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  1. My ideal ROC script (warning spoilers ;)
  2. Target employees help? Future sales on RoC toys???
  3. G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra in Australia... Poor !
  4. Just got back from TRU and....
  5. My Snake eyes costume movie version
  6. Which RoC figures/toys are comic/cartoon based, NOT movie?
  7. The "REAL" Rise of Cobra
  8. G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra ROC WalMart Exclusive 2-Packs ?
  9. Do ROC vehicle drivers have stands?
  10. RoC Large Rocket Launchers and Other Accessories
  11. help finding roc figures
  12. Possible variant or error
  13. Has anyone OPENED a PIT yet?
  14. You all Suck!!! :)
  15. ROC Shipwreck and Deep Six mixup
  16. Has anyone noticed
  17. Future TRU sale...
  18. Any one miss Unleashed and titaniums?
  19. When is Cobra Commander being released?
  20. If RoC line was a different scale would you still collect these?
  21. gi joe movie pit images and Video.
  22. Besides BBQ and Firefly...
  23. Duke's half rifle?
  24. Head/Parts Swaps
  25. Is there a list of figures released for ROC?
  26. WalMart ROC 2 pack / come out July 10th?
  27. roc at target
  28. Yes or no, did your TRU put out ROC stuff on 7/4?
  29. Enough with RIPCORD
  30. Kendra look alike in ROC figures???
  31. Which ROC figures will be rare?
  32. Ninjas/books
  33. Kid Crying At Target Spotted...He Wanted Joes
  34. What will you do with your ROC launchers
  35. NO ROC toys in Sherman, TX. So I am stuck here...
  36. WTF man?
  37. I bought Ripcord
  38. Anyone found ROC at a Meijer yet?
  39. General Hawk, Agent Helix, Crimson Neo-Viper
  40. roc assortment
  41. Rise of Cobra
  42. Rhino Availible at Target.com!!!
  43. ROC CObra commander
  44. ROC firefly varient
  45. ROC Cobra Hummer
  46. No ROC Gi joes coming to my Wal-Mart
  47. small joes ROC inventory + pictures
  48. Some stores didn't get the memo for July 6th street date
  49. RoC Cobra Gunship/Firefly
  50. SnallJoes.com has ROC figs up
  51. Question about Roc Snake eyes.
  52. movie figures
  53. Any Cameos/ Easter eggs in Rise of Cobra?
  54. G.I. Joe Action Battlers?
  55. I brought movie Zartan, Helix, Pit Commando, and Deep Six!
  56. Wal Mart ROC 2-packs
  57. Target Didn't Stock Today
  58. Accelerator suit Scarlett,which stores & which states?
  59. ROC Single Figure Package Variation!!!
  60. Which Movie Figures are Really 25th Anniversary Figures?
  61. My Theory For Cobra Commander...
  62. I can't find Wave 2.
  63. Question on target exclusives
  64. Army Building ROC troops???!!
  65. Snake Eyes whats up with his figure?
  66. ROC Cobra Commander / Movie Question
  67. has anyone found the walmart 2 packs?
  68. How fast are the ROC toys selling?
  69. R.O.C. Cobra Ranking Order
  70. Which ROC Exclusives have been found?
  71. ROC Flash's helmet...
  72. Which vehicles haven't we seen yet?
  73. Sgt Stone bit
  74. New pictures/Preorder for rapid rollers
  75. Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
  76. ROC figures
  77. ROC Toys a Success
  78. Rise of Cobra......For Breakfast?
  79. ROC Ice Viper
  80. ROC corner cutting oddities
  81. Bought the First ROC defective Night Raven
  82. New RoC Joe Blue camo - Love or hate???
  83. Anyone else loving the RoC card art?
  84. One month left!
  85. ROC official peg warmer?
  86. who has stuck to their guns?
