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08-03-2008, 04:53 AM
So it was mentioned earlier in a post having to do with toy hiding and such, that Toy Hunting as a hobby is "cut-throat".

I'll agree, and then disagree.

The point of why maybe? Well we all grew up in the eighties. (Most of us.) Some of you on here are young-ins and some of you are older than dirt. I digress. We see these toys coming out as something new to rekindle our interests of our childhoods. Some of these things we had and some we always wanted and never could. you're all saying "Blaster! Cut to the chase!"
I am ; ie; We want to feel young again and reconnect to a more simple time, when we had no responsibilities and were more free and not bound to jobs,bills,wives,children,traffic. ect. ect.
Next we look at why for others if this ain't your reason, perhaps you're a scalper and this is your sort of "side" thing you know extra income for the new entertainment system your thinking of getting. Whatever. It's all gravy son.
Finally, a last reason why the desire, is actually quite touching and that's to try and connect with your children with things you yourself grew up with.
Now then. We have our main reasons for collecting or buying, now we examine the "Cut throat aspect".
Well the Scalping thing speaks for itself. Its money that we're making man let's buy everything, hoard it and sell it, we'll make a killing. Well I'll tell you if fools out there would spend $350.00 dollars on one Rowdy Piper figure, (not try to point at anyone in particular I apologize if this is you, its just conjecture) then you deserve the money you sold it for. Go get you some toshiba flat screen.
Second reason for cut-throat, we're still the petulant little child saying inside, I want my B.A.T. Army and I want it now!!! Well thirty year old try waiting a bit and you'll get it. If no one bids on ebay, they'll stop buying them up. But nooooooo I want I want I want. (I think of the scene in Goonies when Brad steals the little girls bike.) My bike! My Bike! I want my bike!
Last reason is we'll the damn toy companies, we buy things now in mass quantities because who nows if they'll keep shipping more, if the stores will keep stocking more, or even if our faves Hasbro and Mattel will just up and cancel a line. At least we can ay we have a gem. ie; the last wave ever produced.
Is it cut-throat yes. Have I personally been. I can't say very. But on a scale of one to ten. I'd say a solid three perhaps four.
In the past week, I've had no fewer then twelve pleasant experiences with fellow collectors/tankers/and yes even a single scalper. Pm me if you want that long ass story. Anyways I think I've given enough food for thought let's talk about it.

08-03-2008, 05:03 AM
scalpers needs to find real jobs...

I have the money to buy it now..

I am so glad I am seeing TONS of shit on the pegs..

This is how it needs to be......

this is the only way that figures will ever become popular when the average person GETS A CHANCE TO BUY AND APPRECIATE THE STUFF.

now that they are showing up I pray the drop the price to 6.88/6.99 a figure.

this 7.99 is dumb... Come on Target and TRU Keep the prices sane... before you have to clearance it for not selling...

I want all the figures to "warm" the pegs... I know it will happen...(i'd say by jan/feb at the latest

if i choose to buy a junkyard at 4 o clock in the afternoon i want t o be able to find it

with out going to ebay... the same with ninja ku and bats... and even the new and upcoming "wraith" figure...

come on we have seen what can Happen with a joe wave... i dont care about owning it "first" i care about owning it for a decent price "period"

Dr. Henry E. Miller
08-03-2008, 05:04 AM
Theres the "Cut Throat" mentality in ANY hobby, I see it in the clients who's boats I build and work on, they always want the latest and greatest, and I've heard people going as far as to steal plans from other people. Theres a reason I left that profession. I see it in collecting Brass Railroad Models, I have been to face to face auctions and seen two people nearly get into a fist-fight over a piece. I'm considered some sort of pariah among Brass collectors because I custom paint, re-motor and sometimes even re-detail my engines. It's like the whole MOC/Open debate, it's all bullshit.

Now for toy collecting, it's a whole another element of absurdity, instead of being contained in a niche market, it's in toy and department stores and is somewhat exposed to the general public. Which makes some of these antics even more embarrassing and deserving of ridicule. Instead of million dollar pleasure boats, or handcrafted models you have 8 dollar children's toys. It's really a whole extra element of stupid.