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Storm Shadow

Filed under: G.I. Joe Resolute - Resolute Cobra Figures

Storm Shadow Figure Data

Storm Shadow Images

  • 001Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 002Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 003Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 004Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 005Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 006Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 007Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 008Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 009Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 010Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 011Storm-Shadow-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
  • 012Storm-Shadow-card-Resolute-Cobra-5 Storm Shadow
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Storm Shadow File Card Data


FIRST NAME: Classified
BIRTHPLACE: Classified

STORM SHADOW hungers to be the greatest ninja in the world, and the only person standing in his way is SNAKE EYES. As a boy in the ARASHIKAGE ninja school, STORM SHADOW demanded that his uncle teach him the final step in the Seven Steps to the Sun, a ninja technique of immense power. But his uncle refused to do so, questioning his nephew’s worthiness. Now, STORM SHADOW has instigated a showdown to prove that he is a greater ninja than SNAKE EYES - and by proving that, he will also prove that he was the most favored student in his uncle’s eyes.

“I am the greatest ninja In the world, and I will make sure SNAKE EYES knows this with his last breath.”

Storm Shadow Version History

Storm Shadow Figure Info

Features printed Cobra and Arashikage Clan hexagram tatoos on forearms.

Storm Shadow Accessories Info

Comes with removable hood, shirt, 2 swords(short and long), rappel hook/rope, 1 set of claws, and a backpack with 2 sheaths

Storm Shadow Additional Info

Originally planned for release on single card in GI Joe 25th Anniversary wave 14.

20888/20889 ASST.
PN 7034630100
Punch Stamp Code 01321

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, Shin Densetsu

Views: 1,602
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