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Cobra Viper

Primeconvoy1's Ebay Auctions
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ML Nemesis series Punisher variant (Skullface version) MOSC x2 $18 each (cards may have minor wear)

ML Ronan series Human Torch MOSC (shelf wear) $14

ML13 Loki variant x2 (MOSC) $14 each
ML14 Baron Zemo variant (MOSC) $12

HML2 Movie Jean Grey variant (MOSC) $12

ML1 Captain America loose, complete w/stand $22
ML1 Hulk (loose complete w/stand, has crack in neck) $16
ML2 Human Torch loose, complete w/stand $14
ML2 Dr. Doom loose, complete w/stand $15
ML2 Doombot (loose, complete w/stand) $18
ML2 Thing loose, complete w/stand $15
ML3 Wolverine loose,complete w/stand $25
ML3 Movie Daredevil (loose w/stand) $10
ML4 Punisher loose w/2guns, base, wall $14
ML4 Elektra (loose, complete w/stand & accessories) $14
ML5 Mr. Fanatastic (loose, complete w/vehicle) $15
ML5 Silver Surfer w/Howard the Duck, loose, complete $22
ML5 Red Skull loose, complete w/stand $35
ML6 Phoenix, loose complete w/stand $25
ML7 Vision loose(has paint smudges in cape $14
ML7 Silver Centurion Ironman loose, complete w/rocket pack (one tailfin broken) $18
ML7 Ghost Rider loose, complete w/bike $30
ML7 Apocalypse, complete $45
ML7 Weapon X Loose, complete, one green wire peg stuck in right hand $12
ML8 Ironman loose, complete w/stand $25 ON HOLD
ML8 Black Widow variant loose, complete w/stand $25
ML9 Nightcrawler loose $16
ML9 Hulk loose (grey)$12
ML9 Bullseye loose $10
ML9 Bullseye variant (loose) $10
ML9 Dr. Strange loose (has some white paint marks on back of cape)$10
ML9 War Machine (loose, has most accessories) $20
ML10 Cyclops variant loose $14
ML10 Cyclops (loose) $14
ML10 Mystique loose $12
ML10 Angel (loose, complete w/wings) $14
ML10 Angel variant (loose, complete w/wings) $25
ML10 1st Appearance Spider-Man (loose) $14
ML11 Ionic Wonder Man variant (loose, complete) $16
ML11 Logan loose, complete w/bike (broken foot peg from bike) $14
ML11 Logan variant, loose,complete w/bike $18
ML11 Ultron loose, complete w/glider $18
ML11 Vengeance loose, complete w/bike $15
ML12 Wolverine loose $25ON HOLD
ML12 Wolverine variant loose $25
ML12 Bishop variant loose, complete w/weapons $18
ML12 Sasquatch variant loose $15
ML12 Iron Fist(loose, complete) $15
ML12 Iron Fist variant (loose, complete) $12
ML12 X-23 black costume variant (loose) $10
ML12 X-23 (loose) $10
ML13 Green Goblin loose, complete w/glider/stand) $22
ML13 Green Goblin variant (loose, complete) $20
ML13 Abomination variant loose $16
ML13 Loki loose,complete w/sword $14
ML13 Lady Deathstrike (loose) $12
ML14 Baron Zemo (loose, complete) $12
ML14 Falcon variant loose, complete $14
ML14 Falcon (loose, complete) $12
ML14 Longshot loose $10
ML14 Psylocke (loose, left wrist peg bent) $10
ML14 Powerman loose $12
ML15 Spiderwoman (loose, red version) some looseness in joints $8
ML15 Moon Knight silver variant (loose, complete) $35
ML15 Captain Marvel (loose) $14
ML15 Thorbuster Ironman (loose) $14
ML15 Wasp loose $14
ML15 Wasp variant loose $25
ML15 Beta Ray Bill loose, complete $14

ML Giant Man Series AoA Sabretooth $12
ML Giant Man Series Sentry (short hair, mustard costume) loose $12
ML Giant Man Series Sentry (long hair, mustard costume) loose $12
ML Giant Man Series Sentry (short hair, yellow costume) loose $12
ML Giant Man Series AoA Wolverine loose $10
ML Giant Man Series AoA Weapon X variant (loose) $10

ML Face-Off Kingpin loose, complete $18
ML Face-Off Kingpin variant loose, complete $20
ML Face-Off Daredevil loose, complete $16
ML Face-Off Daredevil variant loose, complete $16
ML Face-Off Wolverine variant loose $16
ML Face-Off Leader variant loose (loose,misaligned left knee peg) $12 SOLD
ML Face-Off Leader loose $22
ML Face-Off Ironman loose, complete (paint blemish near stomach)$25
ML Face-Off War Machine (loose, w/1 wrist weapon) $35
ML Face-Off Red Skull (loose, complete) $15
ML Face-Off Mandarin (loose) $20
ML Face-Off Punisher variant loose w/four guns & knife $25
ML Face-Off Jigsaw loose w/2 guns/1 knife $24
ML Face-Off Punisher loose w/2 guns $18

