% complete w/fc
blizzard- 100% complete
zartan v1- 100% complete
spearhead&max- 100% complete
snow job- 100% complete w/fc
frostbite- 100% complete
destro v1- 100% complete w/fc (SOLD!)
shipwreck- 99% complete missing hooks w/fc
sub zero- 100% complete w/fc
gung ho- 100% complete w/fc (SOLD!)
ace v2- 99% complete missing gun
law & order- 100% complete w/fc
roadblock v2-100% complete w/fc
spirit- 100% complete
storm shadow v2-100% complete w/fc
quick kick- 100% complete w/fc (SOLD!)
snow serpent v1-100% complete w/fc (SOLD!)
sneak peak-99% complete missing mic
leatherneck-100% complete
repeater-100% complete
slip stream-100% complete
lift ticket-99% complete missing mic
backstop-100% complete w/fc
toxo viper-100% complete w/fc (SOLD!)
frag viper 100% complete w/fc
bullhorn- 100% complete w/fc
night creeper- 100% complete w/fc
range viper-100% complete w/fc
interrogator-99% complete missing gun
flak viper 100% complete w/fc

vehicles- all are 100% complete unless stated otherwise

havoc x2
devilfish x2
bomb disposal unit
outpost defender- missing the 3 guns in crate and 1 post
canon with seat, forgot the name of it, its green though from 82-83
destro's dispoiler
night raven with strato viper w/fc
hammer jeep- missing antenna, seat clips, and ammo box

09-01-2008, 06:24 PM
how much for the 2 alley vipers

09-01-2008, 06:37 PM
Any pics of the devilfish??

09-01-2008, 06:44 PM
i have no pics at this time, i have to go buy a new adapter to tranfer pics onto the computer since mine is no where to be found. trust me everything i have is very nice. i am not here to rip any one off. i am super picky, way more so then a lot of collectors i know so everything i have is in tip top shape.

09-01-2008, 06:49 PM
here's what i'm interested in
hydro viper
toxo viper
please sen me a pm let me know the prices thx

09-01-2008, 07:49 PM

09-01-2008, 09:23 PM
updated again!

09-01-2008, 09:37 PM
hay how much for these guys, airbourne
cobra morta & lift ticket

09-01-2008, 09:43 PM
pm sent