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  1. Discussion Jose Riviera from DiC Series
  2. Questions SlayerDesignStudio orders
  3. Project Talk We need another website that makes custom sculpts!
  4. Project Talk Rescuing my childhood Mobile Command Center
  5. Discussion Slayer Not closing or selling
  6. Questions Ideas for a mecha eagle
  7. Project Talk Would this be in bad taste?
  8. Discussion Upgrade weapons for your Joes thread
  9. Project Talk i might be crazy but...
  10. Questions question on drawing in 3d
  11. Questions Airbrush purchase?
  12. Questions Shadow trackers skull.
  13. Project Talk The Corps! classic characters.
  14. Discussion Building Cobra Island
  15. Questions Future Soldier
  16. Project Talk Diorama Help
  17. Questions Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) Goggles For 3.75"?
  18. Project ARAH photos and video from Slayer Con 2: 3/4/12
  19. Discussion cobrastickers crimson guard immortal
  20. Discussion The Need For Modern Accessory Packs and Legalities
  21. Questions shaping/altering ARAH figure heads?
  22. Questions removing Resolute Comic Pack SS armor?
  23. Questions Compatibility question.
  24. Project Talk Custom File Viper and Toilet Viper / Janiviper
  25. Questions ROC Black Coat Doctor Uses?
  26. Questions Applying a matte finish over stickers
  27. Questions Resin Adventure Team headcasts? Please.
  28. Project Talk Resolute Duke=JCVD?
  29. Project Talk mixing paints..
  30. Paint Matching
  31. Questions 30th Anniversary Hand Fix ?
  32. Project Talk I have an idea but need help
  33. Questions Modern Era Dialtone Backpack
  34. Questions Operator hat?
  35. Project Talk still need custom painter.
  36. Questions Painting Question
  37. Questions Ghillie suit ?
  38. Questions Casting
  39. Questions Disassembling the Cobra Raven
  40. Discussion Free Card Back Templates
  41. Questions medieval knight armor
  42. Project Talk the televiper hasbro wouldnt give me
  43. Questions Custom Figure Commissions
  44. Questions Slings?
  45. Questions New Tunnel Rat, is that a M240 machine gun?
  46. Project Talk Need Jazwares 4" Guile for custom..PLS HELP
  47. Questions Repainting Archangel (Marvel Universe)
  48. Discussion repreposed Iron man figures
  49. Questions Dremel bit?
  50. Discussion If I could wish just 1 wish...
  51. Discussion ''show me your customs'' contest!
  52. Discussion Skystriker exhaust ports on ebay
  53. Discussion been a while.....
  54. Questions Custom parts websites?
  55. Questions the GLUE question: customs and repairing
  56. Discussion Stocos28 Cast Female Torsos and heads
  57. Project Talk Sterling Archer Customizing Help, Please
  58. Discussion Raiding our kids (broken) toys!
  59. Questions Any Ripper Customs out there?
  60. Questions New customizer with questions
  61. Project Talk Weapons for 7inch scale customizers!!!
  62. Project Talk Planning a Corps ATK repaint (with a twist)
  63. Discussion Anyone else see these?
  64. Questions Negative reactions with Krylon gray primer.
  65. Discussion Anyone thought about?
  66. Questions How do you Restore Plastic Windows
  67. Discussion The Hurt Locker
  68. Discussion Research Movies
  69. Project Talk Need help with parts donations for youth group
  70. Questions How do you Attach/remove arms on Customs?
  71. Discussion Mayhem Custom's Index Thread
  72. How To Guide OPERATION WING SWEEP - Disconnecting the wing sweep mechanism from the landing gear
  73. Questions Any suggestions on how to improve my Jungle Vipers?
  74. Questions Photo Request?
  75. Questions I need your help!
  76. Questions Better for Hoses/wires
  77. Project Talk Opinions Needed For Cobra Jason Voorhees Kitbash
  78. Questions Custom Stands
  79. Discussion Our Basement Workshop
  80. Questions Ball Jointed Hands
  81. How To Guide Easy Swap-out Customs
  82. Questions Paint
  83. Questions Need logos for waterslides
  84. Questions Commissions