HML Annihilus Series Ultimate Iron Man (loose) $14
HML Annihilus Series X3 Beast loose $10
HML Annihilus series White Queen loose $10

HML Blob Series Thor (loose, complete w/weapons) $18
HML Blob series Yellowjacket loose $14
HML Blob series Yellowjacket gold variant loose $16
HML Blob series Quicksilver loose $12
HML Blob Series She-Hulk loose $18
HML Blob Series X3 Juggernaut loose $14
HML Blob Series Ultimate Wolverine blue variant loose $12
HML Blob Series Quicksilver variant loose $12
HML Blob Series Ultimate Wolverine (loose) $12
HML Blob Series X3 jean Grey x2 (loose) $10 each

HML Brood Queen Series Bucky loose $16
HML Brood Queen Marvel girl variant loose, complete $15
HML Brood Queen Series Marvel Girl loose, complete $14
HML Brood Queen series X3 Colossus loose $14
HML Brood Queen series Cyclops loose $22
HML Brood Queen series Danger (loose, complete w/wings) $14

HML Ares series Ultimate War Machine $12
HML Ares Series Heroes Reborn Ironman loose $14
HML Ares Sereis Human Torch variant loose $16

HML Ronan series Mole Man (loose, complete) $25
HML Ronan series Namor (loose, complete) $35
HML Ronan series Silver Surfer (loose, complete) $25
HML Ronan series Fantastic Four (loose, complete, sold as set) $65

HML Red Hulk series Adam Warlock (loose, complete) $18
HML Silver Savage loose, complete $20
HML Red Hulk series Spiral variant (loose, complete)$25

HML Nemesis Series Tigra loose $15
HML Nemesis Series Beast $15
HML Nemesis Series Daredevil variant loose, complete $18
HML Nemesis series Punisher Skull Face variant (loose, complete) $14
HML Nemesis Series Punisher (loose, complete) $14
HML Nemesis Series Blackbolt loose $25

HML Fin Fang Foom Series Doc Samson loose $15
HML Fin Fang Foom The End Hulk loose $25

HML Terrax series Constrictor loose $12

HML Toys R Us exclusive Diamond Emma Frost (loose, back of cape has some smudges) $10

HML Cannonball (from 2 pack) loose $18
HML Marvel Girl (from 2 pack) loose $14
HML Forge from 2 pack (loose, complete) $30
HML Wolverine from 2 pack (loose, complete) $18
HML Iron Man from 2 pack (loose, complete) $30
HML Skrull Elektra/Ronin 2 pack MISB (may have shelf wear) x3 $25 each 2 ON HOLD1 SOLD

ML SDCC 2007 Stan Lee MIB (includes outer white box) $90
ML Fantastic Four Box Set opened, displayed, no poster book, otherwise complete $35
ML Fantastic Four box set II (figures were taken out, displayed, placed back in box, box in okay condition, complete) $45


ML BAF Sentinel $85
ML BAF Onslaught $30
ML BAF Apocalypse (one tube tip slightly damaged) $60
HML BAF Blob $50
HML BAF Annihilus $35
HML BAF Terrax $60


Grey Hulk (loose) $50


Nemesis left arm $5


Mephisto loose, complete w/throne $35
Skrull x2 loose $14 each


X-Men Classics Ultimate Iceman loose, no ice slide $20
Juggernaut loose $15
Air Strike Wolverine loose, complete (has minor paint blemishes on chest) $15
Stealth Beast cat face version (loose, complete) $14
Stealth Beast classic face (loose, complete) $18

X-Men Origins:Wolverine

Deadpool MOSC $15.00
Wolverine (unmasked version) comic series MOSC $10.00
Origins Maverick (loose, complete w/cardback) $16


Iron Man Satellite Armor MOSC (shelf wear) $12

Iron Man Prototype (loose w/most accessories)$18
Iron Man Movie Titanium Man (loose, complete) $12
Iron Man Iron Avenger Series Titanium Man (loose, complete) $16


Black Costume Spider-Man loose w/stand $18
Green Goblin (MOSC - shelf wear) $8
Sandman (loose, complete with accessories) $18ON HOLD
Rhino loose, complete w/stand $14
Series 6 Daredevil loose, complete w/stand $14
Man-Wolf (loose, complete, batteries work) $18
Venom (loose w/ooze stand) $14
Daredevil yellow variant (loose, complete, left finger joint has minor damage) $18
SMC Ramos Green Goblin (loose, complete) $8
SMC series 1 Spider-Man (loose, w/stand)$14
SMC Lizard (loose w/trashcan) $12
SMC Ultimate Lizard (loose) $14
SMC Daredevil 1st release (loose, complete w/stand) $12
SMC Mysterio (loose, complete) $18