  87. ROC size
  88. Variant, or Repack..You make the call
  89. Feedback needed: Do the launchers on the Armored Panther come off?
  90. ROC Snake eye: Paris Pursuit
  91. WWE's CM Punk answers questions about Rise of Cobra
  92. GI JOE Rise of Cobra collectibles from the film crew!
  93. Not to happy with the ROC Night Raven !
  94. Has Anyone Found Helix Yet?
  95. G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra Promo Stunt at Jersey Shore
  96. Are you happy with your ROC joes/cobras ???
  97. Rise of Cobra card art...
  98. ROC already NOT selling!!!
  99. Target price problem?
  100. COBRA Movie Troopers...
  101. The $99.99 question
  102. ROC Rhino... $54.99?
  103. who has found ROC pit commando, flash and elite viper?
  104. roc pit
  105. New RISE of COBRA Preview was just on Cartoon Network!
  106. Roc is definitely generating excitement!!!
  107. roc stuff, finally saw it. 2 cents.
  108. Have you found Para-Vipers, the Doctor and the Matrix Baroness at retail?
  109. yay the new toyfare is hot!!!
  110. RoC Novel Discussion (SPOILERS!!)
  111. GI Joe's Action Marketing
  112. Early Indication - RoC is accomplishing it's goal
  113. New G.I.JOE Movie Trailer!
  114. What existing vehicles would make good RoC ones?
  115. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as "Nancy" - does CC voice! LOL
  116. Larry Hamma to have Cameo in GI Joe ROC
  117. Targets Exclusive RHINO in stock
  118. Toyfare #145 GIJOE issue
  119. ROC toys and figures hits Mexico :)
  120. G.I.JOE:Soundtrack The List:Yes, It's Real!
  121. gijoe.com Offering Custom Figure Contest for Kids 6-12 years old!
