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  1. Zartan
  2. An Admission
  3. Japan gets prepared for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
  4. Sienna's Millers comments and not returning as Baroness???
  5. Final movie length + rating
  6. Rise of Cobra Mission Dossier is out
  7. LatinoReview.com's review of the film is in!
  8. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra promotion in the UK
  9. Movie cast is already in England promoting ROC (video)
  10. A nod to Darth Maul in ROC?!
  11. has anyone seen this?
  12. Post if you see the commercials while on Hisstank!
  13. ARAH has been Erased Thanks to ROC
  14. Snake Eyes
  15. Why Will Or Why Won't You Be Seeing The Film?
  16. Is Paramount advertising enough for the new movie?
  17. 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' European Premieres
  18. If a G.I. Joe: ARAH movie was made in the 70's
  19. How many are out there (PIT COMMANDOS)
  20. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes Flash Game
  21. Official Track from Rise of Cobra for all to hear!
  22. File Cards heads up
  23. I Hope you can speak french
  24. Is it me or...
  25. Rise of Cobra RHINO on Target.com
  26. Has the world gone crazy?
  27. $170 roc savings from TRU
  28. Are you for or against BATS in the GI Joe sequel?
  29. Brand new ROC Taiwanese Trailer
  30. ROC toys here in Argentina - Ridiculous prices
  31. Hasbro Mail Away -One that SHOULD be Done!
  32. The Jugglers
  33. ROC hats - finishline.com
  34. Forget Speaking French... ARAH EDITION!
  35. ROC SoundTrack
  36. Heavy Duty at the con
  37. So who's bought tickets already?
  38. GI JOE London premiere with behind the scenes footage
  39. New trailer #12
  40. IGN Rewind Theater GI Joe
  41. Interview with Breaker
  42. EXCLUSIVE Rise of Cobra Preview!
  43. New Rise of Cobra Webisode - Sound Design
  44. For the ones who are watching the movie: Do you have any gimmick when you watch it?
  45. New Unmasked Arctic Assault Storm Shadow
  46. Image of The Doctor in japanese movie trailer!
  47. Where are the Jeeps and Tanks???
  48. Collider.com GI Joe: ROC featurette with Larry Hama
  49. Who remembers Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje from O.Z.
  50. What non-movie figures do you want?
  51. Rise of COBRA SuperPage at GeneralsJoes updated!
  52. Rise of Cobra Action Figures
  53. Certain Walmarts NOT carrying the Walmart exclusive packs?
  54. Character nationalities???
  55. ROC featurette starring Larry Hama!!!
  56. Two new clips for Rise of COBRA!
  57. Creating the music for the RoC Game
  58. Self-indulgent feedback on the movie design
  59. Just Scored an August 6th Preview Pass the Movie
  60. ROC Steel Crusher A.P.V. Question?
  61. Interview with Heavy Duty
  62. Classic ARAH character in ROC? Possible Spoiler
  63. 2 new ROC reviews!
  64. 4 ROC scenes
  65. IMDB.com spreads the good news...
  66. Pre-order for ROC Wave 4 at BBTS
  67. I thought this could be a death in the movie. ***SPOILER ALERT***
  68. London Press Video at Newsarama
  69. Movie Review B+... Dr. Mindbender appearence?
  70. 4 ?'s and Some observations. Help Wanted!
  71. Chicago movie goers
  72. New GI Joe clip with Destro, SS, & Boroness
  73. Gi Joe ROC Toys at Burger King now.
  74. Chuckles!
  75. G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra promotion in South Korea
  76. Roc, ost
  77. Nicktoons ROC Commercials
  78. The new Ripcord is okay by me!
  79. Don't know about you guys, but I think the movie will be freakin sweet.
  80. Long Set visit article on Superherohype
  81. Extended Paris Pursuit clip
  82. Excellent Review!
  83. ROC promotion in Playstation Home
  84. An ARAH fans review of the movie - from YoJoe.com
  85. Can someone explain the Baroness' fate to me SPOILER ALERT!!!
  86. Another Positive ROC Review
  87. ROC Trailer 13 ACIN
  88. GI JOE Music behind the scenes
  89. Interview with Snake Eyes
  90. Interview with Duke and Baroness
  91. IESB.net's review of Rise of Cobra
  92. Don't look now, but according to the tomatometer...
  93. Should have let Cobra Win
  94. Nice little video about ROC cast meeting with military vets
  95. roc wave 3 found at retail.