  85. Questions 1:18 Scale Trees and Foliage???
  86. How To Guide Ghille Suits!
  87. Discussion Bizarro G.I. Joes
  88. Discussion Is there a market for customized vehicles
  89. Questions Waterslide Decals
  90. Project Talk Acrylic Color Mixing
  91. Questions Farscape Pulse Pistol 1:18?
  92. Project Talk For all you rich tankers
  93. Questions Alternatives to greenstuff for sculpting
  94. Project Talk TRIGUN Vash/Knives Revolver....
  95. Questions Can any scale printing experts help?
  96. Project Talk In need of a few SW parts
  97. Questions Kitbashing Renegade Scarlett
  98. Project Talk Rolling Thunder custom
  99. Questions POC Iron Grenadier Paint Match
  100. How To Guide RoC Jungle Ripcord camo tutorial
  101. Discussion Reproductions and Original Concepts
  102. Questions Technical Trucks
  103. Questions Vehicle/Personnel Elevators
  104. Questions Paint advice for a n00b
  105. Discussion Anybody seen these yet - Blanx customizable figures
  106. Discussion Shockwaves First Responders and Urban response Special Tactics and Weapons Group
  107. Questions Is there a way to strip powder coats?
  108. Discussion I need a hired gun...... :)
  109. Discussion possible armor-tech star brigade bodies
  110. Questions Where can I find t-bars?
  111. Questions Head swap questions
  112. Questions Flat spray paint help!!!
  113. Questions custom casting question
  114. How To Guide POC Vamp Rubber Tire Conversion
  115. Project Talk Custom Request
  116. Questions Help with casting body armor
  117. Questions Human heads for joe customs!
  118. Questions Help Modding HISS Weapons For Cobra Deviant Mech
  119. Discussion Group shot From Ratfink customs
  120. Questions Custom Cobra Stand Request
  121. Project Talk Sixth day helicopter
  122. Discussion A Novice's Experience with Model Masters and Tamiya Acrylics.
  123. Questions Question about Super Sculpey
  124. Project Talk modding a RoC Gunship- advice?
  125. Project Talk Looking to kitbash a modern Overkill update...
  126. Discussion Iron Man Fury 4 pack
  127. Discussion Codenames for new figures/customs
  128. Questions Sgt Savage Warhawk
  129. Questions Trouble with a Bubble
  130. Project Talk Fallout 3 Custom Ideas
  131. Questions Montezuma Skeleton Head
  132. Project Talk Needing help with creating a swamp Dio
  133. Questions A Noob's Guide to Customs
  134. Questions Cicuit boards for lighting
  135. Discussion BBST Dreadnok/Marauders sets
  136. Questions Chroming Plastic (Vacuum Metalizing)
  137. Discussion Mass Effect Sheppard Custom (Head)
  138. Questions Crimson Guard Pistol
  139. Questions Has anyone used Playmakers for their customs?
  140. Questions de-yellowing
  141. Questions Anyone ever try vacuforming joe vehicles?
  142. Questions Which grit of sandpaper should I use on plastic?
  143. Project Talk The BEATLES Customs
  144. Questions Anyone have a Young Indiana Jones figure ? crazy idea for a billy custom
  145. Project Talk Toxo soldiers
  146. Project Talk Warhammer 40k Necron Kykyske
  147. Questions Chuckles recipe
  148. Questions Keep it or lose it
  149. Questions Cutting a panel out?
  150. Questions Extra Bases Building Stuff.
  151. Questions Bubbles in paint how to fix it?
  152. Project Talk Custom Cobra base from Joe HQ
  153. Questions Better to just make zombies?
  154. Questions 21st Century Toys/Ultimate Soldier Huey help
  155. Questions Steel Brigade Paint combo
  156. Questions Can anyone take a couple pics of head swaps?
  157. Questions Is it possible to CLEAN Testors Model Master Flat Clear Acryl?
  158. Discussion Interesting Custom fodder from Target.
  159. Questions Head swap for Serpentor
  160. Project Talk Michigander Mega Diorama
  161. Project Talk chap mei v-22 osprey
  162. Questions Loose leg fix?
  163. Project Talk need duke resolute vest
  164. Questions Cheap Parts
  165. Questions Sky Striker painting question??
  166. Project Talk Wanting to make a custom Nightcrawler...