Spider-Man Classics (Hasbro) Juggernaut loose, complete $14
Spider-Man Classics (Hasbro) Tarantula loose, complete $14
Iron Spider-Man variant (Hasbro) loose $14
Origins Spider-man 2099 loose w/stand $15

Spider-Man 2 Super Poseable Spider-Man loose, complete w/stand $18


MU Spider-Man 002 (loose, complete w/accessory, bios, cardback) $14
MU Punisher 004 (loose, complete w/weapons, bios, cardback) $18
MU Human Torch 011 (loose, complete w/accessory, bios, cardback) $18


Marv loose $15
Savage Dragon loose $12
Super Patriot loose $14
Super Patriot variant loose $10
Witchblade loose $12
Judge Death variant loose $12
Judge Death loose $12
LCBH Striker (loose, complete) $17, Riplclaw (loose) $17 or both for $30


Scream loose w/ 3 spears/launcher $12


Nova (loose, complete) $12


Avengers series Ultron loose, complete w/lightup weapon x2 $6 each

IRONMAN (90's Line)

Argent silver dragon loose $10
Aureus gold dragon loose $10
Take both for $18


Savage Hulk w/Banner (1996) Loose, complete w/cardback $4.00 ON HOLD
ih1.jpg picture by Primeconvoy1 - Photobucket


Blood Queen repaint complete w/accessories (1996) $4.00
bq2.jpg picture by Primeconvoy1 - Photobucket

WILDC.A.T.S (Playmates 1994)

Spartan (loose, complete w/cardback and accessories) $3.00
wc1.jpg picture by Primeconvoy1 - Photobucket


Man-Bat w/Flapping Wings & Tow Cable (Loose) $3.00


Supergirl Black skirt variant (MOSC) $15.00


Lex Luthor in armor complete w/weapon $14.00


DCUC 10 Power Girl (MOSC) $14

Wave 7

Big Barda $7
Big Barda (variant) 11.00ON HOLD
Aquaman (blue) $7
Booster Gold $7

Wave 10

Wave 11
Steppenwolf (variant) $7
Deadman (variant) $7

Wave 12

Spectre $7
Eclipso $7
Iron $7

Wave 13
Blue Devil $7


Hal Jordon (loose, complete w/battery) $12
John Stewart (loose, complete w/battery) $12
Sinestro (loose, complete w/battery) $12

Movie Masters Batman Unmasked Variant MOSC $15
Movie Masters The Joker x2 MOSC $10 each



UA Ultraman Ace MISB $75 shipped in U.S. SOLD


Fire Rodan MISB $40 shipped in U.SSOLD
M.O.G.E.R.A. MISB $65 shipped in U.S.SOLD

*Purchase both MonsterArts figures for $100 shipped in U.S.


9" Theater Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla w/ attached tag (some wear) $125 shipped in U.S.
9" Burning Godzilla w/attached tag (wear) $75 shipped in U.S.
Biollante w/box (heavy wear), has cardboard insert $225 shipped in U.S
9" Godzilla '93 w/attached tag(heavy wear) $65 shipped in U.S.
9" Mechagodzilla w/attached tag(wear) some paint scuffs on leg $65 shipped in U.S.
5" Baby Godzilla w/attached tag(wear) $70 shipped in U.S.
9" Space Godzilla w/attached tag(wear), some paint wear on shoulder crystal $65 shipped in U.S.
Battra Larva w/attached tag(wear) $100 shipped in U.S.
9" Godzilla '91 w/attached tag(wear) $120 shipped in U.S.
Death Ghidorah w/box(some shelf wear) $130 shipped in U.S.
'91 Mecha-King Ghidorah w/tag(no longer attached) $130 shipped in U.S.
'95 Godzilla Junior w/attached tag(some wear) $65 shipped in U.S.
'95 Aggregate Destroyah no tag $50 shipped in U.S.
'95 Adult Destroyah w/attached tag(some wear) $60 shipped in U.S.
'94 Mogera w/attached tag(minor wear) $65 shipped in U.S.
'02 Kiryu w/attached tag(some wear) $70 shipped in U.S.

6" 1992 Godzilla w/attached tag(minor wear) $30 shipped in U.S.
6" Adult Destroyah w/attached tag(some wear) $55 shipped in U.S.

8" Gyaos w/attached tag(some wear) $50 shipped in U.S.
7" Theater Exclusive Plasma Gamera w/attached tag(wear) $70 shipped in U.S.


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