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Old 08-21-2012, 12:00 AM  
king grimlock
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Joe Con figures for sale

Hello all. I have some extra Joe Con figures that I am looking to sell. I am not looking to trade and prices are pretty much set unless there is a large order placed. Prices do not include shipping and I will gladly ship international but will require any foreign buyers to pay for international priority. I accept paypal and will only place things on hold once they have been paid for.

Here is what I have:

Iron Bear 35.00
Schrage 30.00
Colonel Brekhov 30.00
Iron Grenadiers Grey x4 10.00 each
Iron grenadiers heavy/black x2 25.00 each(SOLD)
Attack Helicopter 70.00(SOLD)

ARAH figs: All figures are C8+(tight joints, minimal to no wear) unless listed otherwise. For pics on these items(and more) just follow the link to my site below:

83 Destro complete figure 10.00
84 Blow Torch complete figure 8.00
86 Beach Head complete figure 8.00
87 Taurus complete figure(minor paint wear 6.50
88 Toxo Viper complete figure 8.00
88 Light Foot complete figure(stress on drone antenna) 8.00
88 Road Pig complete figure 10.00
88 Hydro Viper complete figure 8.00
89 Heat Viper complete figure 9.00
90 Captain Grid Iron complete figure 7.00
91 BATS V2 complete figure x2 8.00
91 Snake Eyes V4 complete(string broken) figure 7.00
91 Snow Serpent V2 complete figure 8.00
92 Barricade complete figure 7.00
92 Flak Viper complete figure 6.00
92 Wild Bill V2 complete figure 6.00
93 Countdown v2 complete figure 8.00
93 Stalker V3 complete figure 7.00
94 Ken Masterson complete figure 7.00

LJN Mail In G.I.Joe Slaughter has some paint wear and a couple of small sun spots nicer than most on ebay 150.00

I also have lots of accessories that I am listing on my site(joe and non joe) in the coming weeks so keep checking that out. The link is on my sig.

Also have some SNES games I'm looking to sell:

Super Mario Kart 15.00(SOLD)
Super Mario All-Stars x2 15.00(SOLD)
UN Squadron 3.00
Super Mario World 14.00
Super Punch Out 17.00
Disney's Aladdin x2 6.00
Donkey Kong Country x2 15.00(SOLD)
Toy Story 8.00
Mario Paint(cartridge only) 4.00
Jurassic Park 3.00(SOLD)
Tetris Attack x2 10.00
Wheel of Fortune 3.00
Taz Mania 5.00
Hole in One Golf 3.00
Top Gear 8.00
NHL Stanley Cup 2.00
Ren and Stimpy Veediots 5.00
Legend of Zelda:Link to the Past 20.00
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition 7.00
The Lion King 6.00
In 2014 we will be setting up at:
NJCC March 9th, Joelanta March 14-16th,
CTS April 6th, Steel City Con April 11-13th, Botcon 2014

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