  96. New features at the G.I. Joe Movie site!
  97. Larry Hama's cameo revealed
  98. joe / cobra cameos?
  99. Dark Horizon Review
  100. Will I have to eat my words?!
  101. movie soundtrack - track listing!
  102. Another Good Review 8/1
  103. Very positiv review from another fan
  104. When is everyone going to see ROC?
  105. A Movie with a more Joe feel than ROC?
  106. G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra screening at Andrews Air Force Base (USA)
  107. Have some fun as a cobra and kill some pit commandos
  108. Brendan Frasiers role in ROC confirmed
  109. Who REALLY authorized the formation of G.I.Joe?
  110. RHINO Driver Card Art looks like Joseph Fiennes
  111. Anyone else read the ROC scripts?
  112. EA talks video game with CBR
  113. Again, WHY did they put Sienna in this movie?
  114. Destro Mask Concept Art
  115. Latino Review says GI Joe the movie doesn't suck!!!
  116. MARS Troopers - in the movie?
  117. More Reviews!!!!!
  118. WWE RAW to have GI Joe Rise of Cobra Preview
  119. A sequel featuring... Serpentor!
  120. Local Movie Meets!
  121. ROC Opening Weekend Projection
  122. HissTank.com Review of the GI Joe Movie (Seen it!)
  123. G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra screening in NYC
  124. GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA
  125. TV Spot ticking clock
  126. Paramount Won't Show ROC to Critics
  127. Who would you like to see in a ROC sequel?
  128. G.I.Joe Premiered at the O2 Arena 1st Aug!
  129. GI Joe: ROC COBRA COMMANDER figure Update
  130. Free Tix for Indianapolis Premier!!!
  131. G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra promotion for FUSE TV
  132. G.I. Joe ROC talent hold their action figures...
  133. I won i won i won i won!
  134. R.o.c. For the ps2 with unlockable codes for all platforms
  135. Mexico's premiere kit photos
  136. G.I. Joe And Kid Rock Movie Sweepstakes Contest
  137. Ray Park on Attack of the show. Wednesday.
  138. Conan Rise of Cobra
  139. Chan, Marlon, Sienna, Rachel on Movieweb
  140. Sienna Miller: Today Show Interview
  141. Stuart Beattie interview (at Suicide Girls)
  142. Larry Hama Featurette!
  143. my god movie ticket prices are going up
  144. how much did you spend watching the movie
  145. Rise of Cobra Worldwide Release Dates!
  146. Is this RoC Jinx?!
  147. Sienna Miller & Rachel Nichols: Fun with a Banana!
  148. What happen...
  149. Video Game review - PSP version
  150. Invasion Of cobra Island
  151. Will we see (insert movie character) figure *Spoiler*
  152. Anyone going to the ROC Midnight shows tonight?
  153. My GI Joe Rise of Cobra Review....Spoilers ahead.
  154. My Friends Review of Roc not mine.
  155. My G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra review.
  156. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Serpentor?
