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Shockblast Figure Data

Shockblast Images

  • Resolute-Shockblast-001 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-002 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-003 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-004 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-005 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-006 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-007 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-008 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-009 Shockblast
  • Resolute-Shockblast-010 Shockblast
  • zzz-file-card-096 Shockblast
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Shockblast File Card Data


FILE NAME: Faria, Jason IL
SN: 369-O9-JA43
PRIMARY MILITARY SPECIALTY: Special Weapons and Tactics
BIRTHPLACE: Dearborn, Michigan
Grade: E-4

SHOCKBLAST was the youngest member of the Detroit Police Department SWAT team, and the holder of two citations for bravery when he joined the G.I. JOE team. When asked why he left a promising career to work longer hours for less money, kicking down doors on better-armed adversaries, he replied, “What, you think I do this for the money?” The fast reflexes and quick-thinking he honed as a SWAT specialist comes in handy when the team is out-numbered and out-gunned by COBBA forces: SHOCKBLAST instantly pulls together a plan that'll stop the enemy - and leave a mark to remember him by.

“Everybody on a S.W.A.T. team has a specific job, like in a choir. Choirs have tenors, baritones, altos, etc. S.W.A.T. teams have sharpshooters, climbers and ‘inside men.’ I’m the door kicker. I’m the first inside and the first to find out how bad it really is. I’m also a half-decent tenor when my voice is in shape.”

Shockblast Version History

Shockblast Additional Info

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

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