  167. Questions Just Drybrushing figures & weapons?
  168. Questions Deathblow
  169. Questions euro gray?
  170. Questions Renegades 7pack bull leg fix.
  171. Questions Sgt. Slaughter sdcc
  172. Project Talk Custom G.I.Joe/Peter Parker
  173. Discussion dreadnok 7 pack fixes...
  174. Discussion Sharing my failed experiment
  175. Questions Modern Joe Scale Furniture, etc.
  176. Questions Need a background
  177. Questions Amazon customs
  178. Discussion Win $100 @ 2012 Joe Con Diorama Contest
  179. Questions Painting blonde hair?
  180. Questions Hk 416
  181. Project Talk Suggestions For Pimp Gear
  182. Questions 25th style Fridge head
  183. Questions Retaliation ninja cruiser/ stinger update
  184. Questions looking for a thread any one remember it
  185. Questions How hard is it to switch Ren. 4 pack ninja legs ?
  186. Questions Renegades amazon customs
  187. Questions Best head for an Marvel "Agent Coulson" figure?
  188. Questions Sky Striker Ramjet and Dirge customs?
  189. Discussion Get your own custom figure
  190. Questions Amazon storm shadow repaint ideas.
  191. How To Guide Add-ventures in Articulation...
  192. Questions BrokenArrowToys mailing address
  193. Project Talk Transformers/GIJoe Combaticons
  194. Questions Akmed The "not yet dead Terrorist"
  195. Discussion Have you found new legs for your Amazon exclusive commander
  196. Questions Sds
  197. How To Guide Sculpting dreadlocks
  198. Discussion Princess RDF Team
  199. Questions Question for the customizers.
  200. Questions Question about glassman customs
  201. Questions Looking for a Cobra Throne
  202. Discussion Stocos28 Creations new store
  203. How To Guide Easy upgrades to your DG Shipwreck
  204. Questions Marauders spirit tattoo removal?
  205. Project Talk Custom Figure stands
  206. Questions videos for painting ?
  207. Discussion DG Shipwreck-Navybuilder
  208. Questions Storm shadow feet
  209. Questions Best Source for custom cast heads?
  210. Questions roadblock retaliation hand fix ?
  211. Questions Replacement 1983 Headquarters stickers ?
  212. Questions Vintage vehicle retooling for modern figures...
  213. Questions Could anyone paint Gen. Rey for me?
  214. Questions I need help with Spraypaint
  215. Questions Anyone tried Krylon on figures?
  216. Questions Water slides or rub on decals?
  217. Questions Retaliation zartan fix
  218. Questions torso's who making them ??
  219. Questions Taking apart Indiana Jones figures.
  220. Questions Adding Peg Holes to Feet..Advice?
  221. How To Guide Fixing a broken socket (arm, let or hand)
  222. Questions Does Roadblock v17's white vest fit on the Retaliation Roadblock?
  223. Questions Has anyone cracked open a Retaliation figure yet?!
  224. Questions Cyber Samurai WIP Pics?
  225. Discussion I found new paint
  226. Questions To Repaint My Resolute Snake Eyes Or not to.....
  227. Questions suggestions for Night Force orange? Red?
  228. Discussion Slayer Design Studio shuts down
  229. Discussion head sculpts suggestions to the sculptor
  230. How To Guide My Roadblock Hand Fix
  231. Questions Custom Backblast
  232. Questions Retaliation zartan custom
  233. Questions 25th Viper Torso
  234. Questions Separating 30th Anniversary Skystriker wings from landing gear?
  235. Questions Female Tank Top Torso
  236. Questions Paint mess up
  237. Discussion Just a quick bash cause i was bored:
  238. Questions Metal Gear Solid Heads
  239. Questions T-bars
  240. Questions Needing some help with vehicle painting
  241. Questions how to re glue stickers?
  242. Project Talk Life-Size Gi Joe Female
  243. Questions Help! Head broke
  244. Discussion Seriously?
  245. Discussion A much needed restoration of a custom
  246. Questions Need custom cardback work done...
  247. Questions Where can I buy a Sgt. Slaughter replica head?
  248. Discussion Begging to be Dissected (Joe Trooper Backpack)
  249. Questions Men in Black head swap with Joes
  250. Questions Looking to buy