  157. A Social Media - Facebook experiment with fellow Tankers!
  158. Rise of Cobra Trailer using GIJOE Figures
  159. Gametrailers review of G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra
  160. real quick spoilery review of third R.O.C. from the sun
  161. I am in the theatre!
  162. Another review from the UK (includes major spoilers)
  163. What homages have you spotted? (Spoilers)
  164. IGN G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra review
  165. MODS: Can we get a sub-forum for reviews?!
  166. Will the GI JOE movie be worse than Transformers 2?
  167. G.I.Joe storms Box Office
  168. joe has a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes
  169. Reasons why I'm disappointed in the movie
  170. ROC=Compressed Star Wars?
  171. 4 months later -A thoughtful, reflective ROC review
  172. Spot on closing statement of a cinemablend review for ROC.
  173. New gi joe movie
  174. Low turnout at Midnight showing?
  175. Ideology of Madness ROC Review!
  176. Newsweek review of Rise of Cobra
  177. Cold Slither's Rise Of Cobra Review.
  178. i've waited 27 years..and it's horrible... spoilers inside
  179. For next Hasbro Q&A: how much influence they had on movie?
  180. GIJoe Rise of Cobra Movie Review(No Spoilers)
  181. RoC may likely end up like Star Wars.
  182. Box Office Predictions for ROC
  183. Any other Joes in the movie? ***SPOILERS***
  184. If ROC gets a sequel, ways to make its continuity more classic GIJOE.
  185. Jgl
  186. How I would rewrite GI Joe the movie.
  187. Anyone impatiently waiting to see ROC also?
  188. spill.com rip gi joe a new one...(link)
  189. So how do the kids like the movie?
  190. What Joes and Cobras do you want to see in the next film?
  191. A message to all
  192. *SPOILERS* Storm Shadow / Snake Eyes ending
  193. Is there anything after the credits?
  194. Former HATER asking for all HATERS to report in...
  195. Worst case scenario
  196. Just saw the movie...
  197. Kids love it, wife may be a fan now!
  198. the real question to ask your self
  199. Did anyone else notice (SPOILER)
  200. Much Maligned Re-Invented COBRA COMMANDER
  201. Photos from the Los Angeles premiere of "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra"
  202. Mistakes and interesting tidbits in the movie
  203. Least Favorite parts of the movie? *spoilers*
  204. Roger Ebert's terrible review mistakes for you to enjoy
  205. What title would you give to the second G.I. Joe movie
  206. First Day Gross!
  207. ROC, Who will see it again?
  208. an Oscar for Joseph Gordon Levitt ?
  209. This movie was so bad that it hurt (spoilers)
  210. Who else HATES Channing Tatum as Duke?
  211. Could Sgt Stone actually be...?
  212. G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra - the script I was writing...
  213. If you were tasked to help write the sequel...(would include spoilers obviously)
  214. No meatball head Cobra Commander in the movie
  215. For the people who did like the new G.I. Joe: RoC movie sign here!
  216. For the people who hated the new G.I. Joe: RoC movie sign here!
  217. Burnt out on movie threads
  218. President Zartan?
  219. ROC Videogame: How does the Story continue?
  220. GI Joe Movie Event made the News!!
  221. Whats the best Text to read for the movie?
  222. CC's look in the sequel
  223. can we just move on?
  224. Ray Park Interview!
  225. Awesome G.I. Joe day
  226. Songs in ROC
  227. Yo Joe Hollywood Premiere footage
  228. Yes ! Another New Thread For ROC !
  229. G.I. Joe wins weekend box office with $56.2M!
  230. "That Was Way Too Close!"
  231. Calgary GI Joe fans
  232. Paramount greenlights sequel!!!!!!
  233. SPOILERS - Plot point
  234. snake eyes t-shirt from walmart
  235. ROC Camoes....what did ya see?
  236. If you are able to remake GI Joe live action movie, what will you write
  237. RISE OF COBA Spoof on Kimmel !
  238. The last twenty minutes or so...
  239. Baroness Theory
  240. Hasbro Blue and Black Logo Variant Packaging.
  241. CC not Mindbender after all
  242. Predictions for % of Audience Drop-Off?
  243. ROC Figures - 2 fer 1 in Canada
  244. Which Snake eyes outfit do u want in the live action movie?
  245. Where does ROC rank on your personal favorite movies of all time?
  246. Cobra Commander revealed...
  247. The Conflict on ROC
  248. An Idea for the Sequal
  249. Zartan is a great hommage to Telly Savalas
  250. 7-11 has Rise of Cobra Slurpee cups!