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  1. Writers let slip Xamot/Tomax in Sequel?
  2. Destro: "I am the Walrus"
  3. Rockslide ATAV
  4. Costume question
  5. If they bring in Beach Head...
  6. Crimson Twins May Appear in 'G.I. Joe' Sequel
  7. Sienna Miller on Top Gear
  8. Keep a child alive G.I. Joe Auction
  9. International cuts of the movie
  10. lol.. interesting
  11. Sienna Miller worst supporting actress of 09
  12. Who would be your G.I. Joe cast?
  13. Anyone else doubt we'll get a sequel to ROC?
  14. Operation Hiss Episode 2 is now 3
  15. Pursuit of Cobra Game
  16. The big building in the movie
  17. Raptor in the Rise of Cobra pt.2 ???
  18. MTV Movie award nominates Rise of Cobra in numerous catagories.
  19. Headman for Movie 2.
  20. Cast? Which Joes/Cobras and Who would you cast to play them...
  21. RoC Not Good for Kids?
  22. GI Joe 2 MY take.
  23. channing tatum hmm
  24. Wouldn't it have been better if...
  25. Was Hasbro Dissapointed with RoC?
  26. Do you think the second GI Joe movie will be a Reboot?
  27. Zarana for the new Movie
  28. We need a REBOOT!
  29. Was watching Street Fighter last night....
  30. This needs to be said
  31. Joe2 "Fake" Script
  32. Do you suppose
  33. tried watching the movie again...problem? it's BORING!!
  34. Here should be Stalker!
  35. Where are the M.A.R.S. troopers?
  36. Noticed something odd about ROC today
  37. What should characters in the sequel look like?
  38. G.I. Joe Sequel to be an 3D animated feature?
  39. ROC should have been released this July (2010)
  40. GI Joe Movie Sequel Storyline?
  41. Firefly-will he be black if in the sequel?
  42. Should the IG be in the joe2 sequel ??
  43. No Go For Sommers ????
  44. So, Did Cover Die? or She just get "Duke Stabbed" ?
  45. "What did you say your unit was called?"
  46. Paramount Very Happy with GiJoe 2 Script
  47. Glad I am not the only one who felt this
  48. Why wasn't there any nudity in RoC?
  49. Should G.I. Joe 2 have an awesome soundtrack?
  50. My vote for Firefly...
  51. Outfits from ROC movie.
  52. I cant wait for GI Joe 2
  53. Do you think they'll ever do a live action Transformers/G.I. Joe movie?
  54. Well duh...
  55. Vipers in ROC
  56. IMDB Reminder
  57. ROC What sucked egzactly?
  58. Paramount Seeks Film Buzz From Military Screenings
  59. Gi Joe 2 Discussion Thread
  60. Channing Tatum is no Duke, but rather a fluke!
  61. Great Storyline ideas for JOE 2
  62. Possible director replacment for G.I. Joe 2
  63. Transformers vs Gi joe
  64. Gi-Joe 2 Fan cast!
  65. Concrete Numbers for Rise of Cobra
  66. The missing element...
  67. ideas for the sequel
  68. Is Director Zack Snyder in the running for GIJOE 2
  69. ROC movie camo
  70. Let's make MazinAzn Tunnel Rat for the new GI JOE MOVIE!!!
  71. Is There Going To Be A Sequel Or A Reboot?
  72. Operation: Red Retrieval. GI Joe Fan Film
  73. GI JOE reboot or not??
  74. New info about second Joe movie
  75. Justin Bieber In GI Joe II?
  76. Who would you cast as Baroness in Joe2 ?
  77. Why don't they just do a reboot for a new G.I. Joe movie?
  78. Why Do We Need A Reboot for GI Joe?
  79. Why do we need a G.I. Joe 2?
  80. Reboot
  81. No boots to be worn in G.I. Joe 2?
  82. This is what the new GI Joe movie should be about!
  83. GIJoe 2 script?
  84. Another reboot thought
  85. Who Was The Worst Actor in RoC?
  86. What Was The Worst Plot Point In RoC?
  87. GI JOE 2 director announced.
  88. ROC audio commentary
  89. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Made $300,000,000
  90. Who had the worst hair in ROC?
  91. Rachel Nichols not directing Gi-Joe 2
  92. When will GIJOE fanboys be able to let go and move on from ROC?
  93. G.i.joe 2 movie release date:
  94. GI JOE 2 Appreciation Thread
  95. interesting news about Gi joe 2 release date.