  122. Should I read the novelization first?
  123. Destro look for Rise of Cobra, Amazing!
  124. RoC tooling in 2010 releases.
  125. Roc ice viper
  126. Hasbro and G.I. Joe helping children
  127. News on G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra Soundtrack
  128. Hershey's Canada Contest ROC backgrounds
  129. Rise of Cobra toy commercials
  130. Movie toys in UK Smyths
  131. Any ROC Movie figs/vehicles that we don't know about?
  132. If you're on the MS. Gulf Coast Head to Walmart!
  133. ROC Armistice Day--> July, 10th 2009
  134. Question/info about ROC accessories/variants
  135. ROC Cobra Commander variant comparison
  136. Image of Cobra Commander figure unmasked!
  137. The Confidential G.I. Joe Files Book (Nice Spoilers)
  138. Hasbro's roc premiere charity event!!
  139. Is there a list that identifies if a toy is on-screen or off-screen?
  140. MUST HAVE RoC Figures!
  141. RoC Game Screenshots
  142. ROC Mole Pod and other musings
  143. Question about ROC Cobra Commander
  144. Must Pass ROC Figures
  145. The arrival of the Commander (Army pic)
  146. The OFFICIAL "Post your RoC figure pics HERE" Thread
  147. Roc cobra commander??
  148. ROC posters: Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes
  149. Cobra Eel & Elite Viper found! Why have we not seen more of them?
  150. interview with Stephen Sommers,
  151. Wow, Walmart must be on crack
  152. Differences from footage shown so far and comic book/novel (spoilers)
  153. Test Screening Review: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
  154. Oz Noze!! The Cups at 7-11 are not selling fast
  155. What figures are coming next?
  156. Tell me why!
  157. Your Joeverse versus The Movie Version
  158. For those still looking for the HELIX Wave!
  159. TRU Bravo vehicles $5 off 7/12-7/18
  160. Geared up pics of ROC Para-Viper and ROC Arctic Snake Eyes
  161. New ROC Snake Eyes Shirt at Wal Mart!! EXCELLENT!!
  162. What will happen to the 25th Anniversary products, now with the ROC figures in stores
  163. No Gi Joe ROC Panel @ SDCC
  164. RoC figures are actuallly not bad
  165. Toyfare magazine interview
  166. New images of the Mantis Attack Craft w/ Red Lamprey and Sky Sweeper w/ Air Raid
  167. GIJOE Above & Beyond The Movie Prequel (No Spoilers)
  168. Are ROC toys selling ?
  169. WTF is this?
  170. GIJOE in Sin City/3000 format?
  171. Larry Hama Speaks about G.I.Joe RoC
  172. Duke Head-Butting Destro (Movie Commercial, just saw it.)
  173. Cobra Commander Speaks!!!
  174. DO you "play" with your ROC figures?
  175. ROC prices on ebay are too much...
  176. Why Even Use Real American Hero Characters In The Movie
  177. Wierd Find!! ROC
  178. How Many Changes To Characters' Real Names Have They Done In This Movie And Why?
  179. This is fun!
  180. TOYS R US results for RoC's initial sales ?
  181. MARS Troopers
  182. Could ROC be the next Clone Wars?
  183. Roc Zartan
  184. I think Marlon Wayans will be a cool Ripcord...
  185. Resolute SE re-paint on Ebay
  186. Who Bites it?
  187. No show for new Cobra Commander
  188. ROC Joes.
  189. Shipwreck is in ROC.
  190. Japans Gi Joe trailer
  191. Upcoming ROC toy-Vehicles?? - featured in movie!
  192. Paris Pursuit
  193. Reviews of GI JOE:ROC are in!
  194. The Steel Crusher Owns.
  195. What ROC toys are availale in the Philippines
  196. CBR has links to 3 Movie Reviews
  198. Delta 6 Accelerator Suit Stunts
  199. lake worth. boynton beach and lantana intel.
  200. Two New ROC Reviews...
  201. Who do we want to Recruit for the next movie
  202. Wal-mart haz no love for RoC
  203. Who'd you want in the sequel? And who'd you want to play them?
  204. Hardest ROC figs to find
  205. Ok who the hell is Brendan Fraser playing in ROC?
  206. front page of digg *SPOILERS*
  207. Msn windows live messanger gi joe roc emoticons!
  208. ROC figures - Which Version of each Character...
  209. Duke Delta 6 Suit Figure
  210. question for all those with the pit...
  211. I had a dream that I was watching the movie! WTF?!
  212. Question for those who have Air Raid/"Barrel Roll"
  213. My 2 cents
  214. Miss-spelling in the ROC comic of the official movie adaptation
  215. Predict the opening weekend box office
  216. RoC - Game - Character Montage
  217. Do you think they are going to air a commercial with Brendon Fraser
  218. Which Classic ARAH to ROC-ize next?
  219. Review: G.I.Joe - The Rise of Cobra
  220. ROC Promotions/Contests Thread
  221. RoC Cobra Commander question.
  222. Which rise of cobra Scarlett sould I get?
  223. Who will see The Rise of Cobra movie
  224. "Ambushed by Cobra"
  225. Pics of SE vs. PP SE???
  226. you think the actors have had an opportunity to get to know the history of gi joe?
  227. A "prequel" has been out since 2007
  228. Rise of Cobra toys: HOW MUCH IN YOUR AREA?
  229. How would you have done it?
  230. Brand new ROC Storm Shadow image i found.
  231. Anyone taking there toys to the movie?
  232. Any ROC shelf warming figures you were more impressed with out of their package?
  233. Just saw a new trailer *spoilers*
  234. dif baroness
  235. *SPOILERS*How the Accelerator suits could be useful
  236. Finally found G.I. Joe:Rise of Cobra t-shirt
  237. G.I.: Rise of Cobra promotional in Australia
  238. HOLY SH*T!new movie clip!
  239. Will it be a dream or will it be a dud?!
  240. Hidden treasure in ROC figures....
  241. Harry Knowles of AICN LOVES Rise of Cobra!
  242. Do you think they'll play the GI Joe theme music (ARAH) in the ROC Movie?
  243. High Definition TV Spots 7 Through 9
  244. Whats that thing on The Baroness' Neck??
  245. Nice fix for those who don't care for the Neo-Vipers
  246. my cobra commander
  247. Movie Plot Question for those who know (spoilers probably)
  248. New clip!
  249. Two GI Joe Sequels CONFIRMED
  250. rise of corbra trailer music WARNING EXPLICIT LIYRICS