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  1. jabba's ship
  2. so i have this idea..
  3. sculpting, molding, and casting playsets!!
  4. Backpacks for 25th Tele-vipers
  5. Team Delta
  6. got some stickers for my hisstank
  7. what is the best body?
  8. What character should I sculpt?
  9. dioramas
  10. Company that makes Personalized joes?
  11. When doing a Zanya custom.
  12. Fun With Gold
  13. Not your average customs . . . . relatively SFW
  14. Custom Cobra Throne Help?
  15. Custom Part Creation Techniques, etc.
  16. Medal of Honor the Tier 1 Operator code name cowboy
  17. Clip Art
  18. Project Talk Non-paint ideas: figs and mods
  19. DTC Airtight
  20. How To Guide Acetone: How to use it.
  21. female head scuplts..
  22. Custom Dreadnok: Ripper
  23. Discussion Reservations...
  24. Iron Grenadier Weapons
  25. LT. FALCON Custom by Blade
  26. What if...
  27. Billy
  28. More vehicles!!!!
  29. Discussion custom snake eyes thread
  30. Slaymaker's City Strike Figures
  31. Custom RIA Lady Jaye MKII by Mythic
  32. CG101's P.O.C Stalker
  33. Decals for your vehicle customs
  34. SPAS-12 Rifle stock conversion and superdetailing WIP
  35. I need some help my fellow Tankers.. Turbo.
  36. Fury's secret warriors p1
  37. Gnawgahyde by Meeko
  38. Voltar's Uniform - Classic or Updated?
  39. Daniel's Motorpool
  40. Looking for Con Action Force Logo
  41. Random customs
  42. Hair Sculpting w/ Black Widow
  43. James Bond Head on A-Team Face Body = PERFECT
  44. Worst custom vehicle?
  45. Snake Eyes V3 Unmasked Custom by Insidious Customs Snakeeyes0217
  46. deadly pogo by IGS
  47. Custom Night Raven (She's a big one)
  48. 8D8 torture droid by davy580
  49. 25th Cobra Sniper, Plague trooper, Agent Faces.
  50. Two Modern Warfare 2 Ghost customs
  51. StormShadow by Swampmojo
  52. ARAH guys who is out there?
  53. Joe Ninjas by Sy-Rein
  54. 25th Cover Girl Courtney Krieger by DOC
  55. Cobra Ninjas by Sy-Rein
  56. Cobra Commander Custom ROC Insidious Customs Snakeeyes0217
  57. Joe tweaks by Sy-Rein
  58. Cobra tweaks by Sy-Rein
  59. Resolute Zarana By DOC
  60. Hit & Run by Sy-Rein (and mswi)
  61. Low-Light by Sy-Rein (and mswi)
  62. Resolute ARCTIC ASSAULT Snake Eyes...
  63. 4 new ones by SGCAPER - Breech and 3 that need names
  64. 3xS Urban Command (Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow & Shipwreck)
  65. Zartan by Swampmojo
  66. hiss driverette scout by davy580
  67. Firefly by Swampmojo
  68. Scorpious
  69. Non-Joe: DCSH Superman resculpt and repaint by Vidmouse
  70. BATMAN (D.C) Custom
  71. Baroness's High Speed Transport (WIP) by Blackrazor1
  72. Custom Cover Girl (by Mythic)
  73. Slice by bravo
  74. Gung-Ho Dress Blues by CaptDP
  75. Blizzard
  76. Navy Captain by TARGETSIX
  77. Thank you to all that customize
  78. Big Boa by Jimbotron
  79. Flint by ESG2145
  80. Airborne and Green Berets by ESG2145
  81. Dr. Adele burkhart
  82. Frostbite by TARGETSIX
  83. Kilroy by Jim_Beutel
  84. Tripwire by TARGETSIX
  85. Hardball
  86. G.I. Joe Codename: Nunchuk
  87. Modern/resolute Style RocknRoll
  88. Baroness by ESG2145
  89. Black Cobra Commander by ESG2145
  90. Modern/resolute Style Shipwreck
  91. Phantom Stranger And final Aquaman D.C.
  92. Custom Resolute Cobra Driver
  93. FINALLY! Hiss Driverette by davy580
  94. Desert Scorpion Redux
  95. Hostel By Sho Nuff
  96. Resolute Crazylegs
  97. Real Cloth Custums by:IIIzoeIII
  98. Dark Streets of Gotham part 3
  99. Modern Warfare 2 customs
  100. Rascal's DUKE
  101. CG101's Hitman- Codename Agent 47
  102. RoC Arctic Night Raven Finish
  103. Domestic Disturbance LBC
  104. Snake Armor/Deep Six diving suit:
  105. James Bond by Airborne's Customs
  106. Dark Streets of Gotham: The God of Fear...
  107. Female B.A.T. squad
  108. Custom give away!!!!!
  109. customs from dr mindbender parts
  110. Molds
  111. How to add A-Team Legs to ROC Bodies Video
  112. Damn you Tatum heads!!! Damn you!
  113. Ideas?
  114. How to add G.I. Joe 25th Style feet to A-Team legs Video
  115. the peroxide Challange (it works)
  116. Easy Customs
  117. Swords, axes and other fantasy style weapons
  118. Need Help! Mold Caster Needed.
  119. Best of 80's CLAW clean up by ESG2145
  120. Need some help with a Rambo custom
  121. Colonial Marine Help Me out
  122. TUTORIAL! Create action capes for your customs!
  123. Need help on a saw viper custom!
  124. StarTrek Bridge Base
  125. Special note to customizers of the True Heroes TRU BlackHawk...
  126. better feet for Resolute Troopers?
  127. My first attempt at sculpting a 25th style head.
  128. give me an idea..
  129. Diorama Materials
  130. Discussion The Custom Sgt. Slaughter thread.
  131. Just being Bored...
  132. Anyone need Super Sculpey
  133. A Croc for Croc Master
  134. Need pics for help.
  135. Mainframe helmet
  136. Has anyone ever done an Abe Lincoln custom?
  137. Discussion The Bad Sociologist Custom Challenge
  138. Has anyone used 1:32 MODELS with Joes?
  139. army scarf
  140. Cobra_Seph Custom paint jobs (if you see this then theres something new)
  141. ideas on how to make American presidents
  142. Need help with a custom I am wokring on
  143. New here INSPIRED!!
  144. It's time to nut up or shut up!
  145. First Custom Ideas !
  146. Rick Hunter. White or Japanese?
  147. !!!!!Who is the best customizer out there!!!!!
  148. Best ebay purchase I EVER made!!
  149. Bare Female Feet
  150. Discussion Custom Dio Backgrounds
  151. Swamp house or similar
  152. Anybody use the CupCake CNC for making custom parts?
  153. How To Guide Tutorial: Improving on the COBRA Rattler's bomb load...
  154. OD paint recommendations for Killer Whale?
  155. custom countdown
  156. HISS V5 Tutorial?
  157. How To Guide HISS V5 Tutorial!
  158. Project Talk Cardboard Boxes make the best Joe forts
  159. My next Custom/Repaint work
  160. Brand recommendation for epoxy/apoxie/plumber's putty
  161. RAM side gun loose. Please Help.
  162. okies what custom R/C vehicles have people seen
  163. AFA question regarding customs...
  164. Project Talk CG Airplane ideas
  165. Questions are you tanker? look at this bat.
  166. plague customs
  167. parts list help
  168. HISS V Painting Commision?
  169. Casting
  170. Questions Customizing help
  171. Discussion Custom Figure Painting Commisions
  172. Need Advice With a BIG Future Custom
  173. Discussion Joeverse Exchange Program Thread
  174. Discussion The Unit - Anybody do Custom Figures?
  175. More Joes
  176. Stickers.....
  177. Discussion Looking for CG Helicopter
  178. some new capes i just made
  179. Whale Wars
  180. Project Talk Cheat Hu-mandoes. Please help
  181. Discussion part identification help
  182. LOWLIGHT/inprone looking down scope
  183. Discussion Tri-GateCreations is now SlayerDesignStudios
  184. Questions Motorize (RC) POC Hiss V?
  185. Questions Basic questions about adding DC motors to 'Joe vehicles...
  186. Questions Frostbite's arm patch
  187. Discussion Ratfink custom links!
  188. Discussion EcuardimusPrime's custom archive.
  189. Discussion A nice POC head swappin' recipe! or DIY POC Frostbite!
  190. Questions customizing question
  191. Discussion vehicle found on trash can for custom
  192. Discussion need opinion on Jack Bauer Custom
  193. Discussion question for the masses
  194. Discussion Using Sculpey for customs
  195. Project Talk 4" Sideshow Red Ninja
  196. New Customs Layout - Details Inside
  197. How To Guide Old heads for 25th/ME conversion
  198. Questions Where to post custom FF figures?
  199. Discussion Testors My Patience
  200. Project Talk Help needed with upper legs for Road Pig...
  201. Project Talk Bad Sociologist Challenge Poll!
  202. Project Talk help w/ sculpey and paint combo
  203. Questions Customizeable G.I.JOE caracter
  204. Questions poc spirit's head
  205. Questions Custom Question: I want to trade out the lower legs, how do I do it?
  206. Questions Looking for Bios
  207. Discussion Custom disaster...
  208. Questions Help! removing paint from ROC Doc!
  209. Questions Any suggestions on Custom Paints
  210. Discussion Cartoon Accurate Cobra Trooper
  211. Project Talk U.S.S. Flagg Custom
  212. Active posters !!! Please help by updating your old threads
  213. Discussion You know you're a customizer when ........
  214. Discussion For those who have given up on HTS
  215. Questions Need advice: Omar Little Custom?
  216. Project Talk Mars Troopers help
  217. Project Talk Resolute referencbox sets have inspired me to e help?
  218. Discussion input needed - Storm Rider air compressor backpack
  219. Questions Looking for someone who does casting
  220. Project Talk Best Easily Obtainable TANK To Customize?
  221. Project Talk Rascal's Death Troopers POLL
  222. Questions Customizing 25th/ROC/POC Joes - Removing Lower Legs
  223. Questions Dying the plastic
  224. Questions stinger red
  225. Questions Grenade Dilema
  226. Questions Law and Order help
  227. Questions astronaut custom
  228. How To Guide A possible fix for yellowed figures
  229. Questions Hope this is OT...I'd like to remove and replace my vintage Nightraven stickers
  230. Questions Help make a Punisher Custom
  231. Discussion Big thanks to KrymsynGardImmoral and lance858a
  232. Questions What to use to simulate floating
  233. Questions Custom Cards
  234. Questions White
  235. Project Talk Need Diorama help
  236. Discussion Black Rope
  237. Project Talk Need Some Custom Work: Captain Spaulding Cobra Enemy
  238. Questions black on black HISS
  239. Project Talk Defiant Shuttle Wing Casts
  240. Questions Blackhawk details
  241. Questions Questions About Paint Washes
  242. Discussion Gi joe parts
  243. Project Talk Question on has anyone cast or custom made?
  244. Questions How do you remove/swap T-Bar legs?
  245. Questions Where's the guy who made the Sgt Slaughter cast??
  246. Discussion Random Custom Help
  247. Questions Who Does The BEST Custom Backer Cards?
  248. Discussion New Game: Needs/Wants Treasure Chest
  249. Discussion Repurposing Items thread
  250. Discussion help ................ w/knee pads