  96. Sgt. Stone - Expendable?
  97. Flint played by Flint
  98. Why the hate for Channing Tatum?
  99. No Dennis Quaid in GIJoe 2?
  100. Live Action Movie Fun: MFK
  101. GIJ2 Title and possible locations
  102. Live action joe commercial
  103. Scarlett
  104. We were soldiers
  105. which Roadblock should Dwayne Johnson use as inspiration?
  106. Was Predator originally an aborted G.I. Joe movie project?
  107. would an R rated joe movie work?
  108. Hey, Guys
  109. G. I Joe 2 Promo At The Licensing Expo 2011
  110. Who thinks Snake Eyes should go commando in GI JOE 2?
  111. Will the H.I.S.S. be in the sequel?
  112. I kind of predicted that G.I. Joe: RoC would top this list
  113. CC tops list of Characters That Comic Book Movies Got Wrong
  114. SS new look in 2
  115. Joaquin Phoenix as Cobra Commander..?
  116. Would Emma Stone make a good Lady Jaye?
  117. Who would you like to see play your favorite character/s?
  118. 2 more casting announcements for Jon Chu's GI Joe sequel
  119. Billy in GI Joe 2?
  120. Spike Jonez as Dusty. Yay or Nay? SPOILERs in case
  121. Duke should be recasted with Chris Hemsworth!
  122. DJ Cortrona.....FLINT!?!
  123. When does filming start?
  124. TF 3 = greatest gi joe movie EVER?
  125. Any Villains Cast For GI Joe II?
  126. Guess who is in the running for General Colton?
  127. The team.
  128. GI JOE 2 (the run down)
  129. bruce willis possibly in GI JOE 2?
  130. GI JOE 2 Cobra casting wish list
  131. Chuck Norris For Joe Colton!!
  132. Why?
  133. Danny Trejo for Gi joe?? Who should he play?
  134. The Twins?
  135. ARAH or ROC? (the poll)
  136. Gary Sinise
  137. Who will be or Should be the main Antagonist in GI Joe II?
  138. I had a thought about a casting choice for Zarana
  139. IRON KLAW and the S.K.A.R. Army for Joe II: The EXTREME Quest to Forget the 1st Movie
  140. The perfect Dreadnok for GI Joe 2...CM Punk
  141. All this news about G.I. Joe 2
  142. Should Michael Bay Direct GI Joe 3?
  143. Fans Ultimate Casting GI Joe 2
  144. New Character MOUSE in G.I.Joe 2???
  145. A few great ways to fix GI Joe
  146. My opening scene for G.I.JOE 2
  147. do movie zartan fans like zartan?
  148. The Rock as Gung Ho?
  149. Sienna Miller as Baroness Appreciation Thread
  150. Rachel Nichols as Scarlett appreciation thread
  151. Marlon Wayans as Ripcord appreciation thread
  152. Channing Tater as Duke appreciation thread
  153. ROC Cobra Commander Mask Appreciation Thread
  154. Sgt. Slaughter and Serpentor appreciation thread
  155. Will Stalker be in GI Joe 2?
  156. Arnold Vosloo Returns as Zartan
  157. GI JOE 2 logo
  158. Should Hasbro Depend Primarily On GI Joe II To Revitalize The Brand?
  159. How many of you will see the follow-up to ROC?
  160. Mazello: Mouse or Mainframe. Which do u like?
  161. Never-Before-Seen G.I.Joe II Auditions
  162. Brit MMA Fighter Alex Reid to Join Cast?
  163. Tatum stop flexing your jaw!
  164. So now that the title is G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  165. since JGL isn't returning as CC who would you cast to play him ?
  166. 1st photo of Roadblock
  167. What happens to Destro? so curious.
  168. For those that hate RoC, what did you think of it in relation to the TF movies?
  169. GIJoe 2 needs a PSA at the end of the credits
  170. Ryan Hansen Cast in GI JOE 2
  171. Bruce Willis listed on IMDB
  172. Marlon is back?
  173. Gijoe 2 Villian complaints?
  174. 2 many "original" characters in Retaliation!
  175. Tunnel Rat rumor
  176. Filming in Louisiana
  177. Alan Silvestri should return for the sequel!
  178. Moviefone - Why G. I. Joe: Retaliation Brings Hope to G. I. Joe Fans
  179. Here's your chance
  180. Joe 2 - american or un/nato poll
  181. Mindbender in Joe 2
  182. Jason Statham for G.I. Joe!
  183. "Retaliation" actors receiving fitness training
  184. Hi, Please help - popup screen (cant get Wallpapers)
  185. Hi: No word on Baroness/Scarlett in GI Joe2 yet?
  186. In-story explanation for new team?
  187. Hasbro visits GIJOE 2 set?
  188. Good reference for the Cobra Gunship?
  189. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje responds to why he isn't in GI Joe 2.
  190. Origin of ROC
  191. One thing about ROC
  192. G.i.joe-retaliation
  193. GIJOE production halfway point reached
  194. my thoughts on gi joe 2
  195. Another actor cast in GI Joe 2
  196. Clutch in GI Joe 2
  197. Cobra Trooper in GI Joe 2
  198. James Lew
  199. When... ?
  200. G.I. Joe: Retaliation Pre-Story?
  201. Retaliation Locations...
  202. The Rock -Fast Five
  203. Ray Park, the educated hat wearer...
  204. Gi joe on transformers 3
  205. GI Joe 2 Results
  206. any guesses when the teaser/1 min trailer will be out?
  207. Prediction on G.I. Joe 2 Base of Operations
  208. Rise of Cobra review...2 years later
  209. bruce Willis: Beard or no beard
  210. GI Joe: Operation RED Retrieval. On line
  211. Death on the Set of G.I. Joe 2
  212. WHO? and Confirmed? G.I. Joe 2
  213. ROC "Jinx"
  214. crew member killed on set.
  215. Roadblock assigned to weapons detail
  216. Sgt. Slaughter and the Slaughter House in Retaliation?!
  217. Jon Chu
  218. RETALIATION trailer = our EPISODE 1 trailer
  219. My G.I. JOE DVDs
  220. G.I. Joe: Retaliation Soundtrack what's on?
  221. Any chance for more cameos?
  222. Trailer preview
  223. Just saw new clips from Joe 2 on ET Canada. (Spoilers)
  224. One thing that nobody seems to get.
  225. Screen Caps
  226. GIJoe Retaliation Question
  227. Why no returning cast members?
  228. Will Retaliation Mean Changes To The "Core Cast" For Hasbro?
  229. OKAY - Retaliation is G.I. Joe Extreme....
  230. Did I just see what I think I saw? (Trailer related)
  231. Why Channing Tatum was not "Duke"
  232. In this scene........
  233. Duke IS NOT DEAD!!!!!
  234. Positive Reviews for the Retaliation Trailer
  235. So much for the Faceless Master.
  236. So who else here got to be in Retaliation?
  237. The costume designer is to blame on the ROC costumes
  238. GI Joe 2 has a lot of holes to fill
  239. So, who liked the Retaliation trailer?
  240. Killing everybody off?
  241. Snake-Eyes origins Movie?
  242. Sorry to Disappoint You...
  243. G.I. Joe Retaliation Roster - Spoilers for those interested.
  244. G.I.JOE 2 error scene?
  245. Retaliation Trailer Soundtrack
  246. What? "Sorry to dissapoint you?" Here's a comparison instead.
  247. Retaliation Plot: Duke doesn't die???
  248. Some thoughts on Rock being in GI Joe 2
  249. GI Joe Retaliation updates at Infinite Films
  250. Ten Things The Rise of Cobra